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Boots Hart: Pluto in Capricorn Part12

by Boots Hart

[This is the twelfth in a 13-part series by noted astrologer Boots Hart on Pluto's transition in January 2008 (until 2023) into the sign of Capricorn. If this outer-planet powerhouse fascinates you, you can also check the Daykeeper archives, especially Maya's and Jessica Murray's work, for more on Pluto transits.—Ed.]

As Pluto moves into more than a decade of earthy realism, it leaves behind a decade (plus) of fiery ideals which have filled our lives and world. Technology and righteousness blossomed. Media hype became all prevalent—as did world-wide marketing. It’s been a time of fervency whether you’ve been accepting or rejecting facts—or even the necessity to know. As the world seemed to shrink, the human body of knowledge increased exponentially. Ideas and ideals concerning rights arose on every side, with each person, nation and faction believing they knew what’s ‘right’ and most important.

Now all that is on the brink of ending: Pluto retrogrades back into Sagittarius on June 14 (June 13 in the US and Pacific longitudes) then goes direct on in early September, dedicating itself finally and completely to the transit of Capricorn as of November 27 (November 26 for those in the Americas or Pacific Basin). In Capricorn, Pluto will confront us with hard choices, pragmatic realities and clear necessity. Where Pluto in Sagittarius was a time of wanting to learn more, now facts are faced and some will prove disheartening. Under Pluto in Sagittarius possibilities seemed endless; now comes a light of day which in comparison seems colder, yet which in reality is not. Yes, after a dozen years of raucous parading we’ll need to clean up. Yes, there’s lots of trash strewn far and wide. Yet amidst the discards we will find values and valuable ideas which will lead to more advances while calling into question the wisdom of many things perhaps long taken for granted as true.

No world population can expand beyond the ability of a planet to sustain it, and because planets are finite that leaves but a couple of choices: to find ways to tap into the resources of other planets, to cut back on our usage here, or to learn how to leave Mother Earth for a home on some other world. Learning to conserve, being ecological and recycling will no doubt increase, but we will also have to face facts regarding the reproduction rate of our species. Political, religious or biological imperatives and human rights aside, the pressure on limited planetary resources is likely to force human beings to face an ultimate sense of personal responsibility for their own survival and the survival of those descendents they so long to have. This is the hard edge which represents the incoming Age of Aquarius: as members of a race each one of us has to consider what bringing children into this world really means. Is it love, ego or pure biological instinct? What does this choice mean?

The up side of Capricorn is its strength, its perseverance, its resourcefulness, leadership and high sense of moral honor. The down side of Capricorn is greed, class standards and the ability to neglect the humanity of others in the seeking to satisfy the desire for status or achievement which will pleasure one personally. Those who join the effort to grow a better world will be rewarded for their efforts commensurate with their willingness to do the work. In this, some will plan tomorrow while others clean up yesterday. We can all expect to feel some regret in the next few years, but that’s not necessarily a negative—it’s all about getting us to think long term. Many will regret the loss of the ‘good old days,’ as from Capricorn, Pluto in Sagittarius is likely to seem like some frivolous time when world fervency made everything feel vital.

No matter where Pluto appears in your chart, no matter what its passages portend, in the end Pluto—or more properly Pluto-Charon (a binary celestial object)—represents the extremes of life choices. So, moving forward, will you do what’s easy, or what’s productive? Will you be your own person—or be dictated to by others, be they parents, peers, your government or the media? How will you balance your native desire for pleasure with the good you know you can do if you apply yourself? This is really all about your willingness to grapple with determination and choice, with the Plutonic dynamics broadly spelled out separately for each generation.

Pluto in Cancer (1914-1938) is an integrally formative combination which in the most basic terms is about the building of your life and what you take on. By now, you know what you’ve done (or should have done) and the courage and discipline (or lack thereof) that revealed. Now the choice is how to define courage and responsibility in handling the balance of your life. Will you remain/become a player or abandon everything to fate and ‘the system’? Will you pass along the best of what you’ve learned? Will you admit mistakes so others don’t have to repeat them?

Baby Boomers born under Pluto in Leo (1938-1958) now have had up to 70 years to learn who they are and risk personal self exploration. Have you made good on your potential? Pluto moving into Capricorn will remind you that things remain to be done, and done better. Will you accept the challenge and thrive—or give up and check out, knowing (in your heart) that that’s a cop-out? Some of your dreams are (without question!) going to be revealed as shams or merely a reality which is (and always has been) imperfect. But life’s okay in imperfect form—that’s what gives us room to grow and be human beings. What are you still willing to achieve?

The Pluto in Virgo Yuppie (1958-1972) spirit has always been ‘real worldly’ in an operational sense, but now the reality of necessity sets in. You’ve fed off a system which is now in need of repair, renewal or complete overhaul, requiring you to act to preserve the very thing which supports you. Are you willing to prioritize time and taking on issues which require real moral strength? While outwardly responsible, you haven’t always been as inwardly courageous; Pluto in Capricorn will test that. The more you procrastinate, the more difficult things become. Are you willing to implement that you really believe in regardless of whether it’s profitable or popular with the spouse, kids, business associates, friends or greater world? Do you even know what you truly believe? That this is all about individualizing yourself feels risky, but the threatened ego you feel you’re risking is actually the ego you’re acting to save, strengthen, utilize and gain approval of.

With Pluto in Libra (Gen X: 1972-1983) the driving dynamic is the individual’s contributions, inclusive of their willingness to hold themselves—personally and professionally—to standards they admire in others. Gen X natives will always long for acceptance, be prone to drawing comparisons and dropping everything to have fun whenever possible, but their task is to embrace their individual uniqueness. This generation senses their own talent (just as others see it), but with Gen X, success goes hand in hand with daily personal responsibility; there is no delegating here. Will you risk distinction through achievements which mark you as ‘different’? Are you willing to earn respect and appreciation through enhancing or improving the life or work of others? Are you willing to allow for the many shades of gray between the black and white of success and failure? Are you okay with the separateness which goes with wielding power?

As for Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995), this is a generation easily drawn into making decisions based on obsessions—a perilous path indeed. Your passion is wonderful so long as you use it purposefully and don’t get used by it. Self worth is a critical life factor as you will be tested through all forms of relating (business, personal, platonic and intimate, financial, emotional, moral, etc.). Perspective is required in finding solutions which allow all parties to succeed as each person defines success; don’t assume you know what someone wants, don’t sacrifice yourself. Your task now is not just to find your choice but to choose the voice you wish to have. You can’t have it all—trying to do so will net you nothing. Learning to be thoughtfully dedicated rather than passionate about the goal is all important going forward. Can you tame your desires?

Finally, we come to Sagittarius (1995-2008), the first of the wholly worldly signs. Those born under Pluto in Sagittarius (and yes, even Sun in Sagittarius) are facilitators on a worldly stage where rewards come from successful application. The tendency here is to always want to know more or ‘see what happens’ but that won’t get results. The combining of wanting to understand for yourself and ‘experience it all’ must be balanced against a world which just won’t wait. The good news here is that Pluto in Sagittarius learns through doing—or should, which is a whole other lesson. This is a generation which can be invited, but resists being shoved—even when the urging is plainly productive. Defining one’s realities and learning to drive for them with focus is the lesson here, but it must be chosen, not assigned.

Boots Hart
Boots Hart is an ISAR-certified astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is a featured columnist for New York Spirit Magazine, long-time contributor to Zodiac Arts and author of a humanistic science-fantasy book series being brought to publication and film production. Boots can be reached at for questions or astrological services.