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N O T E    F R O M   M A Y A

Note from Maya

by Maya del Mar

Time does fly! With the September issue of Daykeeper, we started our seventh year of monthly publication! A dedicated team makes Daykeeper the special publication which it is.

Crystal Pomeroy, an experienced spiritual teacher, shines beacons of light each month with her moon meditations. They are always relevant, inspirational, and practical, and provide truly helpful guidance to fit the times.

Alex Miller-Mignone, an excellent writer, a skillful astrologer, and a whiz-bang researcher puts all of his talents together to throw light on political issues and people in the news. His Black Hole stories read like mystery novels.

A variety of contributors, e.g., Starhawk, provide us with personal vignettes giving us special insights on pertinent issues . See T’s email from Oaxaca in the September issue.

Expert web designer Susan Pomeroy puts everything together. She is the magical synthesizer who makes the whole production work. Susan is a true Libran; she is an artist in everything she touches.

I give great thanks to this spirited, loyal team. Without them Daykeeper would not be Daykeeper. And I give great thanks to you, the readers, who motivate us all to be with you online each month.

With love, Maya