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OCTO B E R   2 0 0 3
M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

Grand Cardinal Cross Keeps Libra Busy

by Maya del Mar

I hope that during these long, slow months of retrograde, you managed to repair your life, your frame of mind, and your approach, for October will be an active month, full of new starts.

For most of the month, we have a moving grand cardinal cross in the heavens. The cardinal signs are the starters; they are the signs which initiate the seasons—Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer. When they are square and opposed one another, as they are this month, we feel needs to move in many different directions—all at the same time. It is impossible to satisfy all those needs at once, and we will feel pushed to the limit. Cardinal signs impel us to action, and we will feel frazzled trying to keep up with the demands in our lives which pull us in many directions.

It’s a good time to initiate a new project, and particularly a difficult one. You might as well plan for a demanding situation, for no matter what you’re doing, there will be conflicting demands. It helps to have at least some of them directed towards a specific goal.

Chiron and Saturn steal the show now. The asteroids form the major supporting cast. All four of the major asteroids are featured, along with the asteroid Hygeia, who attends to health. The asteroids relate to real, down to earth living conditions. They do not refer to flights of fancy, big ideas, or our fantasy illusions, which govern so much of public life, as well as the media. This means that practicality and reality are major focuses this month. Does something work? Will it really enhance living?

Chiron is moving very slowly in Capricorn, opposed to the U.S. (and Bush’s) Sun. It will be facing the U.S. Sun for the entire month of October—as it did in September. Chiron opens us to higher vibrations. It knocks us into re-aligning ourselves. I think of the Zen teacher who knocks the apprentice hard on the back of his neck to awaken him.

Capricorn’s job is to build safe structures, and protect them, to conserve tradition. In Capricorn, there is much resistance to change, and Chiron thus has a difficult job. That knock on the neck needs to be a good jolt. Capricorn is associated with all social institutions, which include government, business, and financial structures. It is noteworthy in the U.S. chart because it is the sign of the U.S. Pluto, which shows where our power lies. It speaks to the conservatism of government and business in this nation, as well as to the U.S. plutocracy—power in business. In other words, we will experience shake-ups in national—and personal—structures.

Those shake-ups will relate to national identity—because of the involvement of Sun. Saturn conjoining the U.S. Sun in Cancer will oppose Chiron for the entire month. Cancer and Capricorn both relate to security. So does Saturn. Thus this whole month is about structural shake-ups which make us see security in a different way.

This is true for everyone, but because the Cancer-Capricorn opposition embraces the U.S. Sun, and Bush’s Sun, this nation will exemplify that dynamic. It’s like being caught in the grip of a vise. Chiron requires us to let go, and Cancer and Capricorn both hang on. Only through release can we open to the new celestial demands. It will be a struggle, with a feeling of push-pull. Capricorn wants to go it alone, and Cancer lets us know that we belong to a family. In fact, we all belong to the family of humankind. And the structures which support that family are showing huge holes.

We must take care of that family, and we have Mother Ceres to help us. Ceres is also traveling in Cancer, along with Hygeia, who is concerned with security in terms of health. They travel closely together all month, both of them near Saturn. They connect with the Moon’s Nodes, destiny points, showing that nurturing is a crucial issue now, along with the literal quality of Ceres’ harvests.

Perhaps we can come to understand "security" in a new light. In fact, survival demands that we must. Each of us will have many opportunities to initiate new ways of providing our own security.

The cross arm to the Cancer-Capricorn axis is the Libra-Aries polarity. This is Libra’s month, and Libra wants to create "peace and justice." Relationships are her forte. The inner, fast-moving planets move through Libra during much of the month. Opposing those personal Libra planets—Sun, Mercury and Venus—is strategist Pallas Athena traveling retrograde in Aries. In Aries, Pallas is a loner who focuses on challenges and on defense. Retrograde, she is rethinking her strategy. We can see this dynamic with the U.S. rethinking its role in Iraq, including its possible need for others. The Aries-Libra conflict is between self and others. (Pallas turns direct in early December, still in Aries.)

Sign degrees which are particularly stressed are 13-14 degrees of all four of the cardinal signs. The geodetic midheaven of the city of Washington is at 13 Cancer, with recalcitrant Saturn now sitting there ruling the city. Its nadir is at 13 Capricorn, with Chiron thus making shifts in its foundation.

Business, family, self, and relationships will all call us during October. Their demands will often conflict with one another. Criteria for action will be based on practicality and on quality of life issues. Libra’s real job, after all, is to create balance. She will have plenty of opportunities to work at it during this month.