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Maya del Mar's October 2003 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1. Moon continues in adventurous Sagittarius, and we are off and running. Sagittarius allows an easy flow of energy, and a spontaneous, playful attitude. This is a day of dreaming, traveling, and communicating, perhaps with the purpose of making some changes which move us ahead. Look for new horizons.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 2. Moon is in earthy Capricorn, and the practical side of life has our attention. However, there may be a gap between what we expect of ourselves and what we can actually do. Tonight the mood is serious and we may accomplish some hard work.

First Quarter Moon at 10 Capricorn occurs at 3:09 p.m. EDT. Libra tends to be pleasant and charming to all, and to care very much about what others think. After all, Libra finds itself reflected in others. Capricorn provides a self-centered ambition for success, so that Libra is prodded into constructive action for self.

This Moon is joining Chiron in Capricorn, and opposing Saturn in Cancer. Changing old structures, and building new ones, is the theme. With Libra, those structures concern partnerships, and issues of peace and justice.

Vesta is moving to conjoin Juno in Scorpio. This can show partnership commitment, partnership obsession, or problems of abuse and domination in partnership. Extracting the autonomous self may be called for.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Capricorn is

"AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR. The overcoming of fear and its rewards. The person who radiates perfect harmlessness can call in the wildest creatures and can establish with them a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding. Every living entity plays a role in the world’s ritual of existence. Beyond these specific roles, which too often separate one entity from another, the communion of love and compassion can bring together the most disparate of lives. The power of such a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST everywhere."

This First Quarter Moon chart has many elements of both love and fear. Can we learn to break through the fear? And rely on the power of love?

FRIDAY OCTOBER 3. Moon is still traveling through Capricorn. The early part of the day continues energizing our conflicts of yesterday, our struggles between love and fear, between equal relationships and abuse, between self and other. By late afternoon and evening we can resolve those conflicts—with love and compassion. Capricorn motivates us to work hard, and we may see those conflicts reflected primarily in our work and our work relationships, as well as in our relationships to authority. Moon goes VOC at 6:40 p.m. EDT, and tonight we can relax from ambitious Capricorn’s demands.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 4 and SUNDAY OCTOBER 5. In contrast to yesterday, idealism rules on this weekend. It’s a lovely weekend to be with friends, and toss ideas around. Good fellowship prevails. Take advantage of it, for a big shock could occur from late tonight to 10:30 a.m. EDT tomorrow.

MONDAY OCTOBER 6. Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. The Pisces Moon today gives the appropriate tone to the most sacred day of the Jewish year, a day when fasting and abstinence are practiced. Pisces has a pipeline to spirit, and can be other-worldly. It can also be fanatical about its visions. At 11:38 a.m., Moon occults Mars to encourage impulsive aggression. Two hours before that, Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aquarius. While Moon moves between Uranus and Mars, Sun squares Saturn, which means breaking through obstacles to set in motion a new structural cycle for the U.S. This can be a difficult day, with both outbursts and repressions. Look for unexpected events. [Ed. note: This is a momentous week for California and the U.S. Please take a moment today to join us in Crystal's special Election Affirmation.]

TUESDAY OCTOBER 7. Emotions are featured today, and depending on the ups and downs of our moods, energy can flow smoothly. This can be a creative and socially conscious day. The evening, however, could be difficult. Needs for independence may struggle against our dependency needs. Moon goes VOC at 7:30 p.m. EDT, and stays void until tomorrow night. Sleep in tomorrow morning if you can.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8. Moon VOC in Pisces allows for a quiet, inner-oriented day. Take a nap if you can, for the action sets in again tonight as Moon enters Aries at 7:07 p.m. This could be an exciting and fun night. If you’re awake, you might want to share it with a partner. Or maybe take a midnight jog, and check out the stars.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 9. Aries always means action, although tonight we might run into a roadblock. This afternoon Venus enters Scorpio to give us a taste of the intense Scorpio time soon to come. We may suddenly be thinking about, and preparing for, Halloween. At the same time, we really feel the pull of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Aries. Sleep could be difficult tonight.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 10. Full Moon at 17 Aries occurs at 3:27 a.m. EDT. In the east, it illuminates the early morning from the western sky. In the west, the bright full orb is overhead. This is the culmination of the Libra cycle, and things that we began during the last two weeks can come to a fruition now. We also realize that to make things happen for us, sometimes we simply need to go it alone, rather than depend on others or others’ approval. With the combination of Libra and Aries, we learn to be an independent member of a cooperative couple, or group. Balancing self and others is the challenge. And Aries is always up for a challenge.

Pluto in Sagittarius balances this Moon. Underground forces and power urges are on display. Aspects are harmonious, and balance is possible—with the combination of cooperation and autonomy. Good negotiation, and give and take, can resolve much now, and move us into new evolutionary pathways. This applies within each of us and between us, as well as to the public spheres.

On the other hand, we are living with a grand cardinal cross, and conflict is inevitable. Featured are Saturn in Cancer, concerned with security issues, opposing Chiron in Capricorn, whose mission is to realign the establishment and all structures—especially, of course, those pertaining to security issues. Ceres, the Great Mother, is intimately involved with these energies. Food and food conditions will continue to be a focus of this re-structuring.

Featured is the United States. Saturn conjoins the U.S. and Bush Suns. Saturn wants to hang on to the past, to what is known. And most of all, Saturn wants to be in charge. However, Chiron is disrupting Saturn’s carefully laid-out program. Can we be flexible?

Great creativity now will lead to new growth. This Full Moon lights up new pathways for all of us.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Aries is

"TWO DIGNIFIED SPINSTERS SITTING IN SILENCE. The ability to transform a natural lack of potency into poise and inner serenity. Life has turned inward, seeing itself in a self-created mirroring. We have here the result of a negative inward approach to potency. INWARD WITHDRAWAL."

This sounds like the U.S. As I write, I don’t see the WTO meeting at Cancun even mentioned by the media or the candidates. This is a major milestone in re-arranging the world power balance. It’s right up there with Seattle. Uranus returned to Aquarius from Pisces just to finish its job of reform of the system, and it is happening. In November 1999, at Seattle, Uranus, the Reformer, squared Saturn, the Establishment.

GW is intimately involved. Sun now is almost exactly conjoined his Moon-Juno exact conjunction in Libra. This is like a double full moon for him. At the same time, Saturn conjoins his Sun to bring him a dose of reality, and extra responsibility. Both Saturn and Juno highlight our fears.

Mercury almost exactly conjoins Bush’s Neptune. This can either add to his self-deception and his ability to articulate it, or it can bring him greater understanding and some common sense. And Jupiter almost exactly conjoins his Mars. This can make him fighting mad, or impel him to join the world community.

Let us send GW positive vibes.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11. Moon today has moved into productive Taurus. Taurus is not the speedster of the zodiac, but it is solid and steady, and we can begin now to put some of yesterday’s illuminations into practice. Just being aware of the idea of equal power, and respect for self and other, in every encounter of the day is the essence of this work. Today we feel very good, and energy moves very smoothly.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 12. Moon continues in Taurus, with harmonious vibes. This day is particularly good for articulating new visions, making a plan to manifest them, and making the people connections necessary to fulfill them. Conflicts about the food system, and about nurturing, continue. Nurturing now includes not only working with earth’s abundance, but also with money.

MONDAY OCTOBER 13. Yesterday’s productive work continues. There may be a disruption or a new revelation around 2 p.m. EDT, just before Moon goes VOC. We may discover a whole new way of looking at things. Moon enters Gemini at 3:45 p.m., and the action picks up with lively, curious Gemini at the prow. This is a multi-faceted day and night, and it will keep us on our toes. Among other stimuli, Mercury in Libra, the sign of justice, squares the very potent Saturn-Chiron opposition of structural change today and tomorrow. Solutions to problems can happen now—through Libra’s negotiating and synthesizing skills.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 14 and WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 15. Moon continues in Gemini, and perception moves quickly. Have fun, enjoy people, surf the net. Mind wants to be busy, and intuition can be used to solve problems. You may notice a multiplicity of impulses during these two days. We are very busy, and all communication projects are especially favored.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 16. Moon is in Cancer, and we become more inner-oriented. Emotion now rules intellect. This is a super-creative day, and we can pull a lot of loose threads together. Tend to the home front.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 17. This is a month for naps, if you have that luxury. This is because for many of the days, very early mornings are filled with active aspects, and there is a lull until evening, when the action picks up again. It’s also a good night for night owls, or people on night shifts. This is one of those days. You may have a hard time sleeping both last night and this night. (Plan to sleep late Sunday morning.) Moon continues in security-oriented Cancer, which is a business as well as a home sign. This morning we will want to tend to business matters, and tonight love and the arts attract us.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 18. Last Quarter Moon at 25 Cancer occurs at 8:31 a.m. EDT. Last quarter is a time for making conclusions based on experience. Libra wants fairness and equity. Cancer needs security and protection. Now we put the two together. How do we find security in a just manner? (Is there really security any other way?) Each of us needs to look at our own relationships. Are they balanced so that each party has his/her platform?

This is an important turning point for the world. This moon falls on GW’s Saturn, and squares his midheaven, a stressful placement. It falls on the U.S. Mercury, indicating a change of consciousness for the nation.

Antecedents for this Moon show times of great worldwide protest against Bush policies and approach. They may come to a head now, with Libra’s need for justice underlying the month’s activities . Money, food, and nurturing have stood out as issues during the last six weeks, and they remain focal points. These issues are, in fact, particularly Cancerian.

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Cancer is

"A WILL-FULL MAN IS OVERSHADOWED BY A DESCENT OF SUPERIOR POWER. The response of spiritual powers to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors. We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the "mantle of power," the grace or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture. This is not merely external success, but a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT."

SUNDAY OCTOBER 19. Sleep late today, and then enjoy the day. Afternoon can be passionate and intense.

MONDAY OCTOBER 20. Moon continues in royal Leo, and we want to rule our domains. Leo takes pride in its accomplishments, and today is a great day for accomplishing whatever we set out to do. We may be enthusiastic and energetic until late tonight. There is something new aborning now, and it has to do with the uplifting of the human spirit.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 21. Moon is in Virgo, and we can apply our powers of analysis to better understand what's going on in the world, and in our lives. This is the time to go back to undone tasks and finish them, finish needed repairs, and generally pick up the pieces of our lives. These days are good for studying, asking questions, and learning new things. We can both attend to details, and expand our horizons.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 22. Again, we have active, productive early-morning aspects. Then at 9:19 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC, and remains void until early tomorrow morning. With Virgo Moon, however, we continue to be busy. This is a day to promote our ideals in a practical way. Reformer Uranus, now back in Aquarius for the next two months, makes two potent connections—one to Sun, who renews its directions, and one to the Juno-Vesta conjunction, which has to do with partnership, money, and abuse issues. Sun, in its last moments in Libra, is sending last-minute directions in regard to partnership and justice. Uranus, whose job is to disrupt the status quo and let in fresh air, has its program laid out for it.

Neptune in Aquarius, with its ideals of how to make a better world, at this same time leaves the starting gate for a brand new journey. It turns direct at 11 Aquarius, and during the next several months it will cover new degrees and bring in new inspiration. Neptune quincunxes Jupiter in Virgo, who will help nebulous Neptune by bringing in new ideas for practical plans.

Mercury, too, is part of these dynamics of change. This implies the ability to be conscious of what’s happening and to make conscious choices. It also means that communication itself is part of the whole picture.

It’s significant that today’s fresh start in reforming energy occurs in the Libra peace and justice energy field. Tomorrow Sun enters Scorpio, and we get into the nitty gritty of power struggles and underground forces.

Also, we are at the end of the moon cycle, which means a time of letting go of the old, and moving into a new vision.

Libra Moon promises a social day. Also, Libra Moon makes a bridge into the Scorpio cycle. At 4:09 p.m. EDT, Sun enters intense Scorpio, where it will travel for the next month. Libra and Scorpio are both relationship signs. Libra asks, "What’s fair?" and Scorpio asks, "Where is the power?" Once we establish a ground of justice in Libra, we can use Scorpio’s connection to power to manifest that equality.

The entrance of Sun into Scorpio is accompanied by a great celestial symphony, played by Uranus and Neptune, those planets which bring about changes in consciousness, and by the asteroids. It appears that we will finally focus on the quality of life, rather than on the bottom line on profit sheets.

Saturn in Cancer, concerned with building real security, leads the way. Its counterpart is Chiron in Capricorn, ready to disrupt old institutions. Saturn opposes Chiron, as discussed in the last two issues of Daykeeper, and the opposition culminates this month. All month it is very close, and tomorrow it is exact…just as Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio, we have a New Moon in Scorpio, Saturn is turning retrograde, and Moon eclipses Venus.

This is an exceedingly powerful and significant period. Occurring at dark-of-the-moon time, it promises a whole new deal for the future.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 24. Moon continues in Libra, where social justice is the theme. When Moon is in Libra, we are attracted to communicating with people. Mercury enters Scorpio this morning, and weighty issues are on our minds. We think about survival, life and death, and the uses of power. Our communication is not light.

Saturn opposes Chiron, and at the same time it is stationary. The chiropractor has to work hard to realign Saturn’s institutions. Today we see Chiron’s big challenge for the next four months, while Saturn is retrograde. They oppose one another for the final time next August 15, just before the Republican convention, to finish the realignment job. Politics will have a very different face by then.

The entire combination of this week’s energies show powerful reform rising in the U.S.

Fittingly, this is United Nations Day.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 25. New Moon at 2 Scorpio occurs at 8:50 a.m. EDT. This is our final day of daylight saving time—another ending and beginning, appropriate for Scorpio.

In Scorpio we come face-to-face with the one inevitable of life—evolution, which involves constant birth and death. Scorpio lives with it, experiences it, thinks about it, transforms with it, and transforms all in its vicinity. This is why Scorpio planets are so good in crises, and even promote crises. Scorpio attunes our instincts to the deepest change.

We have now four planets and one asteroid in Scorpio.

This Moon sits exactly with Mercury, the Messenger. Information is the key here. It is emotional information, or information which arouses emotions, for we have a moving grand water trine during the month-long Scorpio Moon cycle which is now set in motion. Water signs encourage emotional flow. They also encourage the flow of water itself.

On the other hand, our water now is blocked by dams. For a stationary Saturn is the dominant planet in the heavens now. With Saturn on the U.S. Sun, emotional patriotism may be receiving some setbacks. Certainly Scorpio’s mercurial revelations will change some attitudes and feelings.

Chiron now opposes Saturn, mandating institutional change. This is Saturn’s big work now. These changes include families, businesses, and all "institutions."

Shocking Uranus in the progressive sign of Aquarius sits right on the foundation of this chart set for Washington DC. Overhead sits Transpluto, the alchemist. The revolution (Uranus) may be resurrected (Transpluto). And hurricanes may pound the east coast.

Closely squaring Uranus is a rising Juno. This surely means a drive for independence within relationship. It also releases much energy, which is intense. With Juno in Scorpio it means deep desire. Juno is also a major planet of fear and terrorism. She was rising or overhead at other terrorist attacks. Juno can also indicate difficult weather, especially in Scorpio, the sign of testing.

Mercury, the Mover, reaches this Venus degree on November 10, just after a total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon, visible across the United States. That Eclipse is right on the Descendant of this chart, where relationships culminate.

In Washington DC, Venus in Scorpio is just rising over the horizon at the time of this Scorpio New Moon. This gives her a very prominent place as a principal in this drama. We think, Venus—love and beauty—good. However, tomorrow we have a Lunar Eclipse of Venus, and she will be eclipsed, or hidden. Also, at the time of this Venus rising, she makes a mundane square with explosive Uranus at the nadir. Fireworks are likely.

The Nodes, in Taurus and Scorpio, also sit across the Ascendant and Descendant. This shows that we are strongly attracting our destiny. And our destiny now features the U.S. Vesta at 20 Taurus because the celestial North Node exactly conjoins it. Venus, then, is caught up with the Nodes, as well as with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which will occur in two weeks.

The U.S. Vesta at 20 Taurus represents the abundance and the security of the United States. Vesta is also a point vulnerable to fear. She goes to great lengths to keep us safe. The bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City occurred after a Solar Eclipse on the U.S. Vesta the year before, which was visible across the United States.

Vesta in the heavens has just entered Sagittarius, where she can focus on ideals. Vesta focuses, and Sagittarius is a sign of religion. Thus fanaticism can also be renewed now.

This New Moon in the second degree of Scorpio is very potent and powerful. It sets in motion a brand new chain of transformative events. (It’s exactly conjunct my nadir, the foundation of my life. I’ll give a personal account.)

I know well the Sabian Symbol for 2 Scorpio. It very much applies to my life, and here it is:

‘A DELICATE BOTTLE OF PERFUME LIES BROKEN, RELEASING ITS FRAGRANCE. The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from a past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished. A new and greater realization usually demands the sacrifice of something which has brought loveliness and fragrance to a lesser form of living and feeling. Old feelings are poignantly remembered, even as one moves into a new and wider sphere of experience. Old relationships may be left behind, but the memory of their essential moments lingers on, perhaps strong and nostalgic. The difficulty of dealing with the past as one enters into a new realm of feelings. To the excitement of novelty answers the memory of the graciousness of the past one has SURRENDERED."

This evening Saturn turns retrograde. When a planet changes direction, there is a jolt of energy which is reflected on earth. Saturn lines now go through San Francisco, London, Iran, Tokyo, and the Koreas. Saturn is associated with the earth herself, as well as with hierarchies of all kinds. Remember that now he is opposed by Chiron, whose goal is re-alignment.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 26. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. today. And our potent Scorpio energy continues. Today in Scorpio we have the Occultation of Venus by the Moon, conjoining the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio. South Node is where we leave the past behind, and something will go as we move on, just as in the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon.

This Eclipse of Venus is at 22 Scorpio, and the Sabian Symbol is

"HUNTERS SHOOTING WILD DUCKS. The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s instincts. SOCIALIZATION OF INSTINCTS."

Moon square high-vibration Uranus, plus all the other vibrational shifts, may make sleep difficult tonight.

MONDAY OCTOBER 27 and TUESDAY OCTOBER 28. Moon is travelling in Sagittarius, and Juno also enters Sagittarius. We suddenly have three bodies in Sagittarius to widen our vision and to inspire us to head for those new horizons which beckon. This sign of religion is perfect for the beginning of Ramadan, which will last for a month. Fasting from sunup to sundown is observed during that time in commemoration of Mohammed’s revelations.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is in charge during this Scorpio Moon cycle. Pluto is now traveling in Sagittarius, and now Vesta and Juno are heading for a conjunction with Pluto. Vesta joins Pluto at the end of November, and Juno in mid-December. In both cases they begin a new four-year cycle. Pluto transforms, and security and partnership will both be transformed. Religion, politics, and the law are Sagittarian domains.

But right now, on Tuesday morning, Moon begins the Sagittarian parade by joining Pluto. Moon conjoins Pluto once a month and it wouldn’t be such a big deal except that Moon is the first planet to greet Pluto during its home season, and during this dynamic time. Power issues can come up, and feelings will be super intense. Sagittarius, however, tends to be optimistic through all the lessons of this school of life. Sagittarius understands that we walk with spirit, and that we are protected.

MONDAY OCTOBER 27 and TUESDAY OCTOBER 28. Moon is travelling in Sagittarius, and Juno also enters Sagittarius. We suddenly have three bodies in Sagittarius to widen our vision and to inspire us to head for those new horizons which beckon. This sign of religion is perfect for the beginning of Ramadan, which will last for a month. Fasting from sunup to sundown is observed during that time in commemoration of Mohammed’s revelations.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is in charge during this Scorpio Moon cycle. Pluto is now traveling in Sagittarius, and now Vesta and Juno are heading for a conjunction with Pluto. Vesta joins Pluto at the end of November, and Juno in mid-December. In both cases they begin a new four-year cycle. Pluto transforms, and security and partnership will both be transformed. Religion, politics, and the law are Sagittarian domains.

But right now, on Tuesday morning, Moon begins the Sagittarian parade by joining Pluto. Moon conjoins Pluto once a month and it wouldn’t be such a big deal except that Moon is the first planet to greet Pluto during its home season, and during this dynamic time. Power issues can come up, and feelings will be super intense. Sagittarius, however, tends to be optimistic through all the lessons of this school of life. Sagittarius understands that we walk with spirit, and that we are protected.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 29 and THURSDAY OCTOBER 30. Moon is in Capricorn, with excellent aspects, and we can ground all the energy we’ve been trying to handle. We will be ambitious, and ready to work with the bottom line of reality to achieve our goals—no fooling around. And we can do it. Tangible accomplishment can proceed now like magic.

This afternoon Mercury squares Neptune to make us conscious of our utopian ideals. Neptune also can be a bit confusing to Mercury, but on the plus side we can tune into the mystical side of life now.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 31. First Quarter Moon at 9 Aquarius occurs at 11:25 p.m. EST. First Quarter Moon during the Scorpio cycle is our first push into descending into Scorpio’s labyrinth. It’s interesting that Scorpio’s first quarter is always in Aquarius or in Pisces, two idealistic signs. Scorpio needs that idealism to channel its great energies into larger goals. Aquarius is a mixed bag. Its goals are indeed larger, but Aquarius can be autocratic about its ideas, for better or for worse. This combination can lead to fighting for a powerful idealism, and at its best it is nobility personified. On the other hand, it can be the epitome of "friendly fascism."

As certain as both Scorpio and Aquarius may be about their positions, this time can be confusing as well as idealistic. Moon is about to join Neptune in Aquarius to bring social principles and aspirations to the forefront. But Neptune is nebulous. Clarity is its weakest quality, and it requires that we open to spiritual guidance to manifest at a high level. This is our major challenge now. Mars in Pisces trining Sun in Scorpio underscores this dynamic.

Neptune also rules addictions, including our addiction to oil, and oil is apt to be a big issue now. Will short-term greed or long-term altruism win out? Unfortunately, there are no more planets in Libra to help us with fairness.

Chiron and Saturn are still maintaining their close opposition. We know, then, that we are moving into a new phase of structure-changing. Old traditions and institutions are breaking down. "General" Pallas Athena in Aries is leading the charge with new initiatives and new directions, perfect for first quarter moon. She opposes the U.S. Saturn, and the nation is apt to oppose those initiatives.

Because we are in the Scorpio cycle, those old structures which are breaking down are power structures, influential networks which make the wheels of society turn. Or our own preconceived ideas of where our personal power lies. It is certain that with Scorpio, the mandate for secrecy is central. Aquarius is much more likely to want truth and openness, and this conflict is part of this First Quarter Moon. Look for a snowball of the revelation of secrets to be set in motion now which will last through November.

Costumes tonight will tend to be weird, high tech, futuristic, or associated with war.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Scorpio is "A DENTIST AT WORK. Overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego cravings. INVENTIVENESS."

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