Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U N E   2 0 0 2
G E N E R A L   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

May General Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

June is when we mop up the fallout from the historic Saturn-Pluto opposition, whose exactness we completed at the May 26 Lunar Eclipse. The last ten months of this opposition—August 2001 through May 2002—have shown us structural transformation in many areas of life, from attitudes and beliefs, to business and religion, to buildings and real estate, to international and personal relationships. All departments of life are different from how they were one year ago.

We’ve all been undergoing deep change over this period. Its basis has been mental—new information which has changed our consciousness and our priorities. Now we put these changes into action—building new values and re-arranged priorities into our lives.

We’ve become much more conscious of the misuses of power and the dangers of extremism—as well as of new possibilities of creating harmony in our lives. We’ve gotten a much broader look at other parts of the world, as well as experiencing our own nation fearfully turning its cooperation away from that world. We’ve heard official lies, and seen contrary facts emerge. We’ve seen more of the ecological disaster now occurring, and at the same time we’ve seen the emergence of new solutions for sustainable living. It’s choice time—Gemini—and alternatives have become much more clear.

There are two Eclipses in June.

June’s two eclipses will help this process by closing old doors and opening new ones. Together these two eclipses cover those two polarities which have been the focal points of concern since summer 2000—communication and security.

These two eclipses divide June into two parts. The first part will be active and perhaps chaotic, as Mercury gets ready to turn direct (June 8). The Gemini-Sagittarius influence of the eclipses involves risk-taking, adventure, and much moving around in the world. The Solar Eclipse of June 10 will set a new, changed phase into motion, supported by a quick-moving Mercury freshly direct.

The Capricorn Eclipse of June 24 brings in concerns about home, re-organization, and a new realization that we all are one. Life falls into place more easily during the second half of June.

Dominant air and water can link head and heart.

Air and water are June’s main elements. They both flow, carry things from place to place, provide a medium for making connections. Like the weather, they are elusive and unpredictable. With air, events depend on the ideas and perceptions stimulated by the connections. With water, the basis for action is how emotions get hooked into what is offered by the current’s flow.

Air, which dominates now, means, literally, much wind, talk, and airborne things of all kinds. The dust storms now occurring in many parts of the world are an example. We also have fire planets in June, and moving air fans the flames of fire. Fire is passion, and passions will run high.

Air and water come together during the first half of the month with a quincunx aspect between panegyric Neptune in air sign Aquarius, and home-loving Vesta in water sign Cancer. Home is where the heart is, but the spirit ranges wide and free. How do we combine these urges? The June 10 eclipse will show us solutions. (Could we begin to realize that the world is our home?)

Jupiter and Saturn are now ready to help us take definite new steps.

Air and water are also featured in a major pragmatic aspect that lasts the entire month. Expansive Jupiter in watery Cancer is semi-sextile to responsible Saturn in airy Gemini. These two planets together define social roles and standards. Closely aspected, they mean that our work, our living situations, and our definition of ourselves in the world will come together during June.

We had the historic 20-year conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus in May 2000, which set into motion a new 20-year grounding cycle for all of us. Now, with this semi-sextile, we take our first definitive step in this cycle of new social definition.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been one defining situation of the Taurus grounding urge. We will take a step now in resolving it—one which will involve combining Gemini’s rationality with Cancer’s feelings.

The U.S. has Vesta—security—in Taurus, and this 20-year Taurean social cycle relates to U.S. security. Vesta wants to circle the wagons and keep outsiders away. We see the U.S. doing this, and June is a time to define this stance. Gemini and Cancer are two major signs for the U.S., and indeed the nation this June has a historic opportunity to combine heart and head.

Do we exacerbate the "insider-outsider" perceptions fueled by fundamentalisms as now practiced? It’s obvious that this Gemini dualism leads to conflict. Or do we support a secular political umbrella where religious beliefs are not tied to national identity? This expresses the ultimate Cancerian goal of nurturing the entire family of humankind. (And the U.S. is a Cancer nation.)

Again, the June 10 Solar Eclipse in Gemini is the moment of decision. June can be a major healing month for work, business, family, relationships, and nation.

Uranus, the planet of surprises and enlightenment, is also featured during the entire month, along with the asteroids Pallas Athena and Juno. Together they are conscious of the strategy of partnership. Surprises in partnership are an obvious fallout of this combination. Since Pallas and Juno are opposite one another, there can also be a consciousness of perceiving the partner as "the enemy," the one opposed to me, as in the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

Pallas Athena is associated with defense, and Juno with abuse and victimhood as well as partnership. Those two opposite one another surely indicate building "missile defense" in the face of terrorist threats.

Uranus turns retrograde at 29 degrees of Aquarius on June 2. It moves slowly now, and remains at 29 degrees for the entire month. There it will begin to work on completing Uranus’ work in Aquarius for the next nine months. (In March 2003, Uranus will move into Pisces.)

Uranus’ work here is reform of government, of science and technology, and of ideals of liberty. It’s interesting that Stephen Jay Gould, foremost popularizer of science, has just passed over. Will he continue to help us from the other side to retain our humanity in the midst of Uranus’ detached calculations?

All planets at 29 degrees of fixed signs are in for irrevocable change this month, as Uranus commences its work of reform. For instance, Israel has Mars—assertive energy—at 29 Leo, opposite transiting Uranus. The Vatican has Neptune, planet of spirituality, also at 29 Leo. People born during many of the months of the decade of 1955 through 1964 are apt to have one or more outer planets now in line for enlightenment, Uranus’ job. They will be on the front lines of moving into the future.

Pallas Athena and Juno join Uranus to plant the first seeds in the garden of the new U.S. progressed Sun-natal Moon cycle at 28 Aquarius, a cycle which will develop during the next 360 years.

Pallas, the strategist, conjoins Uranus all month, like a clone. Pallas rules our defenses, and in Aquarius she prepares for the future. Pallas and Uranus both oppose Juno, who wants fair, equal and civilized relationships. However, Juno is likely to get clobbered with this powerful combo opposing her. One manifestation can be technology opposing humanity and civilization. George Lucas’ new film, Attack of the Clones, may be such a harbinger.

Uranus and Pallas here conjoin the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, which represents the U.S. people’s love affair with technology, as well as the Aquarian desire for freedom, and the need for independence. These qualities are being reseeded now for the very long-term future. The U.S. progressed Sun in late Aquarius joins the party, ready to carry the banner of the seeds planted now as they grow through the next 360 years. Yes, this month’s action shows us the first seeds planted in the garden of the new U.S. progressed Sun-natal Moon cycle, discussed in the February issue of Daykeeper.

Pay attention now! Notice your inner self, your needs, and your purpose here. Notice humanity and its needs. Notice the U.S. government—what it does, not what it says. Notice the earth and the cycle of life which it supports. The sign of Cancer, strong now, is about creating a home on earth. Make choices which support a sustainable home, and put them into action now. Be conscious of using technology in the service of higher purpose, rather than letting it rule our lives and take us where it will.

Remember that we are all one family—the human family.

June is the month of honoring the once Great Goddess, Juno. Juno wants equality in relationships, and when that need is not respected, she can wreak havoc in the world.

We can each do our part this June by working to support civilized, harmonious, and sustainable living in every aspect of our lives.