Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


June 5
Jupiter direct

June 14
Uranus retro

June 26
Ceres direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There are three planetary changes in June. We experience Jupiter’s long-awaited direct station on June 5. First Quarter Moon on June 14 will be all the more exciting for the station of Uranus as it turns retrograde. And Ceres turns direct exactly in the midst of the Venus-Mercury-Saturn meeting on June 26.

We work with retrograde planets on inner levels. Direct planets are much more communal; we tend to express them outwardly.

Jupiter is about those beliefs and philosophies which shape our general attitude towards life. It travels in each sign about one year, and is retrograde about four months of that time. With Jupiter now in Libra, we focus on war and peace, social justice, partnerships in general, diplomacy, and fairness. Jupiter entered Libra at the end of September 2004, and turned retrograde at 18 Libra on February 2. It then backed up to nine degrees, where it is now turning direct. When Jupiter first arrived at nine degrees last November 8, the election was in question, the U.S. was bombing Falluja out of existence, and Yasir Arafat died.

Now, when Jupiter turns direct, those issues will be re-visited in a more public way. What has been on your mind for the last four months? How will you express your views in the world? What group might you join to fortify that expression? Religions, political groups, and other fraternal groups, such as sports teams, are Jupiterian.

When Jupiter turned retrograde on February 2, it conjoined GW’s Jupiter. It then backed off, and will return at the end of August. This will be his Jupiter return, the beginning of a new 12-year growth cycle. This year is the one period in our lives when we have both Saturn (30 years) and Jupiter returns. Together they refer to our niche in society, and this is the time we make a change, at least in attitude, moving towards a more inner life.

Jupiter represents growth. Personally, how can you grow through partnerships? Through the arts? Through rebalancing your life? What opportunities might you take advantage of now?

Jupiter now is connected with Uranus, which tells us to be independent.

Uranus shows our independence, our genius, where we are not constrained by tradition or expectation. When we break through those restraints, there are surprises. Thus Uranus is unpredictable.

Uranus turns retrograde on June 14 at 11 Pisces. Uranus travels in one sign for more or less seven years. It is retrograde about five months out of the year. When Uranus is traveling retrograde, we become less daring and less rebellious. Our independence develops on the inside, more in tune with our authentic selves.

Right now Uranus is part of a grand trine in water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Emotions rule, and will do so for the remainder of the retrograde trip, through mid-November.

Uranus tends to be rational, but now it is driven by emotions. Confusing?

At this time, restless First Quarter Moon in Virgo is dealing with Pluto’s explosive and transformative talents—this along with Uranus’ unpredictable energy state. It’s definitely a recipe for emotions to dominate.

Stationary Jupiter aspected Uranus. Stationary Uranus aspects Mother Ceres. And Ceres too makes a station this month. She turns direct on June 26 at 14 Scorpio. Those stations give these three planets extra punch and significance.

Ceres has a four-plus year orbit. This time she is spending a good deal of that time traveling in Scorpio, which she entered last December, and will leave this September. Ceres is a complex goddess. She is concerned with nurturing, specifically with growing food, and the labor required to get our needs fulfilled. Scorpio, the sign of birth and death, of destruction and rejuvenation, can be a harsh mother.

When Ceres entered Scorpio, news stories included 1.4 million hungry in New York City, a rise of 48% since 2000, Gov. Schwarzenegger enacting an “emergency rule” eliminating the half-hour lunch break for workers (“too big a hardship on business”), most nations signing the Landmine Treaty—but not the U.S., more torture photos coming out, the U.S. making a hell out of Falluja with the use of chemical weapons, and a big labor meeting regarding re-organization.

These are all Ceres issues. Now that Ceres is turning direct, what action will we see on these fronts? Keep your eyes open. Scorpio is also a recycling sign, and a sign which deals with toxics. They are both important in regard to our food supply.

The challenging Mars opposing Jupiter is still with us, ready to fight, and Uranus squares Vesta to shake up the financial sector.

And for each of us? This energy is basically about deep, intimate, transformational bonds between people. We can add intensity and depth to all of our partnerships. And we can strive to regenerate our working situations.

Ceres will be traveling direct for the rest of the year.

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