by Crystal Pomeroy

This Eclipse New moon offers a magical opportunity to choose that which you wish to eclipse in your life and consciousness and those of the world you live in, and to move into a new era of good as, by some accounts, we move into the true new millennium this January 1st.

Our year’s-end gift to you is the following series of tools to enjoy a truly empowering Christmas or Solstice New Moon Ceremony. They can be applied privately or shared with family or spiritual family before Christmas brunch or dinner or as part of your festivities at any time during these holidays which mark a particularly powerful lunar vortex.

  • The earth element can be present as natural greens—like a wreath, tree, live bush or boughs, any of which may be decorated, especially with bright red, silver and/or violet (ribbons, bows, shiny spheres, etc.). Other options include handmade Christmas or Solstice decorations (especially tin ones), objects of silver, amethysts, apples, cranberries (in a dish or strung with popcorn), mistletoe, wrapped gifts, or solstice bread or cake (described below, with fire element).

  • You may enjoy placing on your altar a bottle of champagne, or other, sparkling, cider, wine or nonalcoholic beverage (this can be opened to during Christmas or Solstice dinner or on New Year’s day, or used as a gift). Or simply use a goblet or other vessel with melted or melting snow or rain water.

  • Synchronized symbols of fire could be: in your hearth, and/or a large, thick, warm yellow, violet, green or red candle or candles, green and red candles together, green candles wound with red ribbons and/or red with green. If you're sharing your ceremony, join earth and fire elements by arranging with seasonal greens around a solstice cake, bread, or cheese, which should be round and topped with a circle of candles each to be lit by different participants as your ceremony closes (and then devoured).

  • For the air element, special options could include freshly popped corn (not microwave, as it should be fragrant), pine or apple incense, fragrant greens or stick cinnamon added to your fire, a bell (or bells with participants) to be sounded, and/or seasonal music.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing and eclipsing the passing cycle, may choose to include any of the following:

  • The Angel of Creative Eclipses

  • Kali (Goddess of the Consuming Fire)

  • The Angel of Forgiveness

  • The Angel of Release

  • Zadquiel and Amethyst (Twin Archangels associated with forgiveness, alchemy and transmutation)

  • Tonantzin (Original name of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the "Mother of Deities" in Ancient Mexico, known in esoteric circles today as "Mother of the Americas". Her presence can be further accented by playing a recording of the song "Estrellita," by Manuel M. Ponce during your ceremony.)

  • Saint Germain

  • The Christ Mind

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides), you may call on them out loud or in writing.

Before initiating or intensifying your holiday ceremony as suggested above, you might say or write something like, "I greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in my own initiatives towards eclipsing those patterns in my experience and that of the planet which are no longer for the Highest Good."


Maya has emphasized the keyword, "intention" during this powerful vortex. The written word is an excellent ally for clarifying intention, and a powerful way to align it with this Eclipse New Moon’s opportunity to release undesirable, long- lingering situations and habits is the following:

Eclipsing Elimination List Part I

List those personal habits, tendencies or "defects of character," which you are tired of struggling to overcome.

(The text areas below are provided for your convenience, should you wish to print out this meditation.)

(Some examples from our group’s use of this included: "possessiveness," "violent temper," "desire to control my life," "preoccupation with the approval of others to a degree which affects my professional effectiveness," "lack of self-control to refrain from complaining or criticizing," "judgmentalism," "selfishness," "disorganization," etc.! Sharing these was itself a releasing experience.)

Eclipsing Elimination List Part II

Now list those situations and conditions that you would like to see eclipsed (blacked out). Focus mainly on larger issues, and those which seem to have haunted you for the longest time. You may apply this to your own life, as well as your family, community, nation, planet, someone to with to help especially, etc.

Before proceeding to the next step in this exercise, let us connect with its significance by considering the Power which is capable of extinguishing all tendencies and circumstances that we have outlined above, as amazing as it may seem to us. Our clarified intentions for personal and collective freedom are of themselves a powerful prayer through which that Power may operate. As we focus on our undesirable habits and the personal and collective conditions they may attract or bind us to, the above list is indeed an effective step towards the Buddhist prayer, "May all karma be eliminated."

This eclipse’s occurrence on the last Christmas Day of the Second Millennium, symbolically dated by the first, however, obliges us to take into account yet another factor: the metaphysical or deeper message of the Christ birth, which is reflected in the forgiving and generous Spirit (capitalization intended) of these dates. This is why, in fact, I have focused on those elements we wish to repent (turn back) for or correct in ourselves, in conjunction with the closure of undesirable conditions. The first part of the list we have made, besides being itself an important step towards release, can help us share the following prayers from the depths of our heart. These center on the principle of forgiveness, the energy which connects us to Miracle Potency with the Higher Power which can indeed sweep all mistakes and their consequences, as well as any other limiting conditions from human experience. They remind us of the crux of the Christ message: Hope, Faith and Love-beyond-condemnation combined can indeed "eliminate all karma".

Eclipsing Elimination List Part III

List the names of those people and situations that been most difficult to accept or apparently harmful to you or to the planet in the passing millennium.

Eclipsing Elimination Prayers:

1. While looking on the three lists above, repeat the following prayer slowly, from the bottom of your heart, for 7 minutes (or longer):

"Forgive us our trespasses against Your Law of Love, as we forgive those who trespass against us."

2. Then include yourself in your magical circle of new good, by repeating, again slowly and with feeling, for at least five minutes:

"I am a beloved child of Spirit. As such, I deserve and accept all of the freedom (health, success, love, peace, money, fun, etc.) that Spirit has for me now."

Remember, though affirmative prayers always have power, to insure most lasting results, they need a full cycle of 28-40 days.

Merry Eclipse New Moon! We would love to hear the personal results from Daykeeper readers around the world who use these Christmas Prayers we’ve shared, to add to those of our Effective Prayer and Healing Ministries, as together we create a critical mass of Christ consciousness on entering the New Millennium.

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