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Seeing Round Corners

by Lorna Bevan on June 1, 2017

5D Astrology Report by Lorna Bevan

“To muster the heart, to stretch to the edge of what beckons you is your ticket to ride. This is what you are for. Your capacity to imagine is a subversive technology, altering everything. Dangerous. This is what you are for.” ~Melissa la Flamme

2017—a 1 Year of taking back your life—is turning out to be a wild ride through Compressed Evolution. Expect a marked acceleration during June’s astrology when every single one of the 5 Karmic Points in the zodiac mandala which take you out beyond yourself, way way out into something much bigger, more mysterious, are being activated over and over. There are an unprecedented:

6 alignments to the Galactic Center: Our Homing Signal

4 alignments to Super Galactic Center: The Gift of New Data direct from Source

3 alignments to Great Attractor: The Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice

3 alignments to the World Axis: Trigger points where the personal meets the political

6 alignments to the Nodes of Fate: The intersection of karma/dharma 3D/5D and Source

June Astrology

Time will seem to quicken right from the start of June as the three personal planets change speed, signs and direction. Both Venus and Mercury are out of their long retrograde shadows and imprinted by their merger with the Uranus/Eris/Haumea Light Bridge. Mars is at max out of bounds, over the top and volatile until June 29, activating the Cancer World Axis on June 4, then aligning with the GC and SGC. Anticipate volatility on the world stage. Jupiter turns Direct on June 9 aligned with change agent Pluto, kick-starting a process of synthesizing everything we’ve experienced since 6 February into usable wisdom. Saturn, Lord of Time and Karma, is aligned with Uranus and the Node of Fate, bending time and time-lines. The karmic Nodes of Fate have entered Leo/Aquarius until February 2019, aligned with the GC bringing a preview of coming attractions ahead of the Great American Solar eclipse of August 21 which arcs right across North America conjunct Trump’s ascendant.

Acceleration Gateways

June 9

  • Full Moon 18 Sagittarius conjunct the Great Attractor
  • Jupiter Direct 14 Libra

June 21

  • Cancer Solstice one of the most concentrated astrological moments of the year.
  • Sun enters Cancer square the Super Galactic Centre
  • Mercury enters Cancer square Makemake on SGC
  • Node of Fate trine GC

June 24

  • A Stealth Super New Moon at 2° Cancer square SGC
  • Chiron opposite the Super Galactic Centre
  • A Cardinal Grand Cross on the World Axis anchoring a seismic shock period June 21–27.
Sagittarius New Moon, June 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon, June 2017 (click image to zoom)

Jupiter turns direct just as the Full Moon conjuncts the Great Attractor at 17 Sagittarius, the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe. The Great Attractor bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. As the Source (Great Attractor) of the Source (Super Galactic Center) of our Source (Galactic Center), its influence is both subtle and profound and in 5D evolutionary astrology the Great Attractor represents the key to the mystery of the universe. It’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties. There is a deep awareness of SELF, on all levels from personality based to esoteric, from the Great Attractor that embraces a level of Truthfulness that defies separation to create unity consciousness. It has a resonance to the Creator’s Voice and is the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance. 

Chandra Symbol Sagittarius 18: Rose petals scattered on a path

My instructions are to go with the flow of the open road, of the global village, of the multi-cultural explosion that is here to greet me on every hand. I can move so freely and easily that I can open a door, make a window ajar, tweak a connection here and a possibility there and before you know it, something happens which didn’t look like it could happen Each moment represents the chance for something to arise which depends upon being there with it, having nothing better to do than heed those clues and follow where everything takes me, even if I am lost. I am in random mode. I just hang loose and let it all comes to me. And you never know when the call will come, that little peripheral jag or tangent that leads back around to the place which hits the spot.

Stealth Super New Moon

Cancer New Moon, June 2017

Cancer New Moon, June 2017 (click image to zoom)

On the heels of the Solstice, the third 2017 Stealth Super Moon is the Cancer New Moon on June 23-24, setting off a seismic shock period extending from June 21 through June 27. You can’t see it, but because it’s a Super Moon, this invisible Moon is much closer to Earth than usual. It has the same pronounced tidal pull on the crust, seas and sky of our home planet as all Super Moons. Hence, a Stealth Super Moon triggering all four volatile angles of the World Axis. Expect big events on the world stage when the personal meets the political and vice-versa, plus a surge in extreme tides and storms and notable seismic events: M5 flares, earthquakes and sizable volcanic eruptions.

Chandra Symbol for Cancer 2: A bunch of iron keys

To have in your hand the master key is an awesome responsibility. It puts you through hellish ordeals and testing of a perpetual kind. You have to prove that you are worthy of what you are entrusted with. What never gets denied is the gift. It takes a lot of growing into for just about everybody. But it is from the first very much there and crying out to be used for the utmost benefit of all. The primary struggle is to make the rest of the Self able to sustain this high frequency attainment. For it means that the dross of the small Self, with all your habits and syndromes and hang ups, is something that must be pushed out of the way. There is a pressure here, an evolutionary intensity of purpose and drive. Everything seems to ride upon holding to the highest resolves while penetrating to the deepest point of mind.

June 2017 Themes

  • Unity Creation—channelling life force reserves into new creations of active service
  • The High Heart—living from the new Mind/Heart Operating System
  • Consciousness Self-Engineering
  • Agency Amplified intentionality
  • Becoming a Re-Source—be the change you want to ignite in others
  • Transforming symptoms into qualities

The end of 2016 has drawn a line under those endless years since 1987 of working intensively on ourselves practically to the exclusion of anything else in training for becoming a Re-Source for others. This is now the transition to living out loud, stepping up as a change agent with no more waiting to be asked, no more apprenticeships, no more waiting for approval. It’s time to master channeling all those skills of personal transformation, all those life force reserves into new creations of active service. Be the change you want to ignite in others. How? You collaborate with the shift from personal unity consciousness to unity creation through living from your High Heart where your mind/body/feelings meet.

So what does it actually mean to Think With Your Heart? How does it work? In 3D your mind meant “thinking”, your heart meant “feeling”—two totally separate ways of apprehending the world. When local awareness meets spacious awareness, you have an entirely new option of living from the unity of two worlds, where thinking is returned to its natural function as the sixth sense, no longer your primary way of knowing. Think of it like playing Kim’s Game of cold/warm/hot—a shortcut or hack bypassing the need to analyze and plan in linear-outcome mode. Resonating like a tuning fork when there’s a vibrational match to your Higher Self. Making your daily decisions based on it. Get into beginner’s mind where you don’t know what you don’t know. Aren’t you already feeling the highly-concentrated creator frequencies of the new energy resonances, resurrections and revelations of the higher mind? All the scientific and astronomical evidence is pointing to an expanding Noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures. We even have new astrology memes for Original Thought.

  • Mercury: The Collective Wi-fi
  • Uranus: The Higher Mind
  • Makemake: The Quantum mind
  • Varuna: Creative intelligence
  • Quaoar: The Creation Force

Consciousness Engineering

As the evolutionary Reset changes the world around you beyond anything you imagined, are you still living locked into personal systems and structures and beliefs long past their expiry date? Just as good software needs constant updating, your internal software—your system for living—needs urgent upgrading. Start by:

  • Creating mental, emotional and physical hacks;
  • Replacing old habits, limiting beliefs with a more resourceful OS and embed them into creative practical daily practice;
  • Rewriting your models of reality and recoding yourself to transform your capacity and move up a higher octave of your Self;
  • Shaking up routines to deliberately do things differently;
  • Experimenting with curiosity in each area of your life;
  • Setting up life structures and revenue streams to synthesize everything you experienced, and learned between 2007–2016 into real-time, real-world ways to add value to others;
  • Transforming symptoms of embodiment into qualities and capabilities;
  • Grounding your soul Self to become self-supporting.


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