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General Influences, December 2003

During December we will have the opportunity to make the life adjustments which the November eclipses have set in motion for us. Before New Moon, there are relatively few major aspects, which are the turning points and the action indicators in our lives. There are, however, many quincunxes, which indicate stresses, strains, and adjustments.

Some of those stresses will surely have to do with the weather. Saturnian conditions promote cold weather, freezes, and difficulty in getting around. A strong Mars from Solstice through the holidays can mean wind and storms—and heat in the southern hemisphere. Juno conjunct Pluto around Christmas can indicate really harsh weather.

Cardinal and mutable signs dominate the month. This combination is great for analysis and planning, as well as activity. However, missing the fixed signs, projects started now do not tend to be lasting.

Earth and fire signs dominate. Together they can be referred to as the steamroller combination. Fire brings the spirit, the will, and the zest for action. Earth gives the practicality and the know-how. Together they can move mountains. However, they are very different elements, and getting them to act in harmony takes awareness, creativity, and the willingness to adjust.

For example, the California fires show us that we need to clear out diseased trees, and avoid building in fire-prone areas. Fire performs many useful functions in the ecosystem. We need to learn to avoid making ourselves vulnerable to it. (Pluto was conjoining Black Hole Ereshkigal during the fire.)

Sagittarius is the major fire sign of the month. Sagittarius is the Traveler, and during December we can bring the whole world into our field of view. Sagittarius loves adventure. Pluto, the Great Transformer, is now traveling through the sign of Sagittarius (1996-2008). Pluto’s transformations are thus well supported this month. Sagittarius is also the sign of specific religious beliefs, and thus religion has a prominent place now.

The pivotal fire sign planet is Pallas Athena, now traveling in Aries. Aries is a spring sign, a sign of taking the initiative, of meeting challenges. Pallas is an energy of perception and intelligence, which she uses for strategic and creative planning. She is especially attuned to defense. Pallas Athena in Aries is a fine warrior. She knows how to use Aries’ capacity to mobilize energy with which to achieve goals and to fight for beliefs.

Pallas turns direct on December 6. She is traveling very slowly, and we have a special chance to tune into her wisdom during December, and to fight for our own principles.

Pallas squares Saturn during the entire month. This ensures that Pallas’ activity will be bound by reality and practicality. Aries’ impulsiveness is held in check, and Pallas may be cautious and conservative. With Saturn, there is the involvement of structures, both physical and social. This is an energy that can be used for war or peace, and will likely be used for one or the other.

By mid-month Mars, the warrior, moves into the aggressive sign of Aries, where he will support Pallas in her mission. With Mars’ entry into Aries, after 6 months in mystical Pisces, it will be like a release from prison. Mars will be able to direct his energy outwardly, which he much prefers.

We will probably all feel a burst of energy then, but it will be physical energy, for at the same time, on December 17, Mercury turns retrograde, to direct our mental energy inwards.

Mercury stations at 13 Capricorn, opposed to Saturn and square to Pallas. This creates a challenging T-square, which is strongly in effect from December 10 through December 23. We have the business-professional opposition of Cancer-Capricorn challenged by the fighter for justice and principle, Aries. (This combination certainly fits the scenario in Iraq.) It is Pallas in Aries who is moving direct, and this gives her lots of oomph.

Mars joins Pallas on January 1 to give us an active push into the New Year. On January 6 Mercury turns direct to give us another energy boost. By the end of January there is a resolution to the Pallas-Saturn-Mercury dilemma which we experience in mid-December, and which is alive all during December and January.

The remaining three of the four major asteroids are also prominent in December. Asteroids are connected with the necessities of daily living—food, work, shelter, security, warmth, good social relationships, and protection and defense. These basic needs are being neglected throughout the world, and they may assert their primacy during December.

Vesta relates to the money system, to security, to protection of family, country, and one’s turf. Vesta travels in risk-taking Sagittarius during most of December, but during the last 10 days, she moves into Capricorn. She is just in time to conjoin Sun at the important power gate of Winter Solstice, and to almost exactly conjoin Sun and Moon at the next day’s Capricorn New Moon. This makes Vesta the most influential energy of 2004.

And she is not fooling around. At the end of November and beginning of December, Vesta meets Pluto, God of the Underworld. Pluto means complete and deep transformation and regeneration. Pluto will revamp Vesta’s outlook to fit current circumstances. Furthermore, the degree of this Pluto-Juno meeting is the same as Black Hole Ereshkigal, who guarded the horrible depths to which Inanna had to descend. This combination indicates a great ego loss, the need to surrender things dear to us. Security can be threatened.

It is the U.S. Vesta which has the spotlight. This is because the transiting North Node of the Moon, which describes the general direction of social or personal movement, is now conjoining the U.S. Vesta at 20 Taurus. One of the quincunxes of the month is between Taurus Node and Sagittarius Pluto. How do we maintain our national security—Taurus—and still pursue our reckless adventurism—Sagittarius?

Vesta’s regeneration begins in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of business and government, with the Winter Solstice. We will all concentrate on security and financial issues for the next year.

Juno is an energy of partnership, hopefully a pleasant one. But it is in partnerships that we become vulnerable to abuse, and Juno also indicates areas of abuse and fear. Juno is now traveling in Sagittarius, and across the Ascendant and through the first house of the U.S. I find Juno related to terrorism, and I believe consciousness of abuse of American people by their government will rise during December. Juno, too, meets her sister Ereshkigal along with Pluto, just before Winter Solstice. She will carry that intense, sacrificial energy through 2004.

Ceres, the Great Mother, relates to our food supply, and the labor which provides it. Now traveling In Cancer, she has been bringing that consciousness to the U.S. Sun and Mercury since early September. Labor strikes, food problems in the Middle East, and agricultural trade as a major WTO theme are all examples of Ceres’ work. She continues to hang around the U.S. Mercury this month, while transiting Mercury is retrograde. Food and labor problems will be on our minds. (This focus will finally shift in early May.)

Sagittarius is a sign of fraternity, and it is likely that during December we will be exploring associations which can help us deal with the overwhelming problems facing all of us.

The end of the month will be difficult and dangerous. Strong aggressive urges will be vying with needs for caution. Proper timing will be a challenge, as will holding our impulses in check.

We can take advantage of the holiday season to fortify our spiritual grounding.

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Maya's December Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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We begin our push-to-action of the expansive Sagittarius New Moon on Monday, the Moon’s day, with Moon in the celestial sign of Pisces. Our vision is grand and universal, and our urge is to do. We do need action, but what kind may not be exactly clear. Put your right and left brains together today, and let your course arise from an intuitive-rational synthesis. Both functions are in high gear now. In fact, we may have a hard time sleeping once we get the wheels rolling.


Moon enters Aries, and we’re on the march. This is truly a wonderful day to begin anything new. This afternoon Mercury enters Capricorn, and we can be quite efficient, as we focus on the usefulness of our activities. Business and government may be high on the mental priority list of many. Again, we may be wakeful tonight.


We have, again, a great combination of intuitive and rational encouragement. Moon continues in enthusiastic Aries, to speed us on our way. This is a super-creative day. It combines the imagination of Neptune with the reality of Saturn, which makes it possible to put something new into form. We can work hard and successfully.


Moon continues in lively Aries, and our creative impulses flow freely. Today we especially appreciate Aries’ ability to go after what it wants. Before the Moon goes VOC at 3:52 p.m. EST, we can complete a project. And if we don’t, we’ll have more chances to be productive after Moon enters Taurus at 5:30 p.m. We can continue to do a lot of good thinking and communicating tonight, and it will be practical.


This is a day of emotional fulfillment, particularly with our partners. Love and receptivity are in abundant supply. Juno conjoins Sun in Sagittarius to begin a 14-month cycle of relationship. This indicates that shared beliefs and philosophies will be very important in all of our partnerships for the next year. This conjunction occurs on the U.S. Ascendant, personalizing it for the U.S.


Moon continues in steady Taurus on this important day. It is important because Strategist Pallas Athena turns direct in Aries today, and because Venus in Capricorn opposes Saturn in Cancer. These three bodies—Pallas, Venus, and Saturn—form a cardinal T-square in the heavens which will 1) want action, and 2) have difficulty with proper timing. This day could be confusing, especially in regard to relationships of all kinds. Saturn in opposition tends to thwart a planet’s action. In the case of Venus, love and values may be blocked. However, Saturn with Venus can also indicate a lasting commitment. Taurus Moon can lubricate by softening and stabilizing problematic situations. This may be a restless night.


Moon is in exciting Gemini, and we want to be on the go, connecting with the world in one way or another. Explore, be spontaneous, do things that are fun. Gemini is irrepressible.


Full Moon at 17 Gemini occurs at 3:37 p.m. EST. Sag is the big philosopher. Gemini makes all those little connections which add up to the information which Sag then puts together into grand ideas and moral codes. This is a mental polarity, and our minds are buzzing. Sag also likes meetings of important people, who try to solve the problems of the world.

Jupiter, especially associated with Sagittarius, is the Big Guy with this Moon. Jupiter is traveling rapidly in Virgo, and both Sun and Moon are about to square it within the next 36 hours. Jupiter expands it all—the information (or pseudoinformation), the philosophizing, the discussing, the visualizing and the planning for the future. We feel good now, and we can make big plans.

At the same time, with Moon in Gemini, and Jupiter in Virgo, we will be overloaded with details. However, by the same token, information which can change our attitudes may be forthcoming.

Degrees now are sensitive to the difficult Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2000-2002, and we may repeat echoes of those challenging situations. However, Jupiter can give us help in dealing with problems. At the same time, Jupiter can contribute to unrealistic planning by over-optimism.

This is the Full Moon for the Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2002. Events seeded then have a kind of culmination now. For instance, that was when the Loya Jirga met in Afghanistan to choose a government, and the U.S. prevented democracy, which was about to occur. Because of U.S. interference, there was a huge walkout at that meeting. Now competing warlords, paid by the U.S., are still in charge in Afghanistan. June 10 represented the U.S. political takeover of Afghanistan. Let’s see what happens in Iraq.

June 10 was when an American citizen, Jose Padilla, was picked up by the FBI and immediately transferred to military custody, where he has been incommunicado ever since. There are no charges against him—but at the time he was picked up, the government said he been viewing a "dirty bomb site" on the Internet. The government has since "detained" perhaps 4000 (nobody knows) registered aliens and also is holding them uncharged and incommunicado, unable to contact family, friends, attorneys, or anyone. Libraries? Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft says they haven’t been bothered, but that’s not true. The fact is that there have been many invasions of libraries by FBI agents under the aegis of the "Patriot Act." Again, nobody knows exactly how many, because it’s a felony for the librarian to tell someone about it.

On June 10 the World Food Summit opened in Rome. At the same time at the Biotechnology Conference in Toronto, the U.S. said it would not label genetically engineered food. (The U.S. produces 70% of GE food.) Food—quality, trade, and distribution—is a very live subject now.

Other important events of that day include a visit to Bush by Ariel Sharon, the Washington Post saying that the government was restricting information on missile defense, and families who suffered 9-11 losses rallying on Capitol Hill to demand an investigation. And Japan hinted that they have nuclear weapons.

In Washington, Neptune is overhead. We can see that oil is the subject of discussion. Neptune also makes for fuzzy thinking and head-in-the-sand attitudes. Moon is rising, showing that emotions rule now—probably overoptimistic ones.

This moon is a special time to pay attention to information, and to enlarge our understanding of life.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Gemini is:

"THE HEAD OF A ROBUST YOUTH CHANGES INTO THAT OF A MATURE THINKER. We see the transformation of emotions into mind, of instinct into thought. MENTAL METAMORPHOSIS."

Let’s hope!

This Full Moon is especially active through Iran, Iraq, and Russia.


Moon continues in fast-moving Gemini, and this an energetic, social day. Watch out for excess sensitivity late this morning. And open to brilliant ideas this afternoon. At 5:48 p.m. Moon goes VOC. At 7:11 p.m. Moon enters Cancer to encourage a quiet evening at home. Sun squares Jupiter early tomorrow morning, and we may have a restless night.


We want to reach out in a positive way today. But at the same time we feel a strong caution signal. Chiron conjoins Venus to start a new cycle of priorities. Perhaps something shakes us into embracing more spiritual values. We are sensitive and emotional, with Moon in Cancer.


Moon continues in nurturing Cancer, with lovely, loving aspects. Enjoy sharing your abundance today. At the same time, power and transformation are in the air. Powerful loving is possible.


What do you want? How can you achieve it? Last night started us on a new track of desire. Moon in Leo helps us dramatize our yearnings.


Moon may be in fun-loving Leo, but nevertheless this is a serious day. A problem insists on our focus. It relates to security, and may include aggression. Saturn in Cancer opposes Mercury in Capricorn, and requires concentration. Whatever is on our minds today will be the major subject which we carry inwards for reflection when Mercury turns retrograde in a few days. This transit will repeat again on December 21, with Mercury traveling retrograde, and for the final time on February 21. This is a Capricorn issue, and Capricorn is about governance and authority. Neptune is prominent today, and it may be hard to get a handle on what is worrying us. Again, both the intuitive and rational minds are strong. Let them work in harmony. We may want to stay out late tonight.


This is a day to do what feels good. We will probably feel quite independent, perhaps rebellious. Moon goes VOC at 3:05 p.m. EST, and enters Virgo an hour later. We might like a mind puzzle, or something analytical, tonight.


It doesn’t happen often in the sky, but this is the perfect Monday. We’re happy to return to work, have lots of ambition, and can accomplish a great deal. Again, we may have a restless night.


Fourth Quarter Moon at 25 Virgo occurs at 12:42 p.m. EST. At fourth quarter, we reflect on what we’ve learned, and let go of what we don’t need. Sagittarius is the moon of big ideas and big adventures. Now in Virgo we take a look at the actual details, and trim our sails a bit.

The sky is extremely active during the night, and we may be so as well. At 8:24 a.m. Mars enters Aries. This is a very big shift. Mars has been traveling for six months in the subtle, imaginative sign of Pisces. When it entered Pisces in June, the U.S. began its Desert Scorpion in Iraq, announced as a campaign to root out Iraqi arms and militants. Now in Aries, Mars is released to do what it wants, and we will see a shift in this strategy. We are all apt to feel a surge of energy.

Moon now carries Jupiterian energy, and the enthusiasm and optimism of Jupiter will be at a peak. We will be eager to widen our horizons.

This is an important chart for a number of reasons. Featured is the stationary Mercury opposed by retrograde Saturn. This effect is quite opposite from the quarter moon itself. It’s like the thinking and movement of Mercury is stopped still in a bubble of time, and there is no place to go but back.

There is a dilemma here. Most likely Mars in rambunctious Aries will jump in with a solution, which may or may not help.

This is the fourth quarter of the moon family which began with the New Moon in Virgo on September 17, 2001. That was when the Bush administration rolled out its long-prepared plans to create a world-dominating super-militaristic state, including suspension of civil liberties on the home front. At the first quarter moon in June 2002, U.S. troops were expanding influence throughout the world, and at Full Moon in March 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq. Virgo is a sign of the military—"services"—and Jupiter now with Moon indicates a military expansion.

Moon trines Venus in Capricorn, a practical and harmonious aspect, and then goes VOC at 12:49 p.m.

Moon remains VOC for the rest of the day. Finally, at 10:45 p.m., it enters Libra. Those who are still awake are apt to feel the jolt of Mars’ energy then. A renewed courage infuses us.

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Virgo (and this whole moon family which began in September 2001) is:

"A FLAG AT HALF-MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING. The social acknowledgment of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled. PUBLIC RECOGNITION."


Moon is in social Libra. Our usual plethora of Libran connections will be restricted, however. Mercury turns retrograde, opposing Saturn, and Moon highlights both of those reluctant planets. Although we will be mixing with others, we may feel isolated and alone, with lots on our minds. Watching an inspirational film tonight would be relaxing.


Libra’s job is to harmonize and balance. It may be that today this delicate juggling act is involved with balancing past and future. We are—again—on the crest of change, and Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to regather and re-sort our resources. Retrograde Mercury will be with us throughout the holidays. It will turn direct again just as the holiday season ends, January 6. Volcanic Pluto enters a new degree today—21 Sagittarius. Every degree bring a new scenario, which is worked over for a couple of years. Pluto travels slowly, so it is about 250 years since it has traversed this degree.


Moon in intense Scorpio will help us get to the depth of our feelings, and sweep away the chaff. Mercury retrograde will help us focus on things that are of real importance to us, like home, friends, family, compassion, and service. Today is inner-oriented, but tonight we are apt to seek company, particularly those people who have special meaning in our lives.


The aspects are perfect for Hanukkah’s beginning today—intense, spare, remembering the past, and also hopeful for the future. This morning Vesta moves into Capricorn, where she will fiercely protect her own. And tonight Venus moves into the friendly sign of Aquarius, nice for the holidays.


We are into the powergate of Winter Solstice, and this is an action day. We have two more sign changes, and will feel a noticeable energy shift. Moon enters ebullient Sagittarius early this morning, and around midnight tonight, Sun enters focused Capricorn. The changes of the last two days heighten our energies in both freedom and in control signs. Today the freedom side will dominate, and life moves along relatively easily, although retrograde Mercury will surely slow us down. This is a difficult Mercury, and communication will have problems for all of us. Returning to past situations is favored. Late tonight the Ursids meteor showers stream from the Bear constellations.


Winter Solstice occurs at 2:04 a.m. EST, when the Sun enters Capricorn. The Sun in the Northern Hemisphere is now at its lowest point, and it has nowhere to go but up. The Sun is reborn, and we rejoice in the sacred birth. Days begin now to lengthen. In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. This is the moment of high Sun, Summer Solstice, below the equator.

Sun conjoins Vesta, to give us the theme of the year: protecting physical and financial security, particularly in regard to business and government. Capricorn needs to be the best, on top of the heap, and Vesta’s laser-like focus can help with this endeavor. There can be a paranoia here, for anybody or anything which is perceived to threaten Capricorn’s control is considered dangerous. This does not bode well for international relations, or even harmonious domestic conditions.

Sun-Vesta now has the clout to enforce its control, for Mars in Aries squares that pair, egging them to action, likely martial action. The Sun’s New Year begins with a storm.

And yet, we have the diffident pair, retrograde Mercury opposing retrograde Saturn, slowing everything down, and rethinking the scenario. The starting gate is being jiggled, but it is not apt to open until Mercury turns direct on January 6.

This will be a very significant year for all of us. And it is now, with Mercury retrograde, that we are reviewing our options. This day, in particular, is a power day.

Sun has just come from a conjunction with Pluto, and is filled with power urges. This will be the case in every Solstice for the next five years. We will see the same power drives being acted out until Pluto moves into Capricorn in 2008, beginning a new Pluto cycle and readying for the U.S. Pluto Return in 2023.

The retrograde Mercury-Saturn opposition is squared by Pallas in Aries. Pallas says to these holdouts, Do something! Make a move! The challenge is to harmonize caution and impetuousness in a strategic way so that they support one another.

Moon in Sagittarius is in balsamic phase. It is a very old moon, wise and experienced. It is time to let the past go. Moon conjoins Juno and Pluto, and this release will mean pain for many. With Juno in this key position, the propaganda about terrorism will be overwhelming. Jupiter squaring Juno only enhances this misinformation. In addition, Juno sits on Black Hole Ereshkigal, where all is surrendered.

Moon is on the U.S. Ascendant, and this nation will be very emotional about its foreign involvements. Saturn is still on the U.S. Sun, putting the squeeze on the Administration. It will have good reason to be paranoid.

In summary, the year will bring a focus on struggling for control and security and a caution which can support that drive. At the same time there is an almost uncontrollable urge for action, perhaps martial action. The key to 2004 is to hold instincts in check, and to plan wise and strategic action.

The Sabian Symbol, as always for Winter Solstice, is:

"AN INDIAN CHIEF CLAIMS POWER FROM THE ASSEMBLED TRIBE. The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership. It refers to the power latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group situation."

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 15 Sagittarius is:

"THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUND-HOG DAY, FEBRUARY 2. The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects. In its highest form the knowledge required is "cosmic consciousness"—in modern terms the new science of PROSPECTIVE."


The strong December powergate continues with New Moon at 2 Capricorn occurring at 4:43 a.m. EST.

Moon has moved ahead to join Sun, and now they both conjoin Vesta. Reread yesterday’s paragraph on Sun-Vesta, a combination which encourages the ultimate in focus and power.

Moon today traverses the active T-square which has been in effect all month—Mercury, Saturn, and Pallas. Today we can see how that T-square is operating. We will feel the urge to pull back and retract, as well as the drive to more forward. How will we guide Capricorn’s ambition? This day will be busy, and we close it on a sober note.

This day is a sample of both January and of 2004 themes.

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Capricorn is:

"THREE ROSE WINDOWS IN A GOTHIC CHURCH, ONE DAMAGED BY WAR. The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration. It seems obvious that the interpretation of this symbol should refer to the disruptive consequences of war. The "chief" who claimed power from his tribe in order to lead or save it must reckon with the consequences of a too-impulsive use of this power in terms of violence. The integration he seeks to maintain or enhance may be partially destroyed if in his ambition he yearns to be the victorious war leader glorified by his people. A "rose window" is not absolutely essential to a cathedral, yet it symbolizes that through which the "light of the Spirit" enters into the edifice. Human’s soul is said to be three-fold. Which part of that inner trinity of principles tends to be destroyed by the use of violence? Evidently the principle of love and compassion. The capital of group-energies is partially squandered in armaments and death. WASTE is the opposite of group-integration."

Well said.

This New Moon runs through South America, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, the Koreas, Taiwan, and the Philippines.


Very early this morning, Sun and Vesta conjoin, Pallas squares Saturn, and Moon and Jupiter have a lovely trine. This combination means that strategic planning for security is at a peak. We can be very directed, determined, and practical, in whatever our goals. Then—Moon goes VOC for the entire day. Let’s see if we can use Capricorn energy to follow through on our plans. Capricorn Moon, even VOC, can help us tend to business—but don’t count on things going as planned.


Yesterday may have been strange, but today is a charm, lovely energy for Christmas Day. It’s people that are important, and today we can share love in a simple, friendly fashion. It’s an intellectual day, as well as a loving day, and we will have lots of interesting discussions with those with whom we share Christmas. Pluto, Juno, and Mars do show, however, that at the same time there is much suffering. Compassion is also strong. This could be a restless night; we may dream about invasion or attack.


Holiday time indeed. Today it’s time to celebrate Kwanzaa, and the vibe is similar to yesterday’s good fellowship, with Moon in friendly Aquarius. Mercury conjoins Sun to mark the midpoint of its retrograde journey. This is where we make some decisions and plant some seeds meant to grow during the coming Mercury-direct months. What conclusions are coming to you about the structures you are building in your life? About the system and institutions which guide you? about responsibility? About hierarchies? About the nation’s direction? About the economy and your place in it? As well as other Capricornian issues.


Hanukkah ends on a mellow Pisces moon. Today and tomorrow intuition, imagination, and practicality combine to help us build something both beautiful and useful. This is a great weekend to spend in your studio listening to the muse, and following her instructions.


This may be a confusing and/or vacillating day. Expectations are apt to be excessive or unrealistic, and we may find ourselves hooked into a power struggle without really knowing how or why. A personal creative project, rather than interpersonal relations, is more successful today. This weekend would also be fine for a spiritual retreat or seminar. In fact, we could particularly use some special grounding to prepare for the New Year.


Enjoy the morning’s quiet. Don’t push the river; the river will be pushing you all too soon. Moon is VOC in Pisces until 1:08 p.m. EST, when it enters Aries, where it gets its marching orders for the new Capricorn moon cycle. And Aries does march—with passion, determination, and courage. We get the picture this afternoon, and by tonight we are on the go. Put your armor on, and prepare for a challenge.


Mercury may be retrograde, but nevertheless today we step out to fight for our priorities. Do remember that things set in motion during retrograde Mercury periods will usually have problems, and probably have to be redone at some later time--although often we just have to live with the problems.

First Quarter Moon at 9 Aries occurs at 5:03 a.m. EST. Moon sits between Mars, the warrior, and Pallas Athena, the General, and is ready to get on with it—NOW. With Moon conjuncting impatient Mars, and Sun squaring Mars, there is really no holding back. This is not a great situation. Impulsivity and bad timing reign.

In addition, the U.S. has Jupiter over Washington now, and is secure in its moral righteousness.

Besides that, Venus is with Neptune at this moment. This is a combination absolutely riddled with illusion, and maximally seducible. Who will be seduced? And to what ends? This conjunction is on GW’s Descendant, where he relates to others, both individuals and the public.

To add to the melee, at this very same time Uranus traveling direct re-enters Pisces, to remain there until 2011. It was when Uranus first entered Pisces, in March, that the U.S. delivered "shock and awe" to the Iraqis. Those few months of Uranus in Pisces also coincided with greatly stepped-up nuclear and weapons development by the United States.

This is a super-active day, and energy moves along, for the most part, quite easily. That is the stepping on the gas part.

However, today and tomorrow also include Moon and Sun aspecting Saturn, who can bring extra responsibility. Saturn is an inhibitor, and often attends separation and isolation. With Saturn we put on the brakes.

So we have mixed signals again, both of them strong.

We’re leading into the Mars-Saturn square of January 1. This is a difficult and often destructive square, and intensifies the on-off effect of Mars and Saturn. Mars and Saturn together can be cruel. We really need to use a great deal of care and prayer during this grand finale of 2003.

This is the first quarter turning point of the New Moon in Aries of April 1. Among highlights then was the beginning of the U.S. using "cluster bombs" in Iraq. Those bombs cruelly shred people, and the result has been horrible injuries. Also at that time the U.S., Britain, and the UN began to fight about who would run Iraq.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Aries is:

"A CRYSTAL GAZER. Concentrated attention." Indeed, concentration is excellent. Let us make sure we concentrate on ends and means which will be of service to ourselves and others.


We have another day of moon in impulsive Aries, with fast-moving aspects. However, Sun does oppose Saturn to find itself facing a big STOP sign. Will Sun pause, or is he too carried away by Mars’ infectious enthusiasm? With Aries, with Mars, and with Sun as well, it is excessive ego involvement which leads to trouble. New Years Eve celebrations are apt to be wild and noisy—and yet, end early.

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