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October 2009 General Astrological Overview by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart, CAP

When many of us think of Libra, we think beauty. Attraction. Relationships. And yes, that most primal of relationship gigs, marriage. Some, being more pragmatic, think of Libra starting with verbs like negotiating, from whence we get to Libra as the sign of negotiators and counselors—which yes, implies that marriage is a negotiation, and that through relationships we get input on who we are or what she should do, an apt thought in the case of the advice one gets from counselors.

Libra is also the process of peacemaking…which when it comes to divorce can be "piece-making," underscoring how everything in life, by its existence, defines an opposite. Light, shadow. Win, lose. Loving care, lack of caring. 

All of this emphasizes two ideas. One, what I bring to the table (and am to others or in this world) defines what I earn or get in reaction to what/who I’m being. This is a core idea to... [Read more--become a Daykeeper Premium subscriber! ]

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