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Boots Hart: Pluto in Capricorn Part 5

by Boots Hart

[This is the seventh in a multi-part series by noted astrologer Boots Hart on Pluto's transition in January 2008 (until 2023) into the sign of Capricorn. If this outer-planet powerhouse fascinates you, you can also check the Daykeeper archives, especially Maya's and Jessica Murray's work, for more on Pluto transits.—Ed.]

Astrology teaches there is a metaphysical pattern to planetary motion—the cosmos, in other words, is a manifestation of a greater rational process. That this rationale may not fit human whim is not a manifestation of universal "fault" but our unwillingness as individuals to heed the concept that the free will we are given is given in the service of a preordained order most humans call Fate. Given this, the premier question becomes this: are you willing to learn from life, or not? Are you willing to accept yourself and your reality, or not? Are you willing to act on basic truths and needs and make a difference in your own life—or not? 

In living up to our best, we make a contribution and human talents vary widely. Some of us heal, others teach, some entertain and others bear children or provide food. Evil too has a function—yes, it’s a talent of sorts; evil teaches many what they don’t want to be (or do) and forces others to dig deep and learn how to utilize native courage in ways they would have had evil never reared its vile head. Pain too is a teacher: pain inspires and teaches compassion and often enough, humility. These aren’t popular views, but life isn’t all fluff and cuddles. Those are nice, but the challenge to be human isn’t about "nice," it’s about accepting what’s real and making the best of every circumstance which comes along. As part of this process, Pluto in Capricorn is poised to test this concept in each and every one of us. For those who have taken the easy way out, life is likely to make things ever harder until we either give up completely or stop acting like some guest visiting our own life. Those who are conscious and productive can expect to be tested on  priorities, pragmatic use of time and simple determination. 

Many events in these coming years will cut deeply, so bear in mind that Pluto in Capricorn is not about cruelty, but about excising that which is rotten or no longer functional. In achieving that end, many facts will come to light. Some will be wonderful and inspiring, some will be disturbing, inspiring regret…but all will be educational on a level which is entirely basic and entirely human, asking that we make the most of the gift of life.     

Questions of legacy and a need to focus on those things you believe in most asks those born under Pluto in Cancer (1914-1938) to choose connections with an eye to honoring who you are and what you have learned throughout the years. Avoiding sentimental compromises allows you to pass your experiences to another generation intact, and you shouldn’t be ashamed or regretful if the recipient isn’t family, for in choosing to enrich humanity in the most effective manner you may well teach family members who have not yet learned values a lesson of incomparable worth.  

Baby Boomers (1938–1958) face differentiating strength from preference. Born under Pluto in Leo, there’s a marked tendency to fixate on personally satisfying ideals which have nothing to do with reality, and as Pluto moves into Capricorn, this either bears fruit (freeing you to achieve your dreams) or turns into a cascade of difficulties, defeats and increasing responsibilities. Eliminating these negatives involves letting go of emotional priorities in favor of using your abilities to make contributions to the greater whole, not your personal sphere—a process which will in time almost magically return things to a more responsible and happier status quo.    

Born under Pluto in Virgo (1958-1972) Yuppies face a crisis of faith in self. Inordinately good at seeing how things should work and what people can do in order to better things, these attributes come home as Pluto in Capricorn forces you to in some way stand on your own and face the music. Through experiences and interactions you will learn more about yourself (the good, bad, ugly and scrumptiously fabulous) than you ever did through self examination. And if you can allow that to function as inspiration rather than critique, you’ll discover wonderful  potentials which maximize your individuality, allowing you to succeed at levels never before imagined.      

One factor which will make the Gen X (1972-1983) experience of Pluto in Capricorn incredibly intense is their inborn personal polarization. Gen X intrinsically understands cause and effect, but under Pluto in Capricorn will discover that trying to fit (or join) some societal group doesn’t work. Nor can one remain a kid forever. The only thing which will work is to accept the self and perfect that individual, allowing those qualities to attract validation and approval. Those who refuse this task will flounder, bereft of solid foundations and foundational solidity. Those willing to stand alone and be unique will thrive, satisfied by a life of their own making. 

Throughout Pluto in Capricorn, the Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995) tribe will be forced to make a long series of important personal choices. Those who think things through, making choices based not on immediate satisfaction (or a desire to be done with making choices) will do best, yet taking their time is not something this generation is all that good at. But this is an important factor now, as learning to operate their mentality is at a critical state. Much future happiness and success depends on keeping an open mind, developing a sense of possibility through breadth of experiences and input and not fixating on what seems right, but what will ultimately work.

Being ingrained with a sense of knowing all (or nothing) and managing the balance between accepting input versus deciding things for one’s self is a critical issue for Pluto in Sagittarius folks (1995-2008). Fortunately, whether you’re dealing with a malleable member of this group (who wants to believe everything they hear) or a know-it-all (who doesn’t want to be told anything), the solution involves the same two-part process. Through asking a question then asking why the native thinks that (while validating their thinking process), these natives develop internal reasoning mechanisms. Once this happens, by encouraging them (again, through questions) to understand someone and their thinking (while validating both) natives learn self awareness, esteem, and a tolerance of those who think differently—a key to success in a generation which must learn to utilize, not criticize differences between people, nations and beliefs.     
Boots Hart
Boots Hart is an ISAR-certified astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is a featured columnist for New York Spirit Magazine, long-time contributor to Zodiac Arts and author of a humanistic science-fantasy book series being brought to publication and film production. Boots can be reached at for questions or astrological services.