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General Astrological Influences, March 2005

March is prime time for us to envision the future, and in that visioning, create new possibilities in the present. Everything we read, view, dream, and imagine is material for those visions. We will be especially attracted to movies, videos and television, and the images which they provide will sink deeply into our minds. (There are many excellent and informative documentaries, which can painlessly help us to understand the world in which we live.) We may want to choose those images with care, just as we choose our diets, for all pictures now have extra power to move our souls.

And March is a soul-month. Our connection to the inspiration of spirit is maximal now, and it is very helpful to take special time for meditation, contemplation, listening to music, being in nature, and simply being alone.

It is prime time to tune into the mind of creation, to notice our part in it, and to open to our intuitive faculties. Crystal’s Moon Meditations are a tremendous help in this endeavor.

March, Pisces’ month, is instrumental in another way. Pisces relates to the entire cycle of life. The constancy of the water cycle, the fertile fermentation of life, its gestation and birth, and the transition into another dimension are all part of Pisces’ understanding. Now we are very open to tuning into the songs of life—as well as the music of the spheres.

The major challenge this month is to set our intentions, for ourselves and for the world, and then to seek out the images which can clarify them and flesh them out.

We have special help in the sky. March’s most active planets are Venus and Mars which, together, embody the creative principle. For the first two-thirds of the month, Mars is traveling through workaholic Capricorn, and Venus is in compassionate Pisces. These are both receptive signs, and thus the Mars-Venus duo will be particularly receptive to all stimuli, and will automatically incorporate them into self. After Equinox, Venus moves into fire sign Aries, and Mars into airy Aquarius. These are outgoing signs, and the urge will be to manifest our creativity—fueled by the images which we have absorbed.

Venus and Mars are both now based in Scorpio energy (re their conjunction in Scorpio last December), and this creative process will be powerful and desire-oriented (yes, get those intentions clear!). It can go to the heart of life. And it will be very transformative.

This timing of our current process: "absorb—then manifest" sounds simple but, as usual, there are complications in the heavens.

Just when we reach out at Equinox, we enter a week when four planets make stations and turns in the heavens. Equilibrium shifts now, and our grounding feels uncertain. Around the same time, Venus enters spirited Aries, and we are dominated by pursuit of our desires, regardless of obstacles. Perhaps this single-minded hunt correlates with the changes of planetary directions.

Jupiter and Saturn together define our social niche, our place in society, e.g., our work, as well as the larger institutions which provide our social framework, such as business, the church, the law, and political structures. Jupiter contributes vision, optimism, and expansion. Saturn is "the law," and demands discipline and responsibility. They are both active during the first week of March, and continue to lend their influence during the rest of the month. However, they are not well synchronized, and may provide an undercurrent of stress or frustration in regard to our worldly concerns. Part of our visioning might be aimed towards defining and resolving this stress. Search out input from spirit, which is behind this world of manifestation. Prayer, intuition, and dreams can all provide powerful guidance.

A powerful and fateful configuration which is with us the entire month is Pluto semi-sextile Ceres. Most of the month’s major aspects revolve around this pair. Pluto, Lord of Evolution, corresponds with deep power and transformation. It rules the sign of Scorpio, which signifies depth, extremes, life and death, and secrecy. Pluto is in the final third of a ten-year trip through Sagittarius, where it is transforming such Sagittarian concerns as religion, politics, publishing, and law.

Ceres is the mother. Her role is nurturing, in all of its aspects. Ceres is a generic name for some grains, and her symbol is the sickle, which was the symbol of the USSR, a great grain-producing nation.

Ceres is concerned with the entire food chain and, in fact, all kinds of nurturing service. She promotes life. Her myth concerns Pluto, god of the underworld, who kept Ceres’ daughter, Persephone, captive. Ceres was grief-stricken. She thus understands the grief of human suffering. In her grief, she did not attend to earth’s productivity. Thus she relates to all kinds of diminished, stunted, and toxic productivity of the earth.

Ceres is traveling in Pluto’s intense sign of Scorpio, where both her positive and negative manifestations are extreme, where all nurturing issues have life and death significance. What about droughts, floods, and wars which bring starvation and malnutrition? What about genetic "engineering," an untested experiment using all of earth’s life as a laboratory? What about toxins and radiation which poison the food and water chains? What about cruel treatment of those animals willing to sacrifice to provide human food? What about low wages and oppressive and dangerous working conditions for those workers who labor to bring us our food?

Survival issues are now outfront for Ceres in Scorpio. She entered Scorpio last December, and will leave next September. Ceres in Scorpio was the major energy in the Bush Inauguration Chart, and I have been discussing it for the last two months. But this month of March, when Pisces can help us to see the whole picture, is the peak month of awareness of human interference with life cycles—and thus with our food chain.

Ceres and Pluto also have extra strong impact this month because they are both stationing to turn retrograde after Equinox, and thus are almost standing still in the sky as they slowly make their turn. (We speak from earth’s vantage point.)

March’s foremost issues are apt to relate to Earth Mother Ceres.

Security remains a dominant motivator during the first half of the month, and security structures are again under stress. This includes all structures, from earth to buildings to institutions to families to money to bodies. We will be faced with new challenges to our secure grounding. In general, use caution this month, especially since resolution of these structural stresses occurs through Vesta in Aries, who enjoys the "frontier justice" role. (GW Bush was born with Vesta in Aries.) Impulsiveness and lack of cooperation can be liabilities now.

Mercury turning retrograde on March 19 might sound a particularly jarring note, especially when combined with Ceres turning retrograde and Saturn turning direct on March 21. Mercury’s and Saturn’s directional changes often correspond with earth movements.

Full Moon is on March 25. Within this potent full moon period, Pluto is stationary and turning retrograde, and Moon occults Jupiter. The heavens and earth will be stirring mightily during this week of March 19-26. This period includes the two-year anniversary of the Bush Administration’s "shock and awe" attack on Baghdad.

During that same week, on March 23, we have Chiron and Mars conjunct at 2 Aquarius. This conjunction sets in motion a two-year cycle which is about re-alignment of group energies.

There are continual yod, or "finger of god," aspects during all of March. They imply awkward adjustments. Occasionally those adjustments can be sudden, disruptive, and fateful.

Like all of our months during these times, March is a vital period, filled with change.

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Maya's March 2005 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Do you feel apprehensive? We begin our two-week Mars-Saturn-Vesta dance, with its underlay of threat to security, and overlay of chip on the shoulder, looking for challenges. Moon is in depth-probing, powerful Scorpio, and it conjoins Mother Ceres, now feeling threats to the survival of life. We are very conscious today of the intense transformations which we are undergoing.

We are moving towards Last Quarter Moon, and it is time to begin to clean up our act. Many of today’s aspects can help us do just that. We are reminded now of the events of last December, and today we make another turn of that wheel. Economics was on the front burner then, along with U.S. "intelligence" and war mongering. I felt a separation from the usual materialism of the holiday season pervading the air. People were taking more seriously the significance of consciousness. The film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" seemed a permanent fixture in some theaters, and some of us were viewing it repeatedly.

The wheel with which we turn is the evolution of consciousness, speeding up even as I write. Notice your dreams tonight.


This can feel like a slow morning. Moon is VOC in Scorpio, and the leisurely pace can give us time to absorb yesterday’s intensity. At 1:29 p.m. EST, Moon enters visionary Sagittarius, and we begin now to look to the future. We may ponder the meaning of our current changes, and think about how they are reshaping our lives. Tonight we may want to share with friends, and enjoy music, movies, the arts, or simply philosophizing.


Last Quarter Moon at 14 Sagittarius occurs at 12:36 p.m. EST. Sag is a spirited fire sign, and this day is super active. Most of the planets now are in Pisces and Sagittarius, both mutable, flexible signs, ready to move the way the winds are blowing. Socially oriented Jupiter is a ruler of both signs, and thus is instrumental in today’s action.

Jupiter is retrograde, and we are thus rethinking personal philosophies and beliefs. In Libra, issues around justice and fairness are dominant. Today Jupiter is squared by Mars in Capricorn, determined to push the agenda of the establishment. At the same time, Mars is challenging the establishment. There is apt to be conflict, in personal relationships as well as among nations and institutions. How do we create security in our relationships? How much do we push our own desires, and how much do we accede to others’ desires? Can we develop a system of checks and balances which is fair?

During this next week, we have the opportunity to let go of pettiness, greed, and false security. We can begin to visualize a future in which we wholeheartedly participate for the good of all.

This is apt to be a long day.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Sagittarius is

"THE GREAT PYRAMID AND THE SPHINX. The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, "Seed-persons" of a previous cycle of existence. The belief in an Original Tradition based on the perfect knowledge of the archetypal principles and forms which underlie all manifestations of life on this Earth (and by extension, in the cosmos) is deeply rooted in humans’ consciousness. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witnesses to such a Tradition, especially for the Western world. The symbol implies that such an archetypal foundation remains the basis upon which humans’ minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are arising. THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY."


Moon continues in optimistic Sagittarius, and conjoins powerful Pluto early this morning. We start the day with a blast of energy. Many planets are in water signs, and feelings—and water—flow copiously. Venus and Uranus conjoin in Pisces, as we plant the seeds today for a new visionary, creative cycle which will last for 13 months. Moon goes VOC at 4:45 p.m. EST, and soon enters Capricorn—at 5:12 p.m. Our mood then becomes serious and determined. Mercury enters Aries tonight to add to our sense of purpose, and our willingness to challenge obstacles to fulfill that purpose. Aries is full steam ahead.


This is both a productive and an enjoyable day. By the end of the day, we can feel good about what we’ve accomplished, and also be ready for a night on the town. Or perhaps preparing for an enterprising adventure. Tension builds up tonight towards a showdown on Monday.


Moon is VOC in Capricorn today, and hopefully we can relax (sometimes difficult when Capricorn’s planet, Saturn, is on watch). What is called for is doing useful things without putting any pressure on ourselves in regard to outcome. Moon enters electric Aquarius at 6:49 p.m. EST. We may want to talk until late into the evening.


We are in the future-planning period of the moon cycle, and we may be bursting with ideas and with ideals. Still, something needs doing immediately, and it regards security. And it is practical rather than idealistic. Mars opposes Saturn to make what is an urgent, and can be a harsh aspect. In the chart set for Washington, this opposition, which stirs things up, is in the money houses.


Significant issues are stirred up this morning, but we do handle them constructively. At 10:28 a.m., Moon goes VOC. It remains VOC until it enters mellow Pisces at 7:32 p.m. With Moon VOC in Aquarius for most of the day, be prepared for the unexpected.


Moon is in Pisces, and we prepare a nest for tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces. This nest is loving, independent, and creative.


New Moon at 20 Pisces occurs at 4:10 a.m. EST. At Pisces New Moon, we truly begin our vision quest. We now have one year to plant and grow our new garden of dreams.

Pisces is a mutable water sign—flowing, elusive, hard to pin down. But this Sun-Moon couple now has a nearly exact trine to Saturn, which will give it firm and enduring boundaries. Plants which grow from seeds planted now will endure well.

This is a receptive and emotional time. Half of the planets and asteroids are in water signs, and in addition the midheaven in the Washington DC chart is in water, creating a grand water trine. The temptation is to overflow all boundaries, but fortunately Saturn in Cancer can channel this great flow of emotional energy. Ceres in Scorpio is overhead in Washington, and with such a public showing, we will get a glimpse of her current significance.

Moon just crossed Venus to pick up some love energy, and before the day is over, she will be challenged by Pluto’s power. Balance of power in relationships will be one of this Moon’s themes.

Neptune and Jupiter have a perfect trine in air signs now, and ideals will be very lofty—particularly in regard to partnerships.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Pisces is

"A TABLE SET FOR AN EVENING MEAL. An indication that at the end at the appointed time the individual’s needs will be met among those to whom he is linked by a spiritual web of energies. After a long chain of personal existences the Soul returns to its spiritual home at the close of the day-of-manifestation. There it finds that which renews and amply sustains; the happiness of the 'beyond of existence' is experienced—if all has gone well. As the life closes, the Soul-consciousness finds NOURISHMENT in the harvest of whatever, during the whole life, has been relevant to the archetypal purpose and destiny of the Soul—one of the myriad aspects of the divine creative word which began the cycle."


The drums roll, and imbued with Aries determination, we march right ahead. We demand justice and fairness, even if we have to fight for it. This morning we are dominated by principles. Tonight West Coasters might go for music or movies. East Coasters are more apt to find their entertainment in their dreams.


Moon continues in Aries, with energetic aspects. This is a day to be physically active. At 3:13 p.m. Moon goes VOC. Even so, evening will be intense. Security problems continue to show up in the financial sectors. Likely part of this is manifested as the government’s desperate lunge to get their hands on Social Security assets.


Bountiful Taurus Moon graces this Sunday. If weather permits, enjoy nature and the out-of-doors. If it doesn’t, settle in and cook a delicious, heart-warming meal. This is a really fine Sunday. Rest up in preparation for a very busy day tomorrow.


What do you want to accomplish? Today is the day to get it moving. Start out by clearly delineating your goals, and then go for it. The universe will help you. You can, in fact, create the kind of transformation which will represent a major positive step in your life. Action continues until late tonight.


Moon is in communicative Gemini. However, there are no aspects until tonight. This means that you get to call the shots. You can decide who you want to contact, how, and what you want to transmit. Or you might choose to work alone, with your papers, books, and computer. Mind is always busy when moon travels through Gemini. Tonight we make enlivening connections, e.g. watching a stimulating film.


Moon continues in Gemini, but with aspects which do bring us connections, perhaps with important people. We can look at new possibilities, and take pleasure in the soarings of our minds today.


First Quarter Moon at 28 Gemini occurs at 2:19 p.m. EST. Now the month’s persistent undercurrents come to a head. This is a powerful and explosive Moon, primarily in the mental realm, because of the mutable signs. Pluto opposes Moon and squares Sun. This in itself is like dropping a bomb. Something will die, and something new will be born. This is a transformative T-square, with its outlet on the U.S. progressed Neptune. Neptunian veils will be ripped away, and we will see a new reality. It’s most relevant that this Moon is also the first quarter of the Moon family which began on June 17, 2004, just as the 9-11 hearings closed. Although some new facts emerged there, they were not followed up. And many obvious issues were not even mentioned, and relevant questions were not asked. The hearings did, however, stimulate much continuing research and discussion.

There are two yods, or "fingers of god," in this chart. They are at the same degrees as Pluto, Sun, and Moon, so they work in tandem with that powerful T-square, as well as with each other. Yods show sudden, often surprising, points of re-alignment, and often feel like a stroke of fate.

One of the yods has Moon at its lever point, and explosive Pluto at the action outlet. Moon represents family, feelings, and the people. The other yod is directed by Ceres in Scorpio, discussed extensively in General Influences. This is the hallmark planet of the Bush Inauguration chart. Both Moon and Ceres are nurturing energies, and they are having big problems now.

There are two other energies intimately involved in these central formations, assertive Mars and security-oriented Vesta who, in fact, cares for all types of investments. They are both in cardinal, or action-oriented, signs, and in stressful square to one another as well, which makes teamwork difficult. They are both parts of the yods, and neither one has patience.

Mars, in addition, conjoins the U.S. Pluto, the seat of the corporate power which runs the nation. Mars energizes whatever it touches. Resulting movement can be positive or negative, but it will be noticeable. Mars is penetrating, and it can also hurt, like an arrow. Mars now also opposes GW’s Saturn, ruler of his sixth house of health.

Mercury in Aries opposes the U.S. Saturn (the Administration) and is in challenging square to Bush’s and the U.S. Suns. This is headstrong energy opposing the establishment.

Uranus, the planet of disruption and surprises, is about to square the U.S. Uranus. This represents a freedom, a freeing from old constraints.

The Moon’s Nodes are also involved. They are destiny points, and connections to them have lasting social significance.

All told, we have here a very fertile and potent first quarter moon, breaking through big social obstacles to express something new. (St. Pat, are you with us?) It has an energizing influence on the U.S. and on GW Bush.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Gemini is incredibly apt:

"THROUGH BANKRUPTCY, SOCIETY GIVES TO AN OVERBURDENED INDIVIDUAL THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN AGAIN. A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks. Individual failure cannot be separated from the health of the community. The special nature of the whole is implied in the failure of the part to perform adequately under particularly harsh economic conditions. A society which enthrones the principle of ruthless competition must also develop mechanisms to exteriorize the principle of compassion. The latter was at first emphasized by Northern Buddhism, and later by Christianity. LIBERATION FROM THE PAST."


Moon is in Cancer, the sign of nurturing and of family. Cancer is sensitive and receptive, and can be reclusive. There is also a need for independence. Miscommunication and over-sensitivity can lead to interpersonal conflict. Forgiveness can smooth the way.


Moon continues in emotional Cancer. We can tend to home and security regarding our own families, the family of the nation, and the family of humankind. Physical energy and idealism join today, to provide positive nurturing of self and others. The high energy can inspire patriotic activism.

At 7:15 p.m. Mercury turns retrograde at 15 Aries. Aries is naturally fired up with pioneering spirit, ready to plunge ahead regardless of risks. We have now three weeks to review how we take initiative and rush into situations, particularly in regard to society’s institutions and in regard to our personal beliefs. Mars, Aries’ planet, now sextiles Pisces Sun in its very last degree. Perhaps we will open wider to compassion as a consideration.

Enjoying people to whom we feel close, who are "family" to us, may attract us tonight. This would be a great night to begin celebrating the great power window of Spring Equinox.


Sun’s entry into Aries signals Spring Equinox, when the day force and the night force are balanced. Day Force begins its ascendancy now, and many of us feel the rising of the blood. Many celebrate this new birth, breaking through the shell of winter, with Easter—which was an ancient fertility celebration.

Sun enters Aries at 7:34 a.m. EST. Sun’s entry into Aries, the first sign, is quite decisive. We take that plunge into a new season. But in many other ways, this is a shaky, indecisive, edgy time.

This includes the fact that Mercury turned retrograde in Aries’ sign yesterday, dampening some of Aries’ natural enthusiasm to rush into the ring. ("Bring ‘em on," said Bush, who has Vesta in Aries in the ninth house of foreign countries. Quintessential Aries.)

Mercury is not the only planetary cusp of change. As of right now, Saturn is poised to turn direct tomorrow, and Ceres is preparing to turn retrograde tomorrow.

Equinox, like the other seasonal beginnings, opens us to a great influx of power. These three shifting planets, already powerful in their stations, will carry that Equinox power throughout their retrograde, or direct, trips. The retrograde planets are retreating from the social milieu, and we will focus with working on inner levels with them. But the planet turning direct, Saturn, is re-entering society with renewed energy, and being carried ahead on the Aries Equinox energy as well. Saturn is THE LAW—government, business, finance, and society’s institutions. Saturn also refers to structures, including the earth itself, and our skeletons. With the great energy available now, all structures and institutions are vulnerable to shakeup. That could certainly give us food for thought during the retrograde periods.

There is another edgy condition. Sun is definitely in Aries. But two other planets, those which most closely aspect Sun, are in the final degrees and minutes of their signs, getting set for the new but having to finish up old business. This kind of cuspal position can feel very shaky.

The planets are Mars, at 30 Capricorn, directly opposed by Moon, at 30 Cancer. This is the family-security axis. In an individual chart, Cancer-Capricorn favors business. This is the dominant polarity in the U.S. chart.

Oppositions always mean relationship, and a challenge to balance opposites. The energies can cooperate or fight. In this case, we have argumentative Mars opposing sensitive Moon, and conflict is the likely outcome.

Planets in the final degree and minutes of a sign act as though the universe is insisting that the work of that planet be finished up now. There is an urgency to work out its problems, and thus a big load can be assumed. It can feel like this is perhaps the last lifetime to have a chance at getting this combination right.

So, we have here a sensitive and personal (Moon) opposition, with the potential for conflict but also for action, needing to finish up its assignment, as the major theme of this season. How will it play out? In families, in institutions, in government, and particularly in the U.S.? Mars has just crossed over the power planet of the U.S., Pluto, and carries out that energy.

One of the national summaries of this configuration is "aggression for the purpose of security and protection of business—last chance to set it up."

A personal summary is very similar. Make your moves now to protect yourself and your family.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 30 Cancer is

"A DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The prestige and preservation of a long-maintained heritage. After several generations the ancestor who was perhaps a violent revolutionary or rabble-rouser—or even a fugitive from justice—acquires a halo of respectability. The tradition that once was born of revolution now extols 'law and order,' attempting to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit. GLORIFICATION OF THE PAST."

In general, this a shaky and conflicting day. Work on your ENERGY grounding today, for a grounded Aries energy can lead the way. Equinox ceremonies should focus on GROUNDING. Much as some would like to leave it, earth is our home, and our nest, and our roots. Embrace it.


And yes, Saturn is the earthiest of the planets, and here it is, powerfully turning direct. While Earth Mother Ceres is turning retrograde. It appears that earth is featured now. Moon is in expressive Leo today, with very communicative aspects during the entire day. The mandate is to put ourselves out there. Express who we are and let the world appreciate us.

In the meantime, Ceres is turning retrograde in Scorpio, perhaps reviewing her manipulative style of nurturing. (What’s happening with Condoleezza?) And tonight Saturn turns direct in Cancer, ready to put out a new approach to the meaning and achieving of security. Partnership and compassion may be part of the new style.


The entire day is VOC Moon in Leo. Be spontaneous. Enjoy yourself. Don’t let unexpected events throw you. Venus enters Aries today to add to our sense of adventure.


This is a serious day, with both clarity and change in the air. Moon is in Virgo, and our powers of analysis come to the fore. With Sun, Venus, Mercury, North Node, and Vesta in Aries, there is a strong focus on being true to oneself. Using that self to cooperate with others for the benefit of the larger community is favored. Virgo Moon, with her need to be of service, can further this goal.

Both Chiron and Mars are freshly into Aquarius, a sign of invention and political reform. Today they conjoin to plant some very new seeds. Together they begin a two-year cycle of energy re-alignment, especially in regard to the energy of groups. For example, how can we better direct the energy of the United States? Chiron will have six years in Aquarius. Energizing Mars can give it a jumpstart now. Aquarius is an air sign, and ideas will assume more prominence. Perhaps open discussions of social issues can again become part of the public forum.

Chiron with Mars is an accident-prone combination. Accidents can be verbal as well as physical.

Global warming will also be on the table now, for Uranus, who rules Aquarius, is now traveling in the climate-cycle sign of Pisces.


Moon continues in hard-working Virgo. Work on relationship balancing—self vs. others—continues to be our major theme. This is a continually changing equation, underlain by the concept of social justice, which has been slowly growing through the centuries. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Libra brings this problem to our consciousness in a new way, and we feel the anticipation now.


Full Moon at 6 Libra occurs at 3:58 p.m. EST. Aries Sun comes marching in and announces, "Here I am, folks!" The Libra moon reminds full-of-itself Aries energy to look around and realize that there are others and that they too are important. Libra’s cooperative needs get a big boost from Pallas Athena and Jupiter, two "leader" energies now traveling through Libra.

Balance should be easy now, for Mars, Aries’ planet, and Venus, Libra’s planet, have an excellent working relationship. Elements emphasized are fire and air, or ideas and action. Grounding, however, is minimal, so those ideas and actions may be rather unrelated to reality. It’s time now for each of us to work with our own grounding, so that we can apply the very creative, human-oriented energy of this time in a productive way. Energy now is very idealistic. Visualize indeed, but make your pictures specific.

Social justice remains the keynote.

A Moon-Mercury connection may make us wakeful tonight.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Libra is

"A MAN WATCHES HIS IDEALS TAKING A CONCRETE FORM BEFORE HIS INNER VISION. The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual. [No, I do not read the Sabian Symbols ahead of time—Maya.] According to a French proverb, 'What is well conceived can easily be formulated.' The process of interior visualization can be quite essential (except in the case of a creative individual who has become a totally pure channel for the descent of spiritual Power, and a clear lens through which the Archetype can be projected without distortion wherever needed). INTERIOR FORMULATION in preparation for a projection of one’s ideas or concepts."


We continue with our high-energy week, which began when Mercury went retrograde on March 19. Moon is still in Libra, and relationships continue to attract us. This is another day when the larger family of society may be on our minds. We might ask, "How can I be a co-creator in the changes of these volatile times?" This morning, Moon occults Jupiter. Again, this eclipse is visible in Antarctica and part of Australia. However, any of us might see Moon and Jupiter close together in the western sky in the early morning, wherever we are.

Moon and Jupiter are now in mid-Libra, directly opposite from Mercury’s station on March 19. This connotes energetic connections between them. The heavens show mounting pressures building up this month.

Pluto, the power-monger, is part of those pressures. Pluto has moved through two new degrees since January, stirring up new power centers. (Pluto touches each zodiacal degree every 250 years, so it’s a big deal.) Now it’s time for Pluto to turn retrograde, and give us a chance to assimilate that new transformational energy. Pluto, stationing today, is giving us all a big jolt of power.

This is a serious day, with power in the air.


Moon is still in Libra, and we can enjoy a sociable Sunday. This is Easter, and after being immersed in such a high-energy bath all week, we can feel like we are rising again, reborn. This morning we will have a lot to talk about, and we will search out companions with whom to share. Moon is VOC this morning, great for conversation. Moon enters Pluto’s sign of Scorpio at 1:29 p.m., and the pressure is on. We get hints of the conflict which will be dominating the ethers next autumn. Its core is resources and disruption, and the resulting threats to security.

We may be up late tonight.


This is a day for creative work, investigative endeavors, new ideas, and special contacts. Mundane affairs will not capture our attention.


This is an interesting and intense day. Moon is VOC in Scorpio. And at the same time we have a Venus-Mercury-Sun conjunction in Aries. Planets in both Scorpio and Aries feel quite entitled to just go for what they want. How will justice fare? Mars, ruler here, is in Aquarius. Aquarius, too, can be quite autocratic. Relationships and partnerships continue to be the major theme (for the next year), and now Aries, the selfish side, is dominant. There is apt to be protest against that domination. In fact, all year protest against inequality and injustice will continue. This day, many protest seeds are planted. With Moon VOC, outcomes of today’s actions will be different than anticipated.

There are some outstanding features in the chart set for Washington DC. The loudest one is a mundane square between Pluto and Uranus. This is very rebellious, and the houses include the armed services and foreign shores. Some of the feelings of the 60’s return now, including gentleness and love with the rebellion. Perhaps compassion fuels rebellion against U.S. occupation.

The Aries conjunction is in the tenth house, meaning that the Aries explorations are now a guiding light for the nation. Aries is both aggressive and idealistic. The question is, "What are the ideals?"

On the cusp of the tenth is Pisces, which can be the fanatic ideologue as well as the holy savior (maybe not much different). Aries aggression is expressed through this energy. In addition, exactly above Washington, on the tenth house cusp, sits Juno. Juno is indeed partnership, wanting the happy marriage. But Juno is also abuse and victimhood. Juno relates to terrorism and torture. In Pisces, there appears to be much sacrifice. What is this story which is starting us out on a yearlong relationship cycle? It looks like a rocky road. Remember the year’s key concepts: FAIRNESSS and EQUALITY. Ask for what is your due, and give others their due. No rugmats, and no dictators.

And WATCH OUT FOR BRAINWASHING. We have Neptune trine Jupiter now, and much of the year. This combination can fuel our ideals for a better world, but it also makes us very susceptible to anything that sounds good. Pay attention to the reality on the ground, rather than the words.

Moon enters Sag at 6:56 p.m. EST, and our mood lightens and brightens.


What a fun day! We have Moon in adventurous Sag, a continuous panorama of great aspects, and a surprise or two. The day ends with Sun conjunct Venus, the Goddess of Love. This is a day to communicate your collected wisdom.

Tonight Vesta squares Chiron—looks like an change in the financial sector.


Moon in Sag this morning has really exuberant aspects, including one of transformation, as it goes VOC at 1:24 p.m. Moon is VOC for the remainder of the day—in fun-loving Sagittarius. Enjoy the afternoon.

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