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July 2009 General Astrological Overview by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart, CAP

As September opens, life takes us by the hand, and embraces us or grabs us in our gut with feelings of being undecided, needed, rejected, inspired and misunderstood, all tossed together like a salad. With the Sun in Virgo asking us to get to work and to make things work better while keeping our eye on greater goal (emphasizing realism and priorities), when you add in a Cancer Mars yet in early degrees, there’s petulance and determination a’ plenty.

Probably not focused on enough astrologically, Mars is linked first and foremost with Aries and 1st house precepts (in any horoscope), emphasizing the need to know yourself, be yourself and utilize your opportunities and abilities with courage, not just ego or for personal ends. Its association with the head, brain, blood and eyes indicates essential qualities of being alive, whether you see that as birth, or as the preservation of your being. The Mars/Aries emphasis is on being aware—of ourselves, others, our surroundings and the possible consequences of our acts.

Because of this, when Mars is the unproductive or negative influence, we see disregard, selfishness, cowardice, impulsiveness and a love of provoking others for what you get out of it.

When we talk Mars we also have to give a nod to Scorpio and the 8th house where Mars rules first, producing Plutonic (transformative) results either positive or negative. Being that this is a water sign and house (and thus emotional), the result may be acceptance or... [Read more--become a Daykeeper Premium subscriber! ]

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