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Boots Hart: Pluto in Capricorn Part II

by Boots Hart

[This is the second in a multi-part series by noted astrologer Boots Hart on Pluto's transition early next year into the sign of Capricorn. If this outer-planet powerhouse fascinates you, you can also check the Daykeeper archives, especially Maya's and Jessica Murray's work, for more on Pluto transits.—Ed.]

PlutoThe primary idea to bear in mind while Pluto transits Capricorn (2008–2023) is that this period is going to be marked by a societal evolution which many will find motivational. For them, life will become focused on opportunities. Being that the symbolic energy is Plutonic, those who actively undertake commitment to growth will be rewarded in proportion to the challenges they tackle, learn through and (eventually) master. Those who resist change (responsibility, commitment, effort) will find the harder they try to avoid or control life, the less control and life they will have.

In essence, the choice is ours: the same effort can be invested in expansion or in struggles to avoid or tread water. Each generation will feel this urge to transform, reorient and reapportion focus differently as Pluto in Sagittarius’ dream-discover-explore urge gives way to Pluto in Capricorn striving to make valuable dreams real and eliminate the unfair, immoral and unworkable. Life’s basics (who we are/should be; what our world is/should be) are ours to participate in, correct, be effected by and to build with as we will, with the difference between success and disappointment reflecting not society’s structure, but our personal level of realism, our willingness to live up to and utilize your greatest potential.

People born under Pluto in Cancer (1914-1938) face functional/physical reorientation. While advancing years may call upon them to rely more upon the world around them, they shouldn’t forget their role as the generation which literally built our modern world. Rich in experience and ability, Pluto in Cancer natives can choose to step out of life’s currents or to literally parent the world into rebirthing the parameters as to what aging means.

Those born under Pluto in Cancer who are 69 understand this precept in its purest sense. Those between age 70 and 82 will choose (or alternate) between personally directed creative activity and acting as teacher-mentors, showing others how to achieve life goals. Natives 82 and older understand consequences best; to them is given the choice to fall prey to their lesser self or to serve as an example of how to live with vibrancy and purpose.

Born under Pluto in Leo, Baby Boomers (1938–1958) are going to start over again at some level. For some, this means "doing things for real." For others, giving up some identity or social mask precedes beginning anew. Finding, acknowledging and dealing with one’s true capacity while accepting responsibility for what they’ve done/not done and have yet to do powers Baby Boomer success or downfall during these coming years. This is an innately creative generation which excels by utilizing practical means to bring dreams into reality.

For Baby Boomers who have not yet exceeded 57 years in age, basic considerations (home, family, career, life purpose) remain focal, while those who are 57 or older are freer to act as they please so long as they accept that the more personal the aim, the less success is likely to result, for their real strength lies in gifting the world with their accumulated abilities. Through contributing and achieving, these people renew society’s fertility, reaping satisfaction therefrom.

Naturally reality-oriented, natives born under Pluto in earthy Virgo (the ‘Yuppies’: 1958-1972) are famous for wealth acquisition, material goods and introducing holistics, healthy lifestyle benefits and ecology to the world. Where Pluto in Cancer built a physical society, Pluto in Virgo brings purification and improvement so that individuals and society are empowered to do what they do while supporting maintenance of the greater cause and good. For these people, Pluto in Capricorn motivates and supports understanding the difference between "can" and "should," pushing them to release their focus on self in favor of thinking inclusively; the broader the effects and application of effort, the greater the ultimate gain and satisfaction.

Those Pluto in Virgo people over 39 years of age will find life calling them to accept and execute duties and projects involving responsibilities both personal and societal. Conversely, those under 39 have freer rein to explore and create, with the testing of each idea along the way their work, their gift, and their challenge.

Pluto in Capricorn challenges Gen X (Pluto in Libra: 1972-1983) in variable ways, all of which can be loosely defined by one theme: "becoming a real adult." Through worldly experiences and increased distance from childhood, Gen X’ers grapple with the realities of an integrated, individualized internal life structure, redefining themselves as not a product of the world or "group," but in terms of what they are/bring to/give the world as a whole. All Gen X choices will include some form of a choice to discriminate—or not. Through such decisions, this generation amasses-rejects-selects tools and forms habits which then either serve or delay their progress.

As Pluto starts into Capricorn in 2008, all of Gen X is sorting through personal options, with many being hesitant to make long-term choices or commit themselves to paths meant to harness individuated individuality, even though this is Gen X’s road to success. With every calendar year, subsequent years of Gen X move from a "choice" phase into a "challenge" phase in which they are challenged by life or where they take up the clarion call to re-create their world and stand for that which needs changing.

Example: In 2009, Gen X’ers who are 35 in 2007 (the first of this generation) move into their next growth phase. In 2010, those now 34 move on—etcetera.

Under Pluto in Capricorn, those born under Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995) experiment with how thought and interactions work. Intense desires and a need to "feel" challenges this generation to make productive choices; boredom and lack of motivation breeds self destructive, power-seeking behaviors until natives discover real power comes from knowledge. Those who find productive interests are capable of astonishing accomplishments provided they employ self discipline, time management, and maintain focus on tasks while remaining open to productive guidance and input.

Like Gen X, Pluto in Scorpio natives go into Pluto in Capricorn as a group. Also like Gen X, with each passing year, another "year’s worth" of Pluto in Scorpio people move into their next phase of personal evolution. The initial challenge involves sorting fact from emotion in favor of all which has valid use and application when it comes to building a future. Functional ability is the heart of this generation’s second phase of experience of Pluto in Capricorn; for Pluto in Scorpio people, some lessons are harder than others—but in all cases, even the beginning of mastery opens the door to personal transformation.

As Pluto moves into the second sign to their natal Pluto, Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) natives either develop values, talents, self worth and confidence or grow into feeling stunted or unwilling to listen to anything except their own rebellious convictions. Encouraging these people to explore without allowing them to scatter their attention and effort is essential; by asking questions which prompt them to search for real life applications, these natives form productive mental habits which will in time lead to a lifetime of discovery and inner security.

Positioned like Gen X and Pluto in Scorpio, with each passing year more Pluto in Sagittarius people move from a primal period of learning what it means to exist, explore and comprehend into a period when self-teaching through experience makes all real and valuable. Critical to this generational second phase is whether these natives are allowed/taught to fear or encouraged to persist realistically, cope methodically and ultimately excel—a fact important for parents, friends, relatives and teachers of Pluto in Sagittarius children to remember.

Boots Hart
Boots Hart is an ISAR-certified astrologer with over 25 years experience. She is a featured columnist for New York Spirit Magazine, long-time contributor to Zodiac Arts and author of a humanistic science-fantasy book series being brought to publication and film production. Boots can be reached at for questions or astrological services.