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Maya del Mar's June 2004 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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TUESDAY JUNE 1. Moon continues in intense Scorpio. It connects with Mercury to both deepen our emotions, and to make our thoughts more penetrating. We will communicate with passion.

Venus is still retrograde, and today Venus is magnetizing action. Venus conjoins Pallas Athena, with both of them exactly conjunct the U.S. Mars. U.S. strategy and desire combine to stimulate the nation’s aggressive urges. They are given extra power by the opposition of ruthless Pluto.

This is a major configuration which lasts from yesterday through tomorrow. In fact, its beginnings were last year, and it will complete in October. It includes firepower and energy, and strategy for achieving U.S. priorities.

We are all in a cycle of re-evaluating our priorities, and events this day will give us information to help in this process. With Pluto and Venus both retrograde, we can back off from approaches which haven’t worked.

We are midway in a number of processes, and things begun now may not be definitive.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 2. Moon is traveling through expansive, optimistic Sagittarius. Full Moon occurs around midnight. The tides are rising, and so are we. We will feel buoyant and excited today. We will also feel independent, and able to do what we want. It feels like the "force" is with us. We will think big, in grand sweeps, and we’ll want to gather with others of like mind. This is a perfect day to prepare for planned anti-war demonstrations on Saturday.

THURSDAY JUNE 3. Full Moon at 13 Sagittarius occurs at 12:20 a.m. EDT. Gemini Sun is about daily connections and everyday communication. The Sagittarius Moon helps us to piece all of these bits together, and make sense of our lives. It is the moon of the philosopher, as well as the true believer.

Jupiter now squares Sun and Moon. This expands the already unrestrained impulses of the full moon, and leads to over-expectation and exaggerated action. Solid Saturn, however, is on the scene, and can lend a good dose of reality to events. Targeted for the dose of reality are G.W. Bush and the U.S., because Saturn now conjuncts their Suns.

Prominent now is the Pluto-Venus opposition, with Venus in Gemini conjunct the U.S. Mars, and Pluto in Sagittarius opposing it. This opposition also spans the Nodal Axis in the chart of G.W. Bush. This is a destiny—or karmic—axis. Pluto on Bush’s South Node means letting go of the past, bigtime. Venus on his North Node shows a potential for compromise and communication.

About this opposition, Robert Pelletier, in Planets in Aspect, says: "With Venus opposition Pluto, your intense emotional nature may create many problems for you, as you strive to force your demands on others.... Any problems you may have can be resolved if you are willing to compromise."

This is the case for all of us. At this time we must pay attention to playing a dictator role, or allowing ourselves to be dictated to, as well as using others or letting ourselves be used. Strive for balance and objectivity.

Venus opposing Pluto will repeat on July 25, and some of the issues brought up during this Venus retrograde time can likely be resolved by then.

In Washington DC, our nemesis, Neptune, is rising. Neptune also rises in Washington at the next New Moon. A rising Neptune colors all of our perceptions with a veil through which we cannot see clearly.

The Sagittarius moon is the propagandist par excellence, and we in the U.S. will have to lift Neptunian curtains of deception to see the truth among the many convincing words in the air now.

This is a very potent degree. It is the degree of the destabilizing Pluto-Chiron conjunction which marked the theme of our entrance into the twenty-first century. It also conjoins the U.S. Ascendant, and it is the degree of the total Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2002, which was visible in most of Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

The history of this moon family focuses on the Iraq invasion, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, attempted coups in Venezuela, and the destabilization of Haiti. Now there are signals and talk from Washington about "regime change" in Cuba. The idea of "terrorism" and the railroad bombing in Madrid were also spotlighted. Hmm.

This Full Moon may feel very good, but it will in fact be difficult to find our way. Music can be a wonderful way to express it.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Sagittarius is:

"A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT. The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle. Even as a past cycle is closed, the karma of whatever deeds or misdeeds this cycle witnessed will almost inevitably intrude into the new life period. Also, once a cycle is concluded, much that was unclear or unconsciously motivated in the events it witnessed can now more easily come to the clear consciousness of the mind. Humankind is the 'widow,' because our soon-to-be-concluded Piscean Age has buried most of the ideals it once revered and proclaimed. Yet the New Age will have to deal with many oppressive ghosts. This is a symbol of RETRIBUTION."

Moon goes VOC at 1:12 p.m. just after it conjoins Pluto. We will have much to ponder.

FRIDAY JUNE 4. It may be TGIF, but this is an excellent work day, extending into the evening. We are ambitious, and geared to fulfilling our responsibilities. We can make good career connections today.

SATURDAY JUNE 5. Moon is still in the business sign of Capricorn, but this is a very different-feeling day from yesterday. We may start out with the energy of purpose, but at 8:28 a.m. EDT Moon goes VOC, and things are apt not to go as planned. Talking and communicating about a larger vision may occupy our attention.

Today begins a turning point in how we pursue our strategic interests. This concerns what we invest ourselves in, how we protect those investments, and how we maintain the things we care for. With Venus retrograde, this is re-evaluation time. This turning point will be completed during the final days of July and the early days of August. This period includes the Democratic Convention. Perhaps today is the start of the real campaign.

This is Venus’ last aspect before she conjoins Sun on June 8, and she will carry today’s Vesta energy with her into that special transit.

SUNDAY JUNE 6. Moon is in friendly Aquarius, with no aspects. Enjoy the day, perhaps in intellectual discussions or activities.

MONDAY JUNE 7. Moon is still in Aquarius, an air sign which is very compatible with all the Gemini energy floating around. We have many ideas about many things, and we do need to communicate. This is a pleasant day. People get along well. Moon goes VOC at 2:08 p.m. EDT.

TUESDAY JUNE 8. Moon enters flowing Pisces early this morning, while Venus is transiting the Sun. The Sun-Venus conjunction is considered exact at 4:42 a.m. EDT. However, the transit is about a six-hour process, and the East Coast may get in on the end of it as the Sun rises. Venus is quite visible as a dark spot on the sun, but it should only be viewed through a special lens, such as is used for a solar eclipse. Dark glasses are not safe.

When any planet conjoins the Sun, it gets its operating instructions for its new cycle. In this case, a retrograde Venus means that Venusian affairs are to be redone during this nine-month cycle period beginning now. And in particular, Geminian Venusian affairs. The arts, and healing, are in this category. So is trading and commerce. The WTO, for example, will probably be redone during this coming cycle.

Vesta is part of this vibe. She protects those things which are dear to us, Venusian things. Today Vesta squares Pluto, which means transformation of our values. Again, the money system may be undergoing adjustments.

Venus, then, brings in the energies of Pluto’s regeneration and Vesta’s focusing talents into this conjunction with Sun. Mars in Cancer, the protector, is also on the scene. The whole configuration speaks of strong defense.

During the remainder of the day, Moon stimulates Moon and Uranus, indicating light bulbs coming on to bring us new ideas.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 9. Moon is still in mystical Pisces. This is a good time to tune into the more subtle aspects of life, such as color, scent, sound, esthetics. Being in nature can be especially satisfying. We are coming from more unconscious levels now, and overt communication can be confusing. Try psychic communication. And rely on inspiration rather than desire to move you.

Last Quarter Moon at 20 Pisces occurs at 4:02 p.m. EDT. We continue working with the same energies which have been prominent all month. This translates into working on the same issues, or projects. Last quarter is release time, and we have a big help now in releasing, namely the cathartic action of Pluto. Volatile Pluto now closely aspects both Sun and Moon.

Pluto assures us that this will be an explosive time. The other intimate involvement is Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth. Vesta is in Pisces, and it is likely that one of her protectorates is oil.

In the chart set for Washington DC, the U.S. Pluto is at the bottom, or the foundation. G.W.’s Aries Midheaven is on the 7th house cusp, where the U.S. relates to others. Aries is the warrior sign.

Uranus is now stationary, preparing to turn retrograde. Sudden events, and shocks, often accompany a Uranus station.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Pisces is:

"A TABLE SET FOR AN EVENING MEAL. An indication that at the end and at the appointed time the individual’s needs will be met among those to whom he/she is linked by a spiritual web of energies. The significant element of this scene is the fact that it is "evening" meal. After a long chain of personal existences the Soul returns to its spiritual home at the close of the day-of-manifestation. There it finds that which renews and amply sustains; the happiness of the "beyond of existence" is experienced—if all has gone well. This symbol promises a satisfying or fulfilling end to whatever one has been undertaking. As the life closes, the Soul-consciousness finds NOURISHMENT in the harvest of whatever, during the whole life, has been relevant to the archetypal purpose and destiny of the Soul."

I find this symbol very comforting during these difficult, chaotic times.

THURSDAY JUNE 10. Moon is VOC until 11:49 a.m. EDT, when it enters militant Aries. At the same time Uranus makes its retrograde turn. Uranus brings us new information, suddenly. It works like a bolt out of the blue. Around the days when Uranus is stationing, unexpected events tend to occur.

We are in the midst of five days of special action in the heavens, and the Aries moon of the next three days can make it more intense, and perhaps more impulsive. These are the energies which we reflect on earth. "As above, so below."

This is a day for big thinking, for promoting our expectations. But don’t sign anything without a reality check. Today and tomorrow there will be transformation of our values and of those things which are important to us.

FRIDAY JUNE 11. Moon continues in pioneering Aries. This morning we may work hard on a communication project. This afternoon we can be loving and laid-back. This morning Sun opposes Pluto to mark a turning point in Pluto’s annual power cycle. It began with a Sun-Pluto conjunction last December 12, when Saddam Hussein surrendered.

The U.S. Mars is very much involved with the configurations of these days, from June 9-16. So is G.W.’s North Node, his destiny point. Aggression on the part of the U.S. is very likely.

SATURDAY JUNE 12. Moon is VOC in Aries today. We start the day filled with gung-ho energy, but it is apt to collapse, as dreaminess takes over. Mystical, visionary feelings dominate in the afternoon and evening. This is excellent energy for creativity.

This is the peak moment of our Venus-retrograde inner evaluation of our loves and our values. Mercury conjoins Venus now to enhance consciousness. But since Venus and Mercury both trine Neptune, we are open to inspiration. Watch out for the danger of Neptune’s rose-colored glasses. Vision, whether appropriate or not, carries the day. Neptune also rules oil and drugs, and the Gemini energy could help these trades to thrive.

This vibration sets in motion our Venusian energies until the next conjunction in January 2005. They will be visionary, concerned with the larger society, artistic, and creative. Dennis Kucinich’s bill for a Department of Peace could thrive.

The Sabian Symbol for the Venus-Mercury conjunction at 16 Gemini is:

"A WOMAN ACTIVIST IN AN EMOTIONAL SPEECH DRAMATIZING HER CAUSE. A passionate response to a deeply felt new experience. What has been discovered not only needs to be discussed and tested through an intellectual exchange which permits its formulation, it also demands 'exteriorization.' This implies the act of dealing with those who are still unaware of the new knowledge or realization. A public is needed, and it has to be convinced. Its inertial resistance to change has to be overcome. This usually requires an emotional dramatization of the issues at stake. The PROSELYTIZING MIND."

This symbol fits very well the energies at hand now.

SUNDAY JUNE 13. Moon is in earthy Taurus, with excellent aspects. We will want to do something productive. This would be, for instance, a fine day for gardening, or for a building project.

MONDAY JUNE 14. Moon continues in comfortable Taurus, and our accomplishment energy is still strong.

TUESDAY JUNE 15. Moon is in lively Gemini for the next three days, leading up to the Full Moon in Gemini. This is a very assertive day for the U.S. and for each of us personally. Today fleet-footed Mercury sits on the U.S. Mars in Gemini, carrying messages back and forth. Pluto is still opposing the U.S. Mars, showing strong resistance to U.S. actions. Pluto finishes that opposition in December.

Also today transiting Mars in Cancer conjoins the U.S. Mercury, giving the nation a double dose of Martian fighting energy in its consciousness. Again there is an opposition. Chiron in Capricorn opposes Mars. This means change and realignment of the powers that be, of lines of authority. Since the military is involved, it could be that Sec. Rumsfeld is forced to resign.

Our nervous systems will be very stimulated, and we are apt to be wakeful during the night.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 16. This is a day for new ideas and visions of the future. It’s dark-of-the-moon time, and our energies turn inward rather than out into the world. And yet communication is facile and harmonious.

Yesterday and today we can understand more about the meaning of Vesta at this time. Vesta is traveling in Pisces at a slow pace, and most of our fast-moving Gemini planets have squared her this month. The combination of air and water signs can mean watery storms. Gemini is a dry sign, and Pisces is very wet. Weather prediction: mixed. This combination can also indicate indecision and insecurity.

It is Vesta who is the primary mover of this month’s energies—up until tomorrow’s new moon. Vesta is a focusing principle, and the unfocused, water sign of Pisces is difficult for her. Pisces, as ocean, can wash away her work. Pisces, as clouds, can obscure her focus. Pisces needs the freedom to flow with the music of the spheres. Vesta needs to stay right here, and keep her mind on protecting her interests. In fact, Vesta was the one goddess who never joined the meetings of gods and goddesses on Mt. Olympus. She felt that the households couldn’t spare her.

Vesta in Pisces needs to focus on broad issues, like protecting the life cycle, or the food chain, or sufficient and pure water for everyone. She works best as being a servant of the universe. She can also focus on the arts, on spiritual issues, and of course during these times, on oil and drugs. Negative manifestations of Vesta in Pisces include victimhood and martyrdom.

I find Vesta connected with money issues, as mentioned above. But in Pisces, she can act as a dissolver of financial structures. Think about the month so far, and how Vesta has fit into the action—or lack of action.

In July, Vesta turns retrograde for a few months. We can figure out today what her retrograde work will be.

THURSDAY JUNE 17. New Moon at 27 Gemini occurs at 4:27 p.m. EDT. Gemini New Moon is about making connections. We are growing our gardens, and what and who do we need to connect with to help us? Bustling around and communicating is the prevailing energy for the next month.

We are still in a cycle of late degrees for the new moon. This means that the Sun is almost out of its current sign, and will soon move into the next sign, and open up a new solar energy field. Late degree new moons thus combine the influences of their sign plus the influences of the next sign. Here we have Gemini and Cancer, and planets will soon begin to move into Cancer. By month’s end four planets will be in sensitive, emotional Cancer, and only Venus will still be traveling in Gemini. We communicate, then, but about security issues.

Sun and Moon have both just had dealings with Pluto, god of the underworld, and power, perhaps ruthless power, is on their minds. Silver-tongued Mercury is conjoining Sun and Moon. Mercury may speak honeyed words, but it is raw power that wants to be expressed. We will want to make powerful connections during this next month. It could be very good for creating an Iraqi interim government... or very bad.

Other parts of this picture are defensive Mars in Cancer, filled with insecurity because of Chiron’s recent upset of the status quo, and Transpluto, the Alchemist, in Leo since the start of WW II, where she has been regenerating the world’s ruling powers. Transpluto also has a bearing on financial systems.

Mars now conjoins G.W. Bush’s Saturn, stimulating his sense of responsibility.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Gemini is:

"A GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE FOREST WHEREIN HER TRIBE IS ENCAMPED. Reaching out toward participation in a larger whole of mind-structured existence. This shows a conscious attempt to leave behind the tribal-instinctual urge of earthbound existence and to emerge into the realm of mind and complex, tense interpersonal relationships. The 'wild' drives of nature are reaching towards a situation in which they will be tamed. This reveals a period of transition, a more or less clear yearning for a new state of consciousness, and thus for inner transformation. REPOLARIZATION."

This is an excellent omen for a positive change in Iraq. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto lines through Iraq now also carry the potential for progressive change.

Neptune again dominates the chart for Washington.

FRIDAY JUNE 18. Moon is in the family sign of Cancer for the next two days. These are fine days for get-togethers with family and with people with whom we have a strong bond. Energy is intimate and loving.

Today we have a Mercury-Sun conjunction, in which Communicator Mercury receives its directives for the next three months. The energy is very much like yesterday’s New Moon energy. The Sabian Symbol refers to the key word, LIBERATION.

SATURDAY JUNE 19. Mercury moves into Cancer today and joins Moon, Saturn, Mars, and Pallas Athena. Our thoughts focus on family, home, security, and protection for the next three weeks.

SUNDAY JUNE 20. Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer, occurs at 8:57 p.m. EDT. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year. The sun has been slowly appearing to move higher in the heavens during the last six months, rising earlier and setting later. This is also true for the planets and stars. In the Southern Hemisphere, the process is reversed. It is Winter Solstice there.

Moon is VOC this morning, until it enters Leo at 11:05 a.m. With Leo Moon, Solstice celebrations will be social, expressive, and fun. Venus squares Jupiter to increase the good spirits. Mercury is strong, and talk and communication will be featured.

The Solstice chart shows the major influences of summer.

The Moon phase is nearly new. This means living in the moment and acting spontaneously. Attempts to control events do not work. Moon in Leo, ruled by the Sun, gives the Sun extra importance. And Sun in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, gives the Moon special importance. This Sun-Moon combination is very strong. It shows strong will plus sensitivity to the needs of the public. It is excellent for success as a performer.

Mercury dominates, and it is conjunct the U.S. Venus, a positive sign for harmonious relations for the U.S. Mercury conjoins Pallas Athena, the master strategist. Strategy to achieve security, in the nation and in our own lives, can be successful now.

In Washington DC, Sun, Mercury and Pallas are in the 6th house of problem-solving.

The Sabian Symbol for 1 Cancer is always the same:

"ON A SHIP THE SAILORS LOWER AN OLD FLAG AND RAISE A NEW ONE. A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return. A process of fundamental REORIENTATION, implying the stabilization of energies."

Here we see repeated the theme of re-alignment, very appropriate at this crucial time.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 5 Leo is:

"ROCK FORMATIONS TOWER OVER A DEEP CANYON. The structuring power of elemental forces during the long cycle of planetary evolution. This symbol points to a need to acquire a much vaster perspective on what we are able to do—and on your yearning for prolonged youth and our pride in masculine achievements. The works of nature can make us feel humble and help us to 'planetarize' our consciousness. This picture seeks to impress us with our vanity as creators of forms and mental achievers. To the dramatic and proud Leo type, it presents a picture of IMPERSONALITY."

MONDAY JUNE 21. Moon is traveling through "proud and dramatic" Leo today, and we step out and show off our achievements. The arts are particularly featured, and can flourish this summer. Summer theater, summer music festivals, fairs, art camps, etc. will thrive. Movies, too, will be popular.

TUESDAY JUNE 22. Moon is VOC in Leo for the entire day. With VOC Moon we carry on with the Moon’s character, in the case of Leo personal dramatic expression, however we are free of many of society’s demands. It is a great time for inner work, for creative work, and for general brainstorming. Life works best if we go with the flow. Tomorrow will be another story, so relax into life today.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 23. Moon is in industrious Virgo, and loaded with aspects. Whatever we didn’t get done yesterday, we can accomplish today. We may find ourselves working late into the night. Or we may simply enjoy ourselves in the evening and night, with a good meal and perhaps with music and the arts.

Moon is still in Virgo. This morning we can push something through to completion. And then at 1:19 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC for the remainder of the day. Let your mind and your body wander where it will.

FRIDAY JUNE 25. Moon is traveling through sociable Libra today. We actively seek out others with whom to talk and to share ideas and good fellowship.

Moon reaches First Quarter at 3:08 p.m. at 5 Libra. Libra is an idealistic air sign, and ideals and nobility are greatly stimulated now. Again, this is great energy for stimulating artistic expression. Mars, freshly into Leo, can help with creativity and determination, as well as manifestation. Cancer provides the sensitivity to the human condition required for meaningful art, and Libra is the energy of synthesis, of putting things together in a pleasing manner.

Tonight’s vibration is loving and pleasurable.

The Sabian Symbol for 5 Libra is:

"A MAN REVEALING TO HIS STUDENTS THE FOUNDATION OF AN INNER KNOWLEDGE UPON WHICH A 'NEW WORLD' COULD BE BUILT. The necessity for youthful spirits to learn from a Teacher who through his long experience has been able to reach solid and illuminating truths, i.e., 'seed ideas.' When the pupil is ready, the Master appears. But he may appear in many disguises. What matters is not the Master, but the Mastery he 're-veals.' It is veiled in his person. It has to be contacted through his person, rather than in his person. What is evoked is the essential process of TRANSMISSION."

SATURDAY JUNE 26. Moon continues in harmonious Libra. However, the vibration today is deep and serious. This is a good day to discuss important issues, and perhaps find resolution. It is also a good work day.

SUNDAY JUNE 27. Moon is VOC in Libra this morning, perfect for breakfast in bed, or a companionable brunch. At 12:13 p.m. EDT Moon enters Scorpio, and we are sensitive to the power aspect of relationships. Arguments could arise this afternoon. However, by evening we are again in tune with ourselves. Tonight we may look for intense emotional stimulation.

MONDAY JUNE 28. Moon continues in deep-feeling Scorpio. Today we are especially conscious of imbalances of power, especially if the balance is against us. Issues of fairness, injustice, and abuse are important now. Moon has easy aspects (which means ease for us), and goes VOC tonight at 8:57 p.m. EDT.

TUESDAY JUNE 29. We will probably feel at loose ends this morning, with Moon VOC in Scorpio. However, we can ponder last night’s information. At 2:15 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Sagittarius, and our moods become more upbeat. Much "can-do" energy is released now, just in time for Venus’ long-awaited direct turn tonight.

Venus turning direct means that we can begin to put out the personal values which we have discovered during the six weeks of Venus traveling retrograde. It is action time—action to go for what we really want.

With Venus in Gemini, we will act primarily though ideas and communication. The internet, for instance, will increase in importance. As will all media. Propaganda will burgeon, with the current prominence of Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter.

Venus’ closest aspect now is an exact semi-sextile to the Moon’s North Node. The North Node is in Taurus, showing the world’s focus on resources. It has been in Taurus since May 2003, and will be there through the remainder of 2004. Venus, too, cares about resources. And certainly media as resource is featured now.

Gemini is John Kerry’s dominant sign. It includes his Mars in Gemini, and now he can come out with more conviction, and will be seen in a better light. This influence will last through the election.

As Venus turns, Pluto is rising in Washington DC. The over-riding vibration there is of volcanic power. Pluto now is conjoining the South Node of G.W. Bush, indicating a big release for him.

The Sabian Symbol for Venus’ turn at 10 Gemini is:

"AN AIRPLANE PERFORMING A NOSE DIVE. A superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger. MIND VS. MATTER, or Man’s will against the fate that gravitation so aptly symbolizes."

Is a "terrorist" incident possible? It is. There are several indicators, but strongest is the current opposition of Mercury, ruler of Gemini, to the Chiron-Juno conjunction.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 30. Moon wheels along in Sagittarius, with lots of love and expansion in the air. Tonight, however, it faces power head-on as it conjoins Pluto before going VOC at 10:52 p.m. EDT. Sun conjoins strategist Pallas Athena to transmit its instructions for maintaining security for the next year. The day has harmonious, optimistic energy, but tonight will be a mixed bag.

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