Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

December 4

Jupiter retrograde

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Only Jupiter, King of the Gods, turns retrograde this month. Being King, a solo performance suits him. He changes direction (from Earth’s standpoint) with the important Solar Eclipse on December 4. Jupiter will turn direct again on April 3, 2003.

During the winter months, while Jupiter is retrograde, there are important sky changes. Pluto and Neptune have both entered new degrees (which bring new conditions), and Uranus has made its seven-year sign change, now from Aquarius into Pisces.

Jupiter is about how we understand and expand into the world. It encompasses our beliefs, philosophies, and moral codes. It is the planet associated with religion. When Jupiter is retrograde, we are less subject to the pull of the crowd. We turn inward, and become more conscious of the unique way in which we may view the world. We develop our own moral standards.

On the one hand, independence of beliefs can grow while Jupiter is retrograde. On the other hand, each one can become more attached to his/her beliefs, and fanaticism can get out of hand. Martyrs for the cause can proliferate.

During this particular retrograde time, we see by the outer planet changes that new social conditions are coming into being. Retrograde Jupiter, who tends to turn to the past for moral guidance, may have a hard time coping. Our old beliefs may no longer serve us in a new world. And yet we ARE in a new world. These conflicts can lead to bewilderment and chaos. People in desperation may hang onto their tried and true guidelines—even though they are no longer appropriate.

This may be a chaotic time. Out of our uncertainties can come the desire to create new world views to mesh with the world in which we live. When Jupiter turns direct again, we will begin to develop new moral codes. Or, on the other hand, fight the emerging world order to express our own inner morality.

Saturn is also retrograde now.

Saturn is practical authority—e.g., governmental and business. Jupiter and Saturn, retrograde together, turn us into ourselves to find both religious and moral authority, and governmental and institutional authority. We’re on our own for the next few months. This is, in fact, an excellent opportunity, for the guidance of the world management team has certainly not been beneficial to people as a whole. Now we can develop alternatives. We have December, January, and until February 22, when Saturn turns direct.

Jupiter is important to both the United States and to George W. Bush.

GW (July 6, 1946—view chart) was born with Jupiter conjoined his Libra Moon and square his Cancer Sun. It is the most importantly aspected planet in his chart. King of the Gods—of course. In addition, Jupiter had freshly turned direct when he was born, which gives it maximum strength. Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter (a Republican) says we might as well call GW "King George." GW indeed feels that’s his due.

GW also has fantasy-making, visionary, oil-oriented Neptune in Libra. The midpoint of his Neptune-Jupiter exactly squares his Sun, squares the U.S. Sun, and conjoins the U.S. Saturn, giving abundant energy to all of those vital points. Besides Pluto on his Ascendant, GW is mostly guided by Jupiter and Neptune (and has the connections to, in turn, guide the U.S.). Neptune and Jupiter are both expansive energies, without boundaries. (And Pluto is completely lawless.)

Being born with Jupiter super-direct may make it difficult for Bush to operate when it is retrograde. Retrograde induces thinking for oneself about moral values. We will see how GW handles this retrograde Jupiter.

The U.S. has Jupiter in Cancer, in a wide conjunction with its Sun. This gives Jupiter extra importance. So does its status as the ruler of the U.S. Sagittarius-rising chart (view chart). Jupiter was traveling direct on July 4, 1776, and the U.S. developed with the prevailing European moral standards.

Jupiter is now traveling in Leo. This is in harmony with GW and with the nation. It is making a marvelously creative trine with powerful Pluto. Remember, this is a RETROGRADE Jupiter. Thus it is bringing us back to the past, and deeper within, to access our moral guidelines.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo is now on GW’s Ascendant, indeed making him feel omnipotent.

A characteristic of all planetary changes in direction is that they are signals for major changes. E.g., earthquakes occur, and wars begin and end at those times.

This Jupiter turning retrograde is a major planetary configuration.