Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


September 4
Pluto direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

We have one directional change in September, and it is a big one. Pluto is taking center stage here, just as he is the center of the planetary buzz.

Pluto turns direct at 25 Sagittarius on September 4. Its transformational impact will manifest strongly around these days—as we already note.

Pluto relates to masses, to things on a large scale. With high tension in the air waves, and in the heavens, it is likely that we will experience mass movements, and extreme events. Pluto is also the grand manipulator, and powers propaganda. Watch for it on a big scale. Pluto’s colors are black and white, which are extreme ends of the spectrum. Things are very bad, or very good, hellish or heavenly.

Both Pluto’s timing and location now amplify its power. It is squaring the Moon’s Nodes, to bring a new spirit into the world. Pluto rules birth and death, and Moon’s Nodes include all of us. Those Nodes, in Pisces and Virgo, are now at the place of the Lunar Eclipse of last March 14, which brought huge new mobilizations to seek dignity amongst immigrants all over the world.

The Nodal polarity of Pisces-Virgo is the Eclipse polarity through 2007, and in fact there are two such Eclipses this month. Eclipses are catalysts for change, and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 7, in the wake of Pluto’s direct shift. This Full Moon is exceptionally close to earth, and its gravitational pull is extreme. If you’re near the sea, notice the high tides. Also, excitement increases in all of us with the approaching full moon.

Pluto is now, and throughout most of 2007, will be, situated at the Galactic Center. We can observe its significance throughout the next year. Scientists have discovered a Black Hole at that location. Black Holes can turn standard reality inside out. They tend to be connected to large-scale events where there is a great expenditure of energy. Their action can be similar to that of Pluto himself.

In addition, we are experiencing a turning point in the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 1989, which burst eastern Europe free from Communist domination. And Mars has just squared Pluto, to give it a shot of martial energy.

We can see that this Pluto shift signals enormous changes in world consciousness.

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