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Crystal Pomeroy

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July Aquarius Blue Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This Full Moon culminates the cycle that began with a New Moon in Cancer in the middle of a summer marked by highly sensitive and receptive astrological energies. Aquarius is the most intuitive of the positive, electric signs. Its Full Moon complements Cancer’s magnetic intuition in a powerful way, filling out quite a spectrum of psychic antennae between the two, and elevating the crab’s sensitivity into the realm of brilliant vision.

In fact, this moon portal offers fulfilment of the series of influences contributing to the summer’s promise of empowerment to the feminine side of our nature. At the New Moon we mentioned the necessity of willingness to act on the inspirations and intimations of the right hemisphere in order to truly enliven their potential.

The opportunity to fulfil this need is optimized by the current portal. To this dynamic Aquarius-Cancer duo is added the extraordinary energy of the Blue Moon, about which Wiccan High Priestess Dorothy Morrison writes, "it’s my personal experience that no magic—regardless of its magnitude or its triviality—has ever met with anything other than rapid success during the Blue Moon." This particular Blue Moon also happens to be one of the first harvest moons, falling on the first of the 51-day lunar "Father cycle," which pagan author Annette Hinshaw relates to responsibility, the lesson of the first harvest of that which we have sown.

If Full Moons in general provide what Morrison calls "an intense burst of consciousness," this particular lunation—combining influences of Cancer, Aquarius, the Blue Moon, and the harvest—further sensitizes and intensifies that potential, promising impressive results for whoever synchronizes prayers and intentions at this time.


Connect to the magic of this Blue Moon in Aquarius by wearing clothes and accessories in unusual tones of blue, electric blue if possible. Burn blue and yellow (for the harvest) candles. Incorporate these two colors in your sacred space, as well as including grain stalks or seeds and a picture of yourself. Sprinkle a circle of barley or other grain seeds around your space or candles.

Connect with guides and angels

As you light your candles, repeat:

"I call on the Angel of Effective Action, connecting with its electrical power of brilliant intuition and independent will to implement my divine vision."

You may also call on any other preferred guides, requesting their assistance in expressing the audacity necessary to follow your intuitive leadings.

Affirmations for the Aquarius Blue Moon

Have a pen and paper on hand as you repeat words like the following slowly. (If you took the notes suggested in this space at the New Moon which started the current cycle, refer to them now.)

I pause to listen to the Vision within, whose intuitive leadings express the difference I can and would bring to my life and to the world. I no longer postpone the actions my vision inspire me to take, but dare to take today and each day whatever initiatives that are necessary—in action or consciousness—to implement my dream.

After repeating such words during at least eight minutes, take a few more to listen within. Heed the voice of your higher intuition whose insistence has been growing during the last 45 days, especially since the New Moon some two weeks ago. Write down any strengthened hunches or inspirations that surface after sharing these prayers and this silence, especially in relation to these three points:

  • The kind of life you would currently live to enjoy a sense of purpose, empowerment and success.
  • How you wish to help the world.
  • What kind of team you would like to share and further your ideals with.

Visionary Action Plan

If you already wrote this list as suggested at the New Moon, look at it now, adding whatever initiatives may have come to light during the last fifteen days. If you are doing this for the first time, list those actions you might take to nurture the intuitive leadings you now perceive or carry.

At the top of this write some words to clarify your independent will and open to the divine assistance:

"I am the doer that’s needed to act out my own unique vision. I will to initiate and follow through in whatever way is required to consolidate my dreams. I am not afraid to ask for whatever help I need in the process and will do so as and when necessary. My will and decision opens me to receive all the support, human and divine, that is here now to facilitate the consolidation of my most brilliant, intuitive vision."

After writing this affirmation, repeat it slowly to your inner self several times. Then review your Visionary Action List, imagining yourself completing each initiative with decision and amazing ease. Finally, focus on those tasks that are the easiest to approach now, and begin them!

This list and affirmation are tools for effective follow-up to Blue Moon in Aquarius’ burst in consciousness. Continue to use them at least throughout the current lunar cycle, until the next New Moon, during which time we and all souls participating in such magic remain connected and blessed in the One Mind.

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