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N O T E    F R O M   M A Y A

Note from Maya

by Maya del Mar

I promised I would tell you what the retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars opposed Uranus in August meant for me. It meant upgrading of two important parts of my life—my health and my computer system. With Mercury retrograde, I’m still dealing with both processes. But I’m very appreciative of my renewed energy, and I love my new little Mac. Never thought I’d say that about a computer. Uranus, thank you! And Mars and Mercury in Virgo, thank you!

Two treatments have aided my health in outstanding ways. One is a special complex called Membrane Complex which my acupuncturist, Joseph Odom, gave me. He said it would clear up my lungs, and it did. The other is a machine for keeping my air passages open at night. I had sleep apnea, and that was the cause of my low energy. Sleep apnea can be the source of many problems, because the body lacks the oxygen which it needs at night. I was not aware that I had it, and, at Susan’s suggestion, took a test to find out if I did. When I use the machine, I feel like my old self again. I wonder how many cases of "chronic fatigue" and other problems are caused by sleep apnea. If you suspect, check it out!