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February 2009 General Astrological Overview by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart

Although the calendar turns over on January 1, it takes a bit of time to really get into the "new year, new gear" mode—which makes sense. On the human and humane level, Capricorn is all about tradition and carrying things to completion (i.e., last year's business), while Aquarius is more the signature of innovation, change, modernization and moving into the future. And (oh yes) income, societal doings, human rights, freedom and equality…all that.

So, as the concept of the new sinks in and the month of Aquarius comes upon us, I'm dedicating this year to breaking out of molds, which means a little less conservative reverence and a little more edge, which for those of you who know me personally seems apt, seeing as how I'm an intellectual Goth by nature (i.e., a non-follower-of-the-mainstream).

And in getting to it, let's start with February opening in the wake of a Solar Eclipse with Mercury going direct on February 1 (or really late on January 31 if you're in a western Americas time zone, or Pacific Basin). In conjunction with asteroid Photographica at 20 Capricorn and in opposition to TNO Varuna at 19 Cancer, Mercury presents an "almost" moment. Things Memorable should be going on, Right? But…well, they've stopped a mite short of stunning and/or sterling.

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