Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's March 2009 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"—so it is when the planets present us with extremes. We’re still in the Land of Aquarius, with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune continue forming a stellium in the sign. We get the best and the worst of it. The best is the idealism, the "out of the box" thinking, the progressive outlook, and objectivity. The downside is an inclination toward static, alienation, coldness, and cynicism. Add to this the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and a doom-and-gloom atmosphere seems the only possibility.

Another side effect of the Aquarius stellium is felt in the weather patterns. The rule of thumb is that, when the planets are clustered, the weather is more extreme, reflecting the extreme imbalance of the planetary configuration. Aquarius tends toward colder, drier weather patterns, but with Mars and Jupiter there, large storms, especially cold, windy ones, are likely. The Saturn-Uranus opposition adds to the stormy emphasis.

Gradually, the collective consciousness is adjusting to a new perspective, even if it is imperceptible at present. We will watch this new awareness grow as the Sun distances itself from the Aquarian cluster. By the end of March, we’ll be seeing some daylight between our great luminary and the stellium, and a new way of living will blossom with the spring flowers. The shadow side of this new reality is sensationalized and inflated in these fear-ridden times. What is less easily seen is the plus side. A well-known British economist has noted that capitalism is a cruel system because it demands so much of its participants, and it is hardest on those in the American economy where competitiveness (and lack of regulation) is greatest. As we move into a softer, more regulated economic model, we get more breathing room. The feeling of intensity and stress has become so routine in recent years that we have come to accept it as a part of modern life. Yet, this arises out of the need to "keep up" with others, to compete and survive in this free-market culture, rather than any intrinsic energy shift or mysterious evolutionary process.

So now we get to relax more, spend less time in driven, "have-to" activities. While it may produce a financial gap in our lives, for some a tragic situation that should never be discounted, this slower pace has many intangible benefits that lead to some real pluses, like better relationships with our partners, children and families; better health; a rediscovery of simple pleasures; repair instead of disposal of malfunctioning equipment; a demand for better quality; growing/making our own; greater appreciation for practical skills; being less consumer- and more enjoyer-oriented.

All these are known benefits of a slower-paced, lower-expectation lifestyle, coming to us via express delivery from Saturn-Uranus and Pluto. Saturn remains in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces, and of course Pluto is in Capricorn now to stay for the next 15 years. The earth energy of Virgo and Capricorn slows us down, grounds us, and gives us relief from the haste and constant activity of the fire energy we were immersed in while Pluto (and lately Jupiter) was in Sagittarius.

Saturn and Uranus continue to oppose each other, but the tension is relaxing now, after their second exact opposition (of five) on February 5. Saturn will bring illumination to us on March 8 as the Sun reaches its opposition to it, the culmination of the yearly cycle that began September 3. Four days later, a new yearly Sun-Uranus cycle of awakening commences. Working with Uranus energy permits us to "cut across" the wheel of karma and transcend ordinary conditions.

The final feature of note in March is Venus’s retrograde, which begins on March 6 and lasts 43 days, until April 17. In Aries, it heightens our awareness of self-love: Any relationship issues now are likely to be rooted in how good we feel about ourselves. It is a fact not generally well-known that the better we feel about ourselves, the more resilient and less reactionary we are in relating to others. During any Venus retrograde, all relationships are up for renegotiation. In most cases we will tweak our agreements with each other to keep up with individual, interpersonal, and external changes. In other instances, relationships may form or come apart. In addition, Venus brings our financial arrangements up for retooling. We may figure out a new way to manage our finances, develop a new budget, make postponed major purchases, or find new ways to make or spend money.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


We enter the month with the Moon exalted in Taurus and creating harmony for most of the day by connecting the dots with a trine to Pluto and a sextile to our Pisces Sun. This gives us a chance to create change we can believe in, at least until the Moon's early-evening square to Jupiter. Watch out for distractions that could lead to injury during your evening commute or routine at the gym, as Mercury reaches Mars near Chiron and Neptune.


The Moon is busy today, as it trines Saturn, squares Mars and Mercury, sextiles Uranus, and squares Chiron and Neptune, promising lots of activity leading to results at a later time. Our most effective period today may be after 2:43 pm, once all these fireworks have transpired and the Moon enters its void period, since the Moon in Taurus operates well on our behalf. The Moon enters Gemini at 11:59 pm to spark conversation in our dreams.


The Moon sails along leaving our planned activities unhindered all day, sped on as it heads toward a bedtime trine to Jupiter. You'll make up for lost time after all the stop-and-start of yesterday, and find it a necessary foundation to the more fruitful actions of today.

At 11:50 pm, the Moon enters its First Quarter phase at 13°52 Gemini. Although it squares the Sun and is moving to make a T-square to Saturn-Uranus, it makes many harmonious contacts to the Aquarius stellium and a nearly stationary Venus. This gives us the urge to act, but with a feeling that complications will arise as a result of our actions—a darned if you do, darned if you don't predicament. At least we can see the possibility of growth, even if we have to "fall back" in response to emerging conditions. This is likely to be felt most acutely in relationships, as all our agreements with others come up for renegotiation. With Saturn-Uranus so critically involved, the situation is likely to seem worse than it is, which leads to the possibility of digging in our heels out of fear, when flexibility is called for.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, at 2:50 am on the 4th, the Sun is on the third-house side of the IC, putting the spotlight on bureaucracy, commerce, and paperwork. The efforts to "spread the wealth" of the ARRA recovery act, TARP, and mortgage assistance will continue apace. There is a flurry of activity in government departments that interface with the public and private industry. In particular, renegotiation of mortgages will be in the news. With the Aquarius stellium (particularly Chiron and Neptune) also in the third house, the activity won't always be efficient, but it will be as swift as possible. Civil servants are under intense pressure to perform, and the workers of the nation, represented by the sixth-house Moon, are the beneficiaries. Look for news of those infrastructure projects recharging America's middle class with an infusion of hard-earned and much appreciated cash. However, Saturn sits atop the chart at the MC, opposing the Sun and a somewhat distant Uranus. The economy continues to send shockwaves through the population, especially as foreclosures rise and home prices continue to fall. Still, the government is managing the situation with a steady hand, lead by a pragmatic President Obama. This and next week will mark the peak of this cycle of economic hardship. Relief will begin to be felt in late April.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Gemini is "Two people at widely different points communicate with each other telepathically" (Marc Edmund Jones version). This suggests behind-the-scenes negotiations, both in foreign policy and domestic policy areas. While we may not hear about the communications in the coming week, in the long run (probably after Venus goes direct) positive results will be announced. President Obama is probably seeking a Republican ally to take a leadership role in his economic initiative, so the way will be smoothed to placing the national interest before that of a particular party. Interactions are also certain to be proceeding with Iran's Ahmadinejad by the Secretary of State's office.


The Moon saves up all its juice for today, when it makes six aspects. Overnight, the Moon will have taken us through a sextile to the retrograding Venus, inserting solutions to relationship problems into our dreams. It may be harder than usual to rise as Luna squares Saturn. This opens the door to a morning that has more than its share of challenges as it heads toward a square to Uranus. However, a trine to Mars makes it easier to get to the point and talk our way through the situation. Talking is the key as Moon trines Mercury, then Chiron and Neptune as the work day ends. Our Moon encourages us to take a break when it goes void of course at 6:11 pm for the rest of the day.


A gathering fog over the past few days culminates in the wee hours, as Mercury conjoins Neptune, invigorating our dream imagery. This could bring a breakthrough in understanding something crucial in our lives, leading to greater clarity and insight, the true gifts of Neptune. Although the day begins with a void Moon, its entry into Cancer at 3:07 am makes every waking moment a fruitful one, should we care to take action in any direction. After a square to Pluto early in the day, the Moon skates along without encountering any other planets until tomorrow.


The morning hours bring oodles of aspects. Our Moon in Cancer finally makes contact again, encountering Venus, the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus today. All but the square it makes to Venus are harmonious and bode well for our experiences of the next six weeks. At 9:17 am Venus begins its retrograde and elevates these contacts to greater importance as they are imprinted in our experiences of the next six weeks. Although Venus is set to square Pluto two more times (the first was on February 5), her sextile to Jupiter also echoes throughout the retrograde. Necessary changes are afoot, but they will bring positive results and are worth working for. With a trine to Uranus at 4:29 pm, the Moon makes its last aspect before entering Leo. However, we can still engage in beneficial activities, even though the Moon is void of course.


At 5:24 am, the Moon enters Leo and activates our weekend with sustained fire energy. Like the Sun, she arcs across the sky unhindered, as she, as with the other planets, makes no aspects today.


Two of the aspects today are of major consequence, and we've been feeling them for several days. The first is Mars' conjunction to Neptune. This contact is infamous for clouding our judgment and draining our energy, heading off action. However, we can use it to pause and become clear about our path before moving ahead. The fog of Neptune will clear as we gear up for action with the Full Moon that occurs on Tuesday. The second major contact is the Sun's opposition to Saturn, which occurs at 12:53 pm. This marks the halfway point through Saturn's retrograde period and its yearly cycle with the Sun. As such, it is a culmination of our activities to fulfill our Saturn-related needs, projects, and responsibilities. We are likely to have been working extra-hard over the past few days, feeling pressured as if a major deadline loomed (even if it doesn't). At 11:56 am, Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of its detriment and fall. While this is not a strong placement for Mercury, we can use this time to add imagery to our way of thinking and working with cognition. Visualization will work well while it is in this sign. The Moon continues to traverse Leo, opposing Jupiter and trining Venus in the early hours of the day, then opposing Chiron and Neptune just before midnight. Don't let the Neptune contacts lead you to miss the fact that Daylight Savings Time begins today in the U.S..


At 0:56 am, the Moon opposes Mars as it enters its void-of-course period in Leo. It remains void until 8:34 am, giving us the majority of the day to be productive. We experience a passing parting of the Piscean clouds around midday as the Moon opposes Mercury. After its trine to Pluto in the early afternoon, the rest of the day is free of planetary events.


Life takes on deeper meaning as Mercury sextiles Pluto in mid-morning, an energy that colors the whole day. The Moon in Virgo adds to our mental acuity and penchant for analysis as it conjoins Saturn and opposes Uranus for an extra dose of insight. This is the final aspect that the Moon makes before leaving Virgo, occurring at 10:48 pm. She is void of course until she enters Libra tomorrow.

In between those two contacts, the Full Moon arrives at 7:38 pm, at 20°40' Virgo. This lunation draws our focus even more to the critical processes and obstacles in our lives, as the Sun, reaching toward Uranus, opposes the Moon just past Saturn. This brings a major recurrence of issues that have plagued us since last fall. In most instances, we will experience relief as a result of actions taken this week. It will begin a substantial resolution process related to Saturnian issues of structure and responsibility, as it opens the door to new possibilities with the start of the yearly Uranus cycle. The emphasis is on consistency, persistence, and an open, positive attitude. The Aquarius stellium is breaking up, relaxing the immediate pressure to make decisions by committee and giving our friends a break who have planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

In our nation's capital, the Full Moon occurs at 10:38 pm, placing the Sun/Uranus-Moon/Saturn opposition in the 5th-11th house axis, emphasizing the legislative process. Once again, Congress is at an impasse as it considers significant legislation to heal the nation's economic woes. As there are no harmonious aspects to this pattern, there is no way to resolve the conflict from within Congress. However, with the South Node on the MC trining Venus in the 6th, once again Mr. Obama will take his case to the people (specifically, the workers) with positive results. The spreading Aquarius stellium in the 4th house shows considerable positive economic activity on the home front, as the stimulus act and mortgage relief act begin to be felt. There emerges a robust optimism as people are put back to work and begin to heal their financial wounds. With Venus retrograde in the 6th house, there may be an outcry about how little of the stimulus is reaching women, but it will receive a positive response from Mr. Obama.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Virgo is, ". . . Two teams of fresh young girls [are] engaged in a laughing contest of basketball" (Marc Edmund Jones). A spirit of camaraderie permeates the game of life, even though the teams represent opposing viewpoints—at least this is the goal of most people in the country at this time. The pressure is on for the obstructionist Republicans to get on board.


Take note of your experiences yesterday and today, especially with respect to relationships and finances; they will tie in with those on or around February 16. Venus makes its second of three sextiles to Jupiter. It offers the olive branch of peace to those who attempt to end conflict today; however, it is unlikely to bear all its fruit until the third contact, on June 2. This increases the benefits of this aspect many times over. The Moon enters Libra at 11:46 am; it is better to wait until after this time to engage in important activities. Why not clean up your email files until then? The Moon's square to Pluto adds intensity to the last half of the day, and we'll work hard to meet a goal.


The Sun conjoining Uranus today will spice up your life with elements of the unexpected. This is the start of a new yearly cycle of innovation and randomness, so observe and take note of what stands out in your experiences. The continues its sojourn through Libra, making afternoon connections with Venus (by opposition) and Jupiter by trine. This could be deemed a harmonious illumination regarding relationship situations, especially in terms of what we are contributing to them. Remember that self-love, and the lack thereof, underlies all matters of love and money right now.


The Moon hits nothing but net today, as it trines Mars, Chiron, and Neptune, then sextiles Pluto over the course of the day. With these energies, it's all healing all the time. Take note though, of the late afternoon void-of-course: The Moon makes her final aspect in Libra at 3:39 pm, but enters Scorpio less than two hours later, at 5:22 pm. Time for a little siesta perhaps, a walk on the beach, or a chat by the water cooler.


Mars leaves cracklin' dry Aquarius for moist, misty Pisces. This is not the happiest place for Mars, but we can rely on Pisces to slow him down thereby making it easier to control our impulses. Don't let confusion be the source of action during this time—wait for clarity to prompt you. The Moon continues to dig up the dirt in Scorpio, but nicely, with a trine to Mercury. Her square to Jupiter makes us a bit anti-social this evening—how about a nice mystery DVD at home?


We make it almost through the day before Moon reaches her void period, which starts at 5:43 pm. Before that, we can rely on her water-sign placement to create much-needed harmony with Saturn and Uranus, helping us to feel more secure in our world. The unknowns may rise to the surface in the late afternoon when she squares Neptune, but we end the day on a perkier note as Moon's final aspect is a trine to the Sun. The Moon is then void of course for the rest of the day.


At 2:21 am, the Moon enters the sign of endless optimism, Sagittarius. The only action she sees is a square to Mars in the wee hours, adding a few action shots to your dreams.


Today is more staticky, full of Moon aspects that are a mixed bag. Before dawn a trine to Venus sweetens our slumber; as we rise, a square to Mercury threatens our positive attitude to start the day. Our morning coffee break is buoyed by a sextile to Jupiter, but then our awareness of deeper issues is kindled by squares to Saturn and Uranus, whose opposition continues to teach us about how to hold on and let go at the same time.


Once again, the day if full of planetary activity. Chief among those are Mercury's opposition to Saturn and Mars's sextile to Pluto. Mercury brings mental awareness to the awakening we experienced when the Sun opposed Saturn on March 8, like the drop of the other shoe. This equips us to better fulfill the potential of this Saturn cycle in our lives. The opening sextile of Mars to Pluto creates an opportunity for peace in situations where deep-seated conflict has existed. The Moon tells its own story today, sextiling Neptune before we rise, then going into its still-useful void of course at 10:47 am as it squares the Sun. We need not refrain from action with the Moon in this sign until the Moon enters Capricorn at 2:19 pm, but you can take a long luncheon if you just want the break. The Moon conjoins Pluto soon thereafter to add a little punch to the afternoon.

The Moon reaches its Last Quarter square to the Sun at 28°16' Sagittarius at 10:47 am. The Moon's void-of-course on this square indicates the ending of a major process for all of us. With that, we can breathe a sigh of relief before we move on to the next most important situation. The main emphasis moves to an issue central to all future experiences—our relationships. We are in the midst of examining how we have chosen to interact with others—what agreements we have with them—and making changes to them. Often, our agreements are unconscious and changing them results in discomfort, if not outright rebellion or denial that any problems exist. Finances are also a Venusian domain, often inextricably intertwined in relationship dynamics.

In Washington DC, this lunar event occurs at 1:47 pm, placing the Sun past the zenith, "falling amiss" according to Vettius Valens. This weakened position in a weak sign for the Sun indicates that we are in a waiting period as far as the nation is concerned. We feel like we should be able to barge ahead with our old bravado, but we must simply wait for the desired changes, now enacted, to take effect. With the planetary emphasis in the third quadrant, focus will turn to the nation's place in the society of nations. Foreign relations, summit meetings, and international negotiations will be important, as will the state of the world economy. Oil, ruled by a Neptune that is found in the 8th house, will be under scrutiny as a make-or-break issue, implying that energy independence and the green economy will be the next big push from the Obama Administration. Saturn in the third house indicates that commerce still falls below desired levels.

At 29 Sagittarius, the Sabian Symbol is, "A fat boy [is] mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street." The theme of "everyday tasks . . . that benefit one's constitution" reinforces the waiting period we are in and what we can do to make the most of it. If we "chop wood, carry water," we not only take care of everyday tasks, we develop humility, steady ourselves, and develop the patience, strength, and wisdom to bear with all things.


The Moon finds no planets to reflect into our world until mid-afternoon, when she squares our retrograde Venus, the sole aspect of the day. This gives us a little relief to let the dust of the last two days settle in our lives and feed our consciousness. Money or relationship matters nudge us then, but they are not the biggest items on our plate.


The Sun enters Aries at 4:44 am, and the orchestra of spring begins to play. This revives our spirits, sparks growth, and makes it easier for us to take action, as we are more able to place fear on the back burner. The Moon is in Capricorn all day, making three aspects of ease and opportunity before it enters its void period at 1:06 pm.


The Moon enters Aquarius at 3:06 am, sextiling the Sun two hours later to flavor the day with joy. Don't expect life to go as planned though, because Mercury reaches its conjunction with Uranus in the late evening—let it spice up your life by doing something spontaneous.


The Moon finds Venus and Jupiter to schmooze with today, making a sextile to the first and a trine to latter. It's a great day for socializing.


The Moon goes void of course at 5:10 am, following conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune to color our dreams with healing power. The void period lasts until Luna enters Pisces at 2:08 pm, giving us a welcome time to tidy up after recent projects and events. The big deal of the day is the Sun's square to Pluto. This is the opening salvo to the Pluto retrograde period to come, giving us the first rumblings of how we will be tested during that time, so take heed of your experiences today. Late in the day, the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto, giving us an opportunity to reflect on how we can use transformation in our lives.


The Moon reinforces the tenser planetary patterns today, as it conjoins Mars before sunrise and opposes Saturn late in the day. This is another day to observe closely. Mars will eventually conjoin Uranus and oppose Saturn. Today we'll get a glimpse of what that will bring.


Mercury enters Aries today at 12:56 pm, joining in the spring fever with the Sun and retrograde Venus. With the conjunction to Uranus at 9:53 am, the Moon enters its void-of-course period and relaxes the tension in the air. However, you can ignore this if you wish, as a void Moon in Pisces still gives us a return on our efforts. That's a good thing, because the void period lasts until 10:03 pm, when the Moon enters Aries. Shortly thereafter, the Moon conjoins Mercury, quickening the mind and connecting head and heart.


The Moon's square to Pluto dredges up hidden secrets from the abyss of the unconscious—take note of your dreams to plumb its depths.

At 9:06 am, the New Moon arrives at 6°08' Aries. Full of the fresh optimism and rapid growth of spring, it promises to revive our spirits and hopes for the future, except for a few loose ends left hanging in relationships and finance. These loose ends are about to reach maximum tension as the Sun and Venus are set to conjoin within hours, the culmination point of the love planet's retrograde. However, the drive toward reconciliation and mutual appreciation is high, indicated by trines and sextiles to the Aries Mercury-Moon-Sun-Venus stellium.

The New Moon occurs in Washington DC at 12:06 pm, placing the Aries stellium on the 10th house/11th sign. This emphasizes the alliance that can be formed between Congress and the President—if they would only get along! Eventually, some of the Republicans will be drawn out of their caves, where they are hiding out for fear of their legislative lives. Democrats, aligned with Mr. Obama, may attract a few Republicans with common sense. This is also when Senator-elect Al Franken is likely to be seated, giving the Dems a stronger majority in the Senate. Once again, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is aligned with the MC/IC angles. This time, Uranus is on the MC, lending to our national leader an unpredictability that could serve him well in the long run but not immediately. He may seem out of synch with the rest of the government, and others may describe him as "off base" or "thrown off balance." There could be a power play from one of the "worker-bee" economies that the US relies on—China is most likely. The transformation of the US economy from the bottom up continues, but it won't be proceeding fast enough for some naysayers. The economy struggles on, but with relief in some sectors finally reaching the homeowner, and real estate values plateau this month.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Aries is, "A man comes forward flushed with the successful and simultaneous expression of his talents in two separate realms" (Marc Edmund Jones). This symbol of public and personal triumph suggests a scenario where President Obama succeeds in both domestic and foreign-policy areas at the same time. For him, this allows him to see himself as the leader he has hoped to be; for the nation, it creates a true win-win experience, where all who are fair can see the potential that a truly good leader can fulfill, and how Mr. Obama is living up to this potential. Even though all is not perfect, or even well, in the nation, the reconstruction of the American Dream has begun to unfold.

At noon, the Moon conjoins Venus to connect us with the ongoing issues in money and love that we have been working through.


Part of a general activation of all our energy circuits, Mercury's square to Pluto at dawn gives us another chance to see our transformative future. Also significant is the Sun and Venus's conjunction by mutual application, since Venus is retrograde. This signals the midpoint of her 43-day retrograde period and the point after which our Venusian efforts hit "refresh." The Moon continues through Aries, sextiling Jupiter early and Chiron-Neptune late. The contact with Neptune seals the Moon's action in our lives for this sign and triggers the void-of-course period at 7:17 pm, which lasts until tomorrow.


The Moon enters Taurus at 3:09 am, heading toward a set of largely harmonious contacts. Today she trines Pluto and sextiles Mars, creating a minor grand trine that blesses us the whole day. It gives us a break from the prevailing tensions of life and insight into how to resolve them. A playful spirit also inhabits the day, as a Mercury conjunction to Venus perfects in the course of the day. It's time to enjoy life!


We get to integrate the two major planetary patterns in the heavens today, as the Moon connects harmoniously with the Saturn-Uranus opposition and by challenging square to Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This gives us the opportunity to delve into the dark places that we need to heal, then use the awareness that healing brings to solve our more earthly problems. At 11:01 pm, the Moon makes its last aspect, but as she is in the sign of her exaltation, we can continue our activities without hesitation if we so choose. However, the Moon's void period ends before dawn.


At 6:36 am, the Moon enters Gemini. With no planets in early degrees, we wait until mid-afternoon before she makes contact with Venus by sextile, for a generally pleasant day. The Sun conjoins Mercury, its superior conjunction, marking the halfway point of Mercury's 100-day period of direct (forward) motion. We may experience insights and impulses to act without thinking under this aspect, especially as it is formed in Aries.


Today is chock-a-block full of planetary interactions, all involving the Moon. We'll feel that we're cramming it all in too quickly as a response. Sextiles to the Sun and Mercury while we sleep give us an alertness and ingenuity that fuel the rest of the day. We'll need this, as then she triggers the building Mars interaction with the Saturn-Uranus opposition, tipping us off to how this will manifest in our lives in early April. A trine to Jupiter eases the tension with a blast of optimism and idealism.

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