Mercury & Change

Many groups are planning protests at the time of George Bush’s inauguration. A group action with positive intention can be a powerful tool for change. We are proposing the magickal use of mirrors for that action and for the next four years.

Mirrors have been used as a magical tool for centuries. The basic idea is to reflect negative energy back to its source. Examples of the use of mirrors exist in many magickal traditions. The Egyptians used the Mirror of Horus. The Chinese still use Bagua mirrors in their Feng Shui tradition.

The intention of this spell is healing. The mirrors will reflect back to George W. and his accomplices the fear-based hate, malice and evil that they are projecting into the world. Our hope is that having these energies reflected back upon them will cause them to rethink and heal their attitude toward other people, the planet, etc. Helping them overcome their fear and open their hearts is the ultimate goal.

Face the direction of Washington, DC. Hold up your mirror facing that direction. Recite the following chant:

To heal you of your hate and fright
We bring your secrets to the light

From Pluto’s house upon the wheel
Your darkest secrets are revealed

No evil you have thought or done
Escapes increasing light of Sun

The light of love, however small
Reflects from your heart now to all

And as you turn your gaze within
Let health, compassion, peace begin

And as you breathe, you bless the air
And all you see in beauty fair

So in your heart warm feelings dwell
And radiate to all as well

You feel the water of each tear
Create forgiveness, wash out fear

Let your body love the earth,
The blessed one who gave you birth

So when your secrets are revealed
It is a path to make you healed

And as the light increases, warm,
May we all be spared from harm.

—by Joseph Odom, Karen Lynn, Rose May Dance

Repeat as long as possible. Also be creative—add a verse, melody, etc.

We also suggest that everyone place a mirror in or on their house on inauguration day facing the direction of Washington DC. This will help to maintain protection for yourselves throughout the next four years.

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