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July 2009 General Astrological Overview by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart, CAP

Most of us are so up in the air feeling hassled, frustrated, beleaguered or pressed that we’d be plumb happy if August could be summed up in a few pithy words amounting to "it’s all going to be just fine."

Unfortunately, life isn’t quite that simple. As August dawns in the wake of the July Solar Eclipse we may be wishing that wishes were horses, but feeling more like horses caught with their knickers down.

Still, all is not dismal! Opening with a Sun in Leo, which means moving from personal/doing mode into emotional I want (my way) mode on August 1st, much can be achieved (even happily achieved) if we just don’t start by insisting on "my choice and my way." Maintaining an open mind will allow Leo emotionalism to really shine as Leo’s compassionate, supportive leadership is in the long run, so very irresistible.

But that must start without presumptions—no assuming you know best, nor that people should just do things your way. In particular, those who "expect" now will fall short, just as those who chose to limit will feel (or be) limited by circumstance. Though not all are in a particularly liberal mood, the balance here is between who I am and what the world needs. And though this may feel like service, it isn’t. All you’re being asked is to figure out what part of your brilliance will best fit the task at hand—which is why you need to size up the task at hand for what it is before deciding on a course of appropriate action. 

And if you can add a dollop of acceptance? Well, that would be really great. Demonstrating you know how human we humans really are wins big points now—just don’t start with yourself. At the moment that will just come off as obsessively prissy-selfish. Anyone for a cup of narcissism?

Fortunately, as Venus enters Cancer on August 1 we’ll all ease into a more receptive mood. Feelings of "spinning" (out of control?) will gently fade, allowing us to better focus (hopefully!) on priorities. And that it would be such a very good idea, what with Mars in Gemini and all.

With Mars about halfway through Gemini, the first week of August will be all about sorting out... [become a Daykeeper subscriber! Then you can read Boots' entire monthly analysis and overview right now—and every month!]

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