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Crystal Pomeroy

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August Leo New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya describes this New Moon as prime time to plant:

"... important new projects... with Mercury retrograde, those projects should be repair or redo projects. The other thing is that they should come from a place of compassion, and serve the wider world."

The Sabian symbol points to consolidating the project of inner growth, which often requires relinquishing worldly concerns and activities in order to flower. Can you think of a greater way to help the world than to free yourself and your sphere of influence with the awareness of agape, of unconditional, fraternal love, and then effectively affirm that potential in other hearts around the world?

Have you ever wished you could really focus on your capacity for supernatural love, only to feel that the cares and standards of the world demand too much time to allow the effective inner cultivation? At this exciting time in spiritual evolution, much has been written about such tools, so much that many of us have used them, or considered using them. Our prayers and reflections now are designed renew the intention to deepen heart strength, and project its rays to create the lives we want as we also heal the world.

Candles, flora, and aromas for the Leo New Moon

Yellow and gold candles, yellow grain or wild grass stalks, as well as yellow and pink roses and natural floral scents will align your prayer space with the seasonal and metaphysical energies surrounding this New Moon.

Guides to optimize this New Moon portal

Call on Chamuel, Angel of Love and the Raphael, Angel of Focus, of Personal and Planetary Healing, and ruler of the sun. Request their assistance to consolidate your awareness of agape, and its victory in healing the globe.

Part I. (To be done with pen and paper.)

Reflections to open the heart center:

1) Write a paragraph describing how you would feel if you were predominantly vibrating in love towards yourself and others, and how your world would look.

2) Add a couple of sentences about how the world would be different if love were the predominant vibration.

3) List at least three ways you can be more expressive of your support, more motivating and recognizing of your loved ones.

3) List at least three initiatives you can take to demonstrate your love for yourself.

4) Write down those projects you have pending in relation to making love grow in the world.

5) Answer in writing: What action can I take during this moon cycle to advance those projects? How can go about these actions centered in love?

6) What daily activities and concerns do you have to drop to live your truth effectively?

Part II. New Moon decrees.

Repeat fifteen times, slowly and with your attention on your solar plexus, than at least five minutes a day until the next New Moon (September 14):

I am the joy of love for all beings. I willingly release any attitudes and activities which do not serve the love that I am and that I have to bless myself and all creation.

The love and joy that I feel in my heart connects with the love and joy in the hearts of all others and we encircle the world with victorious love and joy now.

Part III. Follow up with Luna.

Continue to call on the angels as described above, reviewing your written reflections and affirming love affirmations daily during the current lunar cycle. Remember to follow up on those actions you wrote down, as well as on the signs of how you can increase love in your life which are now intensifying.

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