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Crystal Pomeroy

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Prepare a room for the visionary within

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon presents an opportunity for consciousness empowered by the right-brain faculties, such as intuition, healing and heightened emotional sensitivity. This cycle begins within an astrological and seasonal context of heightened extrasensory perception. The just-past Summer solstice is the most intuitive portal of the year, with Piscean influences (as outlined by Maya) underscoring the emphasis on right-brain perception for the coming six months.

This New Moon cycle gives us a chance for a special kind of opening of our subconscious perception gate. Cancer is both intuitive and defensive. Now is the time to take those protective measures we need to be in touch with our deepest feelings: that point between the conscious shore and the unconscious sea that crabs skittle back and forth on under the magical light of the Moon.

The focus on this aspect of Cancer is marked by several other esoteric events. First, Maya points to Juno—related to partnership and victimization—and her central role in the New Moon's influence. Second, the current Moon cycle includes the celebration of US Independence Day, with its historic significance for the New World and, though indirectly, ultimately for womankind around the world. Finally, the Sabian symbol for the corresponding degree of Cancer, can be taken as reference to programming the Goddess, as in it, rabbits (her ancient symbol) parade "IN HUMAN CLOTHES," imitating "higher forms as a stimulus to growth," representing the "start of all LEARNING PROCESSES."

The rabbits in this symbol can be seen as Goddess energy, inviting us to ask ourselves: What kind of parade do we want to train our intuitive, emotional energy, and that of our descendents, into? Maya mentions Juno's relation to abuse, being, as she was, wife of the Top Dog (God reversed), Jupiter. But maybe the bunnies are here to remind us that we can choose to remain in millennary patterns of destructive intimacy, or choose to march to the tune of healthier ideals about how we apply our sensitivity. (Perhaps Dr. Susan Pomeroy, academician and Daykeeper Website designer, will soon make a contribution about some historical models of female independence.) [Check out Maya's book reviews this month for more ideas—Ed.]

Jungian analyst Marion Woodman has proposed that women need to create our own, new myths. Just as the Moon relates to all the earth, we refer to all humans when we suggest that now is a time for both women and men to honor our feminine, intuitive and perceptual abilities, and to create whatever crab-like exoskeleton is necessary to do this in an authentic, independent fashion. In fact, one of the first suggestions given by many experts on the development of intuition is to believe in oneself enough to heed our most sensitive impressions.

We don't have to model our style of intimacy of Juno of a patriarchal pantheon, dependent on and victimized by her partner. This New Moon favors a new cycle of putting our relationship patterns in perspective, in such a way that leaves, or provides, space for listening to, and honoring the delicate, yet powerful, intuitive channels within.

Prayerful Exercises to Honor the Intuitive Within

1. In a note pad to be designated to your intuitive life, answer the following questions:

What steps would I like to take in order to listen to my own, most inner perception, but I tend to put them off, neglect them because of my preoccupation with my partner's, or somebody else's opinion or example?

Sample answers might include:

Keep a daily dream journal.
Be more directive in integrating my vision into the project I share with my partner.
Assume the initiative and follow-through for the projects that I have a strong feeling about, whether or not my partner affirms their usefulness (specify projects).
Recover my independent faith in the visionary within.
Say no to those who doubt my intuition, visions or capability.
Resume my intent to heal my inner child.

2. Call on your intuitive guides, by name if you know them, and/or in general your personal angels, the Angel of Intuition, and the Angel of Self-Esteem. You may write your invocation or say it verbally.

3. Choose from your favorite intuition activators, like those below, and write your choice or choices for 10-15 minutes with full attention

I love myself, and I assume responsibility for listening to and following my powerful intuition.

Today, I do not wait for others to act on my intuition for me, but take whatever action I need to respond to the divine messages within that flow through me.

I pause regularly to take time to listen to my feelings.

I take the time I need to recognize, channel and discern my visions, whether or not others appreciate or understand.

I acknowledge the divine gifts within me, and invite them to flower without guilt or shame.

4. Recall these universal truths:

Believe you are made to love and accept yourself!

Believe you do not need to wait for anyone else's approval to invoke your divine destiny of magic and power!

Remember that accepting yourself is something that no one else can do for you. Wait for the miracles of prophecy that are manifesting even now as you consider these ideas, and agree to nurture the visionary within.

5. Do not wait for others to heed your hunches or follow their lead, or to agree about your power to channel. The Teacher Within and Around you will attract to you whatever support you need once you release specific people whose approval you may be waiting for, and give yourself the approval and direction to do whatever you can now to follow Her lead. Prove your right to divine vision, by writing out and following through on daily goals to implement your intuitive leads throughout this Moon cycle.

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