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2017: A “1” Year of Genesis—Dimensional Flux

by Lorna Bevan on January 1, 2017

2017 5D Astrology Report, Dimensional Flux

There is hope in the darkness for all things will be made new. ~ Revelations 21: 5

Presciently, the theme of my 2016 5D Forecast, “A Change in Frequency,” written in December 2015, proved beyond true and now we are shapeshifting into 2017 “A ‘1’ Year of Genesis: Dimensional Flux.” To borrow a timely Star Wars idiom, in 2017 we can expect a major disturbance in the force as we are now in a radically different astrology straddling the seismic fissure between the 2007-16 Uranus/Pluto Demolition Squares and the 2016-23 Uranus/Eris/Pluto/Haumea eyes wide open awakening.

The years between 2017 and 2023 are stairsteps through the Connected Universe into the Age of Aquarius when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist. So, what can we foresee for 2017? Deep breath:

  • The chaos factor as the new normal
  • Increasing dimensional flux  
  • Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Old template drop-off  
  • A separation of worlds and time-lines—Wizards and Muggles?
  • Shifts in life streams 
  • Entanglement with Creation/Source
  • A radical expansion of the higher mind/breakthroughs in science, astronomy, medicine and technology
  • A paradigm shift + evolution of unity consciousness
  • Tribes and groups forming and reforming like cells to shape solutions
  • Personal creative unfolding
  • Massive transformational purpose

And if those frames and concepts sound weird or far-out to you now, by the end of 2017 you’ll have experienced them in your own life. The magic moments come when you glimpse universal principles through personal experience.

2017: A ‘1’ Year of Rising from the Ashes

A radically new Creation Cycle begins on January 1, 2017, aka 1:1:1, and we are already feeling the highly-concentrated creator frequencies of the new energy resonances, resurrections and revelations of the higher mind. Although it seems as if there no time-space between the completion of the old and the start of the new and we’re feeling like we’re spinning, falling, rising, coming apart at the seams… and yet so excited to really get going creatively, be aware that January 1 is not an overnight wipe-the-slate-clean, wave-of-a-magic-wand, but an emergence from the Zero Zone into a field of possibilities.

What you choose will arise out of your Free Will. A generative sovereign question to ask yourself is: “How did I shape my reality in 2016 and do I like my results? If not, then what exactly am I going to do differently?” In the year ahead we move into many new physical reality alterations as the 1 vibration intensifies, but we have to get there with ZERO attachments or expectations…in complete faith, but with a deep awareness that what lies just ahead is nothing like what lies just behind. Hold on to these reassuring thoughts:

  • The future is an incomplete equation
  • You will never know this little again
  • You are doing the best you can, given the thinking you have that looks real to you
  • You can think whatever you like

The Defining Astrology of 2017

We are now deep in the curve of a global, collective and personal Reset which is altering our physicality, our thinking, our emotional programmes and our spiritual DNA. The discovery of Deep Space Planets—Evolutionary Intensified Objects—is erasing then morphing the old binary separation between Inner and Outer planets into a psychosynthesis—a generative feedback loop from Self to Source and back again.

There’s is a fundamental field of information that is the source of our consciousness. Consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of your brain, it’s actually something that your brain is tuned into like a radio is tuned to a set of information. ~ Nassim Haramein

The Light Returns

In 2017, Jupiter is the difference that makes the difference. The Light Bearer/Hierophant is retrograde in Libra between February and June and begins and ends the year connecting us to the Grid via outer and deep space planets. This is nothing less than Universal Law at work here, masquerading within our culture as chaos and re-adjustment. Jupiter‘s esoteric purpose is soul fusion blending the dualities of head and heart, mind and love to create wisdom. The Hierophant restores the Law of Life Mastery.

The Chaos Factor Amps Up

You say you want a revolution?  The defining astrology of 2017 is the Cardinal T Square between Pluto/Uranus/Eris/Haumea/ Jupiter in aspect all year. The future starts here. Circled is the Cardinal T square between Pluto, Uranus/Eris and Jupiter conjunct Haumea. The esoteric planetary equation translates as: the Great Eliminator wired into the two Awakeners wired into the Light Bearer wired into the Harbinger of epochal events. These deep space planets have not aligned in this way since 1446. This time around, the long-term impact on world events is being supercharged by the revolutionary power of Uranus/Pluto and the truth-dealing of Jupiter/Pluto. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the least of it.

The third exact Uranus/Eris conjunction in pioneering Aries arrives on March 17 2017 challenging us to come up with radically different answers instead of reiterating the past or seeking solutions that only patch up the status quo. This is a supremely potent aspect – it dynamited the shock and awe of 2016’s astrology – associated with digital conditions, identity chaos and an explosion of self-discovery. These messengers of transformation bring growth by disrupting old patterns of thinking, beliefs and expectations, shattering the unexamined and comforting codes of “this is how we do things around here”.

Cardinal T-Square Chart , 2017

Cardinal T-Square Chart , 2017 (click to enlarge)

Power Surges to the Grid

Jupiter square Pluto

Playing for high stakes as power plays ramp up. Actions or decisions taken now have big repercussions especially on the world stage.

Dates: March 30, 2017–August 4, 2017.

Falling Through the Mirror

Saturn trine Uranus/Eris.

Deepening the evolutionary burn, Lord of Time and Karma Saturn collaborates with Uranus to catalyse creative revolution, freedom with a purpose.

Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center, the core of our Galaxy, at 27° Sagittarius three times, disentangling any patterns that block change, fear progress, or irrationally cling to what is known. This Galactic Homing Signal from Source imposes its enlightenment upon us; we do not superimpose our desires on it. Keep the end in mind and the idea of the greater good in all decisions.

Dates: March 8,  May 5, November 24, 2017.

Spiritual Catharsis

Chiron square Pholus, Saturn square Chiron.

Centaurs Pholus and Chiron dissolve our own self-limiting rules and limitations, to make long overdue radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our soul purpose then awaken to that purpose and live it out. Saturn with Chiron then grounds and concretises that purpose in the world.

Dates: April and November 2017.

Back to the Future

The Eclipses move into Leo/Aquarius for the first time since 1999.

Taking us on to the Individual Unity/Universal Unity Polarity needing resolution via the unified field. Think back. What changed in your life on August 11, 1999?  It will reappear in a different guise for another turn of the spiral.

August 2017 Solar Eclipse Chart

August 2017 Solar Eclipse Chart (click image to enlarge)

Eclipse Dates:

Lunar Eclipse Feb 11 2017 22° Leo 28′
Solar Eclipse Feb 26 2017 8° Pisces 12′
Lunar Eclipse Aug 7 2017 15° Aquarius 25′
Solar Eclipse Aug 21 2017 28° Leo 53′

Co-Creative Intelligence

Venus Retrograde in Aries.

The Venus Pentangle begins a new heart based eight-year cycle with the Venus Star Point in Aries encouraging the quest for self- identity, self-discovery and self–agency. This repeats one of the threads of 2017—the desire for personal sovereignty.

Date: March 25 2017

Magical Technology

Uranus semi-square Neptune.

Breakthroughs in technological innovation, via further discovery and synthesis of new, cleaner, and more sustainable technologies.

Dates: August and October 2017

How You Can Thrive in 2017

  • Claim Personal Sovereignty: stop looking outside for help or answers. You’re sourced and fueled and funded by a renewable resource, which is within you. It never runs out. It is your Essence. It’s your life.
  • Evoke your MTP massive transformational purpose by making meaning and fulfilment more important than anything else. Are you a Wizard or a Muggle? Become the Code Breaker of your own soul’s authentic and sacred purpose.
  • TWYH—think with your heart as your EQ, your compass, your test/operate/test/operate:

If the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice. ~Nasseim Haramein

  • Welcome old template drop off. You learned the lessons, cleared the fears, and the old reality no longer applies. It will be clear to you that the old template is gone. Attachment to the past, who you were, the future/where you were going, identity, egoic structures, all drop away. Memories may remain; however, the entanglement or emotional vibration is gone when you revisit the past.
  • Realize that you cannot do the old things anymore, that the energy of everything really affects you in a different way than before. It’s not an emotional experience, it’s a “that inspires me, that depletes me, that contributes, that takes, that is open, that is closed, that is resistant, that is imposition, that is selfish/needy, that is awesome, that’s not….”
  • Be alert for unexpected shifts in your life stream as accelerated timelines overwrite the past.  The dimensional flux synthesises parts of your Self you’ve never encountered before so your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, memories, allegiances and actions all change simultaneously. These are simply resolutions, resurrections or revelations of the higher mind. The blinking in and out of different states of consciousness is a physical sensation. It can feel disorienting, frightening or fascinating depending on your perspective. 
  • Let creative unfolding replace goals, plans or linear thinking-whole engagement. Become indifferently engaged. Passively dynamic. These ideas, this wisdom and this knowing do not come from striving, analysing or willpower. They come from waiting, watching, listening, being curious, making space. The quieter, more available you are, the more obvious the solution or the next step. There is nothing you can do to speed up the arrival of the insights or ideas and the harder you try the more counterproductive. Be willing to love and be loved unconditionally and to have your personal thinking about yourself and life disrupted, disturbed, and disrobed, revealing the creative source, potential, and power underneath it. Inhabit creative freedom – find your authentic voice. Cultivate your creative vision. Produce a product or service that lives inside of you. Create a way to share it with the world. Seek financial independence.
  • Create safe places and gather your tribe to have radical conversations about uncertain futures. When we come together we learn how to heal. Invent and evolve platforms Creating as you go.

Hope is not about proving anything. Its’s about choosing to believe this one thing: that love is bigger than any grim, bleak shit anyone can throw at us. ~ Annie Lamott

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