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Crystal Pomeroy

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Stand Firm in Your Highest Self

by Crystal Pomeroy

This month’s astro-energies as outlined by Maya will mean different things to different people, depending what each one of us is working on, as well as our natal charts, as she suggests. There are, however, universal patterns and currents activated at this time, which underscore some themes to be shared as well as adapted to our personal situation and goals.

One collective opportunity accentuated by this New Moon portal is the invitation to consolidate our communication projects and goals, both spiritually and creatively speaking.

Another prayer portal during this time is that activated by the fixed cross (as outlined by Maya), of very special esoteric meaning. According to the Pequeño Gran Diccionario de Metafísica, it is the "Cross of the good thief, of the disciple who is tested, the Christ within, the son and the daughter." It corresponds to the holding one’s ground in Spirit, despite any pressures or appearances to the contrary. As we stand firm in faith, in non-judgment, in our principles, steadily focusing on the Light in our prayers and meditations, we can pass whatever tests the lunar cycle ahead may present.

Adapted for our prayer section below, you will find some timely words of power related to the fixed cross, attributed to channeled Master Djwal Khool, to help "fix" the highest potential of this cycle’s energies into your consciousness and experience.

Another guide to our inner work at this New Moon portal is the fascinating emphasis shared by Maya on consolidating our major communication projects and styles. The fixed cross, as we mentioned, points to the Christ Within. The Christ, both for early Christians as well more esoteric Gnostics, is compared to "The Word," or Logos. The right use of our power of communication is a central element to the magic we make as we exercise sacred free will in what kind of information comes into us and through us, as well as the attitude or intent behind what we share.

For some Daykeeper readers, building communication structures may mean completing a 28-day cycle of prayer for the first time, or establishing habit of daily affirmations. For others, it may mean following through on ideals of discretion, speaking only the truth, or applying "right speech" as outlined in the eightfold path of the Buddha.

Besides whatever spiritual goals we have related to our use of Logos, this is also a favored cycle for consolidating communication-related, creative projects, as we simultaneously elevate them to the highest approach possible. The book, proposal, program, article, statement, performance, sales endeavor, web site, etc. that you have had on the back, or middle, burner for the last two years, is getting a final ray of stellar beams now, and will also be a great way of channeling the intense current vibrations, while the joy of creative expression—and challenge of its accompanying bureaucracy—will help avoid ego traps and conflicts. At the same time, the Light from our own true communication efforts will shine on the collective mind, illuminating popular perception to align with the highest truth at this time.

Guides and Angels:

Ascended Master Djwal Logos
Archangels Zadquiel and Amethyst (rule culture, prayer and service, as well as guarding the sacred flame of Atlantis on the invisible plane) Archangels Gabriel and Hope (rule artistic development and creativity) The Angel of Manifestation
The Spirit of Earth

Also to assist your May, 2003 New Moon Prayers:

A ceramic or earthen vessel, filled with a handful of earth, and a candle lit within. Set the vessel before you (in the center if shared with a group).

Begin your prayers by raising up your vessel and saying,

"As this earth was made manifest from invisible Logos, and just as this vessel was again created from the earth by creative intent and will, Logos within me expresses through my words of truth, my creative intent and my will now, and new forms of beauty and truth are manifest through me."

Prayerful intentions and decrees for the May, 2003 New Moon:

I. Repeat during 3 minutes or more:

"The Logos within is guiding me to consolidate my communication projects and intents in the highest ways possible."

II. Allow your inspiration to spring forth, unhindered by considerations like the approval of others or other apparent challenges, as you write your answer to the following:

"I would like to consolidate my communication process and projects in the following ways...."

Some examples from our prayer group included:

Remain silent, and be in my silence, when I have nothing I want to say.

Release any sense of discomfort or worry about remaining quiet when I´m with others.

Focus on finishing two pending writing projects, as missives of love, while remaining centered in the intention of teaching through them.

Remember the example my son needs as I say only the truth, and not feel guilty if I remain silent.

Start my proposal for a spiritual peace project, and work on it at least 2 minutes a day.

Hold all phone calls.

Only speak when I have something constructive or loving to say.

Release guilt about not visiting my in-laws, or anybody else who wants me to visit or attend them that I choose not to in order to consolidate my communication projects.

Only hold conversations that sound true to my right hemisphere.

Make my visualization tools for finishing my magazine project.

Ask a dear friend for help with my book project.

Release some family responsibilities to others who have offered help so I can finish my radio program project.

Remember that I am a free, independent agent as I take communication initiatives according to my own inspiration, even if my partner doesn't approve of them.

Call my brother long-distance.

Eliminate TV.

III. Say the following affirmation for at least 10 minutes:

"I am the soul and here I stand firmly. Nothing can move my feet from the narrow path of the course I'm on in Spirit. I face the light, I am the Light and in that Light I see the Light. I see the Light that shines through all communication I receive, share and bring to manifestation now. I see the Light that shines through all information received, shared and created by all inhabitants of Planet Earth now."

IV. Put your communication goals in a place where you can see them each morning to keep your Logos power on the narrow course of Spirit. Repeat the decree for 7 minutes daily.

V. Take advantage of all the stellar pressure to consolidate your Logos aspirations during May, and stay tuned for our Full Moon meditation!

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