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March 2017: Igniting Our 5D Energy Signature

by Lorna Bevan on March 1, 2017

5D Astrology, March 2017: Igniting Your 5D Energy Signature

“Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Spinning in the downdraft of February’s eclipse infinity points, the astrology of March 2017 brings us to a Crossing, a Separation or Fork in timelines most crucially at the Equinox Star Gate, when a split between 3D and 5D, and lower and higher consciousness, culminates. 2017 is all about moving through the nuances, the hidden levels of what is invisible to the human spectrum. About choosing a more soul-honoring trajectory where, seen or unseen, everything is felt. About letting an old life go dark and allowing a new one to light up. About making meaningful choices about the arc of our chosen path, our service work. About creating an energetic timeline to our purpose in the midst of myriad unsettling cross-currents and dimensional flux.

When we learn to read the invisible ink of 5D astrology, a whole new landscape beyond the 3D emerges:

The expansion of our solar system by eight deep space planets is reshaping our view of ourselves, connecting us to Source frequency via the noosphere, demonstrating that the universe is a responsive, living thing in which our contribution is necessary for co-creation…if we act on ourselves, we act on the world. For the first time in human history, we no longer have to access esoteric information by climbing the Himalayas to find a Sage or by removing ourselves from the world to meditate in a cave. Reaching the end of the Galactic Alignment 2008-2016, crossing the Zero Point Zone, and starting a new nine-year cycle, now we are able to contain and access the light. We are no longer hardwired to look outside for “answers” or guidance. At this point of universal shift, which began in 2016 and will continue to 2022, we all are becoming the Avatars of our lives, whether online or in the real world.

The Frequency of Our 5D Energy Signature…

…determines which timeline we align with moving forward into the next cycle at the March Equinox, and how to consciously participate with it by embodying the highest expression for ourselves and others. It is time for a reality check about to whom and what—family, friends, partners, tribes, groups and belief systems—we are energetically linked. We can consistently let go of lower-level entanglements throughout this process. The more we withdraw our energy from anything external that leads to soul fragmentation, the more energy we have available to self-sustain, self-generate and self-realize. Any misalignments will meet full disclosure. During the next six months to August’s eclipses, it’s going to be vital to close any congruency gaps and walk our talk.

“Only make high energy commitments. Only say “Yes!” when you truly deeply mean it” ~ Danielle laPorte

Many of us are still processing last September’s death of an old self, an old way of being, and just starting to understand what it might mean for our personal path, our service work, our life stream and the unfolding global evolution. If we haven’t already, it’s beyond time to release the old design of Self so we can move forward with the next influx at the Equinox on March 21.

March 2017 Astrology Time-Line

  • 2 March, Jupiter opposite Uranus/Eris 22° Libra/Aries
  • 4 March, Venus retrograde at 13 Aries until April 15 at 26° Pisces
  • 5 March, Saturn conjunct Galactic Center/Quaoar /Ixion
  • 16 March, third Uranus-Eris conjunction
  • 18 March, Mercury-Venus conjunction at 5° Aries
  • 21 March, The Equinox Timeline shift
  • 25 March, The Venus Star Point at 5° Aries opposite Makemake at 3 Libra on Super Galactic Center.

The Venus Aries Star Point is a three-month window to incorporate the meaning of this particular VSP into our lives. The Venus Star Point will be a Morning Star, which last occurred eight years ago on 27 March 2009 at 7° Aries. The Evening Star Venus occurred four years ago, on 28 March 2013 at 8° Aries. So the areas of our charts that are most sensitive to this are 4-8 Aries or 4-8 Cardinal, where Venus’ message will be felt most intensely. Anticipate a quest for co-creative intelligence, self-identity, self-discovery, and self–agency along with the overarching trend of 2017—the radicalization of disenfranchised citizens.

A rare gathering of the dark female archetypes will birth us into Dharma warriors engaged in reinvention, reclamation and revolution. The Venus Star Point in pioneering Aries aligns with Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius and the Super Galactic Center; with Saturn, Quaoar and Ixion on the Galactic Center. The third Uranus/Eris conjunction aligns with Haumea, Pluto and Sedna.

The personal meets the political and vice versa. Two of the most powerful complex energy vortices in quantum astronomy and astrology are activated: Saturn/Quaoar /Ixion are on the Galactic Center + the Venus Star Point on the Aries Point + Makemake on the Super Galactic Center. This is a direct line to Source, and Source upgrades our diamond energy signature.

Chaos meets Awakening via the third Uranus/Eris conjunction—the Feminine Warrior archetype in support of soul intention. Yet more inconvenient truths have to be confronted. Yet more stagnant consciousness deleted.

The Venus Star Point, 2017

The Venus Star Point, 2017 (click image to zoom)

The Chandra Symbol for VSP ARIES 4

A cup overflowing with clear water.
Magic when someone is ready and willing to stand there and allow all of existence to stream and pour through them. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. Abandoning yourself to the frequency of boundless discovery in naive, raw, initial disclosure — exhilarated, ecstatic, triumphant. Unable to contain yourself one moment longer. So enthusiastic and alive that you must find kin, playmates to go places with and cut loose together. A state of being that begs to be shared, that must be spoken, invoked, and honoured. It is the release point for a flood of new impulses, and when given full momentum, it rallies, inspires, sets the world on fire, and laughs so delightedly and uproariously that no one can resist joining in.

Switching on Your Unique GPS/Energy Signature

Our Dharma dwells in our hearts. Now it’s come time to embody it, to ignite our 5D energy signature—to wield it as our light sabre. Our Dharmic mission is to become the world’s foremost expert on whatever we are supposed to be doing with our one wild and precious life. Not what we’ve been brought up or told or trained to do but what summons us, nudges us to live our passion without apology in the world.

Current Venus Star

Current Venus Star (click image to zoom)

As the evolutionary burn flares and flames through 2017, the point is to create what we’re capable of creating to be aligned with the eternal Laws and Truths. This is the dialectic of love. There are three interwoven levels of living a heart centered life:

  • Your natal Venus—by sign, House and aspects—is being upgraded from personal wants, desires, love and material resources to bringing Collateral Benefit, in Buddhist terms, for others by constantly adding value to the collective.
  • Whether you are a Morning or an Evening Star Venus describes your emotional modus operandi—how you think with your heart. If the Venus is ahead of the Sun in your chart, you are a Morning Star Lucifer Venus—spontaneous, a warrior goddess. If Venus rises after the Sun you are an Evening Star Hesperus Venus—more inner-oriented, tending to react after the event.
  • Your Dharmic Venus is your Energy Signature. Discover the 5D Venus blueprint you were born with by finding your natal Venus Star Point—the sign, degree and House of your pre-birth Sun/Venus conjunction. Your VSP is not the Venus in your birth chart, and it operates on a different dimension entirely. By using and understanding the workings of the Venus Star within your astrological chart, you can tap into a divine, natural and co-creative rhythm that is embedded in your life, repeating in patterns of 9.5-months, 1.6-year, 4-year and 8-year cycles.

“Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Stream of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

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