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John Roberts


John Roberts

by Maya del Mar

John Roberts was born in Buffalo, New York, on January 27, 1955 (view chart). He was born with an Aquarius Sun and a Pisces Moon, like Dick Cheney. This is a combination which combines intellect and intuition, and can have a broad grasp of many fields of knowledge.

Pisces Moon can wander into some strange fields, and a good education is important for this combination. Roberts had that. He graduated top of the class from a small Catholic boys’ boarding school, where he had six years of Latin. Next came a summa cum laude B.A from Harvard, followed by a magna cum laude law degree from Harvard. His work since then has been either with the courts, with the government, or with a private law firm in Washington DC. His law experience is rather restricted in terms of types of cases.

While he was in private practice, he met with Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2000 and gave advice on the legal aspects of recounts. He also helped polish some legal briefs and a “moot court” session to prepare Bush’s lawyers for arguments in Bush v. Palm Beach County and Bush v. Gore.

Bush nominated Roberts to the DC Circuit Court twice. He was finally approved in 2003. A few days before his nomination to the Supreme Court this last July, Roberts was part of a unanimous panel which overturned a district court ruling which granted civil rights to “terrorism” detainees.

In reviewing Judge Roberts’ decisions, they consistently uphold government and corporate positions, e.g., they rule against abortion, against environmental regulation, and against labor. Since this has been the world in which he has lived, it’s not surprising. In fact, he has very little earth energy in his chart.

The Federalists are a group of attorneys who train other attorneys to promote a right-wing agenda in the government and in the court system. When asked, Judge Roberts denied a connection with the group, but because paperwork has since turned up identifying him as a one-time member of the steering committee, he no longer denies it. (Question: why did he deny it in the first place?)

Judge Roberts’ wife, Jane, is also an attorney. She was at one time vice-president of Feminists for Life, an anti-choice group.

In glancing at John Roberts’ chart, I was startled to see that transiting Chiron right now is exactly conjunct his natal Chiron. The Chiron return, at age 50-51, is a major life turning point. I have found that people shift to a higher vibrational level then. This tends to be expressed in a more spiritual, less material, outlook towards life. For John Roberts, this return is taking place during the whole of 2005.

John Roberts’ earth energy is his Chiron in Capricorn, and his North Node in Capricorn. Capricorn wants recognition and success. This is his quest, his wound, and his goal. Perhaps the fact that he was the number two child in his family has spurred him on. His Saturn in Scorpio helps him to do what he must in order to get where he wants to go.

His Aquarius Sun conjoins Bush’s descendant, the doorway to the 7th house of partnership. It also conjoins the U.S. South Node, which ties him into the nation’s destiny. Roberts’ exciting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late Cancer exactly conjoins the U.S. Mercury. Already, he is stimulating our thinking.

If you can, listen to the Senate Judicial Committee hearings scheduled for Sept. 6. KPFA radio (94.1 in the air or on the Web) will surely broadcast them, as will C-Span. The hearings will probably occur as scheduled, for Moon is in the justice sign of Libra that day, and it conjoins Jupiter, who denotes judges.