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G E N E R A L   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

August General Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

Leo the Lion is August’s dominating sign. And I do mean dominating. Roar, Leo! Let the jungle know who’s in charge! Leo is all about finding our own command centers, and using them. Leo is a fixed fire sign, and like all fixed signs, holds its position and attracts power to it. Fire gives Leo spirit, action, and enthusiasm. Leo is the sign of the sun, and like the sun, comes on strong. Thus August is often a month of conflicts, as competing power interests vie for dominance.

Furthermore, August 2002 is extra-loaded with Leo energy. Besides the usual Sun and Mercury, we have Mars, Vesta and Jupiter adding energy to Leo during the entire month. They add up to aggressive expansion in the name of security.

Jupiter spends about one year in a sign. It has traveled in security-homeland-oriented Cancer since July 12, 2001. That was when Asst. Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz announced that strategic missile defense would begin in April, with the building of facilities in Alaska.

Now, on August 1, expansive Jupiter enters shining Leo.

Jupiter in Leo thinks big, and can have grandiose ambitions. Jupiter in Leo radiates charisma, and it will bring public appeal to those whose charts are touched by it. All Leo people have special opportunities for growth and good fortune during this next year.

Leo is a leadership sign, and leadership is now emphasized. Usually, competition for being in charge is part of the territory. With Leo, the play’s the thing, and we will see much drama during the coming year, particularly beginning during this heavy Leo month.

Leo also likes to have fun, and all kinds of entertainment will thrive. Leo particularly loves the challenge of games, and look for games to be played in all arenas of life. Creativity is enhanced. Luck travels with Jupiter, and this will be a lucky year for Leo energy.

GW has a Leo Ascendant. A major Leo pitfall is becoming boastful and arrogant. For GW, who already has such tendencies, these qualities are apt to expand.

With Jupiter traveling in Leo for the next year, all of us will increase our creativity and self-esteem.

Leo is greatly strengthened this month by Sun’s conjunction with Mars at the Leo New Moon on August 10. With Mars, action towards Leo’s goal of being the center of attention (like the Sun) is imperative. Furthermore, this New Moon occurs on the sensitive degree of the powerful Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Its energies run through the U.S. in a stripe just east of the Rocky Mts., and through Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Europe.

August’s big contingent of planets traveling in Leo oppose the three planets in Aquarius—Neptune, Uranus, and Pallas Athena-- off and on during the month.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity is very expansive and outgoing—even without Jupiter and Mars. We will be enthusiastic, motivated, ready to take risks and meet the world. Humanitarian causes, the fate of humanity, and the arts and humanities in general will get our attention. Anything is possible, and we can smile through our tears. Pres. Clinton is a consummate Leo, with Ceres in Aquarius.

Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, and both tend to be involved in activities which have potential, and whose results will endure. Fixed also means they are stubborn and determined, like all fixed signs. (Taurus and Scorpio are the other two fixed signs.)They also both like excitement. Leo is creative, and Aquarius inventive, so innovation is likely.

Uranus in Aquarius opposing Transpluto in Leo shows a rebirth of technical and social reform. The U.S. Moon is involved, which means the people as a whole are very stirred by this process. This aspect lasts for the entire month, and indicates a great creative movement towards the future.

Pluto, that planet of intense and deep transformation, also stars this month.

I call Pluto The Recycler, and the Lord of Evolution. Pluto collects energy in deep, dark places, and then brings it out to the light to change life, e.g., as in volcanoes, nuclear explosions, compost heaps, or revelations of corruption.

After five months of relatively peaceful retrograde time, Pluto turns direct on August 26. Power moves always explode during the week Pluto turns direct, as Pluto releases its pent-up energy, which steams ahead through us, now unimpeded.

As it turns direct, Pluto conjoins the U.S. Ascendant for its final pass, and we can expect big change, especially in the identity of the United States. An element from the past will be lost, because Pluto also conjoins the South Node of the Moon, which indicates habits and approaches from the past. Changes in attitudes, relationships, and relationship perceptions are the subject matter. And personal power is the concern.

Ceres remains at 18-19 Aries all month, and turns retrograde on August 13.

Ceres in Aries promotes fighting spirit, the military, and taking the initiative on all fronts. These qualities will be emphasized during August, and further stir up Leo’s fire. Aries Colin Powell will be especially pressured. Labor conflicts may come to a head.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, continues in the sign of Capricorn. Chiron opens wounds in order to promote healing and realignment. Capricorn is the sign of business, of institutions, and of authority.

The wounds in the corporate world, government, the Catholic Church, and the legal system, all Capricornian, are becoming very apparent. Chiron this month is at 4-5 Capricorn, opposite the U.S. Venus and Jupiter, sending its centaur arrows right into the heart of the good fortune of the U.S.

Chiron will travel through Capricorn until early 2005. The realignment of institutions will continue throughout these years. During 2005, Chiron transitions back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius.

During these three years, all Capricornian energy will undergo new awarenesses which lead to change.

All in all, August will be an active, passionate month. Leo rules the heart, and it is time to speak up and act out what is in our hearts.