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General Influences, July 2004

July will be a time of making constant adjustments as we focus on security needs. Accompanying this innate caution, there can be a recklessness in our actions which may get us into trouble, especially if self-centered ego needs blind us to a realistic give-and-take with others.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity dominates the month. This is the daddy-mommy polarity, the family polarity, and the major polarity in the U.S. chart.

Here is a kernel of what that superb astrologer, Tracy Marks, in The Astrology of Self-Discovery (Daykeeper review, this issue) says about the Cancer axis:

"When Capricornian strength and self-sufficiency denies needs and represses feelings, it is shaky at best and leads to the emotional deprivation which can fuel compulsive attempts to fulfill ambitions and gain recognition. Only when we can allow ourselves to experience our real needs can we hope to meet them; only by experiencing our feelings can we gain emotional satisfaction. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to need, to feel, to care for and be cared for by others, we can discover the inner strength which lies within our vulnerability. Just as our Capricornian walls have soft Cancer linings, so within our Cancerian softness erect sturdy Capricornian foundations."

This applies not only to each of us, but to the nation as well.

We see dependency vs. self-sufficiency. Our work this month is to creatively combine them. Wherever the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is in our charts, we tend to repeat family patterns. This month we can gain a special awareness of that echoing process. Family reunions can help us to see them.

Featured degrees of Cancer and Capricorn are 17-18, and 23-24 degrees. The U.S. chart is sensitive to both of these ranges. Those degrees of Libra and Aries will also be moved to action.

Saturn, now moving in Cancer, will have its chance to shine this month. Saturn helps us with discipline and responsibility, but it can also be a wet blanket and throw out a miasma of depression. It teaches us about the reality of ourselves, and the world in which we live. Neptune’s dreams, in fact, must have Saturn’s help to become manifest.

Pallas Athena, the strategist and "the general," is also highlighting Cancer. Both Pallas and Saturn bring focus and consolidation to Cancer’s need to build security. Pallas in Cancer is also the defender of the family, and patriotism will be very strong. "Security" will be a watchword, and the theme of campaigns. But people will also be questioning the meaning of "security."

People everywhere will be defending their countries and their families. Where they are under attack, conflict will grow.

Juno, the "good wife," travels through Capricorn all month, opposing Sun and Pallas. Juno in Capricorn refers to authority, the establishment, and to hierarchical structures. Juno tries to make peace with them, but finds herself abused. A classic picture of Juno in Capricorn is the Iraqis in relation to the United States' conquest. In mundane matters, Juno is always associated with abuse and with fear in the context or relationship. Jupiter, Juno’s consort, was a philanderer, and Juno did get very angry with him. Hilary Clinton has Juno in her house of partnership, and she is a Juno archetype.

With Juno prominent, we can expect to see the prisoner torture situation come more and more to light, also thanks in part to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who is traveling through Capricorn and shaking up the establishment. Chiron opposes the U.S. Mercury for the entire month, and awareness of cracks in the establishment will continue to seep into the minds of the U.S. people.

Personally, we are each able to put a focus on abusive situations in any relationship. Family is especially featured, and we could now uncover long-buried family abuse.

Generally, Juno is about fairness and equal give-and-take in relationships. In Capricorn, equality in society is also important. Gay marriage will grow in mainstream consciousness, with vehement pros and cons being expressed.

We also have a special opportunity to transform ourselves. The inner personal planets are those with which our ordinary consciousness identifies. The outer planets are those which change our consciousness at deep levels. This month all of the inner planets are making frequent aspects with the outer planets, thus allowing us to combine personal and transpersonal.

In addition, we are all moving into a sea change of consciousness. The Moon’s Nodes represent the direction of the times. They are now in the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, representing working with tangible resources. (Is home buying still on your mind?) During the month Uranus moves into a creative trine with the nodes, reaching for exactness during August. Uranus tends towards reform and often drastic change. It’s traveling in Pisces now, and it could give the world a jolt of much-needed compassion.

There is a fixed grand cross now, which shifts during the month. This means a lot of pressure, along with seemingly contradictory options. This cross revolves around Neptune in Aquarius, who is the visionary, but subject to illusions, delusions, and addictions. It’s important here to pay attention to the ideals and visions which hook you. Are they healthy for you, for humanity, and for the planet? Are they loving, and respectful of differences?

Mars, the soldier, the warrior, is very strong during July. Mars is traveling through Leo, which I find to be the strongest, or surely the most expressive, sign of the zodiac. This is not surprising, when you remember that Leo is the Sun’s sign, and without the Sun the solar system wouldn’t exist. Mars is the doer, and in Leo Mars has the power to act in the world to play out Leo’s dramas.

During July, Mars gives us lots of push power, lots of assertive energy.

But nothing is simple. On July 16 Mars opposes dreamy Neptune to give us our major aspect of the month. Mars and Neptune both must give, in order to work together. Neptune works on impersonal, intangible levels, and Mars needs focused, direct, concrete goals, which are hitched to personal desires. Neptune can let go of ego, and be the martyr. Mars wants specific ego-satisfaction, particularly when it is in Leo.

Mars can make Neptune’s visions more real, by using its focus to penetrate Neptune’s veils of amnesia and delusion. This can be a dis-illusionment, which does not feel good. I have Neptune in Leo, and hard Mars transits have sometimes aroused nameless but very real fears in me. On the other hand, if Mars action can join the cosmic channel which is Neptune, miracles can be accomplished. A spiritual focus is the key.

Neptune is God of the Ocean, and his action is dissolving. At the beginning and at the end, we are all joined together in a cosmic sea. This can be very hard for Mars, who finds his focus undermined. Again, the key is not to focus on narrow ego needs (which both Mars and Leo can do), but to be motivated by the larger good.

The pitfalls of Mars in Leo opposing Neptune are headstrong and reckless acts, behavior which is excessively egocentric, and action which is attached to destructive or unrealistic visions and ideals. Backstabbing, sabotage, and intrigue will all be heightened now.

A reckless Mars is supported by an "out-of-bounds" Moon for the entire month. This means that the moon’s orbit has an extreme declination, and since Moon represents emotions, our emotions tend to be extreme during such a time.

Pay attention to your motivations and to the consequences of your behavior, work for the higher good, and stay conscious. If in doubt, hold off on action.

July asks that we stay firmly centered on our highest and best ideals. Be like a clear laser. With appropriate focus, we can create magic. But it demands discipline and clarity.

Mars energizes a planet as it transits over it. Mars will be traveling over the Plutos of those born from 1939-1957, and the Saturns of people born from 1946-1948. Hilary and Bill Clinton and Al Gore were all born with both Pluto and Saturn in Leo. We may see them on the attack this month.

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Maya's July Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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We are just beginning to experience Venus traveling direct again, and we are probably feeling the release of the love planet. Venus connects with Pallas, Sun, and the Nodes today, and she is ready to fly—to put her desires out there, and to attract what she wants. Sun will help her with will and heart, Pallas with strategy, and the nodes show that she is ready to deal with destiny in regard to how she handles her resources. The Nodes also help us attract what we need, as well as release what is outmoded.

Moon is VOC in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius until 2:01 p.m. EDT, when it enters hardworking Capricorn, and we begin to prepare for Friday’s Full Moon in Capricorn.

There are some significant aspects today. This means that the planet energies relate to each other in dynamic ways. I think of it as talking to one another. Aspects create the connections to make communication possible. And human beings are energized when the planets communicate.

One of today’s configurations will last all month, and is a marker for the month of July. It is a double quincunx, or "Finger of God," which, as you can imagine, has an element of fate to its fulfillment. We have Saturn and Jupiter involved with fuzzy Neptune. Saturn is associated with contraction, Jupiter with expansion. They are the two big guys of the solar system, and together they deal with society and its workings. For each of us, they represent our career or our role in society.

Jupiter and Saturn work together productively now. But visionary Neptune points to their niche, and unless we are headed in a spiritual direction, there is apt to be disillusionment. Neptune may seem easy, but it is as demanding in the spiritual realm as Saturn is in the physical. Together they can make dreams real, but adjustments are necessary.

This theme of hitching our social role to our ideals will underlie all of our work this month. It’s obviously playing out in the presidential campaign for progressives. The practical thing to do, Jupiter and Saturn, is to work and vote for John Kerry, but many of our ideals, Neptune, must then bide their time for fulfillment because of the overall goal of replacing GW Bush.

Another major aspect is the opposition of Messenger Mercury to Wounded Healer Chiron. Here we see the Cancer-Capricorn security axis in operation. On the one hand, Chiron can facilitate emotional healing, and on the other hand it will disrupt society. It does not look auspicious for the Bush administration. This is the turning point of the cycle which began last February 1, when Iraqi violence was greatly stepped up, and Bush presented his $550 billion military budget to Congress. John Kerry won several primaries then.

This is Iraq’s first official day of "sovereignty," and it is not expected to change the status quo of the U.S. running Iraq. Juno will be very angry at this fake handover. Conflict will increase, for explosive Pluto connects with this energy.

The generals and leaders are involved, too, for Sun conjoins Strategist Pallas Athena, to strengthen Pallas’ will and purpose. Defense of her people is a major aim and talent of Pallas.

Moon’s large declination makes her "out-of-bounds" this month. Moon represents emotions, and this means that emotions are rather wild and uncontrollable. They are extreme. Moon also represents the people. Moon has just passed over Pluto, and picked up some compulsive, do-or-die energy. Pluto does not count the cost of its efforts. We may all have problems with emotional control and focus.

This can be an eventful, and perhaps wild, day. It will set the tone for the remainder of July, and much of August.

In addition, the most exciting and volatile period of the month is the time around the Full Moon. See it lighting up the sky tonight. Getting a good sleep may be difficult.


Full Moon at 11 Capricorn occurs at 7:09 a.m. EDT. With Capricorn Moon we have the urge to organize, to structure, to create protection for our vulnerable Cancerian emotions. Capricorn Moon adds worldly ambition to Cancer’s needs for security. Perhaps this is why Cancer-Capricorn is the most skillful business polarity in the zodiac.

This Full Moon sets the tone for the birthdays of the U.S. and of GW Bush. Full moons illuminate, and extra awareness will be Bush’s and the nation’s gift for this coming year.

Pallas Athena is the star of this Full Moon. She closely conjoins Cancer Sun and opposes Moon. Pallas’ passion is defense of her people, and she is an excellent strategist. She can put the pieces together to form a productive group, and she is a genius at focusing on the essentials of a situation. Pallas and Sun are given discipline and backbone by nearby Saturn.

This can be a time of accomplishment, particularly in the arena of defenses. Pallas is associated with the immune system (defenses), and this can be a month of building up and healing our immune systems.

With the pall of fear floating around the world, many are motivated to build up defenses. Capricorn, Pallas, and Saturn can all help with this. Perhaps the danger now is building protective walls so high and thick that common humanity (Cancer) cannot break through into expression. Excessive limiting of freedoms for the sake of "security" is an example.

Money also seems to be a big subject now. This Moon family began on February 1, 2003, when Bush submitted a record budget for 2004—$2.2 trillion. It included a $1.1 trillion shortfall.

Aspects today are excellent for stepping into our social roles, and working hard.

The Sabian Symbol for 11 Capricorn is:

"A LARGE GROUP OF PHEASANT ON A PRIVATE ESTATE. The refinement and propagation of aristocratic values by means of which humans participate in the evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms of existence. All life implies a hierarchy of values, from the crude to the subtle, from the rough and ugly to the beautiful. This symbol shows us how humans can cooperate with nature in creating beauty and elegance by capitalizing on skill and opportunity. ARISTOCRACY."

It’s interesting that for scientists, "elegance" is one of the qualities that gives a theory validity.

The entire world is highly stimulated by the energies of this Full Moon. Mars and Neptune run especially through Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Japan, and Indonesia.


This is Fourth of July weekend in the United States. It seems ironical celebrating our freedom now, as we refuse to give the Iraqis their freedom, and have just taken away the Haitians’ freedom. The weekend will be lively and expressive. Sunday there will be many demonstrations of protest against the Bush Administration, perhaps showing up especially in Fourth of July parades. Social justice in general will be a big theme. This includes civil rights, human rights, and demands for more humane and equitable behavior in a variety of situations and causes. There is apt to be a push towards manifesting some of the guiding ideals of the U.S., such as freedom, opportunity, and respect for all, along with a willingness to fight for those ideals.


Again, ideals dominate our feelings. Moon is VOC in reform-oriented Aquarius this morning, until it enters mystical Pisces at 2:26 p.m. EDT. We need space for contemplation today, space to drift and dream. We might want to be alone, we might find ourselves attracted to water. Imagination is important. We might want to see a movie or watch videos. Music and nature will appeal to us.


Moon continues in Pisces today. Pisces is psychic and receptive, and this is an excellent day for all creative activities. Moon aspects do activate us, and put purpose and ambition into our activities. This is GW’s birthday, and his solar return shows VOC Moon in Aquarius. (See July feature article.)


Moon is VOC in Pisces for the entire day. Lay your ambition aside today, and go with the flow. It’s a good day to relax and go fishing.

At 7:03 p.m. EDT, Moon enters fiery Aries. Our energy will pick up tonight. The challenger, and the hero, will gain our sympathy.


Moon is traveling through Aries, stimulating everything in the heavens. With all these possibilities for action, energetic Aries hardly knows where to begin. One thing is certain: we will be enthusiastically engaged in some project. With Aries, the military could dominate our thoughts.

Sun conjoins Saturn today at 17 Cancer. Conjunctions always begin new cycles, as in the New Moon which begins the monthly lunar cycle. The Saturn-Sun cycle lasts a little over a year. Sun, as the center of the solar system, is the director of the show. When he conjoins a planet, he gives it its stage directions for the next act, in this case, for the next year.

Sun has just conjoined Pallas Athena, so Pallas, who recognizes patterns, has a good sense of strategy, and is quick to the defense, is part of Saturn’s show for the next year. In Cancer, security is the issue. Pallas, Sun, and Saturn make a focused, well-directed, purposeful team, adept at governing, and wanting secrecy.

Poised opposite this team is Juno in Capricorn, who is associated with abuse within the establishment. This is a problem which is not going away, at least for the next year. It includes not only the torture in prisons, but many other social inequalities and human rights abuses. Soon to intimately enter the picture is Chiron in Capricorn, who is tootling along disrupting the establishment. Chiron was a teacher of heroes, and we can use his mentorship now.

All of these energies interchange exact opposition aspects until July 23. They are particularly concentrated through the next week. Oppositions can mean just that—opposition of two conflicting positions—or they can mean creative dialog to resolve differences. We will probably see, and maybe participate in, both fighting and dialoging during this next week. It will not be an easy week.


Last Quarter Moon at 18 Aries occurs at 3:34 a.m. EDT.

We have today very much the same strong, Cancer-Capricorn opposition which began yesterday with the Sun-Saturn conjunction, and will extend in fact through July 23. (Reread General Influences, and the entry for July 8.) Militant Aries moon exacerbates the conflict, and makes the dialog option very difficult. Conflict is further increased by a conjunction of Mercury with Mars, which indicates that thoughts of fighting dominate minds.

These turbulent energies lead up to the exact Mars-Neptune opposition of July 16, when something will be released.

In the meantime, take care with all direction of energy. This also includes physical energy. Back problems and other debilities can accompany these difficult vibrations. For those who can, running is a good outlet. So is yoga, which can help align our spines (associated with Saturn and Chiron).

Moon goes VOC at 8:51 a.m. EDT. We have an impetuous Aries, wild out-of-bounds, directionless VOC moon for the entire day. Do be careful.

This moon family began on April 12, 2002. It has been super-eventful—basically about the Bush Administration making huge destructive swathes through the world.


Moon has moved into well-grounded Taurus. The Juno oppositions continue. Hard Juno aspects can also refer to bad weather. Juno was Goddess of the Heavens, nurtured by the Four Seasons, and is strongly associated with weather. We may be irritable today, despite relatively mellow Taurus moon.

Mercury conjoins Mars, to begin a new cycle of assertive thinking. Assertion is apt to arise from immediate ego-satisfaction, for Mars and Mercury join at 11 Leo. They are almost exactly conjunct Bush’s Pluto, which is in his first house. One possibility is that Bush’s persuasive power and charisma is greatly energized, with a focus on fighting. Another possibility is that Bush is hurt. Mars is sharp and penetrating, although with Mercury, it is words which will hurt—probably new revelations about Administration wrongdoing.

Moon conjoining the Taurus-Scorpio Nodes emphasizes the release of hidden information.

We may be awake late tonight.


Moon continues in creative, sensual Taurus, and her aspects are harmonious indeed. She is Mother Earth, and we might want to spend this day in nature. Taurus also appreciates beauty and music, and we may have a special Sunday outing. Do enjoy yourself. We deserve a respite after this last difficult week.


Don’t expect to be ambitious, and avoid making firm plans. Moon is VOC in Taurus for most of the day. At 3:45 p.m. EDT, Moon enters ever-curious Gemini, and the pace of our energy picks up.

Today we experience the last of our current Juno oppositions, as Pallas opposes Juno. Juno is also associated with fear and terrorism, and some have felt fear keenly during the last week. GW is apt to be one of those, for he is having his first Juno square of itself, which is dynamic, like a first quarter moon. We begin a new Juno cycle about every four years. Bush began his current cycle in October 2002, when brainwashing by the Administration regarding the terrors of Iraq was at its max. Bush does come from a place of deep residual fear, for he has Juno conjunct his moon—which refers to family, especially mother. Bringing our fears out into the open (we all have Juno) can dissipate the charge, and awareness of them can help us to work with them. It appears that Bush has done neither. Instead, he has played the role of an archetype for the nation’s fears. He can do this because the U.S. Juno is very close to Bush’s. (Pres. Clinton’s Juno is in about the same position. Perhaps he acted out the U.S. Puritan fears in regard to sex.)


Quicksilver Gemini is with us today, with many interesting aspects. We will make up for yesterday’s doldrums. This will be a fascinating, communicative, stimulating day, and the high energy will last well into the night.

A couple of days ago, Mars conjoined Mercury, to imbue it with fighting energy. In another couple of days, Mars will oppose Neptune, to create the difficult major aspect of the month, discussed in General Influences. So in between, we have Mercury connecting with Neptune, bringing Neptune’s visions down to earth—but in a Martian fashion. Fighting for our ideals is being strengthened during this whole month.


Moon continues in lively Gemini, but is VOC for the entire day. Be spontaneous and have fun.

Pallas Athena conjoins Saturn in Cancer today, to begin a four-year cycle of focus, concentration, and strategy. Cancer, with her sensitivity, vulnerability, and need for protection will provide the motivation for Pallas’ work. Projects begun today, most likely of a defensive character, have around four more years to run.


Moon is in reclusive, receptive, and emotional Cancer. We would rather stay home than venture out. This is a good day for quiet, personal work.

And for healing. Sun opposes Chiron to give us a look at Chiron’s current work. This is a turning point in the one-year cycle which began January 10, when the Supreme Court declared that secret arrests and detentions were OK, along with refusing detainees any outside contacts. How is this a healing process? (On January 10, I had a rare and special overnight with a very dear friend, and that was indeed healing.)


Moon continues in sensitive Cancer, with many aspects which will keep us on our emotional toes.

Mars finally opposes Neptune. It will be conspicuous in the world. We might not even notice it personally, for Venus is involved, and Venus softens the edges of all she touches. Venus, however, can motivate us to rationalize anything in a way which seems to our benefit.

Once we move through the Mars-Neptune in the afternoon, the remainder of the day is apt to be tender and loving. Neptune is strong, and there is always one caution with Neptune. It is considered the higher octave of love, of Venus, but Neptune throws veils of glamour around events, and don’t believe all you see and hear.


We will start the day with a new deal, for New Moon at 26 Cancer occurs at 7:24 a.m. EDT. Moon goes VOC after that, and this day is not one of striving. Rather, enjoy your home, your family, and yourself. At 4:56 p.m., Moon enters Leo, and we may be ready to go out and have a good time tonight.

Cancer New Moon starts a month of focus on emotions, family, and personal security. Hopefully we can extend our thinking on the subject of security to include all of humanity, and Mother Earth as well. And we can give spiritual grounding, and living in loving ways, priority in security needs. This is Cancer’s ultimate goal.

We can think big and broadly today, because Mercury makes a trine with powerful Pluto. However, our thinking and communicating may be clouded with excessive ego involvement and/or obsessive qualities. We also may be overly receptive to the powerful thinking of others, and very subject to manipulation through propaganda.

Self-awareness is difficult in the vortex of a new moon, especially an emotional one like the Cancer moon, but work towards this goal is important during the next four weeks. We can begin today.

(I am full of warnings this month! It is not a good time to go unconscious, for it is a difficult month at best, and we need all our wits about us.)

Sun and Moon have just passed over Saturn and Pallas Athena, and are filled with determination and focus. Let us make certain that those stalwart aims are truly our own, and not someone else’s. The events of the last two weeks have given us relevant information.

Chiron in Capricorn sits across from Sun and Moon, beaming his message of establishment changes. Chiron disrupts habitual patterns in order to thrust us into new spaces, new paradigms. This influence will be dominant throughout the next four weeks.

Shifts in our conceptions of true security will be a major work during this Cancer month.

The other major influence now is the Mars-Neptune opposition, with its impetus to tap into the universal flow, the unseen source of all tangible manifestation. Its presence at the time of New Moon strengthens and lengthens its influence. Telepathy? Prayer? All mind and psychic work is super-effective for the coming month.

Connected with Mars and Neptune are Venus, Jupiter, and Juno. Here literally is the King of the Gods with his consort—and another woman. Things could get a little sticky in the heavens. In general, we can say that relationships, and women, figure prominently in the month’s activities. Women are involved in a number of struggles for human rights now, and these will gather momentum.

Cancer is a fertile sign, and this Moon is fertile with possibilities. All kinds of creativity are favored.

The Sabian Symbol for 26 Cancer is:

"GUESTS ARE READING IN THE LIBRARY OF A LUXURIOUS HOME. The transference of social privilege to the level of intellectual enjoyment. We see the concretization of cultural excellence and wealth at the level at which individuals can exercise their developmental capacities in comfort. The process is individualized because the library belongs to a private residence, the luxury of which implies an individual’s concentration upon the acquisition of wealth. Maintaining CLASS STANDARDS OF INFORMATION. What is at stake here is the need to conform to the requirements of one’s social status."

Washington DC, Russia, Japan, and the Middle East are highlighted at both the Full Moon of July 2, and this New Moon. At the Full Moon on July 31, we see the spotlight still on Washington and Russia, as well as Europe.


Moon is in sunny Leo, and all activities today move along very nicely. Just spread around love and affection, and everyone will be happy.


Moon continues in outgoing Leo, and we may still be in a playful mood. We can, however, do some serious thinking, for Mercury and Pluto are highlighted this morning. There will also be a tendency to exaggerate and to overdramatize. Moon goes VOC at 2:50 p.m. EDT, and things may not go as planned. Just ride the waves. Make a note to pay attention to your dreams tonight.


Moon today is in busy, bustling Virgo. We can be well organized, and we can get a lot done. Both work and service are satisfying. There may be a surprise or disruption in the early afternoon. Notice the growing crescent moon approaching bright Jupiter tonight.


The morning feels very good, and we are flushed with success. This afternoon we may be very ambitious. Go for it while you feel it, for at 5:48 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC with a big thud.


We awaken this morning with Sun freshly into exuberant Leo. We are still in the Cancer lunar cycle of focusing on security, but now we will be more outgoing and social. Moon is VOC in Virgo this morning, but at 12:39 p.m. EDT, it enters Libra, which enhances Leo’s sociability.

Let us welcome in Leo with a big blast of the celebration horn!—for just after Sun enters Leo, there is an interesting, very rare, and significant triple conjunction, in Leo. Mercury, Transpluto, and Ceres all sit together at 27 Leo. With Transpluto, it is a rebirth. Ceres in Leo brings in nurturing of creativity and self-expression. And Mercury refers to consciousness, communication, and connecting. We should, then, be aware of what it means. Notice your life and events this day. This begins a one-year cycle for Mercury-Ceres-Transpluto, and a four-year cycle for Ceres-Transpluto. Outcomes will be unexpected, for Moon is VOC at this time, but likely very healing.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Leo is exciting and appropriate:

"THE LUMINESCENCE OF DAWN IN THE EASTERN SKY. The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle. ILLUMINATION."


Well, this exciting month is moving right along with another turning point today, and much activity in the sky. Moon is in Libra, who seeks both harmony and justice, and is constantly balancing between the two (and between everything else). The big balancing act today will be between strategy and security. Strategy for healing is another possibility, for Chiron opposes Pallas Athena. This is the midpoint of a very repressive cycle which began in mid-November 2001. The concentration then was on foreign affairs; now it is on domestic.

It’s very interesting that this potentially healing time occurs just after yesterday’s triple conjunction—and just before a regenerative aspect on Sunday. (Regenerating what, however, is the question these days.)


First Quarter Moon at 3 Scorpio occurs tonight, at 11:37 p.m. EDT. Speaking of regenerative, that’s exactly what Scorpio does, so we have another push towards healing. This Cancer lunar cycle, which began with New Moon talking with Wounded Healer, Chiron, is really getting off to a rejuvenating start.

Moon travels in Libra for most of this day, with communication being featured. We will enjoy it, for when moon is in Libra, we enjoy being around people. Moon goes VOC at 5:54 p.m. EDT, and at 7:08 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio. Tonight we might not enjoy people so much; we may feel like hibernating.

There is a paradox with this Moon. First Quarter is when we push through on our new projects. And yet many things now indicate release. Perhaps catharsis is the first step in our renovation. That is a specialty of Scorpio’s anyway. We may be up late tonight. But bear in mind that we may also be up early tomorrow, so sleep when you can.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 Scorpio is:

"A HOUSE-RAISING PARTY IN A SMALL VILLAGE ENLISTS THE NEIGHBORS’ COOPERATION. The feeling of community engendered in a basic joint effort.."


Moon continues in Scorpio, and emotions are intense. We may awaken early with lots on our minds. Try to stay centered. Venus opposes Pluto for the third and final time. This allows us to complete what we began on May 2. Emotions are powerful, and love and connection can be deep. Some kind of compromise is necessary, and it may arise through circumstances. Perhaps it is a parting from loved ones. Evening will be very moving.


Moon is VOC in Scorpio for the entire day. This would be a great day to spend at home, or with someone with whom you can share deep feelings.


Moon in expansive Sagittarius today motivates joy and enthusiasm. We are cheerful, optimistic, and ready for new adventures. Poet e.e. cummings said it,

"—listen: there’s a hell
Of a good universe next door; let’s go."


Moon continues in Sagittarius, with very activating aspects this morning. Rise and shine! as Sag would say. We can penetrate deeply into things, including research projects or relationships. At 11:06 a.m., Moon goes VOC, and is VOC for the remainder of the day.


Again we have early morning aspects, today connecting with industrious Moon in Capricorn. Communication continues to be the major activity. Today it is serious, laced with responsibility and business concerns.


This is another all-day VOC Moon. VOC times are long when several of the planets are in early degrees. VOC Moon in Capricorn is a bit frustrating, for Capricorn likes to move right ahead towards fulfilling its goals, and now it has no aspects to help it. VOC moon throws that lunar gyroscope off until moon enters a new sign. In fact, we might have felt like staying in bed this morning. Unexpected things can happen, though, during VOC moon, and life can be more interesting. (Or frustrating. I find my computer glitches often happen then. I’ve learned to just leave it for awhile—good excuse for a break.)


This is a long month, one with time enough for a Blue Moon. We have our second Full Moon of the month at 9 Aquarius at 2:05 p.m. Sun is at 9 Leo. But it will be two weeks before we experience our Leo New Moon. This is just a preview of it. We are now still in the Cancer lunar cycle. The New Moon under which we began family and security projects occurred on July 17, and this Full Moon is its culmination.

It feels to me like a kind of victory, perhaps a victory for the people, with Aquarius Moon. On the other hand, this Full Moon almost exactly crosses the rising and setting of Bush’s chart, and illumination fills him.

This is a party moon, and a people moon. It is a humanistic time.

Mercury at 6 Virgo opposes Uranus at 6 Pisces, and new information will become public. Again, it may expose secrets, for the Taurus-Scorpio Nodes are involved. The full moon also squares the Nodes, to give those secretive Taurus-Scorpio guys a double dose of light. Next week Jupiter will square Pluto, to release another bombshell (or bomb). At the same time Mars will be conjoining Transpluto for a deep and perhaps new expression of assertive energy.

Exciting times, indeed!

This Moon family was set in motion on February 1, 2003, when the Columbia shuttle crashed. The entire NASA work began to be re-organized and re-designed. Perhaps another shuttle is ready.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Aquarius is:

"A FLAG IS SEEN TURNING INTO AN EAGLE. The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values. What is implied here is the vitalization of a powerful symbol, its embodiment in a living reality, i.e., a person able to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The archetype is given living substance and wings. The Image has become a Power. The seer must become the doer. We have the ACTING OUT of the vision."

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