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August 23
Pluto direct

August 26
Chiron direct

August 27
Chiron direct

August Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Each month we will give the dates of the month’s planetary "stations" in this spot.

From Earth’s standpoint, planets periodically reverse their direction. We call this a retrograde period. It is a time to assimilate that planet’s energies, to bring them home to us and work with them on inner levels. During retrograde times, people are idiosyncratic—more true to their natures—in their expression of the retrograde energy.

On the days surrounding a planet’s "turn," it is moving very slowly or standing still in the heavens. We call this a station. Energy is very pronounced then, and events on earth reflect that emphasis.

During the few days around the directional change of a planet, its action manifests more strongly. We can see its principle more clearly then. Pay attention to the station days. They’re always significant.

During the last week of August the heavens push the green-for-go button bigtime. At that time we are beginning our New Moon in Leo cycle (see August 18), where everyone is working on being in charge of themselves—and perhaps others along the way. Leo is the sign of royalty. Sun has just entered Virgo, helping us develop the skills we need to develop our autonomy.
Early in August we had an energetic Full Moon along with the big Saturn-Pluto opposition, inaugurating a 36-year cycle shift of structural change.

Against this backdrop of strong new beginnings, on August 23 Pluto turns direct, on August 26 Chiron turns direct, and on August 27 Ceres turns direct. It’s out of the starting gate and right into a fast well-greased track.

All three of these planets are energetically related at this time, and they are propelled by go-getter Mars. The combination relates especially to power in business, technology, food, labor, and the theme of enhancing security.

When Pluto turns direct, power is ready to roll, and with a new Sagittarian mandate. Sagittarius is the missionary, spreading its truth, often self-righteously. It reaches for understanding, and a broad perspective. Religion, education, law and politics are Sagittarian provinces, as well as travel. (Check the December 2000 issue for further discussion of Sagittarius.)

At the same time Sagittarius receives another big jolt from the final conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Sagittarius. These three planets give a huge thrust for healing and for moving forward into new realities. Mars and Chiron conjoined during the entire month of May, and issues arising then can be resolved now. In the U.S. the Star Wars system was on the table.

Chiron turns direct on August 26, with Moon conjoined Pluto in Sagittarius, on a motivating first quarter moon. Chiron now is filled with Mars energy, and is ready for a challenge. This is wonderful fighting energy. Choose your battle consciously. Moon with Pluto gives power to the people, and makes us emotional about power.

Labor disputes will surely be one outlet for conflict. Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture, turns direct on August 27, exactly opposed to Jupiter, the King. Ceres was the Roman name for the goddess Demeter, mother of Persephone, who disappeared under the earth. In her grief, Demeter made the earth barren for six months of the year. Ceres has charge of those activities which get food on the table, and make a comfortable daily life possible. When she is not given respect—which is very much the case now—she brings on labor and food problems which deny us our daily necessities, such as strikes and droughts.

As Ceres turns direct, Moon conjoins those cowboy types, Mars and Chiron, to egg them on. Assertive action abounds.

Chiron relates to technology and putting us in a new space, Sagittarius to spreading the word, Ceres in Capricorn to earthy, practical activities, and Jupiter to government. One scenario which includes all the energy now released is a major glitch in the internet, one which halts the work of the world.

There will be many manifestations of this dynamic energy. What do you really need to do for yourself? Now is the time to take the plunge.

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