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Crystal Pomeroy

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September Virgo New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon portal, as described by Maya, can help us make breakthroughs to manifestation of our dreams and interests, active progress to "summoning our destiny," as shamans call it. Specifically, we get a jump-start to move beyond those subconscious blocks in self-esteem that may hold us back from acquiring the information, training or other assistance we need, and/or putting to use what information, skills and help we already have, to expand or solidify our path of service.

Do any of the following situations resonate for you? There a skill, interest or endeavor you would like to develop or investigate, but which you have unconsciously put off, because of the unknowns involved or because you feel like you’d need more help than you currently have to do so. Or, you already have more information, knowledge, or talents than you are currently putting to use because of similar reasons, or because of some ambiguous insecurity that paralyzes you before you can take initiatives to implement them. Now is the time to break through such blocks to effective steps towards your vision of service.

Candles, flowers and a serenade to romance your true Self

As Rianne Eisler has noted, flowers, candles and music are all used to ambient both romantic and sacred moments. This lunation is the time to romance the sacred in your Self. Give Her or Him roses, the flower of love. Choose a particular shade or combine to express your message. White roses express pure love; red roses show passion; pink mean friendship, for your own best friend; yellow mean you bless yourself with all the riches and cheer that are your love-based birthright; and peach colored roses represent a rich combination of warmth, passion and kindness. Lavender roses are a lovely way of affirming self-forgiveness and transmutation of any binds on your healthy self-esteem. Place the roses on your altar or near the place you will do the following prayers.

Also have golden and/or pink candle or candles on hand; at this particular lunation, do not light them before beginning your prayerful session, but at the special moment suggested below. Play music that lifts your spirits, generating the kind of inspirational feeling you would love to receive.

Part I. Reflections to clarify blocks to action for self-improvement:

A) Describe in writing the endeavor or area you would like to develop or investigate if you had no barriers—no lack of time or money; no insecurities lurking in the basement of your self-image.

B) List some steps, large or small, you could take right now, in your current circumstances to prepare yourself for such a project or to put the talents you already have to use.

Consider the following voices, and see if they sound like the kind of points raised by saboteur within—doubts which may have kept you from moving on, or even considering such steps in the past:

What if it doesn’t work?

What if it turns into a mess?

If this were such a good idea, why hasn’t anyone else done it?

What’s so great about me that I could make a big success of this if nobody else is or has already?

What if I feel stupid while studying or looking into this?

What if getting the information takes too long and I’m wasting my time?

What if I can’t find the information I need and that makes me doubt my purpose or sets off my childhood sense of having been shamed or of confirming there’s something intrinsically wrong with me?

What if that information comes to the surface and I betray my family?

Part II. Light a candle to the progressor within

Now, light your candle, as you affirm one of the following decrees aloud, and repeat during seven minutes.

Affirmation for those who wish to inform themselves or study to pursue a line of action:

I light the candle of self-esteem, giving myself the love I need to step forward and acquire the information and ask for whatever help I need to implement my vision.

Affirmation for those who wish to utilize the skills and talents they already have:

I light the candle of self-esteem to dispel any fears that may arise as I move forward to implement the knowledge and/or talents that are mine, that will further my highest vision of service.

PART III. Effective action + effective prayer = results.

After using the above reflections and affirmations, again establish some steps you can now take to learn what you need to know, and/or utilize that capacity which you already have. The steps may be small but should be concrete, such as looking into available books on the subject, asking someone with connections in your field of interest, or, if your issues are more around utilizing your current skills, you could draw a picture of the concept whose embryo now grows in the womb of your unconscious mind.

I am the power of will to carry out whatever actions are needed to implement my vision of service. I now attract those resources and connections I need to support my actions. I love myself enough to follow through on this each day, whether or not I receive the approval of others.

Note: Due to some apparent blocks in international cyber-connections, this meditation did not reach the Daykeeper editor before the New Moon. However, the entire cycle which began with this lunation is an apt vehicle for the energies described above, applied through the exercises and affirmations used daily. Thanks and blessings to the editor for her extra efforts, and to all Daykeeper readers from Crystal.

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