Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's September 2009 Daily Success Guide Free Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


September brings a huge energy shift. Two events cast light in a new direction: the Mercury retrograde, with its first glimpse of what’s to come in the cardinal signs; and the third of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions bringing us to a critical turning point in our efforts to break up old fixed and self-destructive patterns that keep us stuck.

Mercury’s retrograde is a significant one. It begins its backward travel on September 3 in early Libra. As it does so, it participates in a T-square with Mars in Cancer and a stationary Pluto in Capricorn. This gives us a peek at what Saturn will bring with its square to Pluto when it enters Libra at the end of October. Even though Saturn returns to Virgo during its upcoming yearly cycle, it will make three contacts to Pluto and introduce us to new challenges and opportunities for growth. We will see a whole new aspect of the our lives, and new problems and possibilities will unfold. Over the next three years (through September 2012), we will solve these problems and build structures to support and maintain the opportunities.

Mercury will give us a preview over the last few days of August, when it makes its first contact to Mars and Pluto, and the first few days of September as it retrogrades and repeats the square to Pluto (sans a faster-moving Mars). When it crosses back into Virgo, it brings messages from Saturn-Uranus. These contacts increase our conscious understanding of what the problem is so that we can take the next steps in solving it.

This is being played out directly through the healthcare debate. If the status quo is represented by Saturn, the movement for change is Uranus, and Mercury the sway of public opinion and media coverage. Waiting in the wings is Pluto, the corporate giants refusing to be tied directly to the debate but pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, when Mercury and Mars connect with these planets, we will be able to connect the dots—their role in manipulating the legislative process will be better known.

Pluto adds emphasis to any situation it can be applied to, as it changes direction on the 11th. Pluto is the timer for the economic transformation we have been experiencing since January 08, when Pluto entered Capricorn. As it has in the past, it will lead to the fall, loss, or transformation of entities that have grown too large or lost their relevance. As Pluto changes direction, we will hear more news about how the economic recovery is doing as well as what regulatory changes are afoot. The Saturn-Uranus opposition will also play a role in what transpires. Situations that arose or became more complicated around April 4 will shift now.

While Mercury is retrograde, many hidden aspects of the truth will be revealed, both in the healthcare reform process and in our own lives. It also opens the doorway to the cardinal pattern of the next three years.

Fading from emphasis but still operating on background with considerable power is the stellium of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius. As they have spread out from their tight inter-contact in late May, they have disseminated their healing energies into our lives. Now they move us toward closure in our lessons regarding group dynamics, political awareness, self-healing, and the power of hope.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


The month starts with the Moon in Aquarius, a trine to Mercury raising our awareness of how important our relationships are to us. This is further highlighted by an perspective-giving opposition to Venus.


The Aquarius Moon reaches its conjunction to the Aquarian triple conjunction over the afternoon and evening, starting with Jupiter. This renews our healing process and raises our hope for positive outcomes, as we are reminded by events of the power of good. The Moon enters its void of course period at 10:20 pm on the conjunction to Neptune, lending a mystical quality to our evening reverie and nighttime dreams.


After the Moon enters Pisces at 8:58 am, we can engage in productive action, and we will be inclined to do so as Mars catches up with our very slow Mercury to complete a busy, possibly anxiety-inducing square. The Moon alleviates a tendency to narrowness of vision with a sextile to Pluto and a trine to Mars to give us an over-arching perspective on the dilemmas we face.


Today’s sole contact is the Full Moon’s Sun-Moon opposition, which occurs at 9:03 am, at 12°15' Pisces. This lunation features a nearly stationary Mercury and Pluto, still reverberating from their T-square with Mars on August 25-26—we’re still integrating a new plot twist that carries a taste of the future. Venus reaching toward its opposition to the Aquarian stellium (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune) signals a healing process in relationships hearkening back to issues that arose in February and peaked in May.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, 17 Scorpio rising placed the Aquarian planets on the 3rd-house side of the IC. With the opposition to Venus, this emphasizes the role of the media in swaying public opinion. A diversion through a sports or entertainment event will buoy the spirits of the people and bring the world together in shared joy, shown by a grand trine in Water. The impasse in Congress over healthcare reform is emphasized even as progressives begin to find their voice. Although little can be resolved now, as Pluto and Mercury change directions important facts become known that lead to eventual progress.

At 13 Pisces, the Sabian symbol is "an ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum." Rudhyar mentions a "consecrated man can become a symbol of courage . . . through the use of his will". This is a symbol of a leader’s courage in the face of daunting odds and difficult circumstances. Politically, the greatest weaknesses of our current governmental system have been exposed, the perfect time for them to be pierced with the sword of truth. This will also be true in our own lives. Also worth noting is the opposite degree of 13 Virgo, where the Sabian symbol is of "a statesman [that] stands before a mob: His strong hand can be seen in a transforming of hysteria into new enthusiasm". Could this be our President soothing the fears of the citizenry about healthcare reform? While a bill will not have yet passed, many people are in unwarranted anguish over what will happen, due to disinformation. President Obama’s consistent messaging on this issue will finally penetrate public opinion as this Full Moon passes.


Before we rise our Pisces Moon opposes Saturn, then goes void of course at 9:53 am with a conjunction to Saturn, inclining us to an industrious day. It’s good to know then that in this Jupiter-ruled sign the Moon can still "bring home the bacon". This is fortunate if we wanted a productive Saturday, since she does not enter Aries until 7:14 pm. Our evening may be filled with restlessness as we see how much progress remains to be made, as the Moon squares Pluto.


The Moon in Aries injects a desire for quick results that may lead us to try to skip steps as Mercury turns retrograde today. Those in the know understand that skipping steps makes a task take longer to complete, and Mercury has thus fulfilled our expectations. Instead, relax and think things through carefully before acting—measure twice and cut once. If we make discretion the better part of valor, we make peace instead of war in our relationships. Mercury begins its 22-day retrograde at 9:45 pm at 6°13' Libra.


The Moon finishes its stay in Aries, but not before making beneficial sextiles to Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius over the day. Healing is highlighted on this Labor Day. At 5:13 pm, the Moon enters its void period, giving us a time to rest and recuperate for the rest of the day.


Before we rise, at 3:18 am the Moon enters steady and solid Taurus. It makes stabilizing contacts to Pluto and Mars to help us reconcile the challenges and resolve the issues that arose in the last week of August.


The Moon in Taurus reaches the juicy last-half degrees of its sign where all the action is. It forms a T-square with the perfecting Venus opposition to the Aquarius stellium, triggering the healing of existing relationship wounds. Trines to the Sun and Saturn eases the process by increasing our adventurousness and sense of emotional and physical security.


The Moon remains in Taurus only long enough to make a trine to Uranus and enter its void period at 0:17 am. Since it is exalted in Taurus, the Moon still performs until it enters Gemini at 9:17 am. A trine to Mercury blends head and heart energies for easy decision-making over the rest of the day.


Several significant events occur today: Venus reaches the first of her oppositions to the Aquarian stellium, the opposition to Jupiter. This brings the healing process in relationships to a gentle peak. Pluto’s station direct underscores the power of events now, with a release of transformative energy. The Moon continues in Gemini, smoothing the healing process with trines to Jupiter and Chiron, plus a sextile to Venus.

The Moon makes its Last Quarter square to the Sun at 7:16 pm, with many significant planetary contacts to make the next week memorable. Pluto’s station occurs as Mercury retrogrades into a square with it, the stand-out condition in the chart. This indicates a situation where a new awareness creates tension in our lives that will be released over the next five weeks as the Mercury retrograde and the next lunar month unfolds. The Moon’s trines to the Aquarian threesome help us through with familiar hope and the knowledge that we have made progress in healing our lives. The Sun’s imminent conjunction with Saturn brings us to focus on where we’re headed over the coming year in meeting our obligations and setting new structures, even as the great orb’s opposition to Uranus reminds us that we must think outside the box—plan well.

The chart cast for Washington DC gives Taurus rising and puts Pluto in the 8th house of the US, emphasizing the hold that powerful investors and corporations have on the nation. However, the aspects to it show that this power is about to be convincingly revealed and curtailed. Venus’s opposition to the Aquarian stellium falls once again the houses of communication, emphasizing the continued raising of public awareness about the complex issues we face. Congress continues to carry the Saturn-Uranus energy, but an imperfect healthcare reform bill is about to be released that creates as many questions as answers; the struggle for the health of the American people will continue for at least the next six months.

At 20 Gemini, the Sabian Symbol is "a modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions." A smorgasbord of options and offerings, some for every palate, perspective, and need, is available. This is an energy of the harvest, reminding us of the gratitude we should take the time to feel for the bounty we have, even if based on simpler fare than in the past. This is true from the most global to the most individual levels.


The Moon finalizes its productive period in Gemini with a square to Uranus at 4:30 am to open its void period, following a square to Saturn and trines to Chiron and Neptune. This makes for a vivid and active dream experience that feeds a morning best left to clean-up and relaxation rather than new initiatives. Once the Moon enters Cancer at 1:20 pm, we can act, but we may be overwhelmed by intervening events or experience frustration as the Moon opposes Pluto. Once a late square to Mercury passes, a new approach leads to easier progress.


An occultation ("eclipse") of the Moon to Mars greases the wheels of our progress, the Moon’s sole contact today, and we make up for time lost yesterday.


Venus’s opposition to Chiron today continues the process of healing relationships that began last week. Look to situations that arose in February with difficulties encountered in May. We are inspired to enterprise with harmonious lunar contacts to Sun, Saturn, and Uranus, before our Cancer Moon enters its void period at 6:57 am. Even though void, we can still access the energy of success before the Moon enters Leo at 3:39 pm. The Moon’s sextile to Mercury gives us insight into resolving our Mercury-retrograde challenges.


Saturn and Uranus reach their third exact opposition, with two more to occur next year before they finally separate. This increases our feelings of internal pressure in general over the month, but today’s contact is an unconscious turning point, while the focal point for events related to this contact occurs on the 17th–20th. Venus completes its opposition to the Aquarian stellium, closing the door on the healing process—for now. Success involves surrendering our pride and allowing the good of others to be a part of a solution. The Moon continues in Leo, with no action until its reaches Jupiter, giving perspective on our emotional healing process this year.


The Moon makes two contacts early, at the end of its sojourn through Leo, repeating the Venus-Chiron-Neptune opposition of last week. This will bring valuable unconscious material to us through the dream state that spills over into the day and colors our mood dreamy. With the conjunction to Venus, Moon goes void of course, from 9:11 am until 4:56 pm, when it enters Virgo. Use this long void to take a break, finish up and integrate past processes, or tap the energies available to us when we are "between the worlds". The evening hours open with a constructive Moon trine to Pluto, so the day is not devoid of productivity.


An emphasis in Virgo energies add powerful dynamics to activities and events. The Sun in this sign reaches both Uranus (by opposition) and Saturn (conjunction), firing up Wednesday’s Saturn-Uranus opposition. This simultaneously starts a new yearly Sun-Saturn cycle and marks the culmination of the Sun-Uranus cycle that started on March 12. This gives us deep insight into our challenges, perhaps encouraging anxiety or wavering in our goals. While it is good to reevaluate, we should trust our previous intuitions as well as the process. Before Mercury makes its retrograde re-entry into Virgo at 8:26 pm, it squares Pluto for the second of three times, reiterating its challenge to us to take daring but thoughtful action. The Moon in Virgo is a quiet partner, aspecting only Mars in a sextile to give us the opportunity to act on our understanding.


The New Moon arrives at midday in the midst of the still-strong Saturn-Uranus opposition. A more enlightened vision of the future brings peace, as healthcare reform takes more palpable shape. We can see the limits of what is possible now (or at least what those in power are willing to fight for). The Moon in Virgo encapsulates the story of the next week in a few hours, as it traverses over Uranus (opposition), and Saturn-Sun-Mercury (conjunction). Its final aspect is to Mercury retrograde at 4:56 pm, opening a brief void-of-course downtime until it enters Libra at 6:26 pm. The evening finds us in deep thought as the Moon squares Pluto, pondering what our long-term possibilities are.

The New Moon chart emphasizes the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and we will respond by looking back over what we’ve accomplished in the past year to inform our continued process of fulfilling our dreams. We have another ten months to reach the goals we set for ourselves in July 2008.

In the chart cast for the US set in Washington DC, Pluto rises, looming large on a Capricorn Ascendant. This is "power to the people", suggesting that the will of the people will prevail to some extent in healthcare reform and other political issues. All things point to resolution and completion, and the public respond with renewed confidence in the national economy. With the Saturn-Moon-Sun-Mercury stellium in Virgo in the 9th house, foreign relations are emphasized. This suggests a good new-bad news scenario, where continued constructive efforts will produce beneficial results.

At 26 Virgo, the Sabian Symbol is "a boy with a censer serves a priest near the altar." This reminds us that the power and magic of the cosmos is to be found in the smallest ritual when reverently performed, however menial or automatic it may be. Success comes to us now by performing our daily tasks with reverence. We will see the value of this unfold in events of public interest. A small, seemingly insignificant diplomatic ritual performed in the coming week will open a door to peaceful relationship and bear great fruits further down the road.


The Moon in Libra makes a single contact late in the day—a square to Mars prompts us to act, but may make us a little more emotionally impulsive than is helpful.


Plenty of contacts fill the day, and only a few from the Moon. The Sun and Mercury finally connect, marking the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde. This signals a switch in the energy, where we cease looking back over the past 4 months of the previous Mercury cycle and start looking forward to the next. We also feel a fresh constructive energy as Venus enters Virgo at 6:32 am, moving quickly into a trine to Pluto. This contact grounds the transformations of the past nine months into our connections to others. Productive business and personal relationships can be furthered now. The Moon in Libra makes its trines to Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune, before going void of course at 11:44 am. This gives us a good several hours to enjoy life before it enters Scorpio at 9:52 pm. The Moon finishes the day auspiciously when it forms a minor grand trine by sextiling both Venus and Pluto. Relationship difficulties can be overcome now.


The Moon wings its way through Scorpio, making no exact contacts. However, tomorrow’s Mercury conjunction to Saturn can be felt as a need to be more productive than usual.


Before we wake, Mercury connects with Saturn to add industry to our focus for another day. We reach a turning point in the seasonal cycle, when the Sun enters Libra and marks the autumnal equinox, Mabon, and the time when darkness overrules daylight in the yearly cycle of the northern hemisphere. The Moon lends a considerable number of contacts to the day as well, as it smoothes our way with a trine to Mars and presents challenges through squares to Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Its final contacts are made to Uranus (trine) and Mercury-Saturn (sextile), blending instinct and ingenuity in reaching toward our goals. The Moon enters its void period at 8:32 pm, encouraging us to relax for the remainder of the day.


At 4:43 am, the Moon enters audacious Sagittarius, opening the door to blending experience and courage as it sextiles the Sun. This is a useful outlet for the tension that builds up as the Sun squares Pluto to create a crisis of action—what should we do with our last chance to create the changes we long for? The Moon also squares Venus at noon to remind us that we have routine commitments that cannot be shirked. The biggest hit of the day, however, occurs when Mercury makes its second, retrograde, pass over Uranus, creating the possibility of a huge insight. Communicative mishaps could also occur unexpectedly, especially if we have repressed our feelings.


A quiet day allows us to pick up the pieces from yesterday, with happy endings for us as the Moon sextiles Jupiter.


The Sagittarius Moon creates busy-ness in our dream states as it squares Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn, as well as sextiles to Chiron and Neptune. The Moon enters its long void-of-course at 7:15 am with the square to Saturn, although we can engage in fruitful activity the entire time that the Moon inhabits Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. At 3:19 pm, it enters Capricorn, conjoining Pluto and making its First Quarter square to the Sun before the evening is done. This urges us to action, stimulating preparations and plans for the future and lending depth to the evening’s conversations.

Cancer rises in the chart cast for Washington DC, with Mars just below the horizon. The nation becomes self-protective, even taking aggressive action in response to an ongoing situation involving a weak nation. The Sun on the IC and Moon just past Pluto add to the sense of a nation standing its ground. The people are of two minds about events and hopeful for peace. While this is a short-term situation, long-term diplomacy may be required to prevent more serious incidents. This could also apply to a weather event or natural disaster where another nation needs aid.

At 4 Capricorn, the Sabian Symbol is "A group . . . are embarking in a large canoe on a magic little lantern-lit lake at a resort." This speaks of the power of the group in fulfilling a common goal, and we create joy in the gathering. Community effort can bring about desired changes. If we feel daunted by a task before us, drawing others to us is timely now. We should never underestimate the power of a group in achieving goals against powerful individuals.


Moon in Capricorn opens our day with a blissful trine to Venus, setting a peaceful tone—relax, or enjoy a day of productivity with these planets in industrious earth signs.


Still in Capricorn, the Moon encourages constructive insights with several contacts over the day, from an invigorating opposition to Mars to a hopscotch trine-sextile-trine to Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn. The trine to Saturn commences the Moon’s void period at 8:33 pm, which continues for the rest of the day.


The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:07 am and carries the energy of a sociable trine to the Sun throughout the day. It’s a great day for cementing our relationships with others and appreciating the others in our lives with whom we enjoy mutual support.


The key event of the day is the energetic release we feel as Mercury at 21°37' Virgo makes its direct station, returning to forward motion at 6:14 am. The Moon in Aquarius reaches its conjunctions to Jupiter and Chiron, refocusing our attention toward our healing process and outreach into the unknown.


Before the Moon goes void of course at 4:35 am, it makes a conjunction to Neptune to infuse our dream state with spiritual insight. This opens a day-long void-of-course period that ends at 4:26 pm when the Moon enters Pisces. Use the daytime hours to tie up loose ends or engage in some midweek play time. The evening hours are filled with harmonies as the Moon sextiles Pluto and Mercury sextiles Mars—mood matches mind matches plan matches action, a winning combination!



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