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Maya del Mar's November 2006 Daily Success Guide
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1. Perhaps the “October surprise” leaks over into November. This day begins in the very early morning with Moon occulting Uranus, the energy of surprises. They both are trining Venus in Scorpio, who invites us to express our deepest desires.

At the same time Pluto, Lord of Evolution, squares Moon’s Nodes to drive a big turn of the wheel of destiny.

The Washington DC chart for this occultation at 3:31 a.m. EST shows the first degree of each of the four cardinal signs on each of the four chart angles. These are the “new beginnings” degrees of the zodiac, and this combination of Uranus, cardinals, and Pluto-Nodes presages major new beginnings for the world now. The timing is superb—at this time when the borderline between dimensions is most permeable.

Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Samhain all occurring now tell us of the thinning of the veils. The Egyptians had a 5-day ritual at this time, to honor Isis’ finding, reconstitution, and resurrecting of Osiris.

The Moon-Uranus conjunction in Pisces further helps us enter mystical realms. And the great Scorpio gathering helps us to resurrect our own—perhaps lost--deepest drives and needs.

Even the day’s numbers are helpful. “11-1-2006” gives us three “1’s”, the beginning number. The sum of this date is “11”, two more 1’s. The “8’s”—associated with material power—show us that power is behind this new start. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, and “2006” is an 8 year.

November comes swirling in with great energy, and we can really push ahead with our own resurrections. Mercury, yes, is retrograde now, but soon both Mercury and Uranus will be turning direct, Jupiter will enter optimistic Sagittarius, and by the end of the month all lights are green.

Mercury, slow now in its retrograde turn, conjoins Jupiter all week. They both are in Scorpio, sign of power and secrets. Jupiter expands and promotes Mercury’s communications, and there will be a blizzard of words promoting power—par for a peak campaign week. Jupiter is associated with the Republicans, and they will be the source of the blitz. On the other hand, Saturn, of the Dems, squares the Jupiter-Mercury combo. Saturn calls us to account, it is stronger than Jupiter, and power-promoting propaganda will not stand the test of Saturn’s need for truth. However, with Mercury retrograde, truth may be delayed.

Saturn likes structure, and this is a great day to plan your month. It’s also a great day to study, and to do research, perhaps delving into the facts surrounding election options, both in regard to issues and to the voting process. Today’s emphasized Uranus can uncover some hidden truths.

Juno, once Queen of Heaven, just entered Libra, and now sits prominently on the U.S. natal midheaven. Thanks to retrogrades, she will travel in the sign of Libra for a whole year, and she is now setting her partnership program. Today she has the number one place, rising as Moon and Uranus conjoin. Juno refers to intimate partnership, as well as to the abuse which often stems from it. (E.g., Juno was the major energy of the O.J.-Nicole Simpson saga.) Juno tries to create harmony in her environment, but is very often frustrated in that endeavor, and becomes very angry. She has great influence on the weather, and in connection with winds, storms, and earth disturbances we often see her playing a major role. I can’t help but think that her anger is a factor.

With a prominent Juno, we can expect to see the rise of women in politics, and to see concerns regarding equality come to the fore. Issues of terrorism and abuse are also associated with Juno. And stormy weather will increase.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2. Moon went VOC this morning. VOC Moon, when aspects are not stimulating us, is an ideal time for meditation. So is Moon in Pisces. If you can, early this morning take a walk in nature. Head for the water. Just absorb this last dynamic week, and let it sink into a place within you of spiritual transformation.

At 10:46 a.m. EST, Moon enters Aries, and we feel ready to again plunge into life. Our manner of proceeding is up to us, for there are no lunar aspects to pull us into the world. In addition, a retrograde Mercury turns our attention inward. We can do our own thing in our own way.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3. Moon is in spirited Aries, and we have a preview of some of the conflicting forces operating—perhaps underground—which will be illuminated at Full Moon. Independence is strong. Full Moon calls us, and we can make our moves. “National security” is a big issue. So is fairness in all relationships, particularly in regard to governmental justice. Abuse may be rampant now, but well-hidden, in connection with approaching elections. A Democratic landslide is expected, but election results will most likely show Republicans with an edge. The concentrated power of the huge gathering in Scorpio gives a big advantage to secrecy—the Bushies’ forte.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4. Moon is VOC in Aries this morning. Take care of yourself—but do think of others. At 11:05 a.m. EST, Moon enters earthy Taurus, and we really gear up for tomorrow’s full moon. Passion is brewing, and intensity is building rapidly. Tonight we need to watch for impulsiveness. Overindulgence can also be a problem, and the combination could get us into trouble.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5. Full Moon at 13 Taurus occurs at 7:58 a.m. EST. This is a formidable full moon, full of secrecy, power, and conflicts. It is the last hurrah of the year’s fixed grand cross, and it is a very loud hurrah. Long stuck situations can come unglued now.

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is about resources, energy, power, and control. We are concerned with basics—money, business, food, natural resources, and earth herself. Where does our power lie? How do we use it? How do we direct our energy? Underlying these decisions are questions of survival. What do we really need in order to survive? What are our lifelines? How can we control them? How can we apply wisdom to these life and death issues?

Eight of the 10 major planets are now in fixed signs. Talk about determination! We have it to the max. Problem is, each of the 4 fixed signs represents a different power center, and we have 4 of them vying for starring roles. The fact is that we can’t proceed successfully down one path without (1) creative cooperation, and (2) surrendering a source of ego support. Fixed signs do not like to do either of these things. They like to push ahead on their chosen pathway in splendid isolation. They tend to simply resist anything that blocks them. In a person’s chart, a fixed grand cross can result in stagnation, because perceived power centers are at cross purposes, and there is no giving.

Determined drives to power, and the ensuing conflict, is the modus operandi now. Scorpio can become obsessed with its goals and desires—which are super-strong now. But Taurus, the Bull, is not easily moved.

Mars and Venus, the Lovers, the creative duo, are dominant now, both by placement beside the Sun, and by rulership. Mars is a ruler of Scorpio, and Venus rules Taurus. They just had a biennial conjunction in Scorpio, so here again we see the dominance of Scorpio. This shows a great deal of passion to go after what one wants.

It also shows the likelihood of more and bigger sex scandals creeping into our attention. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the corruption in high circles.

In Washington, DC, Scorpio is rising as well. There are five Scorpio planets in the 12th house—the sign of secrecy in the house of secrets. Will the bright opposing moon in Taurus illuminate some of those secrets?

The Sun-Moon polarity is in the 12th and 6th houses. This is the polarity of problem-solving and re-alignment. We correct and improve ourselves. It is here that we prepare to meet the world face-on—which we do in the 1st and 7th houses. All services are included in the 6th house, including the military services. In their natural 6th house, the military could be the instrument of enlightenment for the nation.

Taurus Moon emphasizes values. What is most important to us? What changes do we need to make in order to support those values? The election surely gives us an opportunity to express that dynamic. We have been through much testing and darkness this year, and now we can make those changes which will move us into the light.

Visionary Jupiter moves into Sagittarius at Thanksgiving to light the way.

One source of illumination for the world will be the election in Nicaragua today. The U.S. has been pulling out all stops to keep the popular Daniel Ortega from being elected President. E.g., the U.S. is threatening Nicaragua with both economic and military repercussions if they don’t elect the U.S.-chosen candidate. The U.S. Ambassador and his crew are visiting Nicaraguan villages, telling the people who to vote for, and telling election officials how to run their elections. Keep your eyes on Nicaragua.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Taurus is

“A PORTER CARRYING HEAVY BAGGAGE. Self-mobilization for social advantage. The man has to carry a load—perhaps a load of debts following an ambitious buying spree, or some other social burden. He is a strong man, a man of ambition. COMPULSION FOR GAIN.”

Astro*Carto*Graphy shows this Full Moon, resplendent with its Scorpio retinue, running through central and eastern U.S., Mexico, and Central America. Iceland, Russia, India, Iran, all the “stan” countries, and New Zealand also feel the full impact of the Full Moon. Mexico, with its Moon, and ruling planet, Venus, in Scorpio, will react strongly.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 6. Action continues throughout the night. Pay attention to last night’s dreams. This is not a very zippy Monday. Moon continues in Taurus, but is VOC this morning. At 11:46 a.m. EST, Moon enters Gemini, and the energy quickens. We feel like communicating with others, whether it’s via the Internet, media, or in person. We may even find ourselves communicating with other planes, for Venus squares Neptune, to heighten imagination. Creativity is very strong today. Immersion in music would be pleasurable and beneficial tonight.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7. With Moon in Gemini, there is much movement and much indecision today. Mercury rules, and Mercury is the Trickster. Another of Mercury’s characters is the Magician, and let’s watch for sleight-of-hand. Although it will be difficult to spot what’s really happening today, for (1) Neptune squares Venus to give us rose-colored glasses, and (2) Neptune squares Mercury to spread confusion. And this is a retrograde Mercury, already socially confusing. These are made-to-order vibrations for anybody to fool anybody, let alone hold a questionable election.

When the polls open on the East Coast, Venus and Mercury are rising, with Saturn, the authority, on the midheaven, pulling the strings. Confusing Neptune is in the third house of mind (as is GW’s Neptune).
When the polls close on the West Coast, only Uranus is angular. This planet of rebellion sits on the midheaven, overseeing everything. Exacting Saturn is here in the 3rd house, insisting on accountability rather than fantasy.

Neptune continues sowing his seeds of confusion throughout the night. By early morning on Wednesday we see some definite results, and then Moon goes VOC at 6:15 a.m. EST.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8. Moon is VOC in Gemini during the morning. Spontaneity is favored, likely anyway with post-election buzz. During this Void time, Mars trines Uranus, promoting willfulness and independence. They make a grand trine with the U.S. (and Bush’s) Sun, pushing Washington into emotional defensive reactiveness.

At 2:46 p.m. EST, Moon enters Cancer, and the need for security increases. We will then have 7 of the 10 major planets in flowing water signs, and issues become difficult to pin down.

This afternoon Mercury transits (“eclipses”)Sun. This happens about 13 times during a century, and last happened in May, 2003. During this century, transits of Mercury fall around May and November 8-10. Mercury’s orbit intersects the ecliptic around those dates, and if Mercury’s inferior (retrograde) conjunction with Sun occurs around that time, we will have a Mercury eclipse of the Sun.

The transit begins at 2:12 p.m. EST, and lasts for five hours. Do not try to view it without a special lens and a small telescope.

These transits do represent Mercury’s new phase of its 90-day cycle. Thus communication events are brewing. They are given extra pizzazz by the energy of the Sun. At the last Mercury-Sun eclipse, for instance, on May 8, 2003, the U.S. Senate OK’d the creating of legal cases based on (illegal) wiretaps. The chart for today’s eclipse shows Neptune still dominating the show. Neptune very closely squares Mercury and Sun. Thus we continue with our minds in the seductive grip of Neptune’s illusions and glamours. How will it be expressed now by this Neptunian Administration? How will we express Neptune’s visionary possibilities in our own lives? Can we let our higher selves guide us?

Saturn is trining Pluto now, both in fire signs. They make a grand fire trine with Bush’s midheaven. He feels his power, and may express it in a spirited way.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9. More floods of emotion: Cancer Moon travels around making all her flowing trines to Uranus and all of the planets in Scorpio. We have an abundance of water washing through us all day long. In addition, Sun squares Neptune, King of the Oceans. Liquid resources have no boundaries, and this includes water, oil, and liquid assets in the financial world. This is not a day for hanging onto things. Venture into the creative arts, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10. Love can flow through water, and we end our grand foray into water trines by letting love and good feeling flow freely. Moon goes VOC at 3:59 p.m. EST, but Moon is still in Cancer, still reverberating with the loving vibrations for the rest of the day. Friday is a Venus day besides—named after the Norse goddess Freya. At 9:34 p.m., Moon enters sunny Leo, and we may find our energy renewed. Whereas water is a feeling element, fire is an energy element.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11. Remembering our military veterans holds special pathos now. It seems such a strange thing to do—to seduce our citizens in their prime to go to foreign lands to kill or be killed. Those who do return need healing and support. They will get attention today. A Mars-Mercury conjunction puts the focus on soldiers, and Leo Moon shines the light on them. We have much energy today to pursue our goals. Communication is particularly favored. Try to remember your dreams tonight.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 12. Moon moves brightly along in Leo, illuminating the year’s fixed T-cross. This can induce some minor conflicts. Early this morning Moon opposes Neptune in Aquarius, and we may want to stay abed. In fact, breakfast in bed might be a lovely luxury, and Leo does like luxuries.

At 12:45 p.m. EST, Moon at 21 Leo squares Scorpio Sun to make its final quarter of this lunar cycle. At last quarter we evaluate the past. What do we want to retain? What can we release? It’s time to get priorities straight. This cycle began with a Libra New Moon, so its essence is relationship fairness and equality.

Neptune rises with the Ascendant. Again we have ubiquitous Neptune dominating the scene. Neptune stimulates our imaginations, and includes visions, both uplifting and terrible, along with dreams and nightmares, illusions and delusions.

Neptune has been conjunct Ceres these last weeks, so it behooves us to clue in on Ceres, the great earth mother. Earth Mother in Aquarius means nurturing people to express their individuality, and to be recognized in their dignity. Aquarius understands that we are all god’s children, that we are each special for who we are, and Ceres in Aquarius spreads that realization. It has been especially connected with immigrants’ rights movements, and with the right of people all over the world to self-determination.

Ceres always relates to food supply, and conjunct Neptune there is both a lack of clarity, and a universal concern. It seems, for example, that Europe is tired of the U.S. sneaking in disallowed genetically engineered food, and that the EU is now beginning its own testing of all U.S. imports.

Perhaps the EU is now Saturn for the U.S. Saturn conjoins Moon now, and in this Washington DC chart they are both in the seventh house of partnership. Neptune has no bounds, but Saturn does set limits.

There are five planets in Scorpio in the 9th house. This looks like propaganda and manipulation to the max, especially since Jupiter is part of the crowd. Saturn has its hands full keeping this gang from going off the deep end.

What can we release now? Perhaps manipulation of others for our own ends. What can we retain? Perhaps a greater firmness in expressing our own integrity.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Leo is

“INTOXICATED CHICKENS DIZZILY FLAP THEIR WINGS TRYING TO FLY. (Ed. Note: sounds like that grand water trine…)The often-negative and at times ludicrous first experience with spiritual teachings. In Near Eastern symbolism wine, intoxication, and vineyards always refer to ecstatic experiences and to the contact with the mystical or occult schools. (Ed. Note: this gives new meaning to the story of Jesus turning water into wine.) “Chickens” here suggests that we are dealing with human beings who are the standardized products of their culture, and more or less undifferentiated specimens of a social norm. Brought accidentally or prematurely to mystical experiences, they usually react to them in a highly confused or “dizzy” manner. What reacts in them is the ego, and the ego can never “fly”, i.e., experience spiritually transcendental realities in an effectual manner. PREMATURE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Tonight Venus squares Saturn, to give us a reality check in regard to our relationships.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 13. Moon is in workaholic Virgo today, and we can accomplish much, especially in regard to work that is chosen, rather than assigned. Today we may have revealed a clue about Mercury’s direction when it turns direct on Friday.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 14. Yesterday’s industrious energy continues.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15. This promises to be a particularly interesting day, with ups and downs. Moon continues in Virgo, and we probably still feel like putting order in our lives. This morning Moon squares Pluto, to give us a jolt and perhaps throw us off course. Nevertheless during this entire day we have the influence of the “lesser benefic,” Venus, conjuncting the “greater benefic,” Jupiter, to promote optimism, generosity, and general good feeling. Enjoy the conviviality and good fellowship.

At 5:41 p.m. EST, Moon goes VOC. However, love vibrations linger in the air, and we can have a delightful evening. Moon enters loving Libra at 9:14 p.m. to continue our good times into tomorrow.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16. This is a serious relationship day. With Moon in Libra, relationships are especially important. We are socially oriented today. Tonight Sun squares Saturn to mark another turn of the wheel of destiny. This is an ego test. This cycle began on August 7, when Sun conjoined Saturn to vitalize our getting a grip on our personal inner command centers. This means acting clearly, and from our deepest integrity. The square in Scorpio puts temptation in our path. We can use this emerging inner authority to make a grab for power, or we can use it to work creatively with others to build something new and better—in whatever arena is appropriate.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17. This is an important day. It begins with the Sun-Saturn square at midnight, which lets us know that big things are in the offing. At the last Saturn-Sun square in April 2005, 300,000 Iraqis demonstrated in Baghdad asking the U.S. to leave.

Then at 3 a.m., Venus enters Sagittarius to begin the parade of planets moving into Sag. We can start to move ahead now, for tonight Mercury turns direct.

In the meantime we have Moon traveling in Libra, to bring issues of justice to the fore. And we have Mars squaring Neptune, to strike fear into some hearts. At the Mars-Neptune conjunction which began this cycle, Congress passed the credit card companies’ bankruptcy bill, making the bankruptcy process more difficult and more punitive for the average person. Economics will likely be making a turn now, perhaps regarding food, housing, or oil.

At this time in Washington DC, Pluto is right above, overseeing all. Pluto is still powering a huge and permanent social transformation, as shown by its square to the Moon’s Nodes. At this moment, Washington is in charge of major events. But we won’t know what they’re doing, for except for Pluto and Moon, all of the planets are in houses of secrecy.

Obsessions in regard to secrecy show that there is much dirty linen piled in the room. The planets now beginning to move into Sagittarius may help to expose more of it—although the stench may be unbearable.

Mercury stations direct at 7:25 p.m. EST. It’s trining Uranus, and revelations and opportunities may come flooding in. We can be brilliant about our strategy for moving ahead—particularly with all we’ve learned during Mercury’s retrograde period. Abuse, injustice, and insecurity is part of this process, but so is strong protest against unfair treatment. We are ready to assert our rights, and to create a more positive world for ourselves.

Libra Moon is balsamic, and we are closing this Libra lunar cycle with a new determination to take care of ourselves as well as others.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18. In a great follow-up to Mercury’s direct turn, Moon moves into investigative Scorpio at 9:46 a.m. EST. We begin preparing for Scorpio New Moon with a new perspective. We know much more about what we need to transform in order to be more effective in our lives. There are no lunar aspects today, so we have time to contemplate, to meditate, and to release excess baggage on both physical and psychic planes. In the midst of a very busy holiday season, take some time this weekend to relax.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19. Head and heart combine today. This is the time to clearly visualize what you want to grow during the Scorpio lunar cycle which begins tomorrow, and lasts until December 20. Mars also makes a late-day appearance, and you might find yourself in the mood for some action.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 20. Another light turns green just in time for the New Moon. At 1:08 a.m. EST Uranus, always full of surprises, turns direct. It is in the 6th house of service, and it connects now with freshly-direct Mercury to fill us with new ideas. It also connects with Juno, the abused wife, to promote our own desires for justice and fair treatment. Expect more speaking out from military personnel.

At the very same time Mars squares Ceres in Aquarius. Their conjunction occurred in September 2004 in Virgo, when the U.S. bombed Fallujah to smithereens, and when the unthinkable happened: foreign countries all turned down U.S. bonds for sale. This was a sign of things to come. U.S. arrogance may be receiving a come-uppance on a number of fronts.

Duty calls on this significant day, but it may be slow going until New Moon at 29 Scorpio, which occurs at 5:18 p.m. These late-degree new moons indicate a finishing of cycles, in the case of Scorpio a transformational cycle.

Expansion and luck characterize our new births, for Moon and Sun both conjoin Jupiter, who dominates the action now. Moon’s conjunction with Jupiter, which promotes good feeling, will be exact in an hour. Sun’s conjunction will be exact in 24 hours. A pervasive good feeling and optimism prevail now. We look ahead to possible benefits and opportunities. Finally, hope lights the darkness.

Business opportunities are especially favored. Move quickly, for Saturn, another business planet, turns retrograde in early December. We now have the rare circumstance of all of the planets, even Chiron and the asteroids, moving direct! Take advantage of all these open doors to do your thing now. Even Chiron, the wounded healer, has a fine connection with Venus to encourage relationship healing.

Most prominent now will be the Ceres-Neptune issues, for they both sit on the midheaven in Washington DC. Labor and immigration problems are apt to be on the front burner. Neptune also refers to oil. And an outstanding Neptune is surely apt to confuse situations. In this case the Administration is doing the confusing.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 Scorpio is

“AN INDIAN SQUAW PLEADING TO THE CHIEF FOR THE LIVES OF HER CHILDREN. Love as a principle of redemption. Here the soul is presented as a mother whose sons (i.e., her active energies) have become disruptive forces in the life of the tribe. She seeks to counteract the karma of their misdeeds through her love and implorations. The soul is responsive to the experience of unity (the spiritual king or chief) but the energies of human nature often follow their self-seeking, divisive tendencies.

"The principle of wholeness in humans—the soul—acts to offset or attenuate the dictates of karma. The mother is seen in constant acts of INTERCESSION for the sake of waylaid individuals.”

The New Moon runs through the eastern half of the United States, Central and South America, Europe and Africa, and the Far East.

Lopez Obrador’s parallel government will be inaugurated today, a grand day for a new, more just beginning. Mexico City now sits between a Mercury Descendant line and a Pluto midheaven line. Power is on the move.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21. Moon is in Sag today. Sagittarius is a gambler, often a lucky one, and today we make our big move. Moon conjoins Venus this morning to put us in touch with our values. We know what we want. We feel excitement and potential in the air, and we can picture succeeding with big projects. Sun conjoins Jupiter this evening, both at the very end of Scorpio, but the vibration is with us for the entire day, in fact for a few days. Mars in Scorpio is creeping up on this energetic pair, and we are ready for action—big action.

The Venus of Venezuela’s Constitution Chart (12-30-99) is exactly joining this conjunction. This sounds like good things in store for Venezuela, whose election is early next month. This is despite U.S. threats and bribes. December 30, 1999 is the signature date for the entry of our current century. It was then that Chiron and Pluto had a conjunction in Sagittarius, on the U.S. Ascendant. Talk about a reform combination! The U.S. is just getting started with reform—and Venezuela serves as a good—i.e., Venusian—catalyst.

Mars approaching Jupiter is excellent for expanding energy for any purpose. It particularly denotes the armed services, the generals and their fighters. Reform of the U.S. military will surely pick up speed. Each of us can be warriors for our own ideals. We can reform our personal energy.

Mars also brings heat, and global warming will surely be a big issue—and work on dealing with it will pick up.

We are fast moving into a time of positive action. Tomorrow Sun enters Sagittarius, and on Thursday—Jupiter’s day!—Jupiter enters Sag. This is our last chance for Scorpio’s plutonic cleanup.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 22. Yes, we are moving. This is an extremely optimistic and productive day. We awaken with Sun in Sag, and the whole world looks brighter. Preparing for the holidays gives us special pleasure this year.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23. Moon is in traditional Capricorn, and we appreciate being with family and loved ones. Some have traveled far to enjoy this day with familiar intimates. It’s a fine day, and by midnight we have four planets in Sagittarius. Religious and moral overtones will be important. We will enjoy story-telling and reviving old memories. Sporting games are also a highlight for Sagittarius, or perhaps a venture into nature. The night is especially lively.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24. We continue our restlessness and desire to be on the go. Let’s get on with it!—whatever “it” is for each of us. Our drive to push ahead is strong.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25. Moon enters Aquarius at 10:41 a.m., and we begin an exciting weekend. Venus squares Uranus today to open our eyes to new facets of love—or to new loves. This is a very romantic day and evening, and the romance continues into tomorrow. We may have stars in our eyes.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26. For shoppers, this is a grand weekend to shop. You’ll find much to appreciate, and many gifts. Extravagance is rampant. This is also a weekend to simply do things which you enjoy, and which make you feel good. Preparing for Christmas can be a special pleasure now.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 27. Early morning is quite active. East coasters may awaken early; West coasters may have a wakeful night. There are over three good working hours from 4:30-8:00 a.m. EST. And then Moon is VOC for most of the day. With Moon VOC, w e may approach work in a half-hearted manner. We will enjoy socializing, talking over issues of the day, and paying attention to the media. At 3:21 p.m. EST, Moon enters dreamy Pisces. She immediately squares Jupiter, always ready to take a chance, and the sky’s the limit. Dream on tonight.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28. First Quarter Moon at 6 Pisces occurs at 1:29 a.m. EST. New Moon was in Scorpio, and Pisces now keeps us in the water mode. It’s time to make an emotional breakthrough: Scorpio holds on, and Pisces releases to the universe. If we want to make progress, we must let go. The Sagittarius planets, ready to take a chance, will help us. Sun is in the third house of mind, and Moon in the 6th house of service. Thoughts of service, then, will carry us into the next phase.

Pluto is at the bottom of this chart at 26 Sagittarius. It conjoins the nadir at 28 Sagittarius. They show the foundation of the action now, and they are at the high energy Galactic Center, adjoining the great Black Hole there, which absorbs and totally changes energy. Like it or not, we will move on—perhaps into a very alien dimension.

This is a powerful place. The Galactic Center is the source of our galactic being, as the Sun is the source of our solar being. It emits massive amounts of infra-red radiation, which arouses the subconscious part of the brain. This allows us to retrieve much information from the past. At the same time, there is a pulsar (Gaia) at 28 Sagittarius, which allows us to see into the future.

This is, then, a super-visionary moment. Most of us in the U.S. will be asleep, so pay attention to your dreams. Our breakthroughs now can carry us into the future.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Pisces is

“A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS. The dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large. GROUP-RESPONSIBILITY.”

Support for future-oriented activity is shown by Moon eclipsing Uranus at 10:00 a.m. EST. This event occurs in the second house of resources, and the Pisces signal shows the possibility of oil problems.

Relationships are important today, and we are emotional about them. Issues are apt to be confusing, however, and by tonight we might feel that aggressive action is the only answer to problems. However, take care not to do or say something which you will regret later.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 29. This morning we can push ahead with our visionary projects. There might be a glitch around 11:30 a.m., but Moon then goes VOC and the energy dissipates. Moon is VOC in Pisces for the remainder of the day. This is ideal for inner work, and for imagination. At 6:30 p.m., Moon enters militant Aries, and we’re up and running. Good vibes now make for a fun night.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30. This is a loving, romantic Neptune-Venus day and night. Do what makes you feel good. Share with people you love. It’s also another great shopping day.

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