Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


Note from Susan

by Susan Pomeroy

We've been talking about Daykeeper's new, updated "look" for a couple of months now. And no, this isn't it! We're hoping to showcase the new version next month. I know, we said this month, but we can blame Mercury retrograde... can't we?!!

Among other things, the new Daykeeper will:

  • preserve the simplicity and ease of use of the current site, while eliminating those pesky linkage errors you sometimes bring to my attention.

  • bring back a favorite feature from the past, the monthly sun sign forecast.

  • offer a forum for sharing your comments with other readers

We're very excited about the changes. And if you have feedback or ideas, it's not too late to share them! Please email me at, with the subject line "New Daykeeper."