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Maya del Mar's August 2005 Daily Success Guide
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

MONDAY AUGUST 1. Sunday was an exciting day. Today is a contrast. Moon goes into introverted Cancer early in the morning, and we are glad for the peaceful oasis. Perhaps that oasis is at your workplace, as it is for many. This is a good workday, and we can move right into our week with willing energy. Tonight intuition is very high, and we will want to communicate about it. If we are asleep, it could come in the form of dreams.

TUESDAY AUGUST 2. Remember that Mercury is retrograde. This means that we go over past events. Notice what you did on July 13. There may be a rerun today, but perhaps more emotional. We can be productive, and we can integrate well. Moon is still in sensitive Cancer. After a morning of loving aspects, Moon goes VOC at noon EDT. Hang out at home tonight.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3. VOC Moon continues for the entire day. With Mercury retrograde, and part of a dynamic fixed T-square besides, and Moon VOC, anything can happen on this dark-of-the-moon day! Don’t plan this one. Moon enters sunny Leo at 9:10 p.m. EDT.

THURSDAY AUGUST 4. This is an exuberant, energetic day. New Moon at 13 Leo occurs at 11:05 p.m. EDT. The Leo solar energy field enveloped us when the Sun entered Leo. However, the New Moon in Leo starts us on our month-long Leo lunar cycle, with its beginning, culmination, and completion. This next month is when we focus on developing those Leo qualities within ourselves.

Leo is the seat of Central Command. It is where we find our own center and our own integrity, where we learn to be true to ourselves. Leo rules the heart, and it is time now to open our hearts. Leo also governs our upper spine, and we can strengthen our spines and learn to stand up for ourselves. Pride is a Leo quality.

Mercury backed up to join Sun and Moon, and can help us to be aware of our possibilities by enabling us to be more conscious. Furthermore, a retrograde Mercury impels us to go inward and search our own hearts. Tomorrow both Moon and Sun will conjoin Mercury to set us on not only a new Leo path, but a new Mercury path.

With a retrograde Mercury having the major influence here, with this New Moon we will back up, review, and revise some of our Leo, the performer, energy. Those people born in 1947-48, with Saturn and/or Pluto at 13 Leo, will be particularly affected. This includes many of those who now hold the reins of power.

Leo is an ego sign, and it can get carried away with ego. For some, this may be corrected during this Leo month, perhaps through crisis. Leo is very creative, and it may now shift its mode of creativity. Leo carries much pride, and this may either be enhanced or damped down. Leo is the energy of the ruler, and that rulership will now be changed or shifted.

Interestingly, there have been an extraordinary number and large size of sunspots during recent weeks. Sunspots affect the magnetic field of the earth, and the weather. Surely they must influence us as well.

The chart for the New Moon is typical of August’s planetary geometry. Thus we see similar influences operating over most of the month.

One of the more unusual formations is a “magic rectangle.” Here we have four planets, one at each corner of a rectangle, who work together harmoniously, and can be very productive. The four corners now are occupied by visionary Neptune, the creative Leo planets, and the two Nodes, the destiny points. South Node also includes Jupiter and Pallas Athena.

All of the signs involved are extroverted, outgoing, electric forces, and the sparks will fly. Politics (in a general sense) is an ideal field for their expression. Specified degrees are between 12-17 degrees. This is the center of each sign, considered to be the location of strongest manifestation.

But naturally, nothing is without challenges. There are two other planets also at 16 degrees, and thus tied into the rectangle’s action. They are both very practical, down-to-earth goddesses—Ceres in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo. Real needs of real people are apt to throw a monkey wrench in the high-flown ideas shown by the magic rectangle. Furthermore, together with the other planets, they form two Yods, or Fingers of God, which require adjustments. Sometimes those adjustments are sharp, sudden and unpredictable. Yods, as well as Nodes, represent destiny, or fate. If you have a planet around 16 Libra, or 16 Pisces, you will feel one of the Yods keenly.

Ceres (nurturing), in addition to being part of a Yod, squares both Neptune (imagination), and the Leo royalty. She forms a very tight T-square, which means that she will put pressure on the powers-that-be—as well as perhaps on our food supply.

The chart set for Washington DC is assertive, with Aries rising. and Warrior Mars in the first house. The rising degree is also very similar to Bush’s midheaven, and he will be fired up. Mars now is in Taurus, beginning its long trip, which includes stimulating planets in the three other fixed signs.

The sign of Leo imbues much vitality to those who partake of its energy field, just as does the Sun. This next month will be very vital and creative. Start new creative projects during this next week. True, Mercury will still be retrograde, but the Mercury-Sun conjunction of tomorrow night sets in motion a new 90-day Mercury cycle.

High energy continues into the night. We may be wakeful.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Leo is

“AN OLD SEA CAPTAIN ROCKING HIMSELF ON THE PORCH OF HIS COTTAGE. The sea captain has steered the ship of his ego-consciousness through seas and storms, maintaining the integrity of his individual selfhood while in close contact with the collective unconscious. Now retired, he may try to distill wisdom from his many experiences and from his victories over elemental forces. The rocking chair from which he can contemplate the past as well as the present is as gently rolling waves over the shore. Peace at last. QUIET RECOLLECTION.”

FRIDAY AUGUST 5. Moon continues in Leo, and yesterday’s eager energy spills over into today. Important things can be addressed. At 5:44 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC until 9:54 a.m. tomorrow. Nevertheless, during the VOC evening, Mercury has its retrograde meeting with Sun. Conjunctions are always seed-planting times, and now we plant seeds regarding the new Leo changes which we want to institute. How can we be more true to ourselves? How can we stay with our own integrity in the midst of cultural pressures? What have we learned about ourselves during the last two weeks? What do we want to affirm? What do we want to change?

The universe is constantly giving us new and different opportunities. For example, Mercury retrograde in Leo, conjunct the Leo New Moon, and immediately followed by the retrograde Mercury-Sun conjunction, is an unparalleled opportunity for new heart growth, for a revival of our true centers. I’ve never noticed this before. It has got to be rare. For any planets between 11-16 Leo, this is a new lease on life. (This includes Bush’s Pluto—his dictator complex--at 11 Leo.)

All of the New Moon’s energies are still operative. Moon has moved along a bit, crossing Mercury, and now it has a very close trine with Pluto, showing that power can easily be expressed.

This is a special opportunity for each of us to “get ourselves together,” to figure out who we are and where we stand, and to express that self. Perhaps we are the Cowardly Lion who really did have courage.

In the chart set for Washington, all of these Leo energies are in the 7th house of partnership, with Saturn in Leo, not exactly a chummy vibe, exactly on the cusp, patrolling our doorway to the rest of the world. That says, loud and clear, “We are in charge here, folks.” It reminds me of the Israeli Wall around much of Palestine. This KEEP OUT sign is further reinforced by Mars in Taurus squaring the Ascendant and Descendant. This is like carrying a chip on your shoulder, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. The belligerent attitude is also supported by Moon squaring the midheaven and nadir, making the U.S. very sensitive about the least hint of a challenge to its territory and its authority. Leo Moon trining Sagittarius Pluto is also imbued with firepower. Pluto rules the Scorpio midheaven, where we face the world, and sits in the 11th house of Congress. Congress looks to be all fired up. This Pluto is opposing the U.S. Mars and squaring the U.S. Neptune, our major warring configuration.

SATURDAY AUGUST 6. Moon is in industrious Virgo today, with excellent aspects for successful achievement of whatever we set out to do. Go ahead and begin long-range projects now.

SUNDAY AUGUST 7. With Moon still in Virgo, we continue to keep ourselves busy. Today we want to break out of routine, and do our own thing. It might be catching up on paperwork or reading, tinkering with things around the house, cooking up a great meal, or enjoying nature. If you live in Alaska, watch for the new Moon to cover Venus tonight just before sunset—an eclipse of Venus. However, it will be hard to see the pair close to the horizon.

MONDAY AUGUST 8. Moon goes VOC at 6:09 a.m. EDT, and remains VOC until 10:08 p.m. tonight. Will we be rattled by Venus eclipse plus VOC moon? Especially since Moon and Venus are both moving in to square transformative Pluto? Most likely earthy Virgo Moon can help us to stay on course.

Around Noon EDT today, Sun and Neptune finally have their long- promised exact opposition. There is consciousness with an opposition, but with Neptune, that consciousness is apt to be an illusory dream. Neptune mystifies, and may well confuse, whatever it touches. Denial and escape are also major qualities of Neptune’s touch.

This is the major aspect of the month. We are talking now about the influences on the Sun. The Sun is the center of the solar system, the director of activities here on Earth. Clarity now is almost impossible.

Ceres in Scorpio is very tied up with this confounding opposition. She has an almost exact square to both Sun and to Neptune. She can cut thru these grandiose energies, and bring reality to them. In Scorpio, she can produce crisis if necessary. Ceres in many ways represents our lifelines to survival. Tonight at dusk, look low in the western horizon to see Venus and Jupiter together. New crescent moon will be close.

TUESDAY AUGUST 9. Moon is in friendly Libra, with excellent energy for business contacts, as well as for communication in general.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 10. Moon continues in sociable Libra. Again, we have potent energy in the early morning hours. Moon occults Jupiter at 15 Libra. I’ll repeat that I believe the many Jupiter occultations this year represent the demise of the old order. Perhaps the last to recognize this is the United States, struggling to return to an outmoded past.

Also early this morning, Venus squares Pluto. This sounds like problems for women. In fact, this configuration re-enacts Persephone’s abduction by Pluto, God of the Underworld. At the same time, Mother Ceres is involved in challenging Neptune, God of the Seas, and Sun, the big ruler. Juno and Vesta are both allied with Wounded Healer Chiron, who has returned to his old mission of disrupting the establishment. Above Washington, Mars in Taurus has charge of the show—which looks like a rather confused mess.

This is part of Bush’s annual Mercury return, his new start in communicating, which will continue through August 20. Usually a return lasts one day, but this one is long because it happens to include the whole area around Mercury’s direct station (August 15). During this time Bush will have a whole lot to digest.

It’s providential that Moon is in harmony-seeking Libra.

THURSDAY AUGUST 11. Today we have a hard-driving Scorpio moon, perhaps feeling a lot of pressure. By tonight, there is a release from stress, along with lots of activity. It could be another wakeful night. While you’re awake, check the late night sky. It is time for the Perseid meteor shower, one of the year’s best. After midnight, you may see one meteor every minute.

FRIDAY AUGUST 12. Moon continues in secretive Scorpio, and is very busy. This afternoon Moon passes over Ceres, and squares Sun and Neptune, enhancing the stressful fixed-sign (thus stubborn) T-square which we have been experiencing. Moon adds subjectivity, emotionality, and drama to this story.

First Quarter Moon at 21 Scorpio occurs at 10:38 p.m. EDT. The wheel is almost identical to that of the New Moon, and the planets have similar positions as well. Moon has moved from Leo to Scorpio, and now sits with Ceres, emphasizing her work as we start creating our Leo star performances.

Pallas, Jupiter, and South Node are bunched together at 16 Libra. This chummy gathering in the sign of justice may represent some agreement on confirming John Roberts as Supreme Court Justice. South Node, remember, represents the past.

And Mars, who has moved to square Mercury, may represent argument about it. During the next few days, Mercury stations, with Mars squaring it, both in stubborn, fixed signs. Mercury turns direct on August 15, and this moon sets the stage for that contentious turn in direction. Mercury is in Leo, conjoining GW’s Pluto, and it may be that the Karl Rove-Valerie Plame situation has gotten out of hand for him. At any rate, the Mars square does push Bush’s power buttons.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Scorpio is

“OBEYING HIS CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS. A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society. INNER FREEDOM.”

We will all be thinking much about aggression, its meanings, its means, and its results during the next few days and weeks.

SATURDAY AUGUST 13. We may be irritable today. Moon is VOC in Scorpio until it enters Sagittarius at 3:47 p.m. EDT. About that same time, Mercury makes an exact square with Mars, and anyone can fly off the handle at any time, with very little provocation. Guard against over-sensitivity.

The chart set for Washington DC has a wheel identical to that of the U.S. Sibly chart. Powerful Pluto is transiting in the first house. Its strength comes into manifestation through a trine with Leo Sun in the 8th house, the house of joint resources. This Sun exactly conjoins GW’s Venus, so he is the persona who expresses that energy. He may have a rupture with his Brain, Karl Rove. (Now there is a joint resource!) Stationing Mercury, and Saturn, are also transiting in the 8th house. Mercury is moving towards Saturn, putting additional pressure on it. Saturn is also good for coming to terms with reality.

SUNDAY AUGUST 14. We still have our difficult Mars-Mercury, but Moon is in Sagittarius, and with that moon we can override any difficulty. Sag is the eternal optimist. Aspects are harmonious, and we can enjoy life. We are apt to find ourselves involved in serious discussions, such as the state of the world. How has our thinking grown and changed during the last three weeks of Mercury retrograde? We might initiate such a discussion with whatever group energy we share now.

MONDAY AUGUST 15. Moon continues in adventurous Sagittarius until 7:13 p.m. EDT, when it enters cautious Capricorn. In the meantime, Moon is VOC from 4:43 p.m. until it dives into Capricorn. At 11:51 p.m., Mercury turns direct. Look for a powerful and surprising event. The planets now connect strongly to the charts of both GW Bush and Dick Cheney. Read the article in the Retrograde column for details. We may be wakeful tonight.

TUESDAY AUGUST 16. Moon is traveling in ambitious Capricorn, with aspects that are good for successful accomplishment of goals. Mercury is direct now, and things can begin to move forward. This is a great workday. Take advantage of it.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 17. Moon is VOC in Capricorn for the entire day. Continue your projects; just be aware that things do not always proceed as planned during VOC times. At 7:39 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Aquarius. The evening can be very loving, and great for good conversation. Later, it can also become very serious.

THURSDAY AUGUST 18. During Aquarius Moon time we tend to be interested in ideas, and in the world. We especially appreciate our friends now. And in a sense, the whole world is our friend. Early today, Moon sets off the irascible Mars-Mercury square. With caution, this energy can be used for accomplishment. Later, Moon cozies up to visionary Neptune, and arouses Ceres in her Scorpio lair.

The ladies may be buzzing amongst one another. Feminine interests will have their place today. Vesta, Juno, and Venus have all entered new signs, and have new outlooks.

Honor the Full Moon tonight, and think of the Goddess, for this is her season.

FRIDAY AUGUST 19. Full Moon at 27 Aquarius occurs at 1:53 p.m. EDT. This is a people moon, and a goddess moon. It is particularly a U.S. people and goddess moon, for it conjoins the very close U.S. Pallas Athena-Moon conjunction. In addition, the U.S. Ceres in Pisces sits right at the bottom of this Full Moon chart set for Washington. It is a lunar return for the U.S., and a very major one.

The ladies have a voice here. (Remember that the asteroids work for the common people.)

And it is apt to be a loud voice. The opposing Sun and Moon now exactly square the Ascendant-Descendant (relationships) of the Washington chart! These four points make a remarkable fixed grand square, showing rebellion by the people.

Mercury, freshly direct and reeling from its bout with Mars, is ready to pick itself and make some new commitments. This Full Moon illuminates the current mood of the U.S. people. With Aquarius, independence is a keyword.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Aquarius is lovely,

“AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS. The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in humans’ deepest feelings as frames of reference for humans’ most authentic emotions. Violets have often been considered symbols of modesty and humility—values which were understood to be the mark of true womanhood. DELICACY OF FEELING.”

(I remember the sweet pleasure of picking violets in the woods to fill the homemade May baskets which we sneaked onto neighbors’ porches under cover of dusk. Venus, Goddess of the Garden, was laying out her spring carpet in all its glory.)

After her magnificent fullness, Moon goes VOC until she enters Pisces at 6:52 p.m. Music would be just right tonight.

SATURDAY AUGUST 20. This is a great day to connect with, appreciate, and seek to understand nature in all her mysterious complexity. She is, after all, our mother and our lifeline. Full Moon, in the month of the Goddess, is the perfect time to contemplate and to honor all of nature.

SUNDAY AUGUST 21. This is a free day, ours to spend as the spirit moves us. Moon is VOC until 7:01 p.m. EDT, and it is in go-with-the-flow Pisces. Let intuition rule.

MONDAY AUGUST 22. Moon is in rambunctious Aries, and we may be up early and on the go. Late today, Sun enters Virgo, and after that we simply cannot sit still. Puttering around the house, making music, cooking, going for a walk, or working overtime could be enjoyable activities.

TUESDAY AUGUST 23. Moon trines Pluto early to give us a shot of energy, and then goes VOC for the rest of the day. At 9:58 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Taurus, and immediately trines our new Virgo Sun. Suddenly the earth signs take over, and we might pay more attention to our physical comforts.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24. With Moon in practical Taurus, we want to know what’s really going on here, and how we can make something of it. We work hard, and we are productive. Communication is lively and emotional. Read tomorrow now, for those energies set in today. Excess pride and ego involvement can be roadblocks. Try to act without investment in the outcome.

THURSDAY AUGUST 25. Moon is VOC in Taurus for the entire day. Nevertheless we are “pressing on,” as my hard-working artist friend says. Mercury, now direct, squares Mars again, to complete another stage in the brouhaha which began with the square on August 13.

This process lasts for a few days, as Neptune joins the picture, to muddy the waters. Neptune has been especially active this month. It always means spreading over wide distances, as in clouds. We have here widespread goal-oriented communication. With Neptune, that communication is not seen clearly. It is not seen for what it is, and it may be very misdirected and off the mark as well. It is definitely imaginative. In most of the month’s Neptunian charts, Neptune itself resides in the house of Congress. Congress is doing important work, but it is probably deluded or, at the least, not thinking clearly. And yet it is impelled to act.

But Congress is in recess during August. So what’s this about? Other planets in these charts indicate that deals are occurring anyway.

FRIDAY AUGUST 26. Last Quarter Moon at 4 Gemini occurs at 11:18 a.m. EDT. Sun and Moon are both now ruled by Mercury, and the focus is on communication. Mercury is still in Leo, now exactly opposing Neptune, and the communication continues to be, as it has been for the entire month, spreading wide a particular vision of how things should be. Leo creates its dramas, and is adamant that others follow suit—after all, Leo is the ruler.

We may each have our vision, but the widespread vision is GW Bush’s, for it is his Mercury-Pluto combo which has been stimulated this month, plus his Venus.

Today we are almost exactly back again to where we were at the beginning of August—same magic rectangle, same Neptune-Nodal harmonious connection, very similar fixed T-square, which promises conflict. However, now Sun is in flexible, humble Virgo instead of stubborn, prideful Leo. Compromise will be easier.

Saturn in Leo is exactly overhead in Washington, showing that the “authorities” are in charge in the U.S.. Saturn is moving quickly now. By the first week in September it will conjoin the U.S. North Node, beginning a new 29-30-year cycle in U.S. world influence. A few days later it conjoins Bush’s Ascendant, conferring a new cycle of authority on him.

The upcoming session of Congress will be very significant for the direction of the United States.

This is Women’s Equality Day.

SATURDAY AUGUST 27. Moon continues in Gemini, and this is an extremely active and sociable day. There is lots of good fellowship around, along with spontaneity, and we can indulge in fun and play. However, at 10:49 p.m. EDT, the party may end abruptly. Moon opposes heavy Pluto, and goes VOC. The night could get a little weird after that. We could overindulge in drink or drugs, and regardless, we are apt to show poor judgment in our behavior. Don’t get hurt feelings if you find yourself cut off. It’s time. Music could fill those strange byways tonight, as could an imaginative film.

SUNDAY AUGUST 28. Moon enters sensitive Cancer at 2:57 p.m. EDT. Introversion is growing each day.

MONDAY AUGUST 29. Moon is in Cancer with loving aspects. Family is very important today. Tonight in particular is emotional and creative, and home may feel very good.

TUESDAY AUGUST 30. Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day. We may find ourselves here and there, and our feelings up and down. This is not a stable moon.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31. Moon is in Leo, and we finish August with a flourish. We feel determination to do our thing. During this day there will be some surprises forthcoming, particularly in regard to partnership. Women are very involved in this situation. This is a turning point in independence for all of us.

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