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Maya del Mar's April 2004 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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THURSDAY APRIL 1. Moon is still in dynamic, creative Leo, and star power, although perhaps subtle, makes its way into all of our reactions. Moon trines Pluto to promote easy growth of all kinds. This afternoon we are concerned about appearances, and this evening we may find ourselves involved in analysis and discussion, perhaps concerning some type of healing. Moon enters Virgo at 9:45 p.m. EST. This is a creative, pleasurable day.

FRIDAY APRIL 2. Moon travels through Virgo, and excellent healing energy continues. Virgo needs to be of service. We feel energetic and optimistic, and can work hard and successfully today—and feel good about it.

SATURDAY APRIL 3. Get your weekend jobs and errands done early. You can accomplish much before Moon goes VOC at 1:23 p.m. EST. Venus enters Gemini this morning to raise our communication levels a few decibels. It may usher in some especially important communication. Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. tomorrow. Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward one hour tonight.

SUNDAY APRIL 4. Try to remember your dreams. They were likely very loving. It’s Sunday, Libra Moon, and we wake up in a fine mood. It’s a social day, but Saturn gives it a sober feel. We may want to work, and there is good work energy. Working with a partner would be ideal. On the other hand, we may develop some serious communication.

MONDAY APRIL 5. Full Moon at 16 Libra occurs at 7:03 a.m. EDT. Aries wants to plunge ahead. Libra reminds us that at times we need to cooperate to be successful.

It’s time to balance the books

Balance is our challenge now. War is an Aries method of asserting a nation’s weight in the world. Diplomacy is Libra’s first choice. Aries is the first sign, when we can focus only on self. Libra is the seventh sign, and we can take off our blinders, and see others. We realize now that others are not only helpful, but interesting and enjoyable as well. Aries is a sign of the loner. Libra is a sign of the partner. Aries doesn’t need a mirror. Libra finds him or herself by being mirrored through others’ reactions.

Cooperation entails a sense of fairness. Balance means that both sides of the scales are more or less equal. Thus Libra has a strong sense of justice, and is willing to fight for the underdog. Of course we often consider ourselves, or our family or nation, to be the underdog. Libra, then, tends to enjoy competing, but in a direct one-to-one, where the other is met face to face. Thus Libras can make good generals as well as good tennis or chess players.

Moon shows how we meet emotional needs, and Libra moon has an emotional need for others as mirrors.

This Full Moon, then, is about finding self through relating to others. The focus is on partnership, whether it be cooperative, or one of enmity.

Mother Ceres directs the action now.

Ceres, the Great Mother, is completely involved in this equation of balancing relationships. She is now at 17 Cancer, and thus squares both Sun and Moon. Sun, Moon, and Ceres are all in cardinal signs, which indicates purposeful moving ahead towards goals, and being willing to break new ground to moving along. Ceres has recently begun an extraordinarily long period of direct motion, and this is her sendoff debut into her current mothering mission.

The nurturing sign of Cancer is one of Ceres’ special signs, and she can act naturally here. Ceres’ story is that she lost her beloved daughter to Pluto, god of the underworld, who kidnapped her. Ceres was overwhelmed by sorrow, and being goddess of the harvest, she stopped earth’s producing of food—the first strike. Finally her daughter returned, and a bargain was struck with Zeus (Jupiter), king of the gods, which stipulated that Pluto and Ceres each had a share of Persephone’s presence during certain seasons of the year.

Ceres’ talent is nurturing. The myth shows that Ceres’ problems can include possessiveness and smother mothering—or its opposite, lack of mothering. They can include separation and abandonment, or problems with letting a child grow up. They can include a need to learn sharing with the other.

The Sun and Moon squares now show stress on Ceres. This means that all kinds of nurturing, food, and family problems will be emphasized. Women will have the spotlight. Two books just out illustrate this: The Bushwomen (Laura Flanders) and The Mommy Myth (Susan Douglas).

Ceres has dominion over labor, and rules strikes. A strong labor coalition was built up in southern California with the grocery workers’ fight for health care benefits during the many months when Ceres hung out in Cancer. This fight will spread to northern California, and surely to other places in the nation. Ceres now in the controlling spot with this Full Moon will help to promote the coalition which asks for better health benefits, and fairer working conditions.

Jupiter and Mars help GW Bush to take the initiative.

Aries and Libra always make a dynamic duo. Besides that, this Full Moon is very highly energized. Mars, the Warrior, is about to square Jupiter, the King, to set royal battles in motion. Jupiter, now at 11 Virgo, is about to conjoin GW Bush’s natal Mars and his progressed Sun at 10 Virgo, and Bush is set to lead the charge.

Cancer is a security sign, so patriotism, military security, economic problems, and families, will be top campaign subjects from now on.

Hygeia conjoins Ceres, and this means that meeting family health needs will be a top priority.

GW Bush and the U.S. are closely tied to this Full Moon.

Debate about the nation’s condition will really heat up. Ceres almost conjoins the U.S. and Bush Suns. Moon at 16 Libra almost conjoins the U.S. Saturn, and almost exactly conjoins the Bush Moon. Bush and the U.S. will be a major topic.

Breaking news: Moon now conjoining Bush’s Moon means that this Full Moon represents GW’s monthly Lunar Return. A Lunar Return is an extremely telling monthly emotional forecast. Because this is Aries’ month, this return represents Bush’s new emotional beginnings for the next year. They will be volatile.

Events which set the stage for this Full Moon occurred in October 2002, when GW’s war resolution was passed by Congress.

The New Moon at 14 Libra which set the foundation for today’s Full Moon occurred on October 6, 2002. There were many events, both here and abroad, which showed the U.S. Administration’s contempt for the people of the world, as well as resistance to that contempt around the world, and general acquiescence with it in the U.S. Illustrative is Bush’s big speech in Cincinnati about a rationale for the Iraq war, Congress’ voting for his war resolution, and protestations abroad by the people. A domestic example is Bush suing California because its clean air standards are too high. (Too high for whom? We residents still live in bad pollution.)

At the First Quarter Moon on July 7, 2003, resistance to the idea of the invasion of Iraq was rapidly building throughout the world, as well as in the nation. Mexican elections also took center stage. The old guard PRI party won Congress, and the Democratic Revolutionary Party won the mayoralty of Mexico City. Neither of these are the parties of the President, Vicente Fox. The chart for Mexico is strongly Aries-Libra, with Aries rising, and planets in both signs. Look for action in Mexico now.

Moon goes VOC at 5:26 p.m., and remains VOC in Libra throughout the night. During this time we have our dynamic Mars-Jupiter square. With Moon VOC, its character and outcome are unpredictable.

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Libra is

"AFTER A STORM A BOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION. The need to keep in operation steady links between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness. Confrontation with broad issues of relation ship and currents of energies released by human’s contact with archetypal-spiritual realities often results in temporary destruction. 'Boats' normally link distant regions, or enable people to draw food from the sea (i.e. new realizations which so far existed only in the unconscious realm of the planetary Mind). They may also be used to enjoy temporary excursions and feel of the water and the waves. Any cultured society, however, may be wary of the danger inherent in venturing far away from the consciously defined and socially structured ways of life. Such adventures may indeed turn destructive; the points of contact between the vast Unconscious and ego-consciousness molded by cultural assumptions and rituals may be wrecked by psychotic storms. The boat landings must then be slowly reconstructed. This brings to us vividly that whatever people build in order to be able to venture away from conscious bases of operation is likely to be damaged by as yet unfamiliar cosmic forces. The tenuous link between the two realms constantly needs REPAIR."

It’s interesting that in Washington the Sun is in the 12th house of the unconscious. (Moon is in the 6th house of problem-solving and re-alignment.)

TUESDAY APRIL 6. At 1:15 a.m. EDT, Mars in Gemini squares Jupiter in Virgo. Mars lends fighting energy to Jupiter, and Jupiter expands Mars’ action. Aggression is the order of the day. Mars has just transited across the U.S. Uranus, which indicates assertion on the part of the U.S. We mentioned above that Bush’s progressed Sun and natal Mars are also stimulated, which shows GW lending much vitality to this transit.

In the chart set for Washington, the angles—which are the most expressive locations in a chart—are potent. Midheaven and nadir repeat the degrees of the Full Moon, echoing its impact. Libra Moon now above Washington is at the degree of Bush’s nadir, making him very emotional about security.

Pluto is rising in the east, making that explosive planet the center of the chart’s action. Pluto is raw power, and can indicate death and destruction. The Ascendant at 27 Sagittarius is at the Galactic Center, which is also a black hole, showing a shift in reality and a possible energy drain. At about the same time, Sun on the nadir squares Ceres in the 7th house to provide another jolt to security. Seventh house is others, and this jolt could come from outside.

The next act is Moon entering penetrating Scorpio at 6:24 a.m. Deep and powerful emotions govern this day. Scorpio is attuned to extremes.

At 4:28 p.m. Mercury turns retrograde to continue the day’s exciting drama. Mercury, our thinking process, is run by emotions now, for it has just contacted emotionally intense Scorpio.

The chart set for the U.S. places Mars squarely on the midheaven, above the Capitol, and Jupiter rising in the east. In Washington, this gives co-starring positions to both of those extremely outgoing planets. Mars is energy, and Jupiter is lots of it.

Yet, with all of this forceful Mars, Pluto and Jupiter energy, there is a constructive process set in motion now. It is something new, and something that can endure. Perhaps it is in the realm of feeling, for emotional water signs show harmonious cooperation. Perhaps it is a renewed connection with spirit.

Tonight our relationship to the larger society will be on our minds. It could show up in our work, and we may work late, or plan work.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 7. Moon is VOC in Scorpio for the entire day. Not until 7:50 a.m. EDT tomorrow does it enter the next sign of Sagittarius. Emotions will be moving inside us, and we will probably feel at loose ends on the outside. Give yourself time for meditation and contemplation today. Don’t make plans, unless they’re to spend the day in nature or near water. Go with the flow. With Mercury freshly retrograde, and VOC Moon for such a long period, plans will be sidetracked. Puttering around could be satisfying. Research could work well, if you don’t try to box it up and rigidly direct it. Psychotherapy, dream work, or any inner exploration are favored. Get your sleep tonight, for tomorrow night is very stimulating.

THURSDAY APRIL 8. Moon is in exuberant Sagittarius, and the world looks much brighter today. This is a high-energy day, and a successful one. We are ready to embark on new adventures. Just be careful of overdoing. Exciting aspects continue throughout the night, and we may be wakeful.

FRIDAY APRIL 9. Moon in Sagittarius continues to imbue us with hope and optimism. And the excitement continues, but with more serious application today. Also, there is a completion this afternoon, perhaps of a project we began yesterday. The over-riding need today is independence. We are awakening to new values, and we want to express them, even if they are "different." Something fresh and important will open for us, perhaps even a new love, or a new appreciation of an old love. It could come out of the blue.

SATURDAY APRIL 10. Moon is in Capricorn today, and the excitement cools. Capricorn likes to set goals, and accomplish those goals (like reaching the mountain-top!). Relationships are important, but there may be fear and insecurity connected with relating—perhaps fear of losing control, or fear of a dent in our pride. But in general, this is a fine day, and again we may start a project now, and finish it tomorrow.

SUNDAY APRIL 11. Last Quarter Moon at 23 Capricorn occurs late tonight, at 11:46 p.m. EDT. Impulsive Aries needs the wisdom of Capricorn to remind him, "Hey, this is worth hanging onto. It will last. Last Quarter is release time, but we release the extraneous, while at the same time retaining the valuable kernels gleaned from this Aries moon cycle, which began three weeks ago. Capricorn can help us make this separation.

During this coming week, we can release the old, and begin to make room for the new seeds which we’ll plant at the next new moon. This is Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the process of resurrection and rebirth, and we are preparing now.

Moon is now not very easily situated. It sits crowded between Juno and Chiron. This combination says that we find emotional satisfaction through relationships which lead to our getting in touch with our higher selves. It is experiences of release which open those doors, and Capricorn has a difficult time letting go of control. In addition, Juno indicates a strong possibility of abuse and inner fear. Chiron shows a break with the status quo. Vulnerable Moon has a lot to deal with. Perhaps bigtime fear will be the most conscious emotion.

Power moves into a new phase today.

This moon phase has an interesting history. At the new moon, GW became unconscious while watching a football game. At first quarter, people in the Washington area were afraid because of the hit-and-run sniper, and at the full moon Bush was in Africa receiving much criticism for various reasons, particularly for the Iraq invasion. They were not happy times for GW Bush.

Bush is particularly attuned to this moon, because he has the same configuration in his natal chart. His Libra Moon is crowded between Chiron and Juno. In addition, the current Moon in Capricorn widely squares his moon, which means the 3-planet complex in the sky heavily impacts his similar 3-planet complex. Moon is our emotional response. In a mundane chart, such as that of a moon phase, moon represents the people. In an individual chart, it represents the family, particularly the mother.

GW is featured in another way. Sun is close to his Aries midheaven. Moon and Chiron are in his 6th house of health and service, and square his midheaven and nadir. Both of these contacts stimulate his aggressive instincts, and he could invite anger from the world outside.

MONDAY APRIL 12 and TUESDAY APRIL 13. Moon is traveling through Aquarius, and we lighten up. Obligations seem less onerous, and there is a feeling of freedom in the air, which permits us to do our own thing. Monday’s focus is on communication. We enjoy a sense of community. On Tuesday we might emphasize music, art, or creative vision of any type, although connection with others remains a priority. These can be pleasant, easygoing days.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 14. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and values, is gathering importance this month. We can see bright Venus now chasing Mars in the evening sky. Normally, Venus travels twice as fast as Mars, and it would soon catch up to Mars, and then move ahead. However, Venus is now slowing down for its retrograde station in May, and although it is only a few degrees behind Mars, try as it might, night after night, it cannot catch up to Mars. Not until December, when both of them are in Scorpio, will they meet—and then in the morning sky.

They both appear now in the constellation of Taurus, with Venus very bright, and Mars a very dim orange.

Venus and Mars together represent creative manifestation, e.g., love affairs, and art. We may be striving to get a creative project together now, and feel frustrated. It can come together in December. In the meantime, prepare by attuning to Venus in the sky during the next five weeks.

Today Venus squares Jupiter, to enhance good feeling and luck. We can see this aspect in the evening sky by looking at brilliant Venus in the west, and bright Jupiter rising in the east. Those are our two planetary stars, and when they combine, some of us may feel like stars.

This square begins an expansion process which does not complete until mid-July. This process will show us the main theme of the coming Venus-retrograde period. Venus-Jupiter tends to bring good things, but there is the danger of overdoing and of over-expectation.

So, enjoy this day. Notice its themes for you. And don’t go overboard on your expectations.

This Venus-Jupiter square stimulates GW’s Mars.

This day, too, flows very well. Moon goes VOC at 3:27 p.m., and enters Pisces at 5:24 p.m. EDT. Movies tonight, anyone?

THURSDAY APRIL 15. Yesterday’s energy continues, but with Moon in sensitive Pisces. Moon stimulates the Venus-Jupiter square of yesterday, and we can understand its workings more clearly. All three bodies are in flexible mutable signs, and we do have some options. Mutables are also worriers, so use your calming practices. Tonight Moon squares Mars, which could jolt us and, again, throw us off balance. On the other hand, with Moon in Pisces, this is a day to stay in the flow. All in all, this is a delicate balance to maintain.

We begin today a focus on the Wounded Healer, Chiron. The next four days are setting up a Chiron matrix for the Solar Eclipse on April 19. Chiron is the bridge between personal and universal, between lower and higher selves. It creates an interruption, a break, in normal living, so that we have to pull ourselves together in new ways to cope. We make ourselves more whole, and this is what healing is all about. Chiron works through re-aligning the individual or the society. The word "chiropractor" comes from Chiron.

Chiron has a 51-year cycle. It is now traveling through Capricorn, where it is disrupting institutions so that they must be re-aligned. 51 years ago the CIA engineered its first big coup. This coup deposed Mossadegh, the first democratically-elected leader of Iran, and replaced him with the oppressive Shah. The success of this coup started the CIA, i.e., the U.S., on its road to regime change, which they have pursued quite successfully for these 51 years. This was a big change in government structure and policies. Now again, we have the U.S. deposing the first democratically-elected leader of Haiti. The blatancy of this coup may be the undoing of this policy.

Today Sun squares Chiron, to invigorate all healing processes, wherever and whatever they may be.

This is a turning point in a cycle which began on January 10. That was an undermining the "New World Order" day. The World Social Forum, a huge alternative non-governmental forum, began its two-week session in Mumbai, India. And statements were released by Bush’s former conservative Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O’Neill, which included that (1) Bush began planning the Iraq invasion from the moment he took office, and the reason was oil, and (2) Bush neither listened nor spoke at Cabinet meetings, which quite appalled O’Neill.

FRIDAY APRIL 16. Moon has a strong power aspect this morning, possibly inducing a power struggle. At 9:24 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC, and stays void for the remainder of the day. VOC Moon in Pisces is a perfect time to reflect and contemplate. Perhaps you can take the day off, and go into nature. Or spend some time sitting near water. Taking this kind of inner time would compliment today’s significant aspect, which is about planting new seeds in our minds.

These seeds will contain Chiron as the nucleus. The institutional change which is occurring is on our minds. It revolves around the U.S. as an imperialist, militaristic power. Some like and support this shift. Others view it as anathema, taking away from a decent civilian society. Mercury retrograde in Aries is allowing us to reflect on militarism, and its costs. Right now the situation is starkly displayed.

SATURDAY APRIL 17 and SUNDAY APRIL 18. This is the time of the moon month for envisioning the future, and we have what we need this weekend to do just that. Moon is in fire sign Aries, looking ahead to future goals, readying us to move on after Monday’s Solar Eclipse. Saturday is excellent for work and serious, concentrated thought. Sunday is loaded with exciting aspects, and we will want to go places, see people, and do things. Chiron’s re-alignment energy is strong on Sunday.

However, with the Eclipse imminent, make an effort to take it somewhat easy through Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Solar eclipses can zap our energy.

MONDAY APRIL 19. The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 30 Aries occurs at 9:21 a.m. EDT. This Eclipse is partial, and can be seen in Antarctica and southern Africa. Southern Africa directly experiences a number of solar eclipses during these early years of the twenty-first century. This indicates many big changes in that area.

This is our second Aries New Moon, and we have now another opportunity to make new starts, and to repair those things we may have begun after the first Aries New Moon on March 20. Conditions are very different now.

The Taurus influence, although important then, is stronger now. Both Moon and Sun enter Taurus within a few hours, and this means that this eclipse also includes the beginning of Taurus as well as the end of Aries. Aries works mainly with ideas, and Taurus with things. Here we combine the two to generate practical ideas which we will carry into manifestation. With the Eclipse we can shut the door on some old ideas, and open to some new ones, which will work.

Communication is our modus operandi, for the rulers of both Taurus and Aries, i.e., Venus and Mars, are in Gemini, the sign of connections. However, as I pointed out above, Venus won’t catch Mars until next December, so projects begun now may be a little slow in getting off the ground.

Retrograde Mercury now also supports delay, and means, further, that we are dealing with old conditions.

However, we had our retrograde Mercury-Sun conjunction a few days ago, which is like a new moon, only it’s a new Mercury. This means that we have planted mental seeds for a new cycle already, and this will support the endeavors which we set in motion now.

Those endeavors are valid, and productive. We just need patience to carry them through delays to fruition—not Aries’ long suit.

Institutional change is the focus now, for Chiron in Capricorn is and has been the biggest influence around this Eclipse. In fact, all kinds of healing is favored. Chiron is also associated with high tech and space ventures.

Mercury will be retrograde until April 30, and we can use these coming days to think through the steps which we will need to take to change the conditions which we want to change.

It is Mars which takes action, and in a few days, when Mars opposes the great power of Pluto, Mars and Pluto will both be infused with intense action energy. We will make a big move then.

Mars will at this powerful opposition be conjunct the U.S. Mars at 22 Gemini, to begin a new two-year Mars cycle for the U.S. The U.S. can expect two years of transformative energy output, set in motion by today’s Eclipse.

Mars in the sky now conjoins GW’s Uranus, stimulating his fighting spirit and independence.

By tonight both Sun and Moon are in Taurus, and weighty matters may be on our minds.

The Sabian Symbol for 30 Aries is

"A DUCK POND AND ITS BROOD. The realization of natural boundaries. Every form of activity has its limits, and even the consciousness that has been able to get a glimpse of universal order has to bring down to its "karmic" field of operation the message it has heard inwardly. Peace and inner contentment with one’s essential destiny (dharma) is required to meet the everyday world. The mystic may experience flights of transcendent vision and imagination, but he must return to the concrete earth and to his task in the social environment. Extensive as the latter may seem, it is still very small compared to the galactic field; it is indeed a duck pond compared to the ocean. But it is there that the substance for concrete action has to be found, and every effective activity has to be focused. Thus the boundaries imposed by the very nature of this activity have to be consciously accepted. Power must accept the principle of FOCALIZATION."

This symbol fits the energy combination of Aries and Taurus.

This New Moon rises along the west coast of the United States, sets through India, and is on the midheaven in Iceland.

TUESDAY APRIL 20 and WEDNESDAY APRIL 21. We have two days of down-to-earth caring, along with opportunities for the proliferation of love, both personal and universal. During most of this time, Moon is VOC in the receptive sign of Taurus. (It goes VOC at 3:36 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.) During VOC times things tend not to go as planned. The retrograde Mercury intensifies that mode. However, the upside is that VOC periods are rests from the Moon’s constant connection with human activities, and we are more free than usual to make and follow our own plans and inclinations…always conditionally with VOC.

Energy picks up Wednesday night when Moon enters Gemini at 9:10 p.m. EDT.

THURSDAY APRIL 22 and FRIDAY APRIL 23. Moon is traveling through lively Gemini, with many stimulating aspects. During the last two days we may have relaxed. Now we can’t keep up with ourselves. We have to know what everyone is doing, and everyone has to know what we’re doing. There are previews of coming action, and reverberations of past, and we can live simultaneously on many different levels.

The big aspect today is retrograde Mercury squaring Juno, to whom cooperative partnership and amiability are important. Juno also includes abuse and fear, perhaps because partnership is so important to her that it acts as a lever.

This is a turning point in a cycle which we began last November 16. This was only a week before a solar eclipse, and there was a great deal happening around the world. In Iraq the U.S. began dropping bombs at night over neighborhoods. The casualty count so far was estimated from 10,000 to 50,000 Iraqis, and 9,000 for U.S. military. Retired Admiral Zunes said, "We’re creating terrorists faster than we can destroy them." In Georgia the U.S. engineered a coup, and in Haiti they were working very hard on destabilization. The UN closed down operations in Afghanistan and in Pakistan because of the lack of security. Bush the Younger traveled to Britain for a big state visit. 14,000 British police were on the streets, and much was canceled because of protests. In Miami the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas meeting opened amid protests from around the world, and closed quickly because the "developing" nations would not agree en bloc to U.S. demands.

In the U.S., the Massachusetts High Court declared that same-sex marriages are legal. And Cheney’s huge energy "Leave no Lobbyist Behind" bill was introduced to Congress.

Everywhere, there appeared to be much resistance to U.S. bullying tactics. At this first quarter of the Mercury-Juno cycle, there will be widespread re-evaluation of relations with the United States, and changes will be set in motion.

Relationships in general are up for re-evaluation now, with a retrograde Mercury helping us to rethink our connections with others. With Mars and

Venus now in Gemini, there are dual and conflicting viewpoints about partnership. The brouhaha regarding same-sex marriage is a prime example.

Juno is working for equalitarian, cooperative relationships, free of domination. That’s what today’s action is all about.

Tomorrow we experience the Mars-Pluto opposition, and in early May Venus opposes Pluto. We are preparing for those powerful oppositions during this month of April, and today’s energy will give us new information.

Moon goes VOC at 7:22 p.m. EDT.

SATURDAY APRIL 24. Moon travels through the vulnerable, comfort-loving sign of Cancer for the next three days. Patriotism rises, and concern for loved ones makes us security-conscious. Mars opposes Pluto, an aspect of great power and energy. The Juno energy indicates that there is apt to be rebellion against unjust domination. Oppositions are moments of illumination and awareness, like the full moon. They are turning points in a cycle. This Pluto-Mars cycle began in mid-February 2003, when people all over the world poured into the streets to protest the U.S. planned invasion of Iraq.

Pluto and Mars are now centered in a "Finger of God" formation, which corresponds to fateful action. Supporting players are transiting Ceres in Cancer, the U.S. natal Vesta in Taurus (as well as the transiting midheaven in Taurus), and transiting retrograde Mercury in Aries, still reviewing old situations. Those situations are about adequate security, and caring, concerned nurturing. Certainly the situation in Iraq reflects problems in those departments.

Mars now at 22 Gemini conjoins the U.S. natal Mars, showing the beginning of a new two-year cycle for the U.S. in how it uses its assertive energy.

GW’s natal North Node (destiny point), and progressed Uranus and midheaven also conjoin this point, showing public and fateful involvement on his part.

Furthermore, transiting retrograde Jupiter at this moment exactly conjoins Bush’s progressed Sun, and is but a few minutes from his natal Mars. This shows much expansion and perhaps inflation of Bush’s ego and his drive to fight.

The remainder of the day’s aspects are easy and harmonious. With Moon in Cancer our emotions are highly stimulated.

SUNDAY APRIL 25. Yesterday’s intense energy pattern continues, with Mercury the major player today. Mercury is consciousness, perception, connections, and communication. We get the picture, and are moved to act on it. This day feels independent and purposeful.

MONDAY APRIL 26. Moon goes VOC at 5:56 a.m. EDT, and travels VOC through Cancer for the remainder of the day. This may not be a very ambitious Monday (better if it’s not), but the action picks up tomorrow with Moon in fire sign Leo. This is the night to catch up on your sleep.

TUESDAY APRIL 27. First Quarter Moon at 8 Leo occurs at 1:32 p.m. EDT. We had a new moon in cardinal sign Aries, but now the fixed signs of Taurus and Leo mark our first quarter, which is the beginning of manifestation. This shows that things set in motion at the Eclipse will become "fixed." This is a stabilizing moon cycle. Taurus is the pivot point for all the moon phases of this cycle, and it encourages growing a productive garden. Leo, who sets the tone for the Taurus-oriented cycle, is concerned with command. Who’s in charge?

Pluto now opposes the midpoint of Venus and Mars (in Gemini), and duality is at its peak. Lucky we have the fixed anchors of Sun and Moon.

Planets closely involved now are Uranus and Saturn, both moving direct and working well together. This means that we can easily move forward on new and different pathways, reform without revolution.

This moon family began with the Leo New Moon of July 28-29, 2003. Homosexuality and marriage were again subjects, with a plan to open a gay high school in New York, and the Vatican opening a campaign against same-sex marriage. Israel passed a law creating impossible conditions for a Palestinian-Israeli marriage. Juno is now approaching Chiron. Look for this whole subject to heat up. Juno does not conjoin Chiron until November 10, just after election. Same-sex marriages, and the whole field of civil rights, can be a major campaign issue.

The Saudis were in Washington in July to discuss their refusal to release information re 9-ll. (Nearly all of the terrorists that day were Saudi.)

Moon in Leo can add drama and color to this day.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 28. Moon continues in dynamic, creative Leo. We can promote ourselves with self-confidence, charm, and authority. Leo is the star, and we do like an audience. This is an active, fun, long and successful day. Our endeavors will move along very well. In addition, Sun has harmonious aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn, the two social role planets, indicating that work-related efforts, and purposeful goals, will go especially well, and they will be enduring. Mercury is about to turn direct, and indeed we can get set to roll on the 30th.

THURSDAY APRIL 29. Moon is in industrious Virgo today. We can follow through on Leo’s creations, and make something tangible and useful of them. We have no aspects during the day, which allows us to be more self-directed and less connected with the world. However, at 7:18 p.m. EDT the aspects begin to pile up, and we have a stimulating night and early morning. If you’re a night owl, you can be productive tonight. This is also a good night to stargaze. There may be things we want to finish up before Mercury turns direct, and we may stay up late working. Mercury about to turn direct tomorrow morning can also induce heightened nervous energy, especially during Virgo time.

FRIDAY APRIL 30. Moon continues in Virgo, ready to get the show on the road. Mercury turns direct at 9:05 a.m. EDT, and we can carry our re-evaluations of this last month out into our lives.

The first quarter moon influence means that we are still starting new projects, still sending new shoots up. Mercury in the pioneering fire sign of Aries helps us to move ahead with our special goals.

Transformation of values is Mercury’s focus now. Love, beauty, sex, and egalitarian partnerships will also be featured in the days to come. Mercury, planet of perception, does very well in Aries. Aries quickens its thinking, and adds focus, clear purpose, strong principles, and the courage of convictions to Mercury’s consciousness.

Uranus conjunct Vesta is also featured. In Washington DC they are exactly on the midheaven, smack in the middle of the public eye. Their eye-opening action will be no secret. Uranus acts suddenly and independently, and Vesta relates to all kinds of security. She is guardian of the hearth, and ready at the drop of a hat to keep intruders out. She protects her territory and her investments.

When a planet stations to turn, there is often a shift in social direction. That will be the case in the days around the direct turn of Mercury. Also, we are free now to engage in transactions without obstructions or untoward problems.

We will continue this story in May. The Lunar Eclipse on May 4 will open a whole new chapter.

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