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Seeding the Future: The First Wave

by Lorna Bevan on July 1, 2016

Astrology of summer 2016

“We are here. We are wildly and dangerously free.”
~ John O’Donohue

During the next three months, from the June 20 Solstice to the September 23 Equinox, prepare to be lifted and reconfigured by the first of three waves of a new creation cycle: three conjunctions of Uranus-Eris in June 2016, April and December 2017, rippling into 2018 and beyond to the event horizon of 2020.

The waves will grow bigger as Jupiter enters Libra on September 10. It is a homing signal drawing our consciousness toward a level that goes beyond what we consider normal. Here at the Solstice midpoint of 2016, the change of frequency from 3D to 5D is unmissable, unstoppable and unbelievable. The radically “other” Uranus/Ceres/Eris birth pangs, the mutable Grand Cross, the mutable eclipses, and the shift in the planetary grid aligning the old planets of our Solar system with deep space planets have us dancing and spinning in the midst of chaos.

Translated, the esoteric code reads:

Evolutionary Intensified Objects Evolutionary Burn = RESET

We are now deep in the curve of a global, collective and personal Reset, which is altering our physicality, our thinking, our emotional programmes and our spiritual DNA. The discovery of Deep Space Planets—Evolutionary Intensified Objects—is erasing, then morphing, the old binary separation between Inner and Outer planets into a psychosynthesis—a generative feedback loop from Self to Source and back again.

Personal Planets - Threshold Planets -  Deep Space Planets

Personal Planets – Threshold Planets – Deep Space Planets

In 2016’s unprecedented alignments of inner, threshold and deep space planets—for the first time in human consciousness—a re-tuning and recalibrating of the old astrological archetypes has begun. Instead of the inner planets representing separate archetypes of thinking, feeling and acting, there is an emerging synaesthesia of our channels—visual, auditory, kinaesthetic.

  • Mercury: from Information Gatherer to deep space Wi-Fi
  • Venus: from Personal Desires to Channeling Unity Consciousness
  • Mars: from Strong Will /Weak Will to Skilful Will and Manifestation
  • Jupiter: from Gift Bringer to Guide of Truth
  • Saturn: from Critical Parent to Inner Mentor
  • Uranus: from Disruptor to High Frequency Technology
  • Chiron: from Wounded Healer to Pattern Breaker
  • Neptune: from Illusionist to the Window between you and the cosmos.
  • Pluto: from Great Eliminator to the Inner Alchemist
  • Ceres: from Corn Maiden to Earth Guardian

The Evolutionary Burn

The evolutionary burn began in 2012 during the seven wrecking ball Uranus/Pluto squares, and is increasing in intensity in 2016 as our systems become containers strong enough to hold the transformational fires. Feel it searing into the consciousness of those of us who are awake and aware, scorching us with an extraordinary opportunity for radical and rapid evolution.

So many of us are feeling burnt out after years of psychic aikido with old primal wounds and karmic imprinting. The Uranus-Pluto squares have pushed most of us to a tipping point to support a core healing of such magnitude that it catalyzes radical and rapid inner transformation for the evolutionary phenomena that will become the new narrative.

The change of frequency from 3D to 5D is being birthed via the three Saturn-Neptune squares, the three Saturn-Jupiter squares, the Mutable Cross, and the eclipses—a rite of passage. During the first six months of 2016 we’ve been through a defrag of our old Operating System that kept us attached to being dependent on others, on collective conventional constructs.

The dawning recognition that we can’t depend on relationships/marriages to save us… health systems to heal us… financial systems to support us… educational systems to teach us… government systems to govern us … has cracked open suspension of disbelief and set us by necessity on to the path of self-agency. We’re coming undone, falling apart, collapsing in on ourselves to embody a new personal Gestalt.

Between the June 20 Solstice and the September 23 Equinox the truth of this will become more and more apparent in our day-to-day lives.

Mars turns forward in Scorpio on June 29, ending two long months of crawling through the mud of your base personality, in the densest layer of your etheric body, dissolving physical blockages to your life force/libido the hard way. Out of the primal mud grows the lotus.

September’s eclipses in Virgo and Pisces on the 1st and 16th will push you via unexpected outer events to descend into Matter, rather than escape into spiritual inflation, by facing realities without denying them. The poles of Pisces and Virgo are asking you to confront the known and unknown, light and dark aspects of yourself to realise and transcend false binaries/dualities/ideas. What used to be imaginings or pipe dreams are grounding in the physical world through the North Node of Fate Soul Star in Virgo.

September 2016 eclipse chart

September 2016 eclipse chart (click image for larger view)

Midway between the eclipses on September 10, Jupiter crosses the hypersensitive World Axis into Libra on to the Super Galactic Centre conjunct Makemake, archetype of shock and awe. This is the razor-edged path whose esoteric mantra is:

“We choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.”

From then on Jupiter is refracting the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence demonstrating the art of spiritual compromise—willingness to yield on all non-essentials, all the while persuading and inspiring.

“At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow conspire to set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.”

~ Michael Meade

The Ghost in the Machine

The old separation between mind, body, emotions and spirit is becoming the ghost in the machine. The new synesthesia or melding of the inner planets—your subpersonalities and neural pathways—is unhooking you from the old meridian system of constant battery re-charging—efforting/striving/strong will—where you were effectively outsourcing your life force.

Now there’s no charge left in that grid and it’s an inside job. This is a learning curve of experimental metaphysics—an experiment you make on yourself. What you need now is a pause, a period of rest for the Reset so you can undo, unhook, untie and unravel yourself from whatever belongs to the old. A moment of Rest is necessary to bring about a revelatory understanding of where you have been, where you are now and where you are going in terms of your conscious evolution and spiritual awakening:

  • Re-new, Re-balance, Re-build, Re-claim, Re-kindle, Re-charge and Re-Set. This is a transitional space and is likely to be the most intense phase for healing, clearing, integrating and awakening.
  • Transform your life at every level, especially the physical, to master your psycho-spiritual balance. This means walking your talk for real. It means setting an inner reminder to return you to your highest Self once a day, every day—through whatever calls to you: perhaps meditation, a massage, a fast, a wi-fi-free space, a walk.
  • Without spiritual technologies, potential remains latent. With transformation, procedures give way to Grace. Think with your heart. Feel with your mind.
  • Drop the focus on removing old programs from your past in your present: “We all have and have had hard knocks—truly gutting ones—yet many do not speak of them, they are busy making new life. Do like-wise.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Instead install authentic aspects of your Now into your future time-line. These “strange attractors” will pull you into living their embodiment.
  • Expect new creation/expressions of your Self in the world very different from your current roles.
  • Become a Free Agent paradoxically more integrated than ever into the great web. Epigenetics, shamanism and modern psychotherapeutics show that intense creative relationships can kindle positive healing and creativity through the phenomena of psychic contagion and mirroring.
  • Welcome the symptoms of Sacred Restlessness—the yearning to find faith in something bigger than your Self. The yearning to move from separation and alienation to belonging on the planet and in the cosmos. It is a Yearning for the Future, for a connection to a destiny in time that is not yet.

“I think the world now is begging us to let the breaking happen. Within. To mirror and heal the breaking happening all around, without. We are being asked to break. Break up. Break down. Break out. Shatter. Bleed. You’re on the right track now. The right track to break into radical loving like a thief hungry for soul, ready to serve sweet, dark humanity and the earth’s tangled questions that insist we return her urgent call to let our hearts break into compassionate action.”

~ Melissa La Flamme

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