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Note from Maya

by Susan Pomeroy

"Time does fly!" as my mother so often said. This year, September 1 is bittersweet, since she is no longer here to celebrate the ongoing existence of this publication, which she poured her heart and soul into for nearly seven years.

My mother and I were sharing shamanic training in plant spirit medicine at the time we decided to begin Daykeeper online, so my memories of our first issues of Daykeeper are always overlain with the late summer scents of warm dry grass in a creekside meadow, and the cool rustle of willow and bay leaves in a faint ocean breeze. I have always felt that some of the spaciousness and tranquility of that time somehow became part of Daykeeper. I know that a love of wild places, and spaciousness, and freedom, were always a deep part of my mother's being. And they were an elemental part of her work, as well.

She would be thrilled that others have chosen to carry on in the unfettered and visionary spirit of inquiry and analysis with which she began this publication. Which is why, this year, I feel we have more than ever to be grateful for.

I especially want to thank my sister, Crystal Pomeroy, an accomplished teacher, healer and author, for her loving support in the decision to continue publication of Daykeeper, as well as for her eloquent and insightful forecasts and meditations.

A very special thank-you goes to my mother's friend, the skilled, wise and generous astrologer Nina Bouska, who stepped into the breach and has been writing fascinating and right-on daily forecasts. Nina, we couldn't have kept going without you!

Sue Taylor, another member of the original Pleiades astrology group along with Nina and Maya, also deserves special thanks for her enthusiasm and support through difficult days, as well as for her lively and excellent book reviews.

We continue to enjoy Alex Miller-Mignone's thorough, fascinating and entertaining analyses of current events and personalities. From Karl Rove to Anna Nicole Smith, Alex's unique brand of astrological analysis, thorough research and skillful writing make every article feel like an adventure.

Boots Hart appeared with just the right material at just the right moment. Her monthly overviews and articles are a treasure-trove of helpful, practical insights.

We're also very glad to be able to offer Jessica Murray's deep, articulate and thoughtful astrological analyses of the U.S. political and social scenes. Thank you, Jessica!

And of course, thanks most of all to our readers, who have been wonderfully, overwhelmingly supportive during this long and difficult year. Without you, there would be no point at all. With you, it feels like we're all part of something larger than ourselves. And that's something truly amazing and wonderful.

with love, Susan