General Astrological Influences, November 2000
by Maya del Mar

The confusion continues.

First, reread the entry for January 22 in last month's calendar, and then remember what happened that day. In a word, the gauntlet has been thrown. The abortion battle, the taxation battle, the energy battle, the environmental battle, and African-Americans' ongoing battle for equality were all set in motion this first working day of the new Administration, by actions from an Administration that calls for "unity" and "nonpartisanship."

Big this month are
Aquarius and Mercury—together they are the mind of the revolutionary, the inventive mind, the mind determined to promote reform.

For most of February
Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius. Usually a Mercury Rx month is quieter, as people turn their attention inward. Not this time.

Things which are begun under a Mercury Rx usually have some problem. Generally it requires another Mercury Rx period to correct the problem. For example, as the new Russia was set into motion in 1990, every important change they made for a few years was under a Mercury Rx. Notice that satellite launches which take place under a Mercury Rx. are apt to run into trouble.

Now, remember that the election took place under a Mercury Rx. This means that from here on in, Mercury retrograde periods provide opportunities to correct the mistakes of that election. This year Mercury is also retrograde during most of the months of June and October.

But it is the Aquarius retrograde which offers the best opportunities to set corrections in motion. During Mercury retrograde, we look within, and to the past. We connect ourselves and our lives more intimately to our centers, instead of just rushing forward on automatic. Our differences and separations stand out, and we are more original. We return home to our unique perceptions.

In Aquarius we look to the future. With the retrograde, we return to the past. Thus with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, we can move through time, get a sense of history and its consequences, and see patterns and the big picture.

In addition, most of this retrograde period occurs during the Aquarius month of the year, when individualism, change, reform, and revolution are most energized. It's the perfect time to re-evaluate the status quo and to uncover previously unseen truths.

When Mercury turns retrograde on February 3, it will have just entered the sign of Pisces. When it turns direct on February 25, it will be in tandem with the
Pisces New Moon. Thus the renewal of Aquarius is modified by the spirituality (or the delusions) of Pisces. In essence, it is time to renew our spiritual vision as well as to envision a society founded on spiritual principles. An example of the spiritual principles of Pisces was manifested in Jesus' gospel of love, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

For each of us, there is enormous power in all of our visions this month. Notice what attracts you, and what feeds your imagination, and act on it. Aquarius is a time of action.

The Declaration of Independence was signed when Mercury was retrograde. It was intended as a correction to being governed by distant and oppressive rulers. Mercury was in Cancer then, and retrograde Mercury in Cancer has a drive to repeat history, to repeat the past. It is super conservative.

During every Mercury retrograde period, then, the United States has a chance to correct its original immaturity, grow up a little more, to move a bit out of the past. An Aquarius Mercury retrograde can be particularly helpful to catalyze this change and growth.

Four other circumstances give this month enormous significance to the United States.

(1) George W. Bush's Saturn conjoins the U.S. Mercury. Thus he focuses and defines the natal perceptual expression of the nation—i.e., return to the past, and fortress America.

(2) The retro Cancer quality of the U.S. is particularly emphasized this month, as Moon's North Node transits the U.S. Sun, and Mr. Bush's Sun as well. This means help in achieving the nation's conservative aims. This transit last happened in 1982, as President Reagan set into motion forces which began the huge transfer of wealth from the people to the corporations. Poverty was shooting up that summer, and so was the federal deficit. Half a million people demonstrated in New York against nuclear power then.

(3) The progressed U.S. Mercury is now retrograde in early Pisces. Here one can get lost in confused visions of the past, and have a difficult time living in present reality. Perhaps clear-seeing Aquarius Mercury turning direct, especially with a Pisces New Moon, will help the nation to see through the Piscean fog bank—before it self-destructs pursuing a path which is disconnected from the real world.

(4) The United States Moon is in Aquarius. Moon represents the people. Thus reform and renovation in this nation come from the people. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius this month can help people bring their individual power back home to themselves. A nation "of the people, by the people, and for the people" was said by Aquarian Abraham Lincoln.

Aquarius is always a time to be concerned with social issues. During this February, Mercury touches on all of our current issues. It provides the opportunity and impetus for beginning to return power to the people, for each of us to do our part by taking on the task of responsible social action.

Our work this month is to search our souls and the state of the nation, and then to find a social niche where we can express ourselves in effective action. The effort we put out at this time will be magnified manyfold, and will reverberate through time.

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