Mercury & Change
by Yvonne Taylor

December 31, 2000. Capetown, SA. I’ve just returned from our annual peace meditation held at Marie’s house, and as usual it was a magical affair. Her home is beautiful, set in lovely tranquil gardens, and everything breathes her special pixie-priestess energy.

There were 20 of us seated in a circle, and we started at 2 p.m. (noon GMT) to coincide with groups around the world. Marie had placed candles everywhere, all sizes and colors, with rocks and crystals set amongst them. Meditation music played quietly in the background.

Marie had laid the altar out on the gorgeous wooden floor. In the center was a huge white candle, and around it were flowers, candles, crystals and all the things we felt we’d like to add.

I wanted Iceland to be represented, and took along a few pebbles from Brekkubaer beach, and then Marie surprised me by laying out a gift I had brought her from Iceland.

I have to confess here to a small "theft" last year! Marie asked me to bring something back for the group that had Iceland’s energies. So I guiltily took a little of that volcanic ash in one of the flower beds in the sacred circle outside the guesthouse at Brekkubaer. I still feel like a thief! But today, to my great pleasure, she had laid it on the altar.

In the group was a lady named Patricia who has just returned from a 3-month walking pilgrimage in the Far East, mostly Japan. She had a long slender candle which she had brought back with her, and this candle held the energies of all the countries on the planet. Patricia lit the flame, and with it lit our central altar candle, thus introducing light and peace from all the countries in the world.

A further delight was the exquisite amber bracelet which Patricia wore. It had been given to her in Japan by a woman who is the leader of an Ainu tribe there.

This was special for me. In November I wrote a description of a TV documentary which I saw, all about the very spiritual Ainu people. Patricia is the first person I’ve met who actually knows anything about the Ainu, and she agreed with me that their clothing has a strong Celtic flavor. That amber bracelet is carrying the most unique energies of a race that goes back more than 20,000 years.

So we really did encompass the whole planet during our meditation, which lasted nearly an hour. It was, as always, a warm and deeply spiritual experience.

About half-way through I was brought out of my deep reverie by the sound of rain, absolutely unheard of in December here. So we had all four elements—the candles—fire, the rain—water, sharing and communication—air, and rocks, crystals, and the glorious smell of a wet garden—earth.

I feel I’ve come from a warm glowing cave where we all had a very special connection. I wish I could be in Brekkubaer tonight to join in their candle ceremony in the snow, but I’ll be there in spirit anyway. I wish you all a happy and safe 2001, and even more spiritual adventures in this coming year.

Love from a gloriously wet Capetown…Yvonne

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