Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Transmute Apparent Competition

by Crystal Pomeroy

Let go and let love free you!

This New Moon takes place in the midst of several of the most dynamic, potentially explosive astrological interplays. In this world of attachments, we can all use some loosening up now and then. We are likely to get it with this lunation, which also contains the tools to help us choose beneficent, conscious releases, and to avoid the more distressing, involuntary kind which may otherwise appear. This is a great time to flex our release muscles, but in the context of an even larger spiritual principle, that of divine love.

Love can lift our Mars frequency.

In fact, deepening our love consciousness, so that it informs our attitudes, conditions, actions and work, is a powerful way to transmute our Mars energy during the red planet’s historically long retrograde in the fishes’ sign of unconditional love and unity. In fact, prayers to "love the rashness out of" our assertive tendencies are a powerful expression for Mercury’s current connection with the tensions in the sky, and the Messenger planet’s present tie with both our destiny—and our alchemical potential (as profiled by Maya).

If we are able to make the quantum leap of deeply informing our action and reaction nature with love, perhaps we can choose a destiny free of the more exacting lessons of Mars. As Maya has pointed out, the often-feisty planet of action reaches its closest proximity to Earth in the last 60,000 years within five days of this New Moon, which means that this Moon cycle is not only an apt time to develop more conscious ways of dealing with the Martian vibration, but could actually be crucial for us personally and as a planet.

Love to balance energy with beauty.

This lunation’s opposition between Mars and Venus also points to a balancing of feminine/masculine energies, as does the fact that Women’s Equality Day is almost right on the New Moon. Love as well as inner and outer beauty are associated with the feminine. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the "Mother of New Thought," mentions beauty as the essence and goal of all. One of the Webster Dictionary’s definitions of beauty is "excellence in the extreme."

An effect of invoking divine love is to beautify, beyond any beautification by merely material means. Our New Moon’s prayer treatment will begin to restore the equality in your life between energy and pleasant harmony, precipitating extreme excellence, which the coming Full Moon meditation will consolidate.

Our intent to love at this time will receive help from the invisible plane.

As the Sabian symbol for this lunation suggests, there are invisible energy forms and spirits ready to help us on this powerful peace movement within, which, in conjunction with all loving thoughts and actions at this time, is moving our corner of creation beyond the option of war.

Put rose colored glasses on your heart, with a crystal to magnify your love consciousness.

Quartz crystals are powerful electrical-magnetic refractors of light, including the light of thought, that will capture, intensify and direct your intent. Crystals which have not been artificially faceted on all sides are more effective. The best for love transmutation time are rose quartz or amethyst. If you feel your crystal of choice has picked up too many vibrations, you may wish to clean it first by leaving it all day in the sun, or overnight in sea-salt water. Program it by holding it in your left hand, pressing it into your palm with the thumb, or placing it over your third eye while laying down. Send your intent to heighten your love vibration, and open to the freeing power of love, by concentrating on that desire and directing it towards the stone. Do this during the August 28 New Moon portal, then continue to touch your crystal in the chosen manner during the prayer cycle outlined below.

Lighting a pink candle at this time is another way of brightening love’s hue in your space, as it activates that emotional center through the pineal gland.

Exorcise all apparent limits in writing!

Bring to mind those situations or habits that are not beautiful, and that just don’t seem to fade, no matter what inner and outer measures you have taken; and commit them to writing.

Remember to include ecology matters, both in global affairs and your own patterns of thought and living. The Earth, and our relationship to it, is a vital area of divine beauty.

Use Love’s freeing power for an inner and outer beauty treatment.

At the bottom of that page, or at the top of another one, in large letters, write:

Divine love is present in my being and in my life, working to free me from any situations, attitudes or behaviors that are anything less than beautiful. I accept and manifest my complete freedom, success and happiness now (add any pertinent blessings, avoiding saying more than five or six in a row, which can dilute the effect).

Freeing follow up.

Love does not just free for us, but through us. Beholding the above truth will open you to its assistance, but will also require that you allow it to work, even when you’re not saying the prayer. You can facilitate its workings by consciously relaxing the tendency to grasp onto people and situations, by attitudes such as worry, clutching, impression management, fixation with the approval of others, and so on.

The Higher Power, shining into Earth’s sphere through the stars, will definitely free you now more than ever, if you cooperate in consciousness, and let the cosmos remove whatever is less than beautiful from your life and person by going with the freeing flow.

Continue saying the above affirmation for at least 7 minutes daily throughout the current Moon cycle, and stay tuned for the fullness of beauty coming forth into your life, with our meditation for the coming Full Moon.

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