Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

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Note from Susan

by Susan Pomeroy

I can hardly believe that we're beginning our tenth year of publication! When we started Daykeeper back in September 2000, I never imagined becoming sole publisher. It was my mother's project; I was merely the facilitator. But those years of working so closely together wrought a transformation in me. Although I miss her very much—and seldom more than when I am preparing the new month's issue of Daykeeper—I am honored to be continuing her legacy.

Maya's interests in astrology and global politics still guide every issue. Her belief that ultimately, we will obtain full human rights, dignity, and opportunity for everyone on this planet is a lodestone. And her insightful, meticulous, and intuitive use of astrology to predict and understand both the personal and the political remains our inspiration.

Maya del Mar
Maya del Mar at the Golden Gate Headlands, February 2006

Without you, our readers, we wouldn't still be publishing. Thanks for your comments, encouragement, and feedback. Most of all, thanks for reading!

I offer my gratitude once more to our wonderful writers—Boots Hart, Nancy Humphreys, Alex Miller, Jessica Murray and Crystal Pomeroy.

And a special additional thank-you to my dear sister, Crystal, a generous and wise soul whose support has meant more than words can say.

Daykeeper Journal will be getting a facelift within the next month or so. Look for an updated appearance and—by popular demand—monthly sun sign predictions. Meanwhile, your comments and suggestions are welcome. (Subject line "New Daykeeper," email to

Rock on!

Thanks & blessings,

A Llewellyn Tarot Birthday Augury
for Daykeeper's Tenth Year

Llewellyn Tarot Nine of Pentacles

Three of Cups. Celebration. Thanksgiving. Shared happiness. Pleasure and satisfaction. Enrichment of friendships. Support, encouragement. Excitement and play. Enjoying arts and talents. Luck, excitement and momentum. Goodwill and humor. The doubling effect of success shared. The joy of artistic collaboration. Romantic fun. The freshness of spring. Gratitude and good health.

From The Llewellyn Tarot, by Anna-Marie Ferguson, Llewellyn Publications, 2006.