by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

MONDAY JANUARY 1. The year begins with conflict aspects which show, overall, a struggle between human values and monetary values. (The fact is that they do not have to conflict. This is simply the current style of corporate economics.) This fixed grand cross sets the stage for 2001.

This morning Mars square Neptune can indicate low energy, subtle sabotage, illusion, denial—or the ability to call in the angels to help us achieve goals. Neptune always favors spiritual or artistic activities, and often denies success on mundane planes.

Moon is VOC in Pisces for much of the day. Listen to your inner self, rely on your intuition, absorb nature’s vibes. But Mars in Scorpio will want action, so go for a hike or a bike ride. Watching football or traveling is vicarious action, but your body needs the real thing today.

At 5:14 p.m. EST Moon enters Aries, and the evening is lively and communicative. We are ready to embark on our new year with gusto.

TUESDAY JANUARY 2. First Quarter Moon in Aries occurs late this afternoon, still in the orb of the potentially confusing Mars-Neptune Square. Individualism pushes ahead, despite tradition and establishment norms. This moon is related to April 4, 2000, when the stock market began its roller coaster ride. In addition Vesta, Venus, and Saturn, all of whom refer to money, are part of the stressed grand cross. Money, government, and the destiny of the U.S. are big themes today. The Moon now is very close to Al Gore’s Sun, and he is very emotional about his role. Don’t believe all you hear now; illusion reigns during these first four days of January.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 3. Moon is VOC in Aries for the entire day. This is perhaps the most difficult VOC moon sign. Aries wants action and results, now, and nothing can be counted on when Moon is VOC. Don’t start new projects, despite temptation, but nevertheless with Aries Moon we do need action. Spontaneity and intuitive guidance favor success. It’s a good day for strenuous routine activity.

Moon is in earthy Taurus, and it is time to pay attention to our finances, our homes, and all tangible assets. There may be confusion or conflict around money or resources. On the one hand, information now could be very helpful and accurate; on the other hand, it could be completely off the mark. Taurus Moon suggests that success comes through being practical rather than idealistic.

FRIDAY JANUARY 5. Moon continues in Taurus, wise in the ways of the world. There are two major aspects today. One of them could make us super optimistic and encourage fantasies like winning the lottery. The other one is strictly down to earthy, savvy and canny. We can combine the two in an artistic endeavor, or in using creativity to solve problems of energy and resources. Idealism and practicality combine to ground us in a new way.

SATURDAY JANUARY 6. Moon in lively Gemini makes a number of good-feeling, fortunate aspects today. It’s a fun day, a day to broaden our perspective and knowledge, and a day to tune into spiritual wisdom. Manifestation is also important, and by tonight our ideas show tangible results.

SUNDAY JANUARY 7. Gemini must communicate, and today we may have some new and important ideas to share. For brunch choose a companion with whom you can discuss deep and interesting subjects. At 2:19 p.m. Moon goes VOC, and the afternoon is yours. Enjoy just being spontaneous.

MONDAY JANUARY 8. Moon is in sympathetic Cancer today with loving and creative aspects. There is a grand water trine, and feelings flow copiously for family and dear ones. Cancer also refers to ethnicities, and at the same time there can be a gathering of the clan, and the creation of defenses against perceived outsiders. With Moon in Cancer our thoughts are with home and family.

TUESDAY JANUARY 9. Full Moon at 20 Cancer occurs at 3:24 p.m. EST. This Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse, visible where it is dark. It takes the earth’s shadow 5 hours to move across the face of the moon; thus parts of the eclipse are visible almost everywhere in the world, least in the United States.

Capricorn is about building an efficient organization. Cancer reminds us to take people into account, to provide for human comforts, variabilities, and emotional needs within the system.

Capricorn-Cancer is the business-family polarity, and this eclipse, along with other eclipses from 2000-2002, will lead to major changes in these areas. This is the main polarity of the United States chart; thus changes in that nation are at their peak during these years. George W. Bush has Sun in Cancer, and Al Gore has Moon in Capricorn, showing shifts in their personal lives during this two-year period.

This Lunar Eclipse comes on the heels of the Christmas Day Solar Eclipse. That eclipse, at the New Moon in Capricorn, indicates letting go of an old consciousness of business and structure. This eclipse opens the door for the emergence of people’s needs and personal security issues.

Related events may happen within a week or two of an eclipse, but they also happen at other times, most frequently about 3 months before or after an eclipse. Since this eclipse is lunar, and north nodal (the future), I expect key events to occur close to this time. Both the Inauguration, on JANUARY 20, and the direct stations of Saturn and Jupiter, on JANUARY 25, fall within this time frame—as does the revolutionary Aquarius New Moon on JANUARY 24.

The conflict now highlighted is the same conflict which will be with us for many years: the struggle between hanging onto the security of what is known matched against taking risks to support growth in autonomy and freedom. A potent Finger of God marks this chart, and this indicates sudden shifts in the status quo.

Again, for each of us, all middle areas of the four cardinal signs are especially impacted—Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries.

The midheaven of the chart set for Washington is crowded with Pisces energy, and is at the degree of the Feb. 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse which set in motion Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Pres. Clinton’s Monica affair.

Venus is on the midheaven, showing the elevation of sympathy, artistry, compassion, and women. This is also the degree of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s midheaven, and this eclipse will thrust her into the spotlight.

Sitting next to Venus is Juno, Queen of Heaven, who plays the good wife but is often abused—and angry about it. Juno represents those who are disenfranchised, and in Pisces, sign of the martyr, they may be very disenfranchised. Al Gore’s natal Juno is in Pisces.

Pisces is also the sign of large cycles, particularly those cycles of nature which sustain life on earth. Both water and oil are particularly associated with Pisces.

Vesta is also part of this Pisces complex. She shows that a commitment to addressing these issues of victimization and of natural cycles will produce rewards. She is challenged from behind the scenes by Jupiter, who represents the institutions of the system.

Juno and Venus are both attracted to Jupiter’s power, even though it may run roughshod over them. Vesta will have her hands full maintaining clarity and calling foul on Jupiter.

In the chart set for Washington, the Eclipse itself occurs on the cusps of money houses, and thus money and resources are its major themes. Its degree, 20, squares the U.S. Juno in Libra, which wants justice and equality for all. Disenfranchisement is apt to become a very big subject during the next couple of years. It also squares the U.S. Chiron in Aries, represented by Al Gore, with his Aries Sun.

Water is the major element in this chart. Sensitivity, emotionalism, and compassion are strong water qualities, along with a search for structure and tradition to channel the flowing water. Imagination, creativity, and spiritual questing also stand out.

Water itself, how to allocate and use it efficiently, and how to deal with the enormous effects of global warming on the entire hydrosystem of the earth will be major issues.

Substantial activities can be set in motion through this eclipse, and they will have a strong emotional component.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Cancer is:

"VENETIAN GONDOLIERS GIVING A SERENADE. The drive for social integration through the elegant and standardized play of acceptable emotions. FESTIVITY."

The watery city, Venice, and the romance of this scene perfectly fit this Full Moon chart.

There is much stirring activity throughout the North Temperate zone around the world. Winter may be harsh.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10. This morning we approach the world with a fresh, new outlook. Perhaps we have made some changes around these eclipses which give us more freedom, or move us further along in our humanitarian goals. We feel it’s a great world, and hope is renewed.

THURSDAY JANUARY 11. Moon continues in exuberant Leo, but this day is a bit more serious. We’re jazzed with visions we must pursue, and we need to get to work. How do we combine the rebel and the traditionalist? We have the ideas and the creative energy to come up with something productive.

FRIDAY JANUARY 12. Moon is in practical Virgo today, and work-oriented glitches show up early. For example, duties interfere with spiritual or artistic pursuits, we expect too much of ourselves and/or others, we have differences with those we love, and we feel the tensions of impending change. Our nervous systems are apt to run on overtime today. It’s important to take time out from the fray and create a peaceful space for yourself. Don’t let worries get you down; life smoothes out tomorrow.

SATURDAY JANUARY 13. Our sense of perspective is much improved, and we can pick up yesterday’s loose ends today—those that we still consider worth picking up. We can keep our eyes on the goal, and accomplish something worthwhile, perhaps by working until late in the evening. Ideals have great power now. Spend time on allowing your visualizations of a better future to emerge and coalesce. During this next year they will grow into form.

SUNDAY JANUARY 14 and MONDAY JANUARY 15. These are very social days. We want to talk, share, discuss, connect with others. The major theme is victimhood and disenfranchisement in all its guises. The drive is for justice, and as we lift the veil on oppression there is renewed will to fight it. At the same time we’re formulating new ideals and new directions. These are great days for organizing together for a common purpose. Florida will dominate the news now.

This is a lunar return for George Bush, and this day speaks to the emotional milieu of his next month.

These days are extraordinarily strong ones for sharing and for community. It is important to speak out now for life, and for human dignity.

TUESDAY JANUARY 16. Last Quarter Moon at 27 Libra occurs at 7:35 a.m., after which Moon goes VOC. We enter the surrender phase of the Moon cycle, and what we may be surrendering now is our old sense of justice and fairness, as well as those relationships which do not fit in with our current ambitions and goals. Last weekend’s energy is a clue to this 6-day process which impels us in a direction of change from January 14-January 19.

Sun now conjoins the U.S. Pluto, vitalizing the nation’s power structure. Moon challenges it to take the people into account. "The people" now are acting through George W. Bush (moon in Libra) and we will see what that means.

At 2:02 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio. We travel inwards to the depths of our emotions, and begin to feel the shape of the future. What do our guts tell us? People may be up most of the night trying to make that future fit their desires, especially desires for power. This can be a creative, and also devious, night. The challenge is to totally surrender to love and compassion, to give our egos to spirit, and not to kid ourselves that we are in control.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 17 and THURSDAY JANUARY 18. Moon travels through transformative Scorpio, and the intensity continues. With Mars also in Scorpio, during these days we leave no stone unturned to get what and where we want. We can make a big big push into the future, but the mandate is to be guided by spirit, not ego. Pray and meditate. Firm up and articulate your values.

Two surprises are in store, one late Wed. night and the other surprise on Thurs. New knowledge results in either a power struggle or a willingness to let go of an old, familiar security, which may be difficult. We are rapidly moving into a new future, and by Thursday night this stage of our catharsis is complete, and hope begins to shine its bright light.

FRIDAY JANUARY 19. Even though Moon has switched to the optimistic, adventurous sign of Sagittarius, there is much nervous tension. Disenfranchisement and revolution are in the air, a difficult vibe for the Inauguration of a new President.
Since the January Lunar Eclipse, Mercury has been in Aquarius, that sign which challenges the status quo. It goes retrograde in Aquarius during February, and continues in that independent sign until March 16. (By then Venus has turned retrograde in martial Aries.) Right now Mercury is travelling between Neptune and Uranus, those Aquarian idealists who have much to say these days.

Mercury in Aquarius is tuned into new technology. Aquarius is also an energy sign, and technology for efficient, sustainable use of energy will begin to play a larger role—perhaps through the necessity engendered by energy and fuel problems.
Tonight Sun moves into Aquarius to propel us into the vibration of independence and reform for the next month. The fireworks begin. Around midnight, Moon conjoins Pluto. Moon is the people, and Pluto is deep, often explosive power. An hour later Mercury in rebellious Aquarius clashes with Mars in ruthless Scorpio to set the Inauguration energy in motion. This is the start of a difficult fixed T-cross which culminates on JANUARY 25, when Jupiter and Saturn turn direct. Mercury in Aquarius is, in the short run, no match for the tough Scorpio-Taurus energy which it is up against during these days. However, the mental energy of Aquarius is fixed and stable, and will endure through physical repression.

SATURDAY JANUARY 20. The wheel of the 4:05 a.m. EST chart for the Mercury-Mars square is similar to the wheel of the U.S. natal chart. Powerful Pluto is on the Ascendant, just as it is transiting the Ascendant of the U.S. chart. A difference is that the angles now gather in the influences of three fixed stars, all of them of an assertive and aggressive nature. Contact with fixed stars indicate large scale events and the influence of fate, or destiny.

Sitting right overhead in Washington at this early morning moment is Benetnash, the last star in the Great Bear, which has been associated with the need to mourn for large numbers of people. As the morning wears on, first Scorpio Mars, then the pugnacious fixed star Antares, and finally powerful Pluto, all pass overhead until finally, at Noon, the Sun reaches that elevated position. The morning has not been calm and peaceful.
Nor will this President’s term be calm. Mars in Scorpio is the outstanding energy in the Inauguration chart, and it sits at a powerful degree activated by the fixed sign eclipses which occurred from the summer of 1998 into the summer of 2000, 17 degrees. Even this Mars sits right between two fixed stars, one of a malefic nature and the other helping the native achieve honors and distinction. Sounds like exactly what is happening.

Mars in Scorpio on the cusp of the seventh house indicates that this Administration will be an embattled one.

Saturn is the planet most associated with the Administration. At noon in Washington, Saturn is about to rise over the eastern horizon, a powerful position. Unfortunately, Saturn now conjoins the fixed star Algol which, during the dark part of its cycle, is considered disastrous. This star conjoined the Venus of both Princess Diana and Al Gore.

Saturn and Jupiter together relate to government and business in general. They are now conjunct, placed here in the strong first house, and about to turn direct and move into action in tandem. Along with Sun on the midheaven, this indicates a strong and vital establishment. However, the Algol connection may be a fatal break in the armor. "Algol" means ghost or demon. Its problems tend to be caused by carelessness.

Sun on the midheaven joins Neptune. The midheaven represents the Administration, how it acts in the world, and what the world sees. Neptune manifests both inclusion and confusion. Neptune stimulates high ideals, but at the same time it represents confusion in regard to worldly goals—which is the function of the midheaven. Neptune is mystical, and yearning for a better world. It can be difficult to see the truth of this one. Addiction, delusion, illusion, and denial are all part of Neptune’s obscuring veils. We will probably never know what is really going on with the new Administration—nor, perhaps will they.

Neptune is also associated with oil, and the term "oiligarchy" which is being applied to the new Administration is entirely appropriate. With the exception of Colin Powell, all of the top people have strong ties with the oil industry. Neptune on the midheaven can mean that the nation is run by oil.

There are no planets, nor even asteroids, in cardinal signs. Decision-making, action, and taking the initiative will be difficult for this Administration. So will good organization. Expect a lot of dithering, defensive posturing, and when the chips are down, crisis management.

Moon in Sagittarius is just entering the balsamic phase. This phase, the last, is universal and future-oriented. It shows a need to let go of personal motivations and rely, instead, on universal conscience. Charisma and social power are strong now; one can lead multitudes.

Moon conjoins Pluto, which enhances its charisma and gives it transformational power. Moon also refers to the people, and in this context we see people-power. Moon is in the 8th house, which refers to money and resources, perhaps campaign reform. The 8th house also means the end of something—it is the house of death.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 20 Sagittarius is:

"IN AN OLD-FASHIONED NORTHERN VILLAGE MEN CUT THE ICE OF A FROZEN POND FOR USE DURING THE SUMMER. The foresighted use of natural resources to provide future human needs. ASSURING SUPPLY."

This is, indeed, the central issue of our time. In general, the road ahead looks difficult for the administration. However, the strength of the establishment backs it up.

Moon is VOC in Sag after 1:18 p.m. Teaching, learning, and independence are emphasized for the remainder of the day.

SUNDAY JANUARY 21. Moon enters Capricorn at 9:57 a.m., but makes no aspects until tomorrow night. We are turned towards the future now, and this is a time of planning rather than action. What are our future directions? What steps do we need to take to follow our path? What baggage can we leave behind?

Ceres conjoins Chiron today, and the focus of our new path is expanding our horizons, developing new perspectives, and growing new philosophical and moral underpinnings which will help to heal our venerable institutions. What does life mean? What does our social system mean? How can we make it more secure?

Relationship power is the key tool. The challenge—a big one— is to use that power to heal rather than to dominate others for one’s own ends. This is a fine time to tune into spirit to help us do exactly that.

This is a four-year cycle, and marks the keynote for the new Administration.

MONDAY JANUARY 22. Moon continues through serious Capricorn, and we tend to our responsibilities. Those responsibilities include, now, reform of the status quo. We continue to explore meaning, and the big questions today are: What do I believe is the status quo? Where does it need reform, in my view? How do I cooperate with others to work on this process?

Mercury joins Uranus today to begin the year’s new cycle of enlightened and inventive thinking. New technologies, which can help us deal with energy and water crises, can take off now.

This is a major cycle of 2001 and, with Mercury, the opportunity to raise consciousness is enormous.

For one thing, the sign is Aquarius, the sign of the future. For another thing, the timing in this balsamic moon phase reaches towards the future. Also, although this conjunction occurs during the responsible Capricorn sun/moon cycle, it will get its impetus in the Aquarius revolutionary sun/moon cycle, beginning in two days, which is also future-oriented. Thus it picks up both responsibility and reform.

Mercury is at the crux of a fixed T-square, and is strong, stubborn, and passionate now. It just finished dealing with tough Mars in Scorpio energy at the time of the Inauguration, and is fortifying itself to face stubborn Saturn in Taurus on Thursday. Today it drops by Uranus to get support for its revolutionary stance.

Uranus is the energy of freedom. It will not be restrained, and will, if necessary, explosively break though barriers.

The Uranus-Saturn tension surrounding the Inauguration is that of the new world vs. the old. It was the defining aspect of the Battle in Seattle. Mercury now picks up the theme of that same fight against oppression, and furthermore, carries it through the year of this cycle.

Both political and environmental oppression are critical.

Those ideas which impact us today will receive a great impetus this week, as Saturn turns direct, and Sun and Moon begin a new cycle in Aquarius.

But the seed-planting is not limited to this week. On Feb. 3 Mercury backs up and repeats these very same challenging aspects in reverse, and then repeats them for the 3rd time after it moves direct again on Feb. 25. Not until mid-March is the process completed, just in time to carry this consciousness into action as we enter the cardinal season of spring.

Those three repeat hits of Mercury ensure that our minds become thoroughly stamped with this rebellious Saturn/Uranus square, the major astrological-historical turning point which encompasses society during these millennial years.
(The Saturn-Uranus conjunction which seeded this time occurred in 1988, when the senior George Bush was elected President. Now the younger one has to fight for his father’s "new world order."—which I see as the old world order. Oppression by powerful "authorities" is as old as history, whether it’s in the shape of kings, aristocracy, the church, governments, the military, police, or corporations.)

This is the year’s major seed-planting day. Note that it occurs immediately following the changing of the Presidential guard of the United States. George W. Bush’s Inauguration is the match that sets fire to a new revolution in the United States to achieve "government of the people, by the people, and for the people," as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated.

It may also be the match that sets fire to the technological revolution of sustainability.

TUESDAY JANUARY 23. At 10:38 a.m. EST Moon trines Saturn to complete yesterday’s work. After that it goes VOC, allowing us some breathing space before tomorrow morning’s dynamic New Moon. Be open to the unexpected.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24. New Moon at 5 Aquarius occurs at 8:07 a.m. EST. In Capricorn we established our new foundations for the year. They were based on established traditions. Now in Aquarius we reform those structures to reflect current times and the current needs of human beings. For each of us, we begin expressing our independence, and join with others who share our personal ideals. We fight for humanitarian causes now. This is always a month of change, which can be stressful.

Sun and Moon now conjoin Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune is mysterious, hard to pin down. It engenders a restlessness and a search for the soul’s perfection. Neptune stimulates the imagination, and heightens ideals. In Aquarius those ideals are about human rights, the dignity of life, and democracy, where each person has a voice in his/her governance.

Neptune is also associated with oil, and Aquarius with energy. This could be a featured subject this year. Chemicals, toxins, and addictions are also Neptunian.

Sun, Moon and Neptune are in the twelfth house. This shows a direct pipeline to spirit, and it also indicates that the changes set in motion now are but preparation for the future—perhaps for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius at the Winter Solstice in 2020. In addition, the twelfth house shows hidden, behind-the-scenes activity.

Sun and Moon have just aspected Jupiter in Gemini and Pallas Athena in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Gemini refers to perceiving and learning through dualities, through opposites and contrasts. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and a pair, or a relationship, is necessary. Here the contrasts of daily life provide us information for perceptual growth.

Pallas Athena is the strategist. In Sagittarius, sign of vision, she sees the big picture. She is also the defender of her territory, and in Sagittarius she is willing to fight for truth and for her beliefs. She opposes Jupiter, the establishment.

The reform of Aquarius, then, will be directed towards the search for accurate information and the search for truth.
Partisanship continues.

The dominant feature of this New Moon chart is Mars in Scorpio squaring Uranus in Aquarius, both at critical degrees. The fight for freedom intensifies, as powerful Mars stimulates first Uranus on JANUARY 27, and then Saturn on Feb. 3, just as Mercury is turning retrograde to revisit that Uranus/Saturn battle against oppression. This phase will culminate on Mar. 17, when Mars joins a stationary Pluto.

With Mercury now conjunct Uranus in Aquarius, the ideas of change, reform, and revolution are strong, clear and magnetic. Mars lends them passion.

The signs and houses involved in this conflict show that the public arena, including the neighborhoods, the streets, and the world, are the scenes of creative communication. The Worldwide Web comes into its own.

Pluto now is exactly overhead in Washington DC, showing where the real muscle is. Also overhead are Chiron and Ceres, which may indicate a continuing revival of the labor movement.
This New Moon, always a new beginning, conjoins the U.S. South Lunar Node, which represents the nation’s heritage of freedom. It also conjoins Al Gore’s Descendant, which is the point where he meets the public.

The Sabian Symbol for 5 Aquarius is:

"A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS IS SEEN IMPLEMENTING THE EFFORTS OF A YOUNG LEADER. The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins. TRANSPERSONAL RESONSIBILITY."

Moon, Sun and Neptune rise through Mexico and central United States. They set in Russia and Iran. They are on the midheaven in West Africa.

That volatile pair, Mars and Uranus, show up in India, Europe, and the entire Western Hemisphere, particularly the eastern half of the United States.

As time moves on, Moon conjoins Neptune today, and Sun conjoins it tomorrow. In the midst of this strong Neptunian influence, Saturn turns direct tonight and Jupiter turns direct tomorrow morning.

Together these two big planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are associated with the public influences which provide structure in our lives—government, business, and economics. They have been retrograde for several months, slowing down those activities. Now life can move ahead, carrying forth the Taurean mandate of last May’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

In Taurus these planets touch into the abundance of earth’s resources, and the energy cycle which turns them into money and sustenance. Wealth is Taurean, and Taurus attracts the good things of life. Greed can be a Taurus problem.

In fact, Taurus plus Neptune can indicate oil and big business.

The years from 1878-1890 have been called by historians "The Gilded Age and the Triumph of Capitalism." Those were the years when Neptune was traveling through the sign of Taurus. Those were the years when we plunged into raping the Earth in a big way.

Taurus represents material values, and their growth. However, now Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius are challenging those values, and insisting that it is time to respect the values of human rights, the sacredness of earth, and the primary place of spirit.

Jupiter and Saturn have 20-year cycles, taking place in each of the four elements for about 200 years. This Taurean cycle, which we began last May, is a bridge cycle. It is the last of the earth cycles, and it is ushering in the next 200 year air cycle, which begins in 2020 in Aquarius.

This week represents a key moment in defining the character of this bridge from earthy materialism to airy human values. It is very dynamic—filled with the inventiveness of Aquarius, the idealism of Neptune, the independence of Uranus, the consciousness of Mercury, and the fighting spirit of Mars.

Jupiter and Saturn move forward with both the urge to conserve, through Taurus, and a powerful mandate for change, through Aquarius.

As Saturn turns direct at 7:24 p.m. EST, it is directly over Washington. It is still in Taurus and shows that Taurean concerns will dominate the Washington establishment. Conservatism rules. At this same time Saturn is joined by the fixed star Algol, and there could eventually be disastrous consequences of short-sighted government policies which could adversely affect the world.

Many examples are showing now. For instance, people on the scene in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge say that drilling for oil has already begun. It has also begun on the sacred Columbia plateau of the Uuy tribe, with Colombian troops, paid for by U.S. "aid," protecting the drillers.

Also, the proposed huge tax cut, primarily for the wealthy, could be disastrous for the economy in general, for social services in particular, such as Social Security, and for the bulk of the population.

The refusal of transnational corporations to shift into a more people-friendly and earth-friendly modus operandi is also leading to disaster.

The job of Taurus is to work with earth, to be fruitful and grow. What we need to do now is to shift Taurus greed (in each of us) into the higher octave of the good Taurus gardener, who works in harmony with earth to sustain life.

This twenty-year Taurean social period is our opportunity to do just that. The oiligarchy is not new, but it is now outfront and running rampant, so that its work is more apparent and easier to counteract.

Today we enter the Chinese Year of the Snake, a wily animal. The Chinese say that this is a year of reflection, planning, and searching for answers. It is a good time for shrewd dealings, political affairs, and coups d’etat, and auspicious for commerce and industry.

THURSDAY JANUARY 25. Jupiter turns direct at 3:38 a.m. EST, in the early morning hours. It is quite visible now, bright and high in the night sky, with duller Saturn near it. They are both close to the Pleiades. We can look up at them now, and ask the spirit of Jupiter and the Spirit of Saturn to guide Earth in positive directions.

This chart is almost identical to the Mercury square Mars chart in the early morning of JANUARY 20, replete with difficult fixed stars. Reread that description. One difference is that Moon is now in Aquarius, adding emotional and people power to reform movements.

Another difference is that Mercury—consciousness—has moved across enlightening Uranus (on JANUARY22—reread that day), and will square limiting Saturn today.

Mercury squares Saturn at 4:35 p.m. Ideas of reform run into reality, perhaps in the form of the law. Moon in Aquarius has just conjoined Uranus, and the emotional need for freedom is super strong. With Uranus, anything can happen. Especially when, as now, it is being challenged by hard-hitting Mars in Scorpio.

Moon in Aquarius also represents the people, and the people’s desire for freedom. The U.S. natal chart has Moon in Aquarius, and it is strongly supported now.

This is a stimulating day, and we may be up late tonight. The overall subject is concrete activity which moves us closer to self-determination.

FRIDAY JANUARY 26. Moon is VOC in Aquarius this morning. Take a few hours to absorb and assimilate the high vibrations of this time—and let the low ones go. At 11:39 a.m. Moon enters Pisces, and sets off the newly-direct Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth into society, as well as important people—usually men—who uphold social institutions. Presidents, mayors, judges, lawyers, politicians, advisors, and clergy are examples of Jupiter. Both George W. Bush and Al Gore have their natal Moons conjoined with Jupiter, and they are most at home with such people. These are the people who cooperated with Mr. Bush to create a presidential coup. Jupiter was retrograde then (bad timing—somewhat like a Mercury retrograde), and now as Jupiter turns direct, we are beginning to see repercussions.

For each of us, we can move ahead with our worldly affairs.

SATURDAY JANUARY 27. Moon is in cosmic Pisces, and psychic vibrations are strong. X-ray vision pierces veils, and our access to the other side is extra-ordinary. Take time to tune in to your spiritual connections. Women especially help provide access to those other worlds. The arts, and all creativity, receive a huge boost now and will flourish in the days to come.

Pisces victim-savior themes are emphasized, and martyrdom may be attractive.

At the same time, the push for human rights is enormously energized. Early this morning Mars in Scorpio makes its exact square with Uranus in Aquarius. The idea of caution does not exist now; we just go all-out for freedom. This is an impulsive and accident-prone configuration. With Jupiter freshly direct, there is likely to be over-optimism and reaching beyond one’s limits. And with Moon in Pisces, focus may be difficult and there may be confusion.

These are difficult energies to balance. This can be a day with jolts, explosions, and power struggles. Center yourself and tune into guidance. Some time in nature is always grounding.

SUNDAY JANUARY 28. On JANUARY 17 we began a two-week cycle of re-valuing the establishment, which finishes on Feb. 1. This morning that cycle culminates as we experience an inner (and perhaps outer) realignment which moves us closer to spirit. This can be a very healing day, and again, time in nature would be invaluable. At 2:48 p.m. Moon goes VOC for the rest of the day. Relax and absorb universal love.

MONDAY JANUARY 29 and TUESDAY JANUARY 30. Moon is in gung ho Aries, with fine aspects, and we march ahead on our newly-revealed pathways. These are some of the few days this year when no planets are retrograde. Go with that green light.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 31. Time to tie up loose ends, to be practical and productive. Moon enters Taurus at 9:02 a.m. Tonight it squares Neptune, and music, movies, and the arts are featured.

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