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Crystal Pomeroy

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Connect with the Angelic Realms

by Crystal Pomeroy

Access and enforce your highest intuitive vision

Intuition is very high at this Sun/Mercury Eclipse New Moon, which opens a portal to the call of the unconscious. Sagittarius presents us with the opportunity to identify and choose between higher and lower instinctual drives. Turning within to meditate before following our expansive impulses can insure alignment with angelic guidance and avoid rash, careless or unethical impulses.

Remember: There are presences here to help you

We are not alone in our efforts to access higher guidance, nor will our intentions to rise above lower instincts and follow the high path remain unassisted by the Divine Fortifier. On the contrary, every decision to follow the path of our highest selves will be met by manifold supports, in both our inner world and the world of appearances. Our New Moon prayers are designed to open us to this assistance and make a quantum leap in perception of the guidance supplied by the Teacher Within. Blessing the world while centered in this awareness can in turn assist the angels in touching the planet’s destiny.

Turn off the TV, spend time in nature, leave the wine at home

It is especially opportune to resort to whatever means available to refine your vibration at this time, staying free of inner and outer excesses. Take a spiritual retreat in a natural setting—all weekend if possible, otherwise, for one day or even one hour. A water, juice or raw foods fast is an excellent option to demonstrate the victory over Sagittarian indulgence, as well as reinforcing your subtle vibration field, including your powers of intuition and prayer. Other recommendations for this weekend include abstinence from alcohol and other mind-altering substances, as well as television, bars and any type of activity or group that could open us to overload on lower thought vibrations.

Pre-prayerations for the New Moon portal

Synchronistic elements for your New Moon prayers include: the colors purple and violet, amethysts, turquoise, daisies, and dandelions.

Have on hand a picture of Zadquiel or your favorite angels and/or guides, next to under them—a picture of Planet Earth.

A natural setting is particularly potent for this New Moon. Those who have access to an oak tree will find special power beneath its Sagittarian boughs.

Listening to harp music at low volume before and during your New Moon prayers will also accentuate the angelic side of Sagittarius.

Receive the invisible assistance that is now being offered

Initiate your angelic invocation by lighting incense, myrrh being most timely for this New Moon, followed by pine and cinnamon. As you light your incense, declare it is an offering to Archangel Zadquiel and accompanying hosts, all angels and ancestral teachers, as well as your personal guides.

Sprinkle your prayer circle lightly with water, as you decree,

"This water is a blessed instrument of divine softening, and by the power of the Holy Angels it has cooled down any exacerbated or explosive tendencies before they start and harmonized all my inner and outer spaces."

Surround yourself and the world with angels

Sit within your purified circle in a very comfortable position, and fortify your angelic connection with images and words such as these:

  • Provoke a moment of concentration and silence, as you behold with your mind’s eye the many guides of the high white light that are with you, attentive to your prayerful intent to release lower instincts and fortify your highest vision. It is best to close your eyes, and see and feel these angelic entities, with their hands stretched forward in a helping gesture.

  • Once you have this image clear, see the planet in your imagination, entirely surrounded by angels with helping, healing, guiding hands outstretched, assisting all beings in their intention for inner strength and clarity.

  • Repeat the following words aloud, slowly and with concentration, at least fifteen times:

I am not alone in my efforts to perceive higher guidance, to verify and follow my highest instincts. The Divine Mind accompanies me at all times, clearly revealing the whatever I need to know and fortifying my highest intent. The light of Divine Criterion does not fade or sleep, but shines always, guiding me to distinguish higher perception, and reminding me whenever and wherever I need to listen within before acting. The Divine Mind knows the truth and shows the truth through my enhanced intuition now.

  • Repeat aloud for the world, at least three times:

Nobody on this planet is alone in our efforts to perceive higher guidance, to verify and follow our highest instincts. The Divine Mind accompanies us at all times, clearly revealing whatever we need to know, and fortifying our highest intents. The light of Divine Criterion does not fade or sleep, but shines always, guiding us to distinguish higher perception, and reminding us whenever and wherever we need to listen within before acting. The Divine Mind knows the truth and shows the truth through our enhanced intuition now!

These prayers and visualizations are bound to accentuate your powers of discernment, especially if used throughout the current moon cycle (until November 23). Complement your prayers with action, by following your intuition, as well as releasing any activities or impulses which seem to block or slow your growth, joy and vision.

The angels are blessing you and the entire planet for a brilliant, peaceful New Moon eclipse.

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