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Crystal Pomeroy

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Virgo Full Moon Prayer

by Crystal Pomeroy

Spring is here, in its most intense glory, as the zero degree Aries New Moon takes place on Equinox! Following Maya’s predictions, this is the time to seed the decision, to launch the strategies which reflect your deepest commitments: coming back to life (as does the earth at this time), assuming the highest inner and outer tasks that being alive entails (tasks we have been preparing on the hearths of our minds for during the winter months), and having fun doing it!

The meaning of Vernal Equinox is enhanced and made more personal by this lunation. We are seeding the energy leading up to Easter, originally Ostara, Eoster and other like names in ancient civilizations. These societies associated the entrance into spring with its first New Moon, during whose three days of darkness Male Divinity was said to die or descend to the underworld, only to arise resurrected as Spring began in full. He would then be welcomed by the Divine Feminine, and their encounter wasn’t exactly churchy in the modern sense, judging by the eggs and rabbits which have survived throughout the centuries in honor of Her boundless fertility. The parallels with the Christ’s resurrection are evident, and this lunation can serve as a powerful, metaphysical portal into Lent.

A wonderful essay by Emmet Fox seems suited to this time. He speaks to those of us who practice spiritual laws, but haven’t yet seen the hoped for demonstration in some area. He answers by quoting Jesus’ remark to a rich man who tried to keep a low profile while inviting him to his house, "You must be born again."

This moon brings the question home: Is our spiritual progress a patch we sew on the pattern of our lives, or are we willing to allow the sacred to fill our consciousness? In the measure we can truly die to our lower ego habits, we can accompany the Christ, and the Earth, in their preparation for rebirth to an awareness bathed in victorious love and faith, manifesting the I AM power of Aries, and discovering the true power "to be fruitful and multiply" all that we are, all that we decree and all that we do.

Let us use this Lent to rise above those blocks to our highest attitudes, let the eggshell of our fears and pettiness break away, and allow the Divine to assert Itself. Even as we make this the purpose of each day, one at a time, throughout the current Easter lunation, we can invoke egg hunts, wildflowers, chocolate bunnies, and other childhood symbols as reminders to give even our most ominous undertakings the light touch, allowing ourselves to taste the joy and receive the magic in the Easter basket handed to us from the Infinitely Loving and Bountiful Mother.

The following prayerful initiatives can be used as is or adapted to your own Equinox festivities.

Alter your altar or sacred space with wildflowers, eggs, white, yellow and pastel candles, and any other joyful signs of the times. This not merely a physical act. Know as you beautify your space for Easter that doing so is a message to yourself, that you are receptive and worthy of the joy that is here for you.

Prayerful steps for a metaphysical Lent.

1) Have on hand a hardboiled egg and permanent marker for each participant.

2) Make a list of the habits you feel may be significant in delaying the sacred rebirth you long for. Be as specific as possible, such as the following examples from our group:

Watching TV
Reading trivial magazines. Slipping down from my faith and love when I’m not in my designated prayer times
Lack of rest
Lack of organization
Procrastination of the hardest tasks
Reticence in asking for the help I need.
Reverting to childhood shame programs when others don’t treat me well.
Giving too many explanations about my motives and plans.
Getting involved in conversations I don’t want to, especially with _________ and __________.
Criticizing __________ when I talk with ______________.
Paralyzing perfectionism.

3) Select from one to three such habits from your list, habits you are willing to work through at this Lent.

4) Write the chosen habit or habits on your egg.

5) Speak the following words aloud, though softly and calmly during seven minutes.


6) Repeat aloud at least thirteen times:


7) Break your eggshell and know that you are free, as you gobble down the contents, joyfully and with your favourite condiments. You may continue with your Equinox rites and/or festivities.

Repeat the above affirmations as you work on your chosen habits, one day at a time, for the entire lunar month (until the next New Moon). Stay tuned to receive the fullness of your resurrected good/god with our Full Moon Meditation!

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