Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon in Libra invites us to seed a phase of inner work in relation to Mars’ preponderant influence as the red planet concludes its historically long and intense cycle in this Pisces. During this cycle we have been working on tempering rash, disruptive tendencies and on informing assertiveness with love and unity.

While Mars begins to emerge from its Neptunian haze of universality, and the Libra Moon turns our focus to relationships, Uranus’ role in this lunation reminds us of the importance of independent criteria and action in freely balancing both our loving and assertive natures. After references to politics and finance, the Webster dictionary defines independence from the individual perspective: "Freedom from the opinions or influence of others, competence."

Independence is, in fact a spiritual quality, whose exercise allows us to listen to our inner voice and carry out our highest purpose. The ability to direct our behavior and awareness in an autonomous fashion is necessary to identify and respond to the call of the New Moon’s Sabian symbol, grounding our inspiration to innovate, so that we can begin "again on a new foundation of values." Ultimately, independence is decisive in moving from the lower Libran (and Piscean) tendencies of dependence on and fixation with others, to its highest expression: visionary cooperation with "liberty and justice for all".

An independent attitude, like so many other qualities, grows with use, especially at such an apt astro-junction as the current Moon cycle offers. The following metaphysical exercises are designed to release the equalizing force of self-reliance and assertion in the midst of our relationships.

Timely touches for your New Moon altar and/or prayers

Lighting metallic (gold, silver, bronze or copper tone) candles will help align you with the more savvy, assertive side of Libra, as well as that of Pallas Athena in your September 25 New Moon ceremony and throughout this lunation.

Moonly Metaphysical Reflections (to be done with pen and paper). Part I. Establish your intent

Write or say to yourself, with all your soul, something like:

I intend to exercise and develop my independence in whatever way I need to make my life and relationships dynamic, creative, growth-full, fun experiences.

Part II. Independent awareness

Jot down some of the ways in which you could exercise more independence in order to live according to your most important values.

Examples from our prayer group included:

Proceed with my creative and spiritual projects, despite any apparent shortages of information, contacts or other resources.

Separate and distribute my tithes despite my partner’s doubts.

Develop the loving friendships in my life (even if my family isn’t involved with them).

Define and carry out my plans for daily creative work.

Obtain some materials I need to finish research and/or creative projects.

Apply methods for bringing up my children which may perturb or distance my in-laws or wife, without worrying about losing their approval.

Define and structure my creative project (even if it seems odd, and I wish I had a human being to hold my hand and guide me through the process).

Do my exercises regularly (despite need for sometimes challenging coordination with my family).

Adhere to my ideal of never speaking badly behind others’ backs, even though this goes against the grain of others’ habits—and my own.

Contact senators about some important issues.

Reduce the frequency of visits with a group I love, but which has become a drain on my time and emotions.

Finish gathering images and touching up my visualization materials (such as treasure maps).

Refrain from slipping into my partner’s judgmental mentality and habits.

Send off my absentee ballot for the attempted recall election.

Not discuss what I am praying or visualizing for.

Center on remaining authentic when I’m with others.

Not fixate on being in my partner’s attention, ideas or activities, when I’m with him or when I’m not.

Part III. Prayers to reinforce independence

I am a powerful expression of authentic, free creativity and spiritual understanding, and I trust my ability to interpret and discern ideas and guidance by listening within. I hear my call and heed it, releasing the opinions and approval of others as I take whatever steps I can today to initiate and advance those attitudes and endeavors which express my true values, including the value of caring for myself.

Part IV. Ground your independence

Write down one or more concrete steps you can take towards independent progress on your most cherished values on this day. Make sure they are concrete enough (and, if necessary, small enough) to actually carry them out.

Part V. Redeem your independence potential as a new, or renewed part of your life

• Throughout this lunation (and beyond, if so desired), address your most intimate self with above affirmations during at least six minutes each morning.

• Next, establish your intent to develop independence during the day.

• Write down one or more concrete steps you can take towards that goal today, again making sure they are concrete enough (and small enough) to actually carry them out.

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