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Crystal Pomeroy

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Heal the Earth

by Crystal Pomeroy

Turn up and earthward for a miraculous Moon-trip.

If the importance and value of prayer is on-going, the time marked by this Full Moon Eclipse: before, during and just after, presents opportunities in consciousness that call for an intensification of prayer in order to discover the fullness of freedom from whatever has been holding us back in consciousness.

This potential for release cannot be separated from the Samhain portal in which we still find ourselves. The Taurus component of this holiday historically included honoring Mother Earth through resting her from harvest until the coming year, as well as sacrificing livestock and pouring its blood upon her. In the midst of petroleum-based, industrialized living, where virtually every aspect of our work and play seems directly or indirectly dependent on products or practices which damage the environment, giving Mother Earth a rest may seem next to impossible. But the necessity of this seasonal call is louder than ever, as honoring our mother planet can no longer be taken as a spiritual prerogative, becoming instead a critical necessity for her survival and that of all races that inhabit her.

This Full Moon Eclipse may represent a real opening in the awareness necessary to save the planet. At the same time, the tools available for both our personal and planetary breakthroughs can be more easily accessed at this time, as we connect with the power of feminine attraction, the earth magnetism within. The following prayers and meditations are designed to facilitate your alignment with this Magical Moon potential.

Altar accoutrements

The Samhain themes: purple and orange flowers and candles, pumpkins and apples, continue their reign at this Full Moon. To bring in the Taurus and Uranus energy, add bright and shocking pink and metallic purples to your tones in flowers, candles and other decorations.



A) Consider your lifestyle, and list five ways you would be willing to alter it to make an offering to Mother Earth. Some examples might include:

Walk rather than drive for short-distance and pleasure trips.

Direct your plans for car-buying (or abstention from same) in terms of better mileage, or reduced emissions (check into Honda/Toyota), rather than exclusively size, style or luxury.

Actively promote ecological factors (like gardening and solar energy) in your plans for home buying, building or remodeling.

Make that extra-effort to consume organic, non-genetically modified food.

Eat raw foods.

Commit to purchasing recycled paper, as well as recycling your own products whenever and however possible.

Plant trees.

Dedicate a certain time weekly to environmental activism.

Send donations to organizations in defense of the environment and/or small farmers.

Reduce consumption of big fish (such as tuna).

Eliminate useless appliances, especially clothes and hair dryers and irons.

B) Consider the following words, and repeat them to yourself at least 7 times:

My love for my Mother Earth unites with the love of Spirit and of all others for this planet. All the love that we share for the Earth surrounds her in a healing mantle that protects and restores all her ecosystems to their perfect balance and functioning now!

C) As you implement the steps you chose to offer to Mother Earth, keep the healing power within alive by sending her healing messages, such as: "All the love there is for you is healing you", "My love is healing you", "You deserve my offering for all you give me."


A) Identify whatever you consider to be your biggest challenges in consciousness and manifestation.


Forgiving my parent/s.

Overcoming all programs that would keep me from loving myself entirely.

Resistance to release destructive relationships.

Belief in any power or influence except for the Power of Spirit.


Apparent lack or illness.

B) List whatever inner and outer resources you need to move into your promised land of freedom.


Complete physical wellness.

Time and rest to pray effectively.


Large sums of money, without undue stress or time commitments.

Opportunities to do the work I love, that fortifies my self-esteem.

Focus to use every available minute to do this.

Inner certainty of my own worth and right to prosper.

Commitment to follow through with my decisions.

Divine signs to help me discern the truth.

Information to complete my research project.

The ability to disengage from the aggressive attitudes of someone I deal with.

C) Sit in a lotus position, and put your attention on the area that corresponds to your uterus (if you you’re a man, sorry, you should imagine the area where that would be if you had one, because it corresponds to the feminine magnetic energy). From your feminine sexual area, visualize chords of golden light which connect you with the earth. Direct your awareness to the magnetic force-field emanating from the earth, and from your root chakra now being activated.

Chant the following, aloud and within, at least 15 times:

I am irresistibly aligned with all the elements of my divinely designated success, which are drawn to me now. (Visualizing the blessings on your list coming towards your magnetic root chakra:) They now appear here and I allow myself to receive them!


Whatsoever we faithfully honor, shall in turn honor us. As we honor Mother/Father Spirit and Mother Earth in prayer, word and deed during this Full Moon Eclipse, their power will express through us to demonstrate the highest type of inner and outer victory emphasized during this miraculous autumnal eclipse.

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