Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's August 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since.

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This month’s planetary aspects will be most poignant for people who have the mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces—strongly emphasized in their own charts, especially late in the month. Troublesome grand crosses mark the latter part of August and early September—four squares linking two oppositions.
Squares are always difficult to deal with because they are working to connect incompatible elements.

In an opposition, we find elements that can work together reasonably well facing off to forge a compromise to a demanding imperative. A fire sign—dynamic and action-oriented, across from an air sign—mental, intellectual and objective. But air is essential to fire, and fire can make air dance. Or the opposition may feature a solid, practical, immovable earth sign opposing a fluid, ever-changing water sign—but earth can channel water to productive purposes and water can mold earth.

In a square, we find a linking of elements that rarely work well together: water can extinguish fire, or fire make water boil away; air and water make unsafe sailing, or create storms of untold damage; earth may smother fire or scorched earth become unproductive; air can erode earth, earth can block air—or this combination can create a storm virtually impossible to see one’s way through. Finding a means to meld the disparate energies is demanded by a square, and is generally a real challenge.

Here we have four sets of such abrasive relationships. Mental Mercury is in a pragmatic detail-oriented earth sign, tied to both gregarious back-slapping Jupiter in a dynamic fire sign and strong-willed Mars in a peripatetic impersonal air sign. And we have capricious Uranus, in an unbounded water sign, goading a Gemini Mars’ superficial quest for information—real or rumor, while piquing Sagittarian Jupiter’s insistence on codified knowledge and ethics. It is possible to accommodate such stalemates, but it does take work.

Clues for tackling any resulting impasse lay in recognizing that the inhabited signs this time around are all mutable. You’ve probably heard of a mutable grand cross, this is it. Too often, its presence in a chart portends a time of “being stuck.” But mutable signs have been called “bridges” and known as mediators. Their true strength comes in finding methods of encompassing the preceding fixed signs’ commitment to holding on to the way it’s always been, along with the need to charge ahead into new modalities that typifies the succeeding fire signs.

Along with that, we’re still caught in the tailings of the Saturn-Neptune opposition, a seesaw seeking balance between Saturn’s insistence on structure and limits and Neptune’s desire to make things at least seem better than they are.

Then, too, the ongoing square of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aquarius remains strong through its third exact pass September 5. Jupiter is known for always being eager to make things bigger, for better or for worse. Uranus wants to break bonds with the ordinary and the expected, whether it takes innovative machinations or open rebellion. Or just plain luck.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1. An unpredictable Moon-Uranus conjunction marks the windup of this minorly irritating day. Something surprising is said, or a brief unexpected trip becomes necessary. Neither is negative, but the easy flow of doing things your own way is interrupted, and you may be forced to spend time ruminating on the ins and outs and ups and downs of an ongoing relationship. A yod from Mercury and Mars to Pluto outlets on the late degrees of Gemini, suggesting that altering your mode of putting forth your point of view could make a big difference.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 2. Moon adds an emotional note to communications as she nods at Mercury and winks at Pluto before going Void of Course at 6:37 am. She carries a bit of rancor, picked up from her sextile to Mars in stubborn Taurus, until she moves into Aries at 1:43 pm. There’s all the makings of a formidable fuss, but the yod still holds, so mind your tongue and try to be solution-oriented rather than merely sharp.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 3. You may want to seek approval and support today, probably because you’ve started nitpicking at your own imagined imperfections and impulsive or rebellious inclinations. None of it is necessary. A happy liaison of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in the fire signs should make it easy for you to be and behave just the way you want to and be applauded for it. Mars and Saturn are at odds about the best way to get things done, Mars wanting to go for it, Saturn being studious, so at times it’s pretty frustrating. Study the specifics and choose the mode that looks most likely to achieve the results you want.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4. Nice. You start the day resolved to make it work for you, and it gets easier by the hour, so long as you avoid starting anything new. Moon goes void on a trine to Pluto at 10:31 am PDT, so we can be totally “into” whatever it is we’re doing and may even be able to entice others, or at least someone, to join in on our terms. Moon moves into Taurus at 4:16 pm and soon after is trine Venus. If there’s romance in your scenario, it should go beautifully. Or, there should be signs of improvement in your financial picture.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5. Last Quarter Moon, at 14° Taurus at 2:20 pm. It’s an ill-defined day, with a bevy of loose aspects and none really coming to the fore. Remnant “shoulds” and “oughts” from long ago may start raining on our sunshine plans as soon as we waken this morning, and they’re hard to shake off. A long-standing trine between Saturn and Pluto will be exact before dawn tomorrow and we’re feeling its effects. While it’s given us the fortitude to make some positive decisions and commence effective measures to follow through on them, from time to time it still makes us question ourselves. This could be one of those times. This week and next, the Sun is passing through an opposition to Neptune, and our sense of self can become pretty foggy.

The national chart (set for 5:20 pm in Washington DC) also has Sun opposing Neptune, of course, which certainly doesn’t bolster our chances of getting any concrete progress or clear-cut messages out of our leadership. On the contrary, the never-never-land outlook promises to remain unabated into the middle of next month at the very least.

In this chart, Neptune sits in the second house, the domain of our wealth, resources, and value systems. Sun, Saturn and Venus are across the chart in the house of other people’s wealth, resources, value systems and productivity. Certainly, there is plenty to be concerned about here. “It’s become obvious that the global economy is way out of whack: it produces too much wealth for the few, too little for the many...,” says Robert Gover in his book Time and Money.  The Euro is gaining use in international commerce and therefore in value while the U.S. dollar drops lower and lower. Analysis of global economics is beyond the scope of this column, but it’s definitely time for the U.S. to pay attention to how sturdy our economy is and how well our currency reflects our true wealth and productivity. And it’s important to all of us.

Why? The following was posted on

“The depreciation of the dollar actually steals purchasing power, wealth, away from the holders of dollars. Who holds a majority of dollars? The American people. Where does that wealth go? … into the lower prices of exports to foreign countries. Essentially this means that the foreign country is receiving a subsidy from the American people. It’s like the Japanese people, they’ve been subsidizing the rest of the world for decades. That has given the Japanese good market share but at a cost to the Japanese standard of living.”

It’s unquestionably time for each of us, and our nation, to get our credit balance under control and keep it fast fading. Pluto is on the ascendant, suggesting that we do have the power to effectively deal with our problems.

MONDAY, AUGUST 6. It’s Monday again, and it sure feels like it!  The doldrums of summer are sapping energy. Moon is sneaking up on Mars and getting pretty testy in the process. Nobody wants to compromise, not even you, and it seems impossible to reach agreement even on little things. She goes Void of Course on the conjunction of Moon-Mars at 6:50 pm but then goes directly into Gemini at 7:01, where she encourages us to be more willing to discuss things. Jupiter turns direct at 7:06 this evening, and that should start making things better. Then just after 11 pm, Mars moves into Gemini and we’re all a bit less stubborn.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 7. A generous and gregarious mood prevails today, as Moon cruises through the early degrees of Gem directly across the wheel from Jupiter. This should make the day pretty pleasant. Unfortunately, it could also make us somewhat gullible and there’s a more than average chance that someone may try to take advantage. Venus and Mars are exactly square by late afternoon, so the tensions between trying to please and trying to exert influence may be rather strong. On the other hand, this can be a downright sexy aspect so, if conditions are right, it may mean a delightful evening.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8. The need to balance yin and yang energies remains strong all day. There seems to be a good deal of flirting going on and you may or may not be directly involved. Most likely it relates to gender-based toying and titillation, but you might be amusing yourself and others by playing with far-out off-the-wall ideas, some of them ludicrously fanciful. By the time Moon reaches its monthly opposition to Pluto, at 4:33 pm PDT, you could have “a tiger by the tail” and need to look for a way out. Although you feel like you’re totally in control, it’s probably a fleeting impression. Venus backs up into Leo at 6:11, where she’s always looking for strokes, but she’s on her way to meeting Saturn—which means an honest-to-goodness “reality show.” Moon goes void at 10:27 pm, then hurries into Cancer at 10:36.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 9. Moon is at home in Cancer, and at this time, this month, “cocooning in” seems like a grand idea. She makes no major aspects at all today, and only one tomorrow. There is a quincunx to Jupiter, which advises simmering down the social scene and putting your energy into taking care of yourself and your home base. It’s a good day for contacting Mother, or an Earth Mother figure in your life, and having a heart-to-heart.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10. Moon trines Uranus at 5:57 am Pacific time, just in time to enliven the beginning of the work day—especially for those east of the Mississippi, and then goes Void of Course for the remainder of the day. She’s quincunx Pluto by evening, and Sun has moved into a quincunx to Uranus. Watch any compulsive tendencies lest they get out of control, and don’t be so prickly you let somebody get your goat. A movie or a book is a better choice than a night on the town, remember the “few” in “a few drinks,” and I’d skip the local casino or poker game altogether.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11. Moon’s in Leo by 3:42 am, which puts a potent lineup of five planets— Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the Lion King’s sign for the whole weekend. And, essentially, they are all opposed to Neptune! If drama’s your thing, this is the time for it. If you need to be down-to-earth, you’re going to have to work at it. Your brain is bustin’ with ideas, anything seems possible, and your enthusiasm garners lots of attention. Somber old Saturn occasionally tries to inject a smidgeon of sanity, but for the moment he’s outnumbered—besides, Venus is cuddling up closer and closer, and in Leo she can be playfully persuasive.


In the words of astrologer Jeff Jawer, “Warm, generous, innocent and outgoing spirit are among Leo’s gifts,” and the gifts are all around today. Games and giggles are in order; strut your stuff and invite everybody else to; competition is fun and winning is not the object. A fine day for getting together with friends, egos and all—just make sure everybody’s ego gets buttered up a bit. Only Ceres occupies an earth sign while seven planets are in fire signs; practical matters are closeted and go-go-go is the modus operandi.

It’s a New Moon, at 4:03 pm on the Pacific coast, and a prime setting for initiating the plans we’d like to see coming to fruition when the Full Moon becomes an eclipse August 28. Matters of the heart, in every sense, should take precedence. Your love life, your physical health, all the objects, ideas and people you hold dear should be strongly placed in your plans—thinking of each of those in terms of their unique individual identity. There are creative ways to enhance the meaning of each and amplify their contributions to your happiness; this is the time to discover those and start working toward increasing them.

Because it’s “the dark of the moon” it should be an especially good show when the Perseids meteor shower makes its annual appearance in the skies to the east tonight, starting a bit after midnight.

The New Moon chart set in Washington DC has 0° of Aquarius on its ascendant. Zero degrees of every sign is considered a particularly important point, marking a shift of concern from one area of life’s challenges to another. In this case, it’s a transition from Capricorn’s reliance on the tried-and-true and traditional to an Aquarian aim for innovation and cooperation. As the third of the air signs, Aquarius has transmuted Gemini’s all-inclusive curiosity into idiosyncratic focus on the subject of particular interest at any particular time, and traded Libra’s need to relate and keep up appearances for individualistically following its own drummer.

The Sabian symbol for 0° Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California; the power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans,” according to Dane Rudhyar “speaks to us of the concretization of an ideal.” Certainly, the works of the powers in Washington will resonate far beyond their tenure, affecting the lives of many future generations. Here’s hoping our leaders will pay more attention to the long-range results of their actions than to merely achieving immediate objectives (or getting re-elected).

Those five Leo planets sit in the seventh house of relationships—allies, critics and recognized enemies. Sun and Moon are both at 19°51 Leo. They tightly oppose Neptune at 20°39 Aquarius, in the first house—that’s us, all of us, how we think of ourselves and our nation. It’s also our image, what others think of us—Neptunian.

Neptune seems such an abstruse symbol, but essentially it describes our efforts to surpass or deny the limitations signified by Saturn. Its influence is marvelous in its ability to create greater meaning and beauty than may actually exist in more ordinary vision—this is evidenced by Neptune’s contributions to music, poetry, art, theater, and spirituality, and also its rampant idealism. Yet it is frightening in its inclination to wholeheartedly escape the rigors of reality—evidenced by delusion, deceit, substance abuse and believing the fantastic.

Saturn and Venus are both at 27° Leo, a mere 25 minutes from their second exact conjunction this year. The meeting of these two marks a time for double-checking value systems, evaluating our own input in our relationships, and—most importantly—reassessing our resources and the ways we are using them.

When all is well, an Aquarian ascendant sets the stage for an emphasis on humanitarian drives. When Neptune tenants the sign ruled by Uranus in the most personal house, self-absorption can be all-pervasive.

The Sun-Moon conjunction squares Ceres in Taurus at the nadir, the point of security, as does Neptune. This looks like both we and our opponents need to pay concerted attention to the welfare of our food supplies in the shadows of global warming and genetically modified crops—a far more serious concern than the fossil fuel supplies and philosophical/religious beliefs we seem to be fighting about.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun-Moon at 20° Leo: Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun; a return to the glorification of natural energies. Seems pretty obvious.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13. Moon goes Void of Course at 6:34 am with her conjunction to Venus and her meeting with Saturn moments before. The workweek starts with a sense of responsibility and an eagerness to “set things right.” That all becomes more intense after Moon moves into Virgo at 11:03. Sun’s opposition to Neptune becomes exact at 11:27, Venus’ conjunction with Saturn at 12:15. Today is the apex of tensions that have been building for some time. Now is the time to resolve the differences between what you’d like to do and what is possible, between what you have to do and what you want to do.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14. Moon square Jupiter keeps our outlook optimistic, even to the point where we may become self-indulgent or overly indulgent with others. By afternoon, Mercury is opposing Neptune, which could lead to a bit of dreaming and scheming, or finding some workable new ideas by exercising your vivid imagination. A bit of excitement is added late evening, with Moon’s opposition to Uranus, when heightened perceptions may make you sensitive to the weight of others’ roles in molding your behavior patterns and bring a bit of rebellion.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15. An up-and-down day, with more than a fair share of emotional volatility. It starts with Venus trine Pluto, a sentimental and romantic scenario with overtones of self-sacrifice—think of Romeo and Juliet. Sun and Mercury join up shortly after noon to verbalize the drama, in terms of your own keen interests. Moon’s Virgo habitat helps stabilize the situation a bit with down-to-earth practicality—but then she goes void at 2:02 pm. Until she enters Libra at 9:04 pm, she’s once again carrying the abrasive nature of a square to Pluto. In Virgo, she’s strong on fitting all the pieces that make a relationship together with craftsmanlike care, while Pluto in Sag is a carefree cowboy, insisting on no-strings no-fences no-ties.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16. Quieter today, with a truce between Mars-style assertiveness (it so easily becomes aggressive) and Moony sensitivity (now aiming to please). Efforts to foster partnering tend toward the superficial, perhaps even deceptive, despite Jupiter’s conscientious nudgings to be straightforward. Sun and Mercury are still opposing Neptune, and trine to Pluto, adding karmic kick to the urge toward understanding, which strengthens as Mercury passes over Venus late in the evening.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17. The stellium (a group of three or more planets) in late Leo grows tighter and tighter.  Sun and Venus are conjunct today at 24° Leo, and so are Mercury and Saturn at 28°. The combination means that the opposition from Neptune, at 20° Aquarius, remains effective even though some would consider 8° from Saturn too wide an orb otherwise. It’s another hit of energy on the long-standing Saturn-Neptune tug-of-war so, personally and in the world at large, the dilemmas around what should be and what could be continue to harass us.

All four are also trine to Pluto at 26° Sagittarius. It’s the dominant pattern through the weekend, but accentuated today by Moon’s position halfway through the trine. Our Sun egos, Mercury interactions and Venus desires absorb Neptune’s emanations rather happily. It’s a great time for creative endeavors and for judiciously pampering oneself. Saturn’s determination and structure are softened somewhat by Neptune’s amorphous attitudes, so “the rules” have less clout—that can be fun. Moon joins Juno late Friday evening to bring emotional depth to the matters that are most important to you. Since they meet in Libra, relationship issues will be especially highlighted.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 18. Yesterday’s patterns hold, although Moon goes void at 5:21 am on a calming sextile to Saturn and enters Scorpio at 9:13 am, when things start to liven up again.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 19. The same mood prevails with minor modification. Mercury glides into Virgo early this morning, moving out of the Neptunian influence and into a more critical mode. You’ll probably be a bit more nitpicky about whatever it is you’re doing, or more intent on putting your efforts into a productive cause. Later in the day, Sun’s trine to Pluto becomes exact just before Moon’s exact trine to Uranus, so emotional interactions could become pretty volatile.

MONDAY, AUGUST 20. Moon sets up a t-square to further emphasize the Neptune opposition aspects. At the point opposite Moon, which would be considered the outlet for the tension indicated by the squared opposition, sits Ceres, an obvious signal that nurturing ourselves, our resources and our longevity is of primary importance.

It’s the day of a pivotal First Quarter Moon (at 6:34 pm PDT), and its aspects portend a possibility for enduring benefits.

“Ceres represents the need for periodic transformation. Her process of discovery, of integration is not something that happens once—‘ah ha! I’ve found it! Now I am whole’,” reads a posting by Artemis on “This is an ongoing process of life and death intersecting with one another, of death/ transformation pulling us down into the underworld, and life reclaiming us—pulling us topside once again.” Transits to Ceres trigger this periodic transformation process. Eventually, a characteristic becomes permanently transformed and, on our paths toward wholeness, we begin the process anew with a different troublesome situation to heal.

One of the things strongly affected by the current long Saturn-Neptune opposition is the struggle by so many of us to overcome addictions of one sort or another. Whatever their manifestation—nicotine, alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs, weight gain, unhealthy relationships...the list goes on and on—addictions have a Neptunian basis. Saturnian self-discipline and resolve are the nucleus of the way out. It’s a battle that all too often repeats itself over and over again.

Most of us eventually win. The winning round comes when we finally learn to nurture ourselves in meaningful ways and, like Ceres, exercise extraordinary means and endure a period of suffering to recover that which is most important to us—our own well-being. Today’s astrological configuration points up a period of time ripe for employing the tenacity of Ceres, coupled with the Scorpio Moon’s ability to expose and exorcise long-suppressed insults and injuries (real or imagined), to make genuine progress in recovering the healthful self-interest that has been lost, or “stolen from us.” Go for it. Grab it and run with it.

In our nation’s chart (7:54 pm in Washington, DC) the Neptune—Sun/ Venus/ Saturn opposition lays across the ascendant-descent axis with Saturn strongest, exactly on the point of others. Moon is in the 9th house (travel, international law, belief systems and philosophies, and the broadcasting of information); Ceres in the 3rd (communication, highway systems, language and neighboring countries). International relations are definitely spotlighted. The tenacity of the immigration debate continues to escalate, along with the ongoing need to recover our founding fathers’ principles and wisdom—the essential nature of habeas corpus, for example. A number of other issues prevalent in the daily news fit into this diagram as ripe for purposeful action.

The potential for great things is here, but I don’t see them happening.

Pluto, representing our power, sits in our 10th house of status and prestige, smiling intently on the trio opposing Neptune, fortifying the opposition’s Saturnian resolve. The disturbingly aggressive military Mars is almost on the point of home and security at the base of the chart, exactly opposing Vesta, who represents our vested interests. Lordly Jupiter (judges, churches, bankers), directly across from Mars, reigns on the topmost point, on the midheaven. And “do-it-my-way” Uranus occupies the first house of our national identity.

At 6:34 p, PDT Moon goes Void of Course, on her square to Saturn, which so often shows choices based on previous experience, and moves on into Sagittarius at 9:44.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 28° Scorpio: The king of the fairies approaching his domain; the capacity in man to recognize and to pay homage to an integrating principle at the core of all existence. Rudhyar says, “At this stage, the presence of a spiritual unifying factor begins to be sensed by the individual perhaps weary of the outer shows of his culture.” Let us pray.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21. If a worthwhile move is underway, it should become apparent today. Moon joins Vesta, opposes Mars and conjuncts Jupiter within a matter of hours this afternoon. Vesta “shows where and how we can be dedicated, where we can focus our energies to the greatest effect,” says astrologer Bob Marks. Moon opposing Mars “creates difficult experiences and a scene for crises or turning points,” according to Astrology Weekly. When Moon is conjunct Jupiter, opines famed Robert Hand, “you are above petty irritations . . . and can tolerate even the most harsh behavior from other people, but the energy of this transit does not arouse it in those around you.” Midway, Sun conjuncts Saturn to make it real.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22. We can be imaginative, but easily bored, today and may have to watch what we say. Words could seem tactless or even spiteful when that is not the intention. Sun and Saturn are still conjoined, which denotes self-control and reserve but, in a supervisorial or caretaker position, your approach toward others could be heavy-handed. It’s easier after Moon trines Venus late this afternoon.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23. Moon meets up with Pluto in the middle of the night, so we’re not all that apt to notice the emotional intensity such a pairing can bring. It may intrude on our dreams however or find our sleep more than a bit restless. Sun goes into Virgo at 5:08 PDT this morning, and the more sensitive among us may begin to feel the change of season a month before it becomes official. It’s partly that the outgoing convivial vibes of a Leo Sun are behind us for another year, and the make-it-work prudence of Virgo sets in. Moon goes void at 5:54 am bearing the cautious overtones of a trine to Saturn, amplified by her entry into Capricorn at 8:20 am PDT.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24. Mars’ opposition to Jupiter (with Vesta conjunct) became exact last night, and the grand cross it began setting up yesterday shows signs of becoming a powerful stress-maker. The crux of it is a t-square formed by Uranus squaring both Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius, a crucible for disruptive incidents. With Vesta in the picture and joined with Jupiter, upsets could be brought on by strongly biased convictions based on superficial information and revolve around issues of ethical, philosophical and religious beliefs. Mars-Uranus aspects show strong potential for accidents; Jupiter-Uranus can go off half-cocked. Definitely a time to be careful.

Add Mercury’s nascent opposition to Uranus and its squares to both Mars and Jupiter to form the complete square. These aspects add a nagging restlessness and impatience, and double the potential for eccentric opinions and hapless expression. Could be a recipe for riot. As this opposition of Mercury and Uranus tightens, this powerful configuration is echoed through the remainder of this month and well into September, and is doubled in the Full Moon eclipse chart on August 28.

Today and tomorrow, Mercury’s opposition to Pallas and the North Node in Pisces is more precise, indicating an excellent time for analyzing information using both intellect and intuition, a great mode for problem solving.

Moon is void from 4:41 pm until mid-afternoon tomorrow.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 25. The grand square continues to dominate the chart, showing conflicting impulses and desires. Venus comes to her exact opposition to Neptune this afternoon, her second this year (The first was along with the Full Moon June 30—does the date hold any memories for you?). Beware of being gullible and easily taken in by someone’s toying with the truth. On the flip side, squelch an inclination to fudge a bit yourself. When these two romantics exchanges glances, what seems like harmless imaginative jesting can lead to playing victim or rescuer, neither role a healthy contribution to relationships of any kind. The opposition comes exact again in mid-September.

Moon enters Aquarius at 3:35 pm.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26. A quincunx from Moon to Mercury and another from Venus to Uranus offer clues to offsetting the tension of that persistent grand cross. Ask yourself whether your reactions and responses might be either overly emotional or overly critical, and work to find a happy amalgamation of both ways of seeing things. Try not to “give yourself away” in your efforts to be helpful (and don’t let others do so at your behest). Consider whether this might not be a time when it would be better to simply mind your own business. By afternoon, it becomes easier to remember that we all share a common human nature, and call up some empathy and understanding that will help meet challenges with equanimity.

MONDAY, AUGUST 27. Despite increasing background tensions, we awaken in a mellow mood, soothed by Moon’s dallying with Venus and Neptune. You can back off and observe, rather than insist on being in the thick of things today, and enjoy speculating about the motivations and maneuverings of others. Even Moon’s opposition to Saturn, with which she goes void at 6:23 pm, leaves you unintimidated by the duties and obligations that surround you, with a willingness to tackle them—tomorrow. Moon slithers silently into Pisces at 7:34 pm PDT.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 28. The year’s second total eclipse of the Full Moon is exact at 3:35 am PDT as she reaches 4°46 Pisces. The eclipse will be visible in most of North America, although at 6:35 am on the eastern seaboard it may already be too light for a good show.

This Full Moon chart pulls Sun and Moon into the grand cross formation that has been confounding us for a week. These two echo the Mercury-Uranus opposition and are also square Mars and Jupiter, an opposition that often signifies exaggeration and extravagance. Sun-Mars aspects are known for brash and egocentric action; Sun-Jupiter may lack moderation; Moon-Mars is impatient. Let’s hope Moon-Jupiter’s capability for sensitivity to its surrounding can mollify volatile situations.

On a positive note, Venus is trine to both Jupiter and Pluto, and Saturn’s trine to Pluto still holds. The Venus trines imply an ability to handle people well and to view circumstances with optimism from a platform of unshakable integrity. The latter trine holds the potential for exercising tremendous willpower. Better yet, a trine is forming from Mars to Neptune, which leaves you “successfully in tune with those having less understanding than you,” and knowing how and when to act, in the words of astrologer Michael McClain.

In a chart set for Washington DC, the Sun-Moon opposition duplicates the horizontal axis, Sun a mere 31 minutes from the ascendant (point of self) and Moon on the descendant, again marking a focus on international relations. This positioning makes it the most important aspect in the chart and suggests immediacy. Its shadowing the grand square seems, at the very best, a poor setting for negotiation. Venus opposing Neptune, exactly tomorrow, scarcely betters the situation since this combination is said to show emotions strongly influenced by unconscious forces, self-indulgence and self-delusion.

Typically, in political astrology, Sun is commonly said to represent the leader of a country, Moon the people. Here, we can’t even see Moon as, for a couple of hours, she is no longer reflecting the Sun’s light. Is it Moon’s rejection of Sun, or Sun’s dismissal of Moon’s interests? The eclipse also echoes the horizontal axis through Indonesia and eastern China, and is on the vertical axis in Hawaii and in eastern Europe and central Africa.

In this chart, the mutable grand cross occupies cardinal houses, where results are expected to happen soon. Perhaps it’s possible that a host of planets squared in mutable signs will be impelled to develop procedures for calling a halt to undesirable actions and present well-developed plans for new methodologies.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s position at 5° Pisces: A church bazaar; the value of giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between social persons and individual minds. The nature of mutable expression is in itself transcendent, morphing fixity into creative new solutions.

The symbol for 5° Virgo: A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies; the opening of new levels of consciousness. “The mind ‘images forth’ energy and feeling,” says Rudhyar, “relating it to more or less familiar sense experience. We call this imagination.”
It’s a toss-up today whether you’ll follow your head or your heart—and they don’t seem to be interested in going in the same direction. We know what’s wise, and we know what feels good, but they don’t seem to have a lot in common. The new and novel seems strongly appealing, and we ’re tired of compromising although we know darn well that’s the stuff of life. As the day ends, Moon’s quincunx to Saturn prompts us to do some serious pondering on what is most important to you and establish some priorities.

Moon is Void of Course from 3:22 until she enters Aries at 9:25 pm.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30. A kite pattern overlays the grand cross today, so the grind is a bit easier to deal with. Mars in Gemini is the focal point, suggesting that pursuing your curiosity and compiling new data could derail a loop-de-loop play-it-as-it-lays grand trine of Moon/Venus/Jupiter that could simply go with the flow until it becomes unproductive and somewhat boring. Mercury is quincunx Neptune and Venus quincunx Uranus: there is a different way of approaching your objective that your innate creativity is trying to show you.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31. t’s a repeat of yesterday, except that the ease of the grand trine has become more seductive while the grand cross has lost one of its arms (it rebuilds in a day or so with Sun moving into the Mercury position). The trines are in enthusiastic fire signs and, from airy Gemini, Mars could fan the flames and get some action going.

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